Vol IV / July-2014 Special Issue


Vol IV / July-2014 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598                                                                                                                            

Total Research Papers: 35

Table of Contents

Sr.No                                            Name of The Paper
1 Relevance of NSAIDs and the prevention strategies to gastrointestinal sides effects of NSAIDs….Page.No- 01-04
Aida Keci, Myftar Barbullushi, SH.M. SHuaip Beqiri, Inf.Erblin Hasani [Full Text PDF]
2 “Impact of Algae That Produce Biotoksina on Shellfish” Mytilus Galloprovincialis (Lamarck, 1819) Cultivated in Lake Butrinti”….Page.No- 05-13
Lavdi Hasani[Full Text PDF]
3 The Effect of Crossbreeding Sudanese Nubian Goats with Damascus Goats on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Wool….Page.No- 14-22
Hashim A.M.Salim, Elfadil Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed Elkarsany [Full Text PDF]
4 Community of actinomycetes in 42 species of animal feces….Page.No-23-38
Yi Jiang, Xiu Chen?Li Han, Xueshi Huang, Chenglin Jiang[Full Text PDF]
5 Seedling Production of Kiwifruit Using Hardwood and Semi-hardwood Cuttings in Greenhouses Under Controlled Atmosphere Conditions….Page.No-39-48
Gjovalin Gjeloshi, Bardhosh Ferraj, Tokli Thomai, Lush Susaj[Full Text PDF]
6 Effects of Phosphorus Fertilization Rates on Several Morphological and Yield Indicators of Potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.) cultivar Agria ….Page.No-49-59
Defrime Berisha, Nikollaq Bardhi, Imer Rusinovci, Bakir Kelmendi, Lush Susaj [Full Text PDF]
7 Digestive System: Teaching and Playing….Page.No- 60-71
Roberta Abreu, Deivy Clementino de Lima, Amanda Nogueira, Érica Pinto, Izabel Christina Melgaço, Helena Carla Castro [Full Text PDF]
8 The Comparative Study of Active Cooperative and Problem Solving Methods with Prevalent Method in Schools Regarding Creativity Training on Subject of Physics Student….Page.No-72-79
Narges Razaghzadeh [Full Text PDF]
9 A Managment Plan toward Water Protection and A Guidance in Shkodra Lake Watershed….Page.No- 80-85
Greta ANGJELI, Dritan ARAPI, Mirela LIKA (ÇEKANI) [Full Text PDF]
10 Visceral leishmaniasis – A case report….Page.No- 86-90
R.S. Joshi, Sneha R. Joshi, Deepa Tekwani, Swapnil Bawa [Full Text PDF]
11 Study of pancytopenia cases in adults at BSTRH- a pilot study (1 year)….Page.No- 91-96
R.S. Joshi, Sneha R. Joshi, Deepa Tekwani, Swapnil Bawa [Full Text PDF]
12 Study of Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis With Special Reference To Cytological Diagnosis of Tuberculous Lymphadenitis At MIMER Medical College – Our Experience….Page.No-97-104
SmitaPathak, R.S. Joshi, S.R.Joshi, VaibhavPatil[Full Text PDF]
13 Carcinoma of Male Breast – Report of 2 Cases.….Page.No- 105-109
SmitaPathak, R.S. Joshi, Mangal Nagare [Full Text PDF]
14 Diversity of Nitrogen Fixing and Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria in Rhizosphere and Non Rhizosphere Soils of Chickpea and Sorghum .….Page.No-110-124
Sumangala Deshmukh, Dayanand Agsar[Full Text PDF]
15 Green Synthesis of Derivatives of Coumarin Using Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate as an Effective Catalyst….Page.No-125-129
Anna R. Anthony [Full Text PDF]
16 Interference exposure System for unauthorized User in Wide Network.….Page.No-130-147
Pradosh Chandra Patnaik, M V Ramana Murthy, S B Kishor[Full Text PDF]
17 Cloud Computing Survey and Development Trend….Page.No-148-156
Sonika U. Thakur[Full Text PDF]
18 Value Base Management Tool as A Lean Manufacturing….Page.No- 157-166
Shyam K Fardale[Full Text PDF]
19 A Study of Leadership Styles….Page.No-167-176
Aarti Deveshwar, Indu Aneja [Full Text PDF]
20 Indian Women Buying Behavior toward Branded Jewellery….Page.No- 177-183
Aarti Deveshwar, Rajesh Kumari[Full Text PDF]
21 An Input-Output Model For Energy Analysis: A Case Study of India….Page.No- 184-190
Mary Vimochana[Full Text PDF]
22 A Comparative Study of District Central Co-Operative Banks in India….Page.No- 191-199
Suhas Avhad, R.M.Chintamani[Full Text PDF]
23 Peer Pressure among Hostellers and Day Scholars….Page.No-200-204
Indu Rathee [Full Text PDF]
24 A Study of Teaching Effectiveness of Secondary School Teachers in Relation to their Personality Traits….Page.No- 205-211
Umender Malik, Pramila Malik[Full Text PDF]
25 Teacher Trainees Perceptions: Teacher Education through Distance Mode ….Page.No- 212-220
Jatinder Grover [Full Text PDF]
26 Influence of Role Conflict and Role Ambiguity on Job Satisfaction: A study among Executives ….Page.No-221-225
Boddu Vinay Kumar [Full Text PDF]
27 “Health care of elderly and Gender disparity: with reference to Indian Society”….Page.No-226-232
Ashvini S.Patil[Full Text PDF]
28 Sustainable Development via Green Technology: A Patent Perspective….Page.No- 233-241
Rupal Rautdesai, Munnazzar Ahmed[Full Text PDF]
29 “Artificial Intellect-A Future Predator”….Page.No-242-249
Aarati Tyagi [Full Text PDF]
30 Women Are Source of Inspiration in Arun Joshi’s Novel “The Last Labyrinth.Page.No- 250-252
MangalaTomar[Full Text PDF]
31 The Role of Teachers in Higher Education for sustainable and Qualitative Enhancement of the Society: A Social Perspective….Page.No- 253-257
Reji George[Full Text PDF]
32 Comparative Study of Personality Characteristics of High and Low Academic Achievers of Different Streams of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University….Page.No-258-266
Sheikh Ishfaq Nabi[Full Text PDF]
33 Socio Economic Conditions of Women Scavengers-With Special Reference to Bruhath Bangalore Mahanagar Palike (Bbmp), Karnataka….Page.No- 267-275
C.D.Venkatesh [Full Text PDF]
34 Instrument Landing System….Page.No- 276-286
Vellanki Vani Murthy [Full Text PDF]
35 Convergence of Indo-Russian Interests in Central Asia….Page.No- 287-293
Sunita Dhillon [Full Text PDF]