Vol II / Issue II / Mar-Apr.2012

Vol II / Issue II / Mar-Apr.2012 / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                                

 Total Research Papers : 35



Name Of The Paper

1 An Exploratory Study Of Organizational Commitment, Demographic Variables And Job & Work Related Variables Among Employees In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia ….Page.No-01-13

Dr. Nasser S. Al-Kahtani  [Full Text PDF]

2 Terrorism and its Impact on Business….Page.No-14-24

Mohammad Saif Ahmad  [Full Text PDF]

3 Electro-Optical Polarizability Components of Water Using Short Pulses Kerr Effect Measurement Technique….Page.No- 25-37

R. K. Khanna, Geeta Garg[Full Text PDF]

4 Perception of the College Students on Hiv/Aids Related Stigma, Discrimination and Social Exclusion….Page.No- 38-50

Dr. Nameirakpam Samungou Singh [Full Text PDF]

5 Relationship of Self-Esteem with the Performance of Contact and Non-Contact Sports….Page.No- 51-56

 Dr. Mahesh Sawata Khetmalis [Full Text PDF]

6 Creative Accounting: An Overview….Page.No- 57-61

Dr. Hegde Dakshayani G.  [Full Text PDF]

7 Feasibility Of Islamic Banking As An Alternative To Conventional Banking In India ….Page.No- 62-77

Dr.Mohammad Khalil Ahmad  [Full Text PDF]

8 Analytical Study of Real Estate Sector in National Capital Region [NCR]….Page.No-78-95

Dr. S.K.S.Yadav [Full Text PDF]

9 Changing Dimension of ‘Right To Legal Aid’ As A Fundamental Right Under Indian Constitution: A Judicial Approach….Page.No-96-103

Dr. Kalpana V. Jawale  [Full Text PDF]

10 Assessment Of Biodiversity Of Rotifers In Ambazari Lake Of Nagpur City With Respect To Water Quality….Page.No- 104-110

Shashikant R.Sitre   [Full Text PDF]

11 Ichthyological Fauna of Buldhana District, Maharashtra (India)….Page.No- 111-115

Joshi P. S., S. A. Tantarpale, V. T.  Tantarpale, K. M. Kulkarni [Full Text PDF]

12 Study Of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Associated With Some Important Medicinal Plants In Suburban Area Of Mumbai….Page.No-116-127

Jayaa S. Pawaar,  Umesh B. Kakde  [Full Text PDF]

13 Natural Upper Bound For Achromatic Index Of Graphs….Page.No-128-130

Ganesh Vishwas Joshi  [Full Text PDF]

14 Generalized Wave Solutions of the Field Equations of Israel and Trollope’s Unified Field Theory In ….Page.No-131-142

G  P Urkude, R. K. Jumale,   J K Jumale and K D Thengane [Full Text PDF]

15 Software Development Process And The Total Quality Management….Page.No-143-149

Amit C. Joshi  [Full Text PDF]

16 Mobile Learning: It’s Implication in Education and Training….Page.No-150-156

Prof. Shital P. Bora, Prof. Pankaj B.Dhumane [Full Text PDF]

17 Micro Finance Empowers Women Evidence from India NGO….Page.No-157-164

K V Prabhakara [Full Text PDF]

18 Physico-chemical Status of the Groundwater of Southeastern Area – Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India….Page.No- 165-172

Niren Kathale [Full Text PDF]

19 Effect Of Ujjayi And Bhastrika Pranayama On Selected Physiological Variables Of Physically Challenged Students….Page.No- 173-177

Dr. Mahesh Sawata Khetmalis   [Full Text PDF]

20 Academic Achievement of Female Student Teachers of Karnataka in Relation to their Learning Style, Adjustment, Intelligence and Self-Concept….Page.No- 178-184

Dr. V. V. Malagi  [Full Text PDF]

21 Learning and Teaching in a Digital Society with Digital Tools in the Global Perspective….Page.No- 185-189

Dr. V. V. Malagi  [Full Text PDF]

22 Promotion Of Indigenous Industries And The Effect Of Economic Swadeshi In Bombay-Karnataka (1905-1911) ….Page.No- 190-196

Dr. T. V. Adivesh  [Full Text PDF]

23 Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay: A Fair Testimony Of Women Empowerment….Page.No-197-201

Mr.Hayyalappa Surpurkar   [Full Text PDF]

24 Challenges And Opportunities Created By Terrorism: Present Scenario….Page.No-202-209

Vishal N. Shinde [Full Text PDF]

25 Women Empowerment in India….Page.No- 210-219

Prof.M.D. Pujari [Full Text PDF]

26 Climate Change and Adaptation….Page.No- 220-229

Prin.Dr.R.S.Kamble [Full Text PDF]

27 Scope of Conventional and Modern Spatial Database in Geographical Research….Page.No-230-240

Mr. Sainath P. Aher [Full Text PDF]

28 Spatial Information Database Formation for Sangamner Tahsil in Ahemadnagar District using Geoinformatics Approaches….Page.No-241-252

Miss. Pragati P. Deshmukh [Full Text PDF]

29 Performance of Primary Agriculture Co-operative Societies during 2000-01 to 2009-10 in India….Page.No-253-261

Anil S. Memane [Full Text PDF]

30 E-Journal Ariadne: Content Analysis….Page.No-262-270

Prof.Miss. Namita P. Patil [Full Text PDF]

31 Environment and Global Warming….Page.No- 271-280

Dr. Suhas Morale [Full Text PDF]

32 “Ultrasonic Wave technique utilize for study the behavior of peptide-Carnosine in a different solvents” ….Page.No-281-291

Dr. R.B. Pawar [Full Text PDF]

33 N – dimensional static plane symmetric vacuum solutions in  f (R) gravity….Page.No-292-299

S. R.  Gomkar, J. K. Jumale and K. D. Thengane  [Full Text PDF]

34 “A matrix procedure to find lower bounds for achromatic index of simple graphs” ….Page.No-300-307

Ganesh Vishwas Joshi [Full Text PDF]

35 Linear Communication In Rural Economics….Page.No-308-313

Kamal Talukdar [Full Text PDF]