Vol IV / Issue VI / Nov-Dec 2014


Vol IV / Issue VI / Nov-Dec 2014 / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 27
Table of contents
Sr.No                                   Name of The Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Management of Pollution Prevention and the Impact on Population Health….Page.No- 01-08
Greta Angjeli, Jona Marashi, Mirela Lika [Full Text PDF]
2 C-reactive protein in Cardio-Vascular Diseases….Page.No- 09-13
A.Balasubramaniam, J.V.Karandhikar [Full Text PDF]
3 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Biomedical Waste Management among Non Teaching Staff of a Medical College and Hospital in Pune ….Page.No- 14-18
Ratna Majumdar, Ashlesha Dandekar, Swati Raje [Full Text PDF]
4 Pharmacovigilance Training for Health Professional….Page.No-19-24
Anand Shukla, Sunita Singh, S. K. Vajpai, Rajeev, Vivek [Full Text PDF]
5 Risk and Benefit of Nanotechnology in Human and Health….Page.No-25-28
Anand Shukla, Sunita Singh, Shahnaz [Full Text PDF]
6 Total Haemocyte Count in Silkworms Bombyx Mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae) During Pathogenic Diseases in Akola District (Maharashtra)….Page.No-29-33
Rashmi P. Joshi, Raja. I. A.[Full Text PDF]
7 “Studies on Causes, Effects & Treatments on Dengue in Buldana Town”-A case report….Page.No- 34-37
Dipke Vaishali G [Full Text PDF]
8 Comparative Anatomy of Digestive System of Some Commercially Important Fishes….Page.No-38-43
Surekha Manoj Gupta, S. V. Kamath [Full Text PDF]
9 Rain Water Harvesting : A Solution For Problem of Water in Urban Sector….Page.No- 44-47
Mane A.M. [Full Text PDF]
10 Analysis of Artery Stent Expansion with Growing Rigid Body….Page.No- 48-54
S.Venkateswara Reddy [Full Text PDF]
11 Comparative foliar studies in saline sand – grown and fresh water soil –grown Trigonella foenum – graecum Linn. Plants….Page.No- 55-63
Madhu K. Kapoor, S. Sasikumar[Full Text PDF]
12 “Role of Indian Women’s, through co-operatives in Sustainable Development of India”….Page.No-64-72
R. K. Datir [Full Text PDF]
13 “Origin of Women’s Co-operative Banks in Maharashtra”.….Page.No- 73-78
B. D. Patil [Full Text PDF]
14 Environmental Accounting – An Analysis of Its Prevalence….Page.No-79-83
C.A. Shailesh Dattatraya Borkar [Full Text PDF]
15 Development and Innovations in the area of Microfinance in Rajasthan….Page.No-84-89
Ekta Puri [Full Text PDF]
16 The Evaluation of Scarcity Relief Work of Mangi Irrigation Medium Project.….Page.No-90-93
Jyotiram Chandrakant More [Full Text PDF]
17 National and International Legal Framework for Climate Justice….Page.No-94-103
Pramod Pandharinath Waghmare [Full Text PDF]
18 Women Empowerment: Questioning Gender Equality in Contemporary Society….Page.No- 104-109
Neha Pandey [Full Text PDF]
19 Violence in the Novels of J. M. Coetzee….Page.No-110-116
P.M. Patil [Full Text PDF]
20 Quest for Identity: A Study J. M. Coetzee’s Novels….Page.No- 117-125
P.M. Patil [Full Text PDF]
21 Literature—Philosophy—of Life and Death….Page.No- 126-129
Anupama.D.Deshraj [Full Text PDF]
22 Role of Education in Fighting AIDS ….Page.No- 130-136
Vandana Mahalwar [Full Text PDF]
23 An Evaluative Study on the Implementation of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in Bhawanipur Education Block of Barpeta District of Assam in India….Page.No-137-143
Brinda Bazeley Kharbirymbai, Md Delowar Hussain [Full Text PDF]
24 Teaching Listening as a Skill….Page.No- 144-148
Yogesh R. Gangurde [Full Text PDF]
25 Effects of Tai Chi and Foot Reflexology on Selected Psychological Variables in Arthritis Patients….Page.No- 149-154
K. Jothi, I. Aroquiaradje Cesar [Full Text PDF]
26 Personality Differences among University level Football players….Page.No- 155-159
Neeru Malik [Full Text PDF]
27 A Study on Football Skill of Rural and Urban Footballers of West Bengal….Page.No-160-168
Piyali Mishra, Provash Das, Madhab Chandra Ghosh [Full Text PDF]