Vol III / Nov.2013 Special Issue


Vol III / Nov.2013 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                            


Total Research Papers:55


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Name of The Paper


Effects of Cold Storage Period on Fruit Antioxidants of Three Apple Cultivars Pre-treated with 2% CaCl2 and 20oC Hot-air Treatment per 24 Hours….Page.No- 01-08

Elisabeta Susaj, Irena Kallço, Lush Susaj, Belul Gixhari  [Full Text PDF]


Cloud Point Extraction spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Amounts of Nickel by SALEN as reagent in waste water of Iraq….Page.No- 09-21

Sana Rhajab Bakir, Saadiyah Ahmed Dhahir [Full Text PDF]


Effects of a Super Absorbent Polymer on Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum lam.) Forage Production Under Rain-fed Conditions in the Region of Korça, in South-eastern Albania….Page.No- 22-29

Irena Kallço, Elisabeta Susaj, Lush Susaj, Mario Lush Susaj [Full Text PDF]


Computation of Equilibrium Point L4 in Photo –Gravitational Restricted Problem of 2+2 Bodies….Page.No-30-41

D. N. Garain[Full Text PDF]


Computation of Equilibrium Point L5 in Photo –Gravitational Restricted Problem of 2+2 Bodies….Page.No-42-53

D. N. Garain [Full Text PDF]

6 Remarks on ideal in Distributive Q-lattices….Page.No-54-63

Ashok S Kulkarni, A. D. Lokhande, [Full Text PDF]

7 Connectedness, compactness implies continuity in Euclidean n-space Rn….Page.No- 64-66

Prabhat Guruprasad Dwivedi [Full Text PDF]

8 Thermodynamic Studies of Molecular Interaction in Binary Liquid Mixtures of Methylaniline with Alkyl Acetates at 298 And 303k….Page.No-67-75

M.Indhumathi, G.Meenakshi [Full Text PDF]

9 Electroluminescence Studies of Zinc Selenide Doped with Mn Phosphors….Page.No- 76-82

Er. Ajay Singh [Full Text PDF]


Design and Development of Computer Interfacing for Mechano-Luminescence….Page.No- 83-86

Er. Ajay Singh [Full Text PDF]


Performance Comparison of Astable Multivibrator Circuit Using Various Circuit Designing SPICE Softwares….Page.No- 87-94

A. V. Mancharkar[Full Text PDF]

12 Intelligent Sensor Interface using Microcontroller and PGA….Page.No-95-102

A. V. Mancharkar [Full Text PDF]


Studies  of  Acoustic  And  Thermodynamic  Properties  of  Aqueous  Amino  Acid  And  Glycol Ether  System  At  308.15 K  And  At  Various  Concentrations.….Page.No- 103-115

Avinash V. Kachare, Devidas D. Patil [Full Text PDF]

14 Studies on Food and Feeding Behaviour of Cyprinus Carpio and their Gastrosomatic Index from Govindgarh Lake, Rewa (M.P.), India….Page.No-116-122

S.N Shukla, Vima Patel [Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Local, Improved and Hybrid Rice Varieties against Insect-Pests….Page.No-123-133

Arti Saxena,  S.N. Shukla, Sanjeev Dubey [Full Text PDF]


Preliminary phytochemical and in vitro anti-diabetic activity of Ficus racemosa (L.) stems bark extract  . .….Page.No-134-141

Rajendra Chary Vijayagiri, Estari Mamidala [Full Text PDF]


Fishing Methods Commonly Employed in Gondia District and Neighborhood, Maharashtra State, India….Page.No-142-146

Santosh D. Puri [Full Text PDF]


A Study of Fish Diversity in Bhandara District (Ms) India, With Special Emphasis of Pollution and Human Interference in Habitats….Page.No- 147-154

A. D. Bobdey[Full Text PDF]


On A New Tapeworm Davainea Alii Sp.Nov.(Cestoda : Daveieidae) From Pycnonotus Cafer At Bhavaninagar,District Sangli,M.S.India….Page.No-155-158

S.S.Bandgar, S.R.Patil [Full Text PDF]

20 Building a Consortium of Digital Libraries Using Open Source Protocols….Page.No- 159-164

D.S. Bhilare [Full Text PDF]

21 An Assessment Strategy to Measure effectiveness of ISG Implementation in the Institutes of Higher Education….Page.No- 165-181

D.S. Bhilare [Full Text PDF]


Volumetric and Viscometric Behavior of Arginine in Aqueous-Glucose Solutions at Different Temperatures….Page.No- 182-189

Umadevi. M, Kesavasamy. R, Priya N.S, Shanmugapriya.M [Full Text PDF]

23 A Study of Fluoride Content in Ground Water Sources of Buldana District….Page.No-190-192

N.P. Shinkar, S.V. Agarkar [Full Text PDF]

24 Biosorption of Malachite Green from Aqueous Solution by Green Seaweeds….Page.No- 193-201

R. R. Deokar, A. B. Sabale[Full Text PDF]

25 Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Doped Carbon  Nanotubes….Page.No-202-209

Sweta Prabha [Full Text PDF]


An Empirical Assessment of Customer Satisfaction in Hospitality Industry: A Study of 3*hotels in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad….Page.No- 210-224

B. Madhavi Latha [Full Text PDF]


Understanding the Efficiency of Employees’ Credit Cooperative Societies from the Perspective of Its Members: An Analytical Study….Page.No-225-231

Arun H. Gaikwad [Full Text PDF]

28 A Study of Marketing of Mangoes in India….Page.No- 232-238

Shreya Vinay Patil [Full Text PDF]


Corporate Social Reporting & Disclosure: Legal and Regulatory Environment in India….Page.No- 239-244

Samrat A. Jadhav[Full Text PDF]

30 Investment Experience and Behaviour among the College Women Employees….Page.No- 245-258

Dattatraya T. Chavare [Full Text PDF]

31 Shakespeare’s The Tempest; Victory of Freedom and Philanthropy Over Dictatorship and Misanthropy….Page.No- 259-261

P. Sreenivasulu Reddy, C Raghavendra [Full Text PDF]

32 George Bernard Shaw as a Dramatist….Page.No-262-265

P. Sreenivasulu Reddy [Full Text PDF]

33 Role of education in empowerment of Indian women….Page.No- 266-273

Asha Kaushik [Full Text PDF]

34 Haunting Vision in Arun Joshi’s Novel The Strange Case of Billy Biswas ….Page.No- 274-275

Mangala Tomar [Full Text PDF]

35 Fourth World Literature: An Introduction….Page.No- 276-284

N Sreenivasa Rao, P Sreenivasulu Reddy [Full Text PDF]

36 The Final Verdict in Arvind Adiga’s Last Man in Tower….Page.No- 285-289

Shubha Mukherjee [Full Text PDF]


Vijay Tendulkar’s Kanyadaan; Exploration of caste based conflict in Indian society….Page.No- 290-293

C. Raghavendra, P Sreenivasulu Reddy [Full Text PDF]

 38  Arun Josh’s Novel “The Apprentice” –A Mirror of Society….Page.No- 294-295

MangalaTomar[Full Text PDF]

39 Shame, Sadness and Falsehood of Mankind in Taslima Nasrin’s Lajja….Page.No- 296-298

C. Raghavendra, P Sreenivasulu Reddy [Full Text PDF]

40 An Ecofeminist Study of Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer….Page.No- 299-303

B.B Sagade,  N.C Deshmukh  [Full Text PDF]


Dialogue as Method and Beyond….Page.No- 304-310

Vikas Baniwal [Full Text PDF]


Role of a Teacher and Importance of Character Building in Teaching- Learning Process….Page.No- 311-313

K.Ramakrishna Rao[Full Text PDF]


The ‘Other’ and the ‘Intersubjective’ in Dialogue: Reading Krishnamurti and Buber Together….Page.No- 314-327

VikasBaniwal  [Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Leadership Behaviour among Cricket and Softball Coaches   ….Page.No- 328-332

Vishal Thakur, Suresh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


To compare and to find relative superiority in breath holding capacity, Agility and leg strength between Kabaddi Players and long jumpers in Athletic….Page.No- 333-338

Anirban Misra, Arnab Mondal, Suparna Paul[Full Text PDF]

46 A Comparative Study on Level of Coordination between Athlete and Non Athlete Male and Female Groups….Page.No- 339-344

Anirban misra, Suparna paul[Full Text PDF]

47 Deconstructing terrorism – Psychology and the state ….Page.No- 345-360

Vilas Padhye [Full Text PDF]

48 Social Work Practice through Targeted Intervention Projects On HIV/AIDS….Page.No- 361-367

Gaurav Gaur[Full Text PDF]

49 Values Education and Human Rights….Page.No- 368-373

Suneel Kulkarni [Full Text PDF]

50 Rabindra Nath Tagore’s Gitanjali : A Reflection of the Vision of Human Aspiration in the poemWhere the Mind is Without Fear….Page.No- 374-378

Gauri[Full Text PDF]

51 Child Rights: An Indian Perspective….Page.No- 379-391

Archana Priyadarshini, Rajesh Hooda [Full Text PDF]


Understanding Women’s Reproductive Health Needs in the Urban Areas of Manipur….Page.No- 392-404

Thounaojam Sunitibala Devi[Full Text PDF]

53 Idea and Expression Dichotomy: A Conspicuous Demarcation ….Page.No- 405-408

Vishal Mahalwar [Full Text PDF]


Schedule Caste Fertility and Family Planning Behavior of Women: A Case Study of Chittoor District….Page.No- 409-418

B.Raveendra Naik[Full Text PDF]

55 Identification of iminobenzoxazole analogs through bioactivity….Page.No- 419-428

Sadhna Puri, Ginni Singh, Abheek Chaudhuri [Full Text PDF]