Vol II / Issue VI / Nov-Dec.2012

Vol II / Issue VI / Nov-Dec.2012 / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                               

Total Research Papers: 35

            Table of contents

Sr.No Name Of The Paper
Editorial [Full Text PDF] ….Page.No-01
1 Reproductive Performance of Eudrilus eugeniae (Kingberg) in Pongamia pinnata Leaf Medium….Page.No- 02-08

Jesikha. M, M. Lekshemanasamy[Full Text PDF]

2 Capsicum Annuum Larvicidal Activity on Larval Stages of Musca Domestica….Page.No- 09-11

Jesikha. M [Full Text PDF]

3 Checklist of Birds At and Around the Hill Station Buldana (M.S.)….Page.No- 12-18

Mishra Varsha R.[Full Text PDF]

4 Seasonality Pattern Influencing on Reproductive Biology of Bat, Megadermalyralyra….Page.No- 19-24

Abhay Thakur [Full Text PDF]

5 Comparison of Dosage-Response for Assessing the Joint Action of Gibberllic Acid and Kinetin on the Growth of Blue-Green Algae….Page.No-25-33

B.S.Giriyappanavar [Full Text PDF]

6 Study of Neem Trees from Beed District (Maharashtra) Affected By Stem Borers ….Page.No-34-40

U. S. Salve [Full Text PDF]

7 Customized Web Log Preprocessing through Web Mining….Page.No- 41-47

Ashoksinh V. Solanki [Full Text PDF]

8 Effect of quantity and quality of proteins on age at menarche: a study of Maharashtrian girls of 11 to 15years….Page.No- 48-54

Nivedita Potdar, Leena Raje [Full Text PDF]

9 Plane Wave like Solutions of Field Equations of Israel and Trollope in Generalized Five Dimensional Peres Space-Time….Page.No- 55-63

D. P. Teltumbade, R. K. Jumale, J K Jumale, K D Thengane [Full Text PDF]

10 A study of practical aspects of menstrual hygiene – A Rural community based study….Page.No- 64-70

Asha Shitole, Bandana Patnaik, Astha Pandey (Pathak), Rohan Patil [Full Text PDF]

11 Laughter Is the Most Effective Geriatric Medicine….Page.No-71-78

Maheshwar Shitole, D.G.Shitole,  Maya Pai [Full Text PDF]

12 Applications of Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer’s (ASTER) DEM in Spatial Planning….Page.No- 79-93

Sainath P. Aher, Shasikant I. Bairagi [Full Text PDF]

13 Impact of Water Percolation Tank on Changing Cropping Pattern: A Case Study of Rampur Village, Tal.-Jath Dist: Sangli, (Maharashtra).….Page.No- 94-103

Patil R.B, Patil A.B, Shinde S. [Full Text PDF]

14 Evaluating Performance of Banks through Camel Model- A Case Study of State Bank of India and Its Associates….Page.No- 104-124

A.Vijayakumar  [Full Text PDF]

15 Food Security: A Challenge before rural India….Page.No- 125-130

Ashok.R.Herwade [Full Text PDF]

16 Employee Job Satisfaction: A Case Study on the Knowledge Process Outsourcing Department of Syntel International Pvt. Ltd.….Page.No- 131-138

Abhay V. Patil  [Full Text PDF]

17 Leadership and Management aptitude development of management students through education….Page.No- 139-151

Madhulika Ajay Sonawane, P.R.  Chaudhari, Arvind N. Chaudhari  [Full Text PDF]

18 A Review of Co-Operative Banking in India (2011-2012)….Page.No- 152-158

R.K. Datir,   B.D.Patil     [Full Text PDF]

19 The Role of Jat Panchayat in Rural Development ….Page.No- 159-163

Alka S. Pandit, Bhushan V. Kulkarni [Full Text PDF]

20 “A Comparative Study among High Profile and Low Profile Respondents Respect to Psychosocial Stress and Aggression”….Page.No- 164-168

Quadri Syed Javeed [Full Text PDF]

21 “A Study of Parental Acceptance Rejection and Mental Health of Children’s”….Page.No- 169-173

Quadri Syed Javeed [Full Text PDF]

22 The Role of a Teacher in Improving Speaking Skills through Classroom Activities….Page.No- 174-182

R.S.A.Susikaran   [Full Text PDF]

23 Methods of Sampling Design in the Legal Research: Advantages and Disadvantages….Page.No- 183-190

Kalpana V. Jawale [Full Text PDF]

24 Significance of a Hypothesis in Research Methodology….Page.No- 191-196

Priyanka R. Mohod[Full Text PDF]

25 Interview Technique in Legal Research….Page.No- 197-204

Vivek V. Jawale, V. M. More [Full Text PDF]

26 Major stages in the Socio-Legal Research: It’s Significance….Page.No- 205-210

Dipali V. Jawale [Full Text PDF]

 27 Factors Affecting Academic Performance of Senior Secondary Science Students: An Exploratory Study in Himachal Pradesh….Page.No-211-220

Piar Chand, Himanshu Sharma [Full Text PDF]

 28 Effect of Yogic Practices on Flexibility Cholesterol and Blood Pressure….Page.No-221-225

S. Chidambara Raja [Full Text PDF]

 29 Key Benefits of Flexibility Training in Sports ….Page.No- 226-231

K. Srikanth [Full Text PDF]

 30 A Correlational study between achievement, interest and aptitude in ICT subject of the D.T.Ed. Student teachers who have done and not done MS-CIT….Page.No- 232-238

Ravasaheb Kerappa Shelake [Full Text PDF]

 31 Benefits of Multimedia in Education: An Innovative Model….Page.No- 239-247

Nitin G. Wathore [Full Text PDF]

 32 Impact of Television on Primary school Students ….Page.No- 248-253

Naik Tarsing B. [Full Text PDF]

 33 “Innovative Method to Improve Reading Fluency for the Primary School Level”….Page.No- 254-260

Janet Joseph, Sunita G.Hiremath [Full Text PDF]

34 New Trends in Educational Research Ethnomethodological Research….Page.No- 261-263

Athawale Bhagyashree Kailasrao [Full Text PDF]

 35 Use of E-resources and Services in Digital Environment: A Case Study  ….Page.No- 264-270

Vivek M. More, Prashant Nana Manchare  [Full Text PDF]