Vol II / Issue IV / July-Aug.2012

Vol II / Issue IV / July-Aug.2012 / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                               

Total Research Papers : 30

                         Table of contents


Name Of The Paper

  Editorial [Full Text PDF] ….Page.No-01-02
1 Characterization Of The Purified Klebocin Produced From The Local Isolate Klebsiella Pneumoniae (K64)….Page.No-03-13

Essam F. Al-Jumaily, Rashid M. Musleh, Lina A. Omar-Zahid[Full Text PDF]

2 Effective Use of Social Websites towards Business Among Academicians and Students in Namakkal District….Page.No-14-21

T.S.Venkateswaran, B.Sowmya, R.Arun[Full Text PDF]

3 Assessment Of Occurrence Of Thermo tolerant Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi In The Roots And In Rhizospheric Soil Of Aloe vera(L.)Burm.f.….Page.No-22-27

Ramjan M. Mulani, Shilpa S. Waghmare[Full Text PDF]

4 Isolation and Characterization of Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria from Rhizospheric Soil Samples….Page.No- 28-39

Omkar Shankarrao[Full Text PDF]

5 Studies on the Female Reproductive System in the Aquatic Beetle Cybister Tripunctatus (Coleoptera; Dytiscidae)….Page.No-40-44

Nagarnaik K.B., Bobdey A.D. [Full Text PDF]

6 Studies on Vitellogenesis in the Aquatic Beetle Cybister Tripunctatus (Coleoptera; Dytiscidae)….Page.No- 45-54

Nagarnaik K.B, Sawane A. P. [Full Text PDF]

7 Geomorphologic Analysis of Pravara River using Topographical and Remote Sensing Database: A Case Study of Pravara River in Ahemadnagar District of Maharashtra….Page.No-55-63

Surindar G. Wawale [Full Text PDF]

8 Village Information System: A Role Model for Sangamner Tahsil Villages in Ahemadnagar District of Maharashtra….Page.No-64-71

Sainath P. Aher [Full Text PDF]

9 “Public Revenue in Goa”- Pre and Post liberalization….Page.No- 72-82

I Bhanu Murthy, Subrahmanya Bhat K.M [Full Text PDF]

10 Solid Waste Management in India- A Study of Mumbai….Page.No-83-94

Sachin S Pendse [Full Text PDF]

11 Use of IT in E-Commerce….Page.No-95-100

Surve Meena Vasantrao [Full Text PDF]

12 Opinions of Professors Regarding Gender Friendship….Page.No-101-106

Mulla Mohammed Sohel G.[Full Text PDF]

13 Prospects of Shopping Malls in India: An Analytical Study….Page.No-107-116

MayankSangal, S.K.S Yadav[Full Text PDF]

14 Teachers Accountability in Higher Education….Page.No- 117-121

Mallikarjun I Minch [Full Text PDF]

15 Awareness of Environment for Master of Education Students….Page.No- 122-129

Mulla Mohammed Sohel G [Full Text PDF]

16 A Study of the Students Expectations from their Parents….Page.No-130-132

Intekhab K. Ansari  [Full Text PDF]

17 burnout syndrome in government school teachers….Page.No-133-143

Mohd. Suhail [Full Text PDF]

18 Life Long, Learning and Extension Education in Indian Universities….Page.No-144-147

Suhas R. Morale [Full Text PDF]

19 Customer Orientation – A Study….Page.No- 148-154

Magre SunitaVithalrao, Beena Khemchandani [Full Text PDF]

20 The Elements of Feminism in the novel “Agnes Grey”….Page.No-155-159

Asha Kaushik [Full Text PDF]

21 The Essential Qualities of Good Children’s Literature: A Students’ Perspective….Page.No-160-163

Shradha Vasisht [Full Text PDF]

22 A Study of the Goals of English Language Teaching….Page.No-164-169

Shashikant V. Shrangare [Full Text PDF]

23 Employment opportunities for SCs and STs in Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu, India: Issues and challenges….Page.No- 170-181

S.Selvam, R.Mercy Latha[Full Text PDF]



A Factor Analytical Study of Temperament, Character, Emotional Intelligence and Need Achievement of Life Sciences Faculty….Page.No- 182-193

Anjum Ahmed [Full Text PDF]

25 Institutional Repositories in India: An overview….Page.No-194-203

Kalbande, Dattatraya Trayambakrao[Full Text PDF]

26 Effect of Job Experience and Gender on Teaching Performance of College Teachers….Page.No-204-211

Vilas Padhye [Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Arm Strength, Grip Strength and Wrist Flexibility between College and District Level Hockey Players of Lucknow….Page.No- 212-218

Joseph Singh [Full Text PDF]



Prevalence of HIV among High Risk Groups: Sex Work Perspective….Page.No- 219-225

Goverdhan Kummarikunta, Channaveer R.M [Full Text PDF]



E-Learning, Library and Information Services….Page.No-226-234

Subhash P. Chavan[Full Text PDF]



Use of RFID Technology in Libraries….Page.No-235-241

Subhash P.Chavan, [Full Text PDF]