Vol IV / Sept-2014 Special Issue


Vol IV / Sept-2014 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 26
Table of contents
Sr.No Name of The Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Effect of Water Quality on Evapotranspiration, Growth and Yield of Potato….Page.No- 01-07
Alaa Salih Ati, Satha Majed Nafaou [Full Text PDF]
2 Study of Irrigation Intervals and Bio-Fertilizer on Growth, Yield, and Water Use Efficiency of Some Wheat Cultivars….Page.No- 08-16
Alaa Salih Ati, Intsar H. Hameedi, Eman K. Mohamed[Full Text PDF]
3 Comparison between Wood Plastic Composites (WPCs) and Woods….Page.No- 17-24
Walla Salah Salim, Isam Abbakar Ishag [Full Text PDF]
4 Sugar Industry Companies Performance Evaluation and Grading, Operating In Tehran Stock Exchange Using Grey Shannon Entropy Technique and Grey Relational Analysis Theory….Page.No-25-35
Abdol Hamid SafaeiGhadikolaei, Mahmood Yahyazadehfar, Nima nouripour [Full Text PDF]
5 Sharp Raise Growth of Creating Science and Commercializing Knowledge and Technology….Page.No-36-53
Hassanali Aghajani, Seyed Kamal Tourang [Full Text PDF]
6 The Impact of Learning Method and Logical Thinking Ability towards the Skills to Write Scientific Work to Students of Private University in Surakarta….Page.No-54-63
Henny Dewi, Herman Waluyo, Sugiyanto, Retno Winarning [Full Text PDF]
7 The Development of Write Textbook for the Postgraduate Elementary School Education (PGSD) Program Contextual Learning Approach Based….Page.No- 64-71
Slamet, St.Y, Herman J.WIsmail, S.M [Full Text PDF]
8 Non-existence of -type and -type plane wave solutions in with cosmological term ….Page.No-72-80
I S Mohurley, J K Jumale[Full Text PDF]
9 Efficacy of methanol extract of Morinda citrifolia fruit against Sunflower Downy mildew Disease….Page.No- 81-89
Girijamba R, Hariprasad P, Niranjana S R [Full Text PDF]
10 Green Chemistry: Controlling the NOx level….Page.No- 90-98
Sabdar Aman Chowdhury [Full Text PDF]
11 Disturbances on the Living of Avifauna of Singada Talav of Tirora in Gondia District, Maharashtra….Page.No- 99-106
Santosh D. Puri[Full Text PDF]
12 Diversity of Nitrogen Fixing and Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria in Black and Red Soils….Page.No-107-119
Sumangala Deshmukh, Dayanand Agsar [Full Text PDF]
13 Why Euthanasia is Not a Necessary Evil.….Page.No- 120-125
Archana Priyadarshini[Full Text PDF]
14 Role of Research Methodology Vis-a-Vis Its Value in Socio-Legal Research.….Page.No-126-131
Priyanka R. Mohod[Full Text PDF]
15 Personal Law -Uniform Civil Code and Beyond….Page.No-132-142
Pankaj Umbarkar [Full Text PDF]
16 Probability of Protection of Data and Basic Principles for Personal Data Protection under National and International Legal Instruments.….Page.No-143-157
Vishal Mahalwar[Full Text PDF]
17 Role of Business Correspondent’s Model in Financial Inclusion….Page.No-158-164
Sunil D’Souza, Punitha SJ, Thejaswini KA [Full Text PDF]
18 GPS: A military perspective….Page.No- 165-172
S. S. Pendse [Full Text PDF]
19 Alienation of women Garment Workers in Garment Industries of Bangalore….Page.No-173-186
Sudeshna Mukherjee [Full Text PDF]
20 Sustainable Development and Gross National Happiness in Bhutan ….Page.No- 187-193
Jayanta Kumar Dash [Full Text PDF]
21 “Correlation between Literacy and Sex Ratio in Maharashtra – A Geographical Analysis”….Page.No- 194-200
Haider-e-Karrar [Full Text PDF]
22 Globalisation, Dispossessed and Displaced: A Theoretical Perspective on Tribal Issues in Odisha….Page.No- 201-206
Ratnaprava Barik [Full Text PDF]
23 Kleidoscopic Shades of Indian Life in the God of Small Things, Q & A and The White Tiger….Page.No-207-216
Sonu Lohat, Sanjay Kumar[Full Text PDF]
24 Communication and Presentation Skills….Page.No- 217-224
Jadal M.M.[Full Text PDF]
25 Contribution of Pestolozzi to Theory and Principles of Education….Page.No- 225-227
Jadal M.M [Full Text PDF]
26 Improvements observed by the Trainees after B.Ed. Training….Page.No-228-230
Prafulsinh J. Raj, Intekhab K. Ansari [Full Text PDF]

Vol IV / Issue V / Sept-Oct 2014


Vol IV / Issue V / Sept-Oct 2014 / ISSN 2249-9598 

Total Research Papers: 46

Table of contents


Name of The Paper


Immunological Parameters in Children with Tuberculosis Disease and Latent Tuberculosis Infection….Page.No- 01-06

A.Starshinova, N.Korneva, I.Dovgalyuk, P.Yablonskii, E. Zilber, T. Drozdenko, U.Ovchinnikova, V.Zhuravlev, S. Ananiev [Full Text PDF]


Diagnosis and clinical-radiological characteristics of pulmonarytuberculosis among adolescents (15-18 yearsold) in North-Western region of Russia….Page.No- 07-13

Pavlova M, Starshinova A, Yablonskii P, Zilber E, Chernochaeva I,Sapozhnikova N, Zhuravlev V, Drozdenko T[Full Text PDF]


Caring Mental Patients Sharing the Same Rooms with Somatic Patients in General and Referral Hospitals in Rwanda: Analysis of Disadvantages and Advantages….Page.No- 14-27

Siméon Sebatukura Gitimbwa [Full Text PDF]


Physiochemical Properties for Some Kinds Honey in Iraqi Markets ….Page.No-28-33

AmeeraH.Hamed , Saadiyah A.Dhahir, Fadhil .M Abid [Full Text PDF]


Effects of Cold Storage and Post-cold Storage Duration on Several Fruit Quality Parameters and Shelf Life of “Golden Delicious” Apples….Page.No-34-42

Elisabeta Susaj, Silvana Mustafa, Irena Kallço, Lush Susaj, Mario L. Susaj[Full Text PDF]


Aquatic Weed Diversity of a Freshwater Pond in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra State ….Page.No-43-46

Shashikant R. Sitre, Arvjen Lushaj, Elisabeta Susaj, Bashkim Mal Lushaj, Ismail Gokhan [Full Text PDF]


Tourism, the Main Industry of the New Economic Model in Albania….Page.No- 47-55

Edmond Kadiu, Majlinda Belegu, Ina Pagria, Dori Risilia, Irma Qinami, Flora Merko[Full Text PDF]


Rural Landscape Evolution and Environment and Their Impact in Ballagat Municipality, Lushnjë, Albania….Page.No-56-62

Albert Kurti[Full Text PDF]


Public Building and Urban Identity in Durres (I-IV Century A.C.)….Page.No- 63-71

Arlind Kasa [Full Text PDF]

10 Book Review: The Negro in the Making of America ….Page.No- 72-77

Howard C. Smith, Frank Fuller [Full Text PDF]


Journal Reflections on Literature from the Black Diaspora and Black Empowerment Movements….Page.No- 78-85

Howard C. Smith, Frank Fuller [Full Text PDF]


The Role of Fairytales in a Child Development….Page.No-86-92

Aranit Gjipali , Ilva Lamaj [Full Text PDF]

13 Health, Disabilities and Family Factors Affecting Child Performance at School in Mexico.….Page.No- 93-105

Cristina Gomes [Full Text PDF]


Mean Arterial Blood Pressure for Early Prediction in Pre Eclampsia….Page.No-106-116

G R Daiv, Vasudha Sawant [Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of QTc interval Changes in Smokers and Non smokers….Page.No-117-118

Pradeep V. Benjarge, Pratibha R Deshmukh  [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Urban Air Pollution on Pollen Characteristics of Peltophorum inerme Naves in Mysore City.….Page.No-119-126

Hemavathi C, Veena M[Full Text PDF]


Biochemical Attributes of Black Pepper Cultivar Panniyur-1….Page.No-127-130

Sereen Thomas[Full Text PDF]

18 Review article on Junk –Food….Page.No- 131-137

Kashyap, R.,  Joglekar, A, Verma, Sc[Full Text PDF]


Distribution of Postharvest Mycoflora on Some Cereal Grains….Page.No-138-144

Rajurkar S.K, Taware A.S[Full Text PDF]


Analysis of Motor Speed Requirement at Different pressure for Air Compressor Unit….Page.No- 145-151

Amit Bahekar, Sanjeev Yadav[Full Text PDF]


Morphometric analysis of Upper Ghod Basin Using GIS Techniques….Page.No- 152-158

Nilesh Pandit Kale, Jyotiram More[Full Text PDF]


An analytical study of Service Quality- A comparative analysis among SBI and SBM: A case study with special reference to Mysore city, Karnataka….Page.No- 159-174

Anita BR [Full Text PDF]


Brand Equity: A study of Mysore Silk- Prime product of KSIC (Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation) Mysore, Karnataka, India….Page.No-175-186

Manjunatha.V, Amulya M [Full Text PDF]


An overview of Food Processing Industry in India – Challenges and Opportunities ….Page.No- 187-193

T.M. Sridhara Murthy, M.S. Yogesh[Full Text PDF]


Factoring and Forfaiting- Novel Financial Tools (A Boon for Financing Receivables in Domestic and International Trade)….Page.No- 194-202

Krishnarao L Ukey[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study on Total Costs in Making of Ghee at Haryana Dairy Co-operative Societies….Page.No- 203-208

Manurita [Full Text PDF]

27 Divisional Disparities of Social Infrastructure in Vidharbha region in Maharashtra….Page.No-209-215

Umendra B. Sangolkar [Full Text PDF]


Effects of Resistance Training and Detraining Programme on Upper Body Strength and Leg Explosive Power of University Men Handball Players….Page.No- 216-223

K.Murugavel and, E.Balaji [Full Text PDF]

29 Emotions and Cognition as Guide to Life….Page.No-224-230

Shubha Maheshwari [Full Text PDF]

30 The Entrepreneurial Teacher….Page.No- 231-234

Chandrakant Borase [Full Text PDF]

31 Right to Education: Study of Physical Infrastructure and Facilities in Punjab ….Page.No- 235-245

Jatinder Grover [Full Text PDF]


Linear Kinematical Analysis of Successful and Unsuccessful Free Shot in Basketball….Page.No-246-252

Singh Uma Kant [Full Text PDF]


Pattern Analysis of Angular Kinematic Variables for Successful and Unsuccessful Free Shot In Basketball….Page.No- 253-262

Singh Uma Kant [Full Text PDF]

34 Harmonizing the Model of Education to befit the ICT Age ….Page.No- 263-268

Archana Sanjay Singh[Full Text PDF]

35 Hegemony element in the play of Badal Sircar’s Bhoma….Page.No- 269-273

G.Kiran Kumar Reddy [Full Text PDF]


Fair skin And Female Beauty in Visual Media And Literature:  A Comparative Study of Television Commercials and Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye….Page.No- 274-280

Manjeet Rathee[Full Text PDF]


A Study Loneliness among Aged People in Erode District….Page.No- 281-284

K.PRIYA[Full Text PDF]

38 The Silent Way and Other Two Methods of Language Teaching….Page.No- 285-287

Yogesh Raman Patil [Full Text PDF]

39 A Study of Fertility Levels and Trends in Bihar….Page.No- 288-298

Amit Kumar [Full Text PDF]


The Changing Nature of War….Page.No- 299-302

Nisar Ahmad Meer[Full Text PDF]

41 The constitution of India: A Social Document….Page.No- 303-307

G.Anand [Full Text PDF]

42 Energy Scenario and Nuclear Deal in India ….Page.No- 308-309

Nisar Ahmad Meer[Full Text PDF]

43 Principles of War: Revisit the Histories….Page.No- 310-317

Rajeev Bargoti[Full Text PDF]

44 Schedule caste: A study of Uttri village of Jammu and Kashmir….Page.No- 318-325

Uma Prasher[Full Text PDF]


Data Protection and Right to Privacy: Issues and Challenges in India….Page.No- 326-332

Kalpana V. Jawale[Full Text PDF]


Pardoning Power: A Constitutional Scrutiny…Page.No- 333-340

Avinash Singh [Full Text PDF]