Vol III / Issue II / Mar-Apr.2013

Vol III / Issue II / Mar-Apr.2013 / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                               

Total Research Papers: 30

Table of contents


Name Of The Paper

Editorial [Full Text PDF] ….Page.No-01
1 Body Fat, Body Mass Index and Aerobic Fitness among Students of Faculty of Education….Page.No- 02-08

Ibrahim. E. H. Maize,  Mohd Radzani [Full Text PDF]

2 Tulsi the Medicinal Value….Page.No- 09-14

Anand Shukla, Kawaljeet Kaur, Puneet Ahuja[Full Text PDF]

3 Oral adverse drug reactions in paediatric population : A Review….Page.No- 15-20

Anand Shukla, Kawaljeet Kaur, Puneet Ahuja [Full Text PDF]

4 Thrombocytopenia in Patients of Malaria  –  Correlation with type of Malaria and it’s Clinical Significance….Page.No-21-26

Maya  Pai  Dhungat, Pradip  Pai  Dhungat [Full Text PDF]

5 Minerals Development in Barmer District, Rajasthan (India)….Page.No-27-39Savitri, Hemraj Bairwa [Full Text PDF]
6 Effect of Some Insecticides on Haemocytes of Japanese Beetle, Popillio Japonica (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)….Page.No-40-42

Disale,  C. S., Dubal, R. S, S. D. Disale [Full Text PDF]

7 Quality Management: A Need of Today….Page.No- 43-50

S.K.S. Yadav, M. N. Handal [Full Text PDF]

8 Life Line of Maharashtra- Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC)….Page.No- 51-56

S.N. Gawali, Yuvaraj M. Waghere [Full Text PDF]

9 Mysore city a Destination for quality Higher Education – A Perception of Foreign Students in city of Palaces….Page.No- 57-67

Sandhya M. Rao [Full Text PDF]

10    Going to school: Children’s transition from Home to School….Page.No- 68-79

Sarita Kasaralkar [Full Text PDF]

11 Exchange Rate Analysis for U.S.A Dollars and Indian Rupees (2005-2010)….Page.No-80-89

Seyed Hashem Kamyab, Meysam Amani[Full Text PDF]

12 Evaluation of Human Development in Iran (1979-2008)….Page.No-90-96Bahareh Naseri, S. R. Dastane  [Full Text PDF]
13 Critical Study of Problem of Poverty from Mokhada Taluka of Thane   District.….Page.No- 97-102

Bhave Atul Vijay [Full Text PDF]

14 A Study of Milk Production and Drawbacks in Milk Marketing in India….Page.No- 103-108

Vijay B. Bairagi [Full Text PDF]

15 Personality dimensions a study in sports performance….Page.No-109-113

Arvind Kumar Tripathi [Full Text PDF]

16 Social Impacts of Sport in West Bengal.….Page.No-114-121

Sangita Banik, Swarup Biswas [Full Text PDF]

17 Active Education through Physical Education….Page.No- 122-128

B. Kala Jasmine Sheeba Rani, S. Indira [Full Text PDF]

18 Cyber Crimes: An Overview….Page.No- 129-139

Muragendra Tubake   [Full Text PDF]

19 Assertiveness: It’s Influence on Job Performance….Page.No-140-148

Juthika Sarkar [Full Text PDF]

20  Free Legal Aid, Legal Profession and Legal Education….Page.No- 149-153

Ajit S. Bhagwan  [Full Text PDF]

21 Impact of Landuse and Land cover Changes on the Integrity of Ulhas River System….Page.No- 154-163

Minal Parab [Full Text PDF]

22 Influence of Personality on Teaching Performance of College Teachers….Page.No- 164-173

Vilas Padhye  [Full Text PDF]

23 A Case Study of Non-Violent World Order through the Mind of Gandhi….Page.No-174-179

Jan Mohammad Lone[Full Text PDF]

24 A Study of the Livelihood pattern of Carvers in Nanded District of Maharashtra (India)….Page.No- 180-184

Asok Walekar [Full Text PDF]

25 A Brief Study of Literature….Page.No- 185-188

Shashikant V. Shrangare [Full Text PDF]

26 Heroism and Intergenerational Conflict in Graham Swift’s  Shuttlecock, Waterland and Last Orders….Page.No- 189-196

S. P. Solage  [Full Text PDF]

27 Life and Achievements of Pandit Taranath (1891-1943)….Page.No-197-201

T. V. Adivesha [Full Text PDF]

28 Arya Samaj Movement in Karnataka with Special Reference to the Integrated District of Gulbarga (1875 – 1948)….Page.No- 202-205

T. V. Adivesha[Full Text PDF]

29 Review Research:  Diabetic Foot Diseases, Effect of Hyper Baric Oxygen Therapy and Preventive Measures….Page.No- 206-215

Pradip  Pai  Dhungat,   Maya  Pai  Dhungat [Full Text Pdf]

30 Macrophyte Diversity of Chulbandh Reservoir, Murdoli, District Gondia, Maharashtra, India….Page.No- 216-218

Purshuramkar B.B., Telkhade P.M., Khune C.J [Full Text PDF]