Vol II / Issue V / Sept-Oct.2012

Vol II / Issue V / Sept-Oct.2012 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 35

                                      Table of contents


Name Of The Paper

Editorial [Full Text PDF] ….Page.No-01
1 Purification of Acidocin from Lactobacillus isolates on pathogenesis of Enteropathogenic E.coli….Page.No-02-08

Essam F. A. Al-Jumaily, Hassan A. Abdul-Ratha, Rana H. Raheema[Full Text PDF]

2 Cauvery River Pollutants Induced Histopathological Changes in Kidney and Muscle Tissues of Freshwater Fish, Labio rohita (Hamilton, 1822)….Page.No-09-19

R. Dhevakrishnan, G. Md. Hussain Us Zaman [Full Text PDF]

3 “Antifungal Activity of Various Extracts of Blumea lacera (Burm.f.) DC. Against Different Aspergillus Species”….Page.No-20-28

R. M. Kagne, Vijay C. Jamdhade, B. S. Surwase [Full Text PDF]

4 “Investigation of Molecular Interactions in the Mixture of Methanol and Ethanol with P—Anisaldehyde”….Page.No- 29-37

G.P. Borase, U.G. Deshpande, S.R. Patil [Full Text PDF]

5 Influence of Cypermethrin on DNA, RNA and RNA/DNA Ratio in Muscles of the Freshwater Fish Channa Punctatus….Page.No-38-42

Abhay C. Thakur, V.R.Kakde [Full Text PDF]

6 Extra ocular Sebaceous Carcinoma….Page.No-43-48

Sneha R .Joshi, Deepa T. Tekwani, Smita Pathak, Janice Jaison, Mangal Nagare  [Full Text PDF]

7 Counseling – A Basic Management in Peri-menopause and Menopause Age Group….Page.No- 49-58

Asha D. Shitole, D. G. Shitole [Full Text PDF]

8 “An Analysis of Innovative Practices in Human Resource Management – A Viewpoint of Selected Hr Managers”….Page.No- 59-71

Manjunath V, Archana N [Full Text PDF]

9 Public Private Participation – A Viable Option for Air India….Page.No- 72-80

Jose Augustine [Full Text PDF]

10 Surveying effect of supply chain management components on organization performance in Iran automotive casting industrial….Page.No- 81-91

B.R.Sangale, Hasanali Aghajani, Majid Fattahi [Full Text PDF]

11 “A Study of Socio-Economic Profile of Milk Producing Farmers in the Sangli District”….Page.No-92-99

Rajavi S.S. [Full Text PDF]

12 Problem of Poverty and Implementation of Poverty Alleviation Programmes

….Page.No- 100-107

R.K.Datir [Full Text PDF]

13 Human Resource Accounting: Interests and Conflicts….Page.No- 108-111

Varsha Maindargi [Full Text PDF]

14 Problems in Resource Management….Page.No- 112-118

Kuldeep P.Pawar [Full Text PDF]

15 Socio- Economic Condition of Construction Labour in Kolhapur City ….Page.No- 119-128

Umeshkumar D. Sammyak [Full Text PDF]

16 Women Empowerment and Micro Finance….Page.No- 129-133

Suhas R. Morale [Full Text PDF]

17 Unhealthy Consumption Practices….Page.No-134-137

Tulika Mahanty [Full Text PDF]

18 Corporate Fraud: It’s Time to Regulate….Page.No-138-142

G A Solanki [Full Text PDF]

19 Food Adulteration and Legal Rights of the Consumer….Page.No-143-147

G A Solanki[Full Text PDF]

20 False Evidence and Hostility….Page.No-148-152

Akash Yadav [Full Text PDF]

21 Development and Standardization of a Test Battery for Selection of Football Players….Page.No-153-155

Mahesh Sawata Khetmalis  [Full Text PDF]

22 A Comparative Study of Cardio respiratory Fitness between the Tribal and Non Tribal Adolescent Girls….Page.No-156-158

Swarup Biswas [Full Text PDF]

23 “Improving Exam Performance among Low Achievers of Third Year B.A. (Humanities) Programme Offered By Institute Of Distance Education, University of Swaziland”….Page.No- 159-174                                                                                                       C.W.S.Sukati, S.Rastogi [Full Text PDF]
24 Emotional Intelligence among the School Going Adolescents of Greater Guwahati….Page.No-175-182

Manju Chutia [Full Text PDF]

25 An Evaluation Study of Pre-Primary School Curriculum in Haryana….Page.No-183-197

Savitri Sharma [Full Text PDF]

26 The Study of Effects of socio demographic factors of senior secondary school students on creativity and intelligence….Page.No-198-202

Nand Kishor [Full Text PDF]

27 Growth of Organized Retail Sector in India and Desirability of Direct Foreign Investment (FDI) for its further Expansion….Page.No-203-215

S.K.S. Yadav, M.N.Handal,  Kumkum Chaudhari  [Full Text PDF]

28 “Gender Level Survey of Student’s Conceptual Knowledge About Electricity and Magnetism with Physics Expectancies”….Page.No-216-219

Dinesh M. Yeul [Full Text PDF]

29 Effectiveness of E-Learning – A Study….Page.No-220-227

Suvidyaa Mahesh  Sarvankar [Full Text PDF]

30 Parents Perspective on Influence of Movies on Adolescence….Page.No-228-232

Archana V Katgeri [Full Text PDF]

31 A Study of Stressors on Socially Disadvantaged Childrens Studying In X Standard….Page.No-233-238

Khamkar Satwashila Balaso [Full Text PDF]

32 Use of ICT in Teaching Learning Process for Quality Enhancement of Higher Education: A Study with Special Reference to Kolhapur City….Page.No-239-242

Varsha Maindargi [Full Text PDF]

33 To Study the Significance of Power Point Presentation in Classroom Teaching….Page.No-243-252

D.L.Gapale [Full Text PDF]

34 Industrial Workers And Their Relations In Sagreshwar Sahakari Sut Girni Ltd. Kadegaon Dist Sangli: A Sociological Study….Page.No-253-258

Dhumal N.S. [Full Text PDF]

35 Implementing Information Literacy in Agriculture Education: The Roles of Librarians and Information Professionals….Page.No-259-264

A.B. Deshmukh, Shamkant Deshmukh [Full Text PDF]