Vol IV / Jan 2014 Special Issue

Vol IV / Jan 2014 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                            

Total Research Papers: 55

Table of contents


Name of The Paper


Modified Biological and Chemical Properties of Healthy Blood in Blood Bank….Page.No- 01-09

Fouad Houssein Kamel, Hero Omar Hamad, Tahseen Abdah Abdullah, Saleem Saaed Qader [Full Text PDF]

2 Microbial Deterioration of Historical Textiles and Approaches for Their Control….Page.No- 10-17

Fouad H. Kamel, Hero M. Ismael, Sayran A.Mohammadamin [Full Text PDF]


Re-Dilution Effects and Arginine Addition for Activation Poor Post- Thaw Motility of Sperms for Holstein Bulls Born in Iraq….Page.No- 18-26

Kreem Iwaid AL-Badry [Full Text PDF]


Risk of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV among Women on Triple Antiretroviral Drugs in Sub-Saharan Africa: Limitations of a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies….Page.No-27-36

Alliance Nikuze, Anna Mia Ekstr?m, Joel Monárrez-Espino [Full Text PDF]


Effects of Physical Activity, Body Weight, Dairy Intake and Life Style Factors on Bone Mass Density in a Cohort of Young Women of a Public Sector University….Page.No-37-48

Samina Rafique,  Waseem Sarwar [Full Text PDF]


The Role of Natural Products in Coronary Artery Diseases Caused By Hyperlipidemia….Page.No-49-65

Dina M. Abo-Elmatty, Atef E. Abd El-Baky, Hashem A. Hassanean, Mohamed S Othman, Mohamed M Hafez [Full Text PDF]


Oxidative Stress Markers and Homocysteine Alteration in Hyperlipidemic Rats: Role of Cinnamon and Gingerin Treatment of Coronary Artery Diseases….Page.No- 66-85

Dina M. Abo-Elmatty, Atef E. Abd El-Baky, Hashem A. Hassanean, Mohamed M Hafez [Full Text PDF]


Fetal Outcome in Pre-Eclamptic Women with High Serum Uric Acid Level….Page.No-86-95

Nirmila Devi, Naushaba Rizwan, Saira Dars [Full Text PDF]


The Expected Impacts of Climate Changes to the Transboundary Water Resources in Vjosa River Catchment, Albania….Page.No- 96-103

Arben Petto, Matilda Merkohasanaj, Arvjen Lushaj, Miriam Bogdani-Ndini, Arnisa Lushaj, Bashkim Mal Lushaj, Eneida Isufaj, Spahi Isufaj, Elma Kodra, Enkelejda Sopaj, Eglantina Demiraj-Bruçi, Adesa Boja, Sotiraq Pandazi, Klodian Sina, Admir Seci  [Full Text PDF]


Implementation of Bioclimatic Principles in the Design of Urban Open Space for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development of Ecotourism in Lalzi Bay, Durres County, Albania….Page.No- 104-121

Arben Petto,Arvjen Lushaj, Arnisa Lushaj, Endrit Tuzi, Anes Gjipali, Ira Dafa,Sunitha N. Seenappa, Georgia Butina-Watson,Bashkim Lushaj,Vera Malsia [Full Text PDF]


Ecotourism and Sustainable Development of Forests and Forest Villages in Valbona National Park, Tropoja District, Albania….Page.No- 122-165

Vera Malsia, Rexhë Byberaj, Arben Petto,Arvjen Lushaj, Arnisa Lushaj, Sunitha N. Seenappa, Georgia Butina-Watson, Anes Gjipali, Ira Dafa,Bashkim Lushaj, Admir Seci, Blerant Lushaj, Mercedes Hunt [Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Performance of the Poverty Alleviation Component of Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development Support Programme in Letlhakeng Sub-district, Botswana….Page.No-166-179

John Cassius Moreki,Tshwaragano Kopano [Full Text PDF]


Predicting the Diameters and the Mass of Apple Fruits using Growing Degree Days.….Page.No- 180-189

Dhimitri Papamihal [Full Text PDF]


Characteristic Exponent for the Stability of L4 in Photo-Gravitational Restricted Problem of 2+2 Bodies….Page.No-190-195

D.N.Garain [Full Text PDF]


Characteristic Exponent for the Stability of L5 in Photo-Gravitational Restricted Problem of 2+2 Bodies….Page.No-196-201

D.N.Garain [Full Text PDF]

16 Studies on Heavy Metal Contamination in Mithi River, Mumbai.….Page.No-202-216

Aarti S. Nagarsekar, Umesh B. Kakde [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Effect of Some Herbal Extracts on Dental Caries Pathogens and Oral Health….Page.No-217-221

Ajay Kumar Srivastava, Preety Prasad [Full Text PDF]


Synergistic and antagonistic response of insecticide combinations on Hapalosiphon stuhlmanii (Cyanobacteria)….Page.No-222-226

B.S.Giriyappanavar [Full Text PDF]

19 Madhuca longifolia var. latifolia :  An Important Medicinal Plant used by tribes of North – East part of Chhattisgarh….Page.No-227-231

Amia Ekka, Neelam Sanjeev Ekka [Full Text PDF]


Micropropagation of an Important Medicinal Plant Ocimum sanctum for Field Plantation ….Page.No- 232-236

Deepak Mishra, Arpita Awasthi, Rashmi Arnold, Pratima Mishra[Full Text PDF]


Chromatographic Finger Print Analysis, Phyto-Chemical and Microbicidal Screening, of an Important Medicinal Plant of Vindhya Region – Santalum Album Linn ….Page.No- 237-246

Mishra Deepak, Mishra Pratima, Awasthi Arpita [Full Text PDF]


Mycorrhizal Biodiversity in Some Grass Species of Anamalai Hills, Tamilnadu, India….Page.No- 247-255

Rehana banu, H, N. Nagarajan[Full Text PDF]


Isolation and Identification of Staphylococcus Aureus from Bovine Mastitis Milk and Their Drug Resistance Patterns in Silchar Town Dairy Farms, N.E India….Page.No-256-260

Indu Sharma, A. Brinty [Full Text PDF]


Microbial Bioremediation of Pesticide Residues in Tea Soil….Page.No- 261-275

Pratibha Huidrom, G. D. Sharma[Full Text PDF]


“A Study For prediction of Water Quality of Non-Reserved Ponds of Bhilai-Durg Regions for Various Purpose”….Page.No- 276-284

Sabiha Naz [Full Text PDF]

26 A Review: “Health Benefits of Mushrooms”….Page.No- 285-291

Sabiha Naz [Full Text PDF]


Mechanoluminescence in Organic Crystalline Solid….Page.No-292-296

Neha Tiwari, Er. Ajay Singh[Full Text PDF]


Immediate Effect of Alternate Nostril Breathing On Cardiovascular Parameters and Reaction Time….Page.No- 297-302

Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, Meena Ramanathan, Madanmohan[Full Text PDF]


Significance of Performance Appraisal System in Improving the Efficiency of Nursing Personnel toward Patient Care….Page.No-303-307

Sher Singh Morodiya [Full Text PDF]


Synthesis, Characterization and biological activity of Cd(II), MoO2(VI), Th(IV) and ZrO(IV) complexes of Butanamide 3-oxo-N-phenyl-2-(4-nitro phenyl hydrazono) ….Page.No- 308-315

Deepa. D. Parab [Full Text PDF]


Vegetarian Diet: Food That Functions….Page.No- 316-319

Amita Handa[Full Text PDF]

32 Studies on the Parameters of Potato Processing….Page.No-320-333

Vipul Prakash Saran, Poonam Chhabra [Full Text PDF]


Relief and Human Intervention Are Major Reason for Flood and Drought: A Case Study of Birbhum….Page.No- 334-341

Prolay Mondal [Full Text PDF]


Land use and Cropping Pattern in Kolhapur District….Page.No- 342-348

R.V.Hajare, Tejas Jaykar, Vishal Patil, Anita Magdum [Full Text PDF]

35 Determinants of Migration- A review of literature….Page.No- 349-357

B .Chandra Mohan Patnaik, Ipseeta Satpathy, Anirban Mandal.[Full Text PDF]


Retail Revolution in Rural Markets:  A Case Study of ‘Shiram Groups’, Retail Malls for Farmers ….Page.No- 358-364

Madhulika  Ajay  Sonawane [Full Text PDF]


Increased Import Duty on China Silk – Shutdown the Handloom Industry….Page.No- 365-369

R.Vijayabhaskar [Full Text PDF]

38 Corporate social reporting Practices in Auto industry in India and Iran ….Page.No- 370-376

Saeed Nasiri, G. Raju [Full Text PDF]


Banking Now and Then….Page.No- 377-380

Rajashekhar  O. Patil [Full Text PDF]


The Importance of Physical Activity in the Elderly, and the Benefit in the Cholesterol and Triglycerides Values….Page.No- 381-389

Samuel Honório,Marco Batista,Júlio Martins, João Brito[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Yogic Practices and Physical Activity on Selected Biochemical Variables among Sedentary Men….Page.No- 390-395

K. Jothi [Full Text PDF]


Attitude of Physical Education Examinees towards Newly Changed NET Examination Pattern….Page.No- 396-400

Tanveer Ahmad Bhat [Full Text PDF]

43 Analysis the Status of the Inter University Sports and Games of Men and Women of University of Madras from 2000-2001….Page.No- 401-412

S. Selvam, J.P. Sukumar [Full Text PDF]


A Study of Teaching Aptitude and Intelligence between Various Professional Teaching Training Courses ….Page.No- 413-419

Tanuja S. Raut [Full Text PDF]


Status of Women in India….Page.No- 420-424

Kalpana Modi  [Full Text PDF]


Study Related to Challenges Faced by Teachers towards Use of ICT in Management of School…Page.No- 425-435

Poonam, Shashi Bala [Full Text PDF]

47 Socio-Legal Causes of Trafficking In Bangladesh: An Overview….Page.No- 436-443

Md. Habib Alam [Full Text PDF]

48 The Rule of Law and the Readiness of India….Page.No- 444-470

Archana Priyadarshini[Full Text PDF]


An Assessment of Communicative Competence in Polytechnic Students….Page.No- 471-477

Sunita S. Patil, J.B. Patil[Full Text PDF]

50 The Fragrance of Fancies and Facts Flourished In Indian Writing in English….Page.No- 478-480

D. B.Wankhade [Full Text PDF]


Human Dignity and its consequences in the Holy Quran….Page.No- 481-486

Irshad Ahmad [Full Text PDF]

52 Relative Economics: An Ethical Approach of Economics….Page.No- 487-492

B.R.Dugar [Full Text PDF]


Professor K. G. Kundanagar’s Contributions to the History and Culture of Karnataka….Page.No- 493-496

T. V. Adivesha[Full Text PDF]


Contributions of Karnataka Vidhya Vardhak Sangha (1890) – Dharwad ….Page.No- 497-499

T. V. Adivesha [Full Text PDF]


“HIV as A Social Stigma” Sociological Study of Tirupati Urban Tirupati….Page.No- 500-507

B. Raveendra Naik, M. Ravindranad [Full Text PDF]