Vol IV / May-2014 Special Issue

Vol IV / May-2014 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 55
Table of contents
Sr.No                                                Name of The Paper
1 The development of a tangible nano-composite dental material – A literature review….Page.No- 01-11
Norazita M.T, Zainal A. A, Farid C. Ghazali [Full Text PDF]
2 Plantar Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a Developing Community….Page.No- 12-16
Wilson Onuigbo, Gabriel Ebagu Njeze[Full Text PDF]
3 Effect of High Concentration of Sodium Fluoride on Serum Lipid Profile of Male Rabbits: Hypolipidemic Effect of Grape Seed Oil….Page.No- 17-25
Khalisa Khadim Khudair, Awse Muhammed Ali Aldabaj[Full Text PDF]
4 A Comparative Study between Ceftobiprole and Vancomycin in treating Skin and Soft Tissue Infections (SSTIs) Due to Methicillin Resistant staphylococcus aureusin Mice….Page.No-26-35
Orooba M.S. Ibrahim, Ahmed Abdullah Najim[Full Text PDF]
5 Characterization and Selection of Predominant Yeast Strains Involved in Fermentation of the Rwandese Traditional Sorghum Beer “Ikigage”….Page.No-36-54
François LYUMUGABE, Emmanuel Bajyana, Philippe Thonart[Full Text PDF]
6 An improving Rheological Properties and Filter Loss of Water-Base Drilling Fluids Using Carboxymethyle Cellulose (CMC)….Page.No-55-65
Abusabah.E.Elemam, Rashid.A.M.Hussien, Ahmed.A.Ibrahim, Sumya.A.Mohamed[Full Text PDF]
7 Classification and Nomenclature Igneous Rocks of the ZahedanBatholith -South East IRAN….Page.No- 66-75
Behrooz Sahebzadeh[Full Text PDF]
8 Status of Iron, Magnesium and Zinc in ?Thalassemia Patients of Bangladesh….Page.No-76-83
Gazi Nurun Nahar Sultana, Hasina Akhter Simolkhter Simol, Rokeya Begum, Zakaria Shamim, M. Anwar Hossain [Full Text PDF]
9 Cattle Licked Soil Mineral Analyses at TswantshaCattle Post Area in the Boteti Sub-district of the Central District, Botswana….Page.No- 84-97
C.M Tsopito, M. Gubungano, J.C. Moreki [Full Text PDF]
10 Effect of Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA) 3000 ppm on Rooting Ability and Vegetative Growth of the Vegetative Cuttings of Kiwifruit ….Page.No- 98-102
Gjovalin Gjeloshi, Tokli Thomai, Elisabeta Susaj[Full Text PDF]
11 Issues of Homonymy in Forestry in Albanian and English….Page.No- 103-110
Luljeta MINE, Arjan SHUMELI, E.PASHOa, Anisa QOSJA[Full Text PDF]
12 Study of Some Agronomic Characteristics of Nigella sativa that validates its Yield Potential….Page.No-111-124
Nazar Hussain, Syed Abdul Majid, M. Altaf Hussain[Full Text PDF]
13 The Quality of Banking Services through the Perception of Customers.….Page.No- 125-138
14 Practical Strategies to Eradicate Illiteracy.….Page.No-139-149
ZohreAfshari, FatemeShahraki[Full Text PDF]
15 Gliflozins or SGLT2 Inhibitors: Still More Questions To Be Answered….Page.No-150-169
Meeta A. Burande, Amit R. Burande [Full Text PDF]
16 Phytochemical Screening, Antioxidant Activity and Flavonoids Analysis of Bulb Extracts of UrgineaindicaKunth.….Page.No-170-186
Sanjay Jagtap, RajendraSatpute, R.M.Mulani Chopra[Full Text PDF]
17 Ammonium acetate induced isolation of plasmid DNA….Page.No-187-191
Snehalata Majumdar, Aritra Chatterjee[Full Text PDF]
18 In vitro Rapid Clonal Propagation of an Important Medicinal Plant of herbal origin Ocimum americanum for Field Plantation….Page.No- 192-196
Deepak Mishra[Full Text PDF]
19 Shalya Tantra – The Ayurvedic Surgical Branch – A Literary Review ….Page.No-197-207
Tukaram Dudhamal[Full Text PDF]
20 Microwave Synthesis – A Potential Tool for Green Chemistry….Page.No- 208-214
Pravin A. Dhakite, Neelam S Kadam[Full Text PDF]
21 Irreversible Thermodynamics of Chemically Reacting System Subject To Temperature Gradient….Page.No- 215-220
Megha Sawangikar[Full Text PDF]
22 Study on fish infection in some the fresh water resources around Yavatmal, Maharashtra….Page.No- 221-225
Raksha Gujar,[Full Text PDF]
23 The Impact of Employee Engagement on Employee Empowerment….Page.No-226-233
K.Suresh Kumar, R.Arasu, Swaminathan Nagarajan, [Full Text PDF]
24 Synergy Assessment through Mapping Multi-Dimensional Competencies in an Auto Component Major….Page.No- 234-242
K.Suresh Kumar, Swaminathan Nagarajan, R.Arasu[Full Text PDF]

25 Green Marketing: How Green Are today’s Youth….Page.No- 243-247
Gaurav Sehrawat [Full Text PDF]

26 Dimension of Profitability performance of Indian Cement Industry- An Inter company analysis….Page.No-248-264
P.Vaijayanthimala, A.Vijayakumar[Full Text PDF]

27 Corporate World and Environmental Ethics: Some Issues….Page.No-265-277
Sangappa.V.Mamanshetty[Full Text PDF]

28 MSME : Pool of Employment in India….Page.No- 278-284
Kiran Yadav [Full Text PDF]

29 Review of fiscal deficit in India….Page.No-285-290
R.K.Datir[Full Text PDF]

30 Difference in Functional Thinking Styles of High, Average and Low Achieving Prospective Teachers….Page.No- 291-295
Ajay Kumar Attri[Full Text PDF]

31 Effectiveness of Computer Animated Package in Learning Mathematics among the Ninth Standard Students in Thootukudi District….Page.No- 296-302
K.Thiyagu [Full Text PDF]

32 A Study of Teacher Self-efficacy among Primary and Post Basic School’s Teachers….Page.No-303-306
Jignesh G. Patel [Full Text PDF]

33 Evaluative Study of Mid Day Meal Scheme in Punjab….Page.No- 307-316
Jatinder Grover, Kanwalpreet Kaur [Full Text PDF]

34 Environmental Awareness Ability Study of Higher Secondary School Students of Ahmedabad with Context to Gender and Stream of Study….Page.No- 317-323
Poonam Pandey [Full Text PDF]

35 Job Satisfaction of College Teachers in Relation to their Personal Variables….Page.No- 324-339
Dheeraj Kumar Pandey [Full Text PDF]
36 Small Hands, Big Responsibilities: Girl Child Labor in Domestic Services….Page.No- 340-346
Sonika Sen[Full Text PDF]
37 Relationship of Aggression with Various Dimensions of Friendship among Adolescents….Page.No- 347-352
Indu Rathee [Full Text PDF]
38 Professionalism in Teacher Education….Page.No- 353-355
Vidyadevi R. Patil[Full Text PDF]
39 Quality improvement in Education….Page.No- 356-359
Vidyadevi Patil[Full Text PDF]
40 Achievement Motivation of College Students in relation to their Gender, Stream and Locale….Page.No- 360-367
S. Pany [Full Text PDF]
41 To Compare the Effect of Different Selected Meditation Techniques on Psychosomatic Symptoms….Page.No- 368-373
Prashant Kumar Chauhan, Vishal Goswami [Full Text PDF]
42 A Comparative Study of Body Composition of Chhau Dancers, Santhali Dancers and Manipuri Dancers….Page.No- 374-378
Biplab Mondal [Full Text PDF]
43 “The Study of Effect of Some Selected Exercises on Explosive Strength, Speed, Endurance and Agility of Soft Ball Players.” ….Page.No- 379-385
Suhas K. Khandwe[Full Text PDF]
44 Comparative Study on Leg length and Leg Explosive Strength of 14 and 15 Years Boys….Page.No- 386-391
Pradip Kumar Paul [Full Text PDF]
45 A Comparative Study of Muscular Strength and Body Mass Index between Physical Education Students and Police Trainers….Page.No- 392-398
Bhavik Mankodi [Full Text PDF]
46 Partnership and Its Role in Physical Education….. Page.No- 399-401
Amita Handa[Full Text PDF]
47 Awareness amongst Teli People about Their Reservation Right….Page.No- 402-414
Kandeel Kashyap[Full Text PDF]
48 Political Participation of Teli Caste in the Jammu and Kashmir….Page.No- 415-422
Kandeel Kashyap[Full Text PDF]
49 Communal Identity and Inter-community Perception: The Case of District Kishtwar….Page.No- 423-435
Arun Kumar[Full Text PDF]
50 Kantian Ethics and Jain spiritual-ethical conducts ….Page.No- 436-446
Pratibha J. Mishra[Full Text PDF]
51 Quest for Identity in Shashi Deshpande’s Novel: the Dark Holds No Terrors….Page.No- 447-452
Manoj Kumar Garg[Full Text PDF]
52 Synthesis of Action Devotion and Knowledge: Bhagavadgita’s Relevance to Human Activity….Page.No- 453-459
N.Suyanarayana (Dhanam)[Full Text PDF]
53 Framing Analysis of the Coverage of Mullai Periyar Water Conflict News in the Tamil Newspapers….Page.No- 460-467
S. Ragunathan [Full Text PDF]
54 Selected Jotedars of Western Dooars: Their Role in Spread of Socio-Cultural Activities….Page.No- 468-475
Sukumar Barai[Full Text PDF]
55 How to Decipher a Microbial Puzzle on Microbial Control: Hands On….Page.No- 476-490
Azevedo Maria-Manuel, Pinheiro Céline, Miranda Isabel, Baltazar Fátima [Full Text PDF]