Vol-I, Issue-II {Nov-Dec 2011}

Vol I / Issue II / Nov- Dec.2011 / ISSN 2249-9598

 Total Research Papers : 15


Editorial [Full Text PDF]


1. Physio-Chemical Status Of Some Fresh Water Bodies Of Hassan District, Karnataka….Page.No-01-06
B.S. Ravikumar, Vice-Chancellor-Prof. E. T. Puttaiah [Full Text PDF]


2. Nestedness Patterns Of Freshwater Diatom Assemblages In
Lakes Of Mysore….Page.No-07-13
Shankar P. Hosmani [Full Text PDF]


3. Characterisation Of Induced Morphological Mutants In Ocimum Sanctum Linn
Dr. P.N. Nasare [Full Text PDF]


4. Role Conflict Among Secondary School Tribal Teachers In Relation To Their Work Motivation….Page.No-22-28
Dr. Prakash Chandra Jena [Full Text PDF]


5. Analysis Of Pupil-Teacher’s Proficiency Level In Terms Of Ict Related Component….Page.No-29-35
Prin. Dr. Hiremath Sunita G. [Full Text PDF]


6. Disabilities And Social Justice For Nomadic Tribal Communities In India
Dr.Babasaheb S.Ghatage [Full Text PDF]


7. Molecular Interaction Studies On Ultrasonic Velocity And Evaluating The Percentage Deviation Of Ternary Liquid Systems….Page.No-43-49
J.Thennarasu, G. Meenakshi [Full Text PDF]


8. Awareness Of Information And Communication Technology And Academic Performance Of Secondary Students- A Comparative Study….Page.No-50-54
Mrs. Sandhya Milind Khedekar, Dr. Sunita Magre [Full Text PDF]


9. Characterization And Study Of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus As Probiotic Bacteria
Dr. V.S.Wadhai, V.K.Dhawas [Full Text PDF]


10. Women In Panchayat Raj Institutions: A Case Study In Maharashtra….Page.No-61-65
Dr.Suvarna Ashok Benke [Full Text PDF]


11. Knowledge Discovery Through Data Mining In The Improvement Of Business And Its Operating….Page.No-66-69
Navin D. Jambhekar [Full Text PDF]


12. Effectiveness Of Interactive White Board(IWB) On The Achievement Of Higher Secondary Students In Physics….Page.No-70-75
Josephine Vimala, Dr.S.Francisca [Full Text PDF]


13. Impact Of Zinc Sulphate On Behavioural Responses In The Freshwater Fish Clarias Batrachus (Linn.) ….Page.No-76-82
Prasanna Subhash Joshi [Full Text PDF]


14. Learners Live: Narrative Analysis….Page.No-83-88
Dr.A.V.Dhote [Full Text PDF]


15. Written Examination System In Higher Education: A Reflection….Page.No-89-91
Dr. Chandrakant Ragho Baviskar [Full Text PDF]