Vol V / Jan 2015 Special Issue


Vol V / Jan 2015 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 42
Table of contents
Sr.No                                                      Name of The Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Effects of Planting Density on Several Morphological and Yield Indicators of Two Sage (Salvia officinalis L) Ecotypes ….Page.No- 01-11
Qatip Doda, Nikollaq Bardhi, Foto Kashta, Dilaman Nelaj, Gjoshe Stefkov , Nefrus Ҫeliku [Full Text PDF]
2 Effects of Fruit Thinning Method on Crop Load and Yield on “Golden Delicious” Apple Cultivar, Under Gjakova’s Climate Conditions….Page.No- 12-19
Gjokë Gj. Duhanaj, Lush Susaj, Nikollaq Roshanji, Elisabeta Susaj [Full Text PDF]
3 Impact of Calpain Activity Assay in Correlation to Human Sperm Parameters in Fertile and Infertile Men….Page.No- 20-30
Hayder A. L. Mossa, Saad S. Al-Dujaily, Sabah N. Alwachi [Full Text PDF]
4 Evaluation of Possible Toxic Effects on Male Reproductive Performance and Pregnancy Outcomes in Andrographis Paniculata Treated Rats….Page.No-31-41
Dasuki M.S, Wan M.H, Hasnan J, Siti Amrah S and D’ Souza U.J.[Full Text PDF]
5 First Record of Five Additional Blackflies Genus and Species in Iraq….Page.No-42-46
F. A. Al-Nadawi [Full Text PDF]
6 A Comparative Study on Social Adjustment between Students of Different Departments Belongs to Mekelle University ….Page.No-47-51
Sambhu Prasad, Mulay Gebretensay, Fissehatsion G/Yohannes [Full Text PDF]
7 An examination of associations with reported stress in England a focus on the influence of Age and Gender….Page.No- 52-68
Saied Qadir Faqe Ibrahim [Full Text PDF]
8 Continuing Professional Development in the field of Physiotherapy – A review….Page.No-69-77
Mukesh Goyal, Zaki Anwer [Full Text PDF]
9 Effect of Dietary Counseling on the Weight of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients….Page.No- 78-82
Chitrarekha Singroul, Nanda Gurwara [Full Text PDF]
10 Zooplankton Biodiversity in Lonara Lake of Nagpur Rural, Maharashtra State, India….Page.No- 83-87
Shashikant R.Sitre, L.B.Tonape[Full Text PDF]
11 Microbiological Quality of Water from Manar (Barul) Reservoir….Page.No- 88-90
Mane A.M [Full Text PDF]
12 A Study of Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Rainfall for Rainfed Agricultural Planning of Ahmednagar District in Maharashtra….Page.No-91-94
N. M. Patil [Full Text PDF]
13 Agriculture Land Use: A Case Study of Dahiwali Village in Madha Tahsil Dist Solapur.….Page.No- 95-99
L.B. Tonape [Full Text PDF]
14 A study on the relationship between Stores Size and Impulsive Buying Behaviour of Customers in Mumbai City….Page.No-100-109
Mohammad Khalil Ahmad [Full Text PDF]
15 Trends of FDI Inflows in India ….Page.No-110-115
Suhas Avhad [Full Text PDF]

16 An Analytical Study of Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana (RGJAY) in Maharashtra .….Page.No-116-121
V. M. Kumbhar [Full Text PDF]
17 Cloud Computing Technology in Education….Page.No-122-130
G. R. Angadi [Full Text PDF]
18 Teacher Preparedness for Inclusive Education ….Page.No- 131-143
B.B.Police Patil [Full Text PDF]
19 A Study of the Development of Primary Education in Dehradun District (Uttarakhand) From 2001 To 2011….Page.No-144-152

Anoj Raj, Anup Kumar [Full Text PDF]
20 A Study of Internet Addiction among the Higher Secondary Schools Students….Page.No- 153-157
Binita Fonia, Sunita Godiyal [Full Text PDF]
21 Triad of Symptoms for Autism in respect of implications for Inclusive Setting: an Analysis….Page.No- 158-166
Vijay K. Grover [Full Text PDF]
22 Children’s understanding of Geometrical Concepts of ‘Triangle’ & ‘Circle’: Implications for Teaching Geometry….Page.No- 167-177
Jasneet Kaur [Full Text PDF]
23 Rediscovering Democratic Values in Education….Page.No-178-186
Dipty Subba [Full Text PDF]

24 Effectiveness of Smart Board Instructions in Learning Mathematics among Seventh Standard Students….Page.No- 187-194
K.Thiyagu [Full Text PDF]
25 Comparative Study of Stress Management of Special Education and General Education Teachers….Page.No- 195-201
Yogita [Full Text PDF]
26 A Comparative Study of Speed between Men and Women Kabaddi and Kho-Kho Players….Page.No- 202-206
Aranga. Panbilnathan [Full Text PDF]
27 Relationship among the Anthropometric Variable and Jumping Performance in Track and Field….Page.No-207-210
Soman Preet Singh [Full Text PDF]
28 Comparative Study of Intelligence Level among Individual and Team Game Female Players of N.M. College….Page.No-211-213
Shivesh Shukla [Full Text PDF]
29 A Comparative Study of Leadership Qualities among Academic and Professional Students of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Amravati….Page.No-214-220
Savita P. Bawanthade [Full Text PDF]
30 Pomposity of Legal Writing in Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing….Page.No-221-236
Pankaj P. Umbarkar [Full Text PDF]
31 De La Salle’s Unique Educational Pedagogy….Page.No-237-247
A. Devaraj [Full Text PDF]
32 Dr Ambedkar’s Philosophy on Democracy and his Dissent: An Analytical Study of Ambedkar’s Socio-Political Ideas….Page.No-248-256
Sudhi Mandloi [Full Text PDF]
33 The Contemporary Globalised Society and Challenges before the Scheduled Tribes….Page.No-257-266
Sanjeev Kumar Sinha [Full Text PDF]
34 Social Exclusion of Elderly Women suffering from Dementia: A Critique of Governmental Policies….Page.No-267-275
Veena H. Kattegowdar, Sudeshna Mukherjee [Full Text PDF]
35 Backward Class Movement in Princely Mysore (1916 -1930)….Page.No-276-280
Sreedhara. H [Full Text PDF]
36 Non-Violence in Veda and Upnishadas….Page.No- 281-287
B.R.Dugar [Full Text PDF]
37 Feminism in Jean Toomer’s Novel Cane and Zora Neale Hurston’s Novel Their Eyes Were Watching God: A Comparative Study….Page.No-288-293
Sanjana [Full Text PDF]
38 Developing the skill of Reading….Page.No-294-299
Chetna Karlikar [Full Text PDF]
39 The Text is Only A Pretext….Page.No-300-306
Chetna Karlikar [Full Text PDF]
40 African Rituals for Collective Good: A Study Based on Wole Soyinkas’ The Strong Breed And Death And The King’s Horseman….Page.No-307-311
P Sidhique [Full Text PDF]
41 “Challenges before Commerce and Management Education”….Page.No-312-316
Dinkar D. Pujari [Full Text PDF]
42 Development of Women Entrepreneurship : Challenges and Opportunities (A Case Study of Solapur District)….Page.No-317-324
Dinkar D. Pujari [Full Text PDF]

Vol V / Issue I / Jan-Feb 2015


Vol V / Issue I / Jan-Feb 2015 / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 41
                                                                     Table of contents
Sr.No                                                         Name of The Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 The Binary Pattern of Cell Growth and Division….Page.No- 01-14
M.I. Neamțu, M.V. Anghel [Full Text PDF]
2 —————–This paper has been removed.
3 The Level of ICT’s Ability and its Application Among Office Workers in Selangor State of Malaysia….Page.No- 27-35
Abdul Ghafar Don , Abdul Halim Tamuri, Aderi Che Noh, Supyan Husain, Abu Dardaa Muhammad, Anuar Puteh[Full Text PDF]
4 Developing Teaching and Learning Model with TPACK Framework and Blended Learning Content for Science and Mathematics in Elementary School Teacher Education Program….Page.No-36-43
Wahyudi, Adi Winanto, Stefanus C. Relmasira, [Full Text PDF]
5 The Model of Assessment-Competence-Based Training Management Using E-learning for Guidance and Counseling Teachers….Page.No-44-54
Yari Dwikurnaningsih, Trijoko Raharjo, DYP Sugiharto, Slameto [Full Text PDF]
6 Leader’s Charisma and Dignity in Sight of Pidie Society
(A Study in Kembang Tanjong sub-district, Pidie District)….Page.No-55-67
Effendi Hasan, Bukhari Yusuf [Full Text PDF]
7 People’s Attitudes towards Participation, Place Attachment and Urban Tourism Development in Tabriz, Iran….Page.No- 68-81
Abolfazl Ghanbri, Bahman Shojaeivand [Full Text PDF]
8 Stability of Collinear Libration Point L1 in Photo – Gravitational Restricted Problem of 2+2 Bodies When Bigger Primary is a Triaxial Rigid Body Perturbed by Coriolis and Centrifugal Forces….Page.No-82-95
Ziaul Hoque, D. N. Garain [Full Text PDF]
9 First Order Normalization of the Triangular Libration Point L4….Page.No- 96-101
D.N. Garain, B.K. Mandal [Full Text PDF]
10 Waves in Micro-Isotropic, Micro-Elastic Solid in Case of Solenoidal Micro-Rotation and Macro-Displacements….Page.No- 102-108
Somaiah K, Sambaiah K [Full Text PDF]
11 Protein S Deficiency Causing Poor Outcome of Pregnancy – A Prospective Follow up….Page.No- 109-110
Vidyashree J B , Harshini V, Renuka Ramiah [Full Text PDF]
12 Drug Monitoring During Therapy….Page.No-111-113
Anand Shukla, Sunita Singh, Shambhavi Shukla [Full Text PDF]
13 Studies on Food and Feeding Habits of Ornitho Fauna in and Around Chhatri Lake, Amravati, Maharashtra.….Page.No- 114-123
Rutuja J. Kukade [Full Text PDF]
14 Environmental Problems at National Level and their Solutions….Page.No-124-130
Varsha U. Lomate [Full Text PDF]
15 Reproductive potential of fresh water spiny Eel Mastacembelus armatus (Lecepede) from Marathwada region of India….Page.No-131-139
Ahirrao Sunil [Full Text PDF]

16 Microhabitat Distribution of Metazoan Parasites on the Gills of L. rohita.….Page.No-140-154
M. Sujana, [Full Text PDF]
17 Reactive Extraction of Succinic Acid in Packed Column….Page.No-155-163
Amruta N. Magdum, P. J. Patil [Full Text PDF]
18 Survey on Mobile Agent Technology….Page.No- 164-169
Sonika U.Thakur [Full Text PDF]
19 Comparative Study on the Antioxidant Activity of Lemon (Citrus lemon), ORANGE (Citrus sinensis) and Pomegranate (Punica granatum)….Page.No-170-175
Anu. S [Full Text PDF]
20 “Prioritization of Watersheds for Conservation Planning Using NRCS (SCS) Method”….Page.No- 176-184
Sunil D. Thakare, Jyotiram C. More [Full Text PDF]
21 Perception on Functioning of Mini Truck Operators….Page.No- 185-192
S.V.SrinivasaVallabhan [Full Text PDF]
22 Customer Confidence and Service Quality:
An Empirical Investigation on Public Sector Banks in West Godavari District….Page.No- 193-202
Subba Rao Ebicherla[Full Text PDF]
23 “A Study of Raisin Cluster Development in Sangli District’’….Page.No-203-208
Shreya Vinay Patil [Full Text PDF]

24 “Impact of E-Commerce”….Page.No- 209-217
Dinkar D. Pujari [Full Text PDF]
25 “Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Indian Retail Sector ”….Page.No- 218-224
Dinkar D. Pujari [Full Text PDF]
26 “Green Marketing in India: Emerging Opportunities and Challenges”….Page.No- 225-231
Dinkar D. Pujari [Full Text PDF]
27 Role of Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna in Empowering Women in Household Decisions….Page.No-232-236
Meena Sakhalkar [Full Text PDF]
28 Perception of Teaching Faculty about Library Automation – A Study….Page.No-237-244
N.N.Vimala, K.Chinnasamy [Full Text PDF]
29 Role and Responsibilities of Public Libraries: An Overview….Page.No-245-250
Devika Prabhu [Full Text PDF]
30 Professional Commitment: Study of More and Less Experienced Teachers….Page.No-251-255
Balvir Singh, Pawan Kumar [Full Text PDF]
31 Emerging Trends of Higher Education in India….Page.No-256-262
Pramod P. Waghmare [Full Text PDF]
32 Exploring Children’s Literature in India with Special Reference to Roopa Pai’s Taranauts Series….Page.No-263-269
J.Sripadmadevi [Full Text PDF]
33 Literary Translation: A Creative Process….Page.No-270-274
Prafulkumar P Vaidhya [Full Text PDF]
34 Racial Violence of the Marginalized in Amiri Baraka’s Dutchman….Page.No-275-278
Horizan S. Prasanna Kumar [Full Text PDF]
35 Sustainable Development in Ecotourism Destinations of Munnar : A Study….Page.No-279-286
Sidhique P [Full Text PDF]
36 The Evolution of Transregional Cooperation: A Case Study of Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation (IOR-ARC)….Page.No- 287-299
Rajasree K.R [Full Text PDF]
37 Recent Trends in Social Science Research with Special Reference to Scholasticism in the Subject of Political Science….Page.No-300-304
Harshad K.Bhosale [Full Text PDF]
38 “Analysis of the Problem of Malnutrition in Melghat Area of Maharashtra – A Socio-Legal Study”….Page.No-305-319
Kalpana V. Jawale [Full Text PDF]
39 Effect of Naturopathy and Yoga Intervention on Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus….Page.No-320-329
Shetty Prashanth, H R Nagendra, Gangadhara Varma B.R, Pailoor Subramanya [Full Text PDF]
40 A Comparative study of Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity of Sprinters, Jumpers and Throwers of Delhi University….Page.No-330-334
Kavita Sharma [Full Text PDF]
41 Hydropower Dams and Development: Local Perspectives….Page.No- 335-350
Ratna Tayeng [Full Text PDF]