Vol V / Mar 2015 Special Issue


Vol V / Mar 2015 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 39
Table of contents
Sr.No                                                        Name of The Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 The Influence of Bilateral – Buccal Corridors on the Smile Aesthetics of the Faces….Page.No- 01-07
Ajshe Rexhep, Sevdi Rexhep [Full Text PDF]
2 An Analysis of the Degree of Development of the Rural Districts in the County of Sanandaj, Using Quantitative Methods….Page.No- 08-15
Ghanbari abolfazl, sardari Ayoub, Zand Karimi Arash, Shafeeie Ashkan [Full Text PDF]
3 Effect Of Long Term Water Storage on Microleakage of New Self –Etch Adhesives….Page.No- 16-27
Maryam Moezizadeh, Zahra Aghamohammadi [Full Text PDF]
4 “Smart Management and Leadership Style for mental health Nurses”….Page.No-28-38
Araz Mohammed Abdulkarim [Full Text PDF]
5 Analysis of Participant Satisfaction Level Training Implementation of Training BST (Basic Safety Training) in PIP Semarang….Page.No-39-51
Andy Wahyu H, Sahabuddin Sunusi , Gatot Teguh R [Full Text PDF]
6 The Effectiveness of E-Learning-Based Instruction in Increasing College Students Learning Independence….Page.No-52-61
Mawardi, Haris Mudjiman, Sri Anitah, Asrowi[Full Text PDF]
7 The Impact of Globalization on the Nigerian Entrepreneur….Page.No- 62-68
Elijah Ojowu Ode, Simeon Oko Ajegi [Full Text PDF]
8 Solutions of field equations for -type and -type waves in five dimensional space-time (I)….Page.No-69-75
I. S. Mohurley, J. K. Jumale [Full Text PDF]
9 A comparative study in variation in Iron intake of Sickle Cell Anaemia Patients of Different Socio- Economic Status….Page.No- 76-80
Sarika Shrivastava, Reshma Lakesh[Full Text PDF]
10 A Case Report of A rare Case of Sporadic Extra-Abdominal Desmoid in A Young Female Patient who does not Fit into Gardener’s Syndrome….Page.No- 81-84
Harjander Kaur Gill, Sneha R Joshi[Full Text PDF]
11 Guidelines on the Clinical Use of Whole Blood and Components of Blood….Page.No- 85-93
Manjiri P. Dhamangaonkar, Bharat Mulay[Full Text PDF]
12 Carcinoma Ex pleomorphic Adenoma- A Rare malignant tumor of parotid gland-Case Report….Page.No-94-101
Vaishali Aphale, Sneha Joshi[Full Text PDF]
13 Tube Well Water Profile in Kadegaon Tehsil of Sangli District, (M.S.) (India).….Page.No- 102-110
Pore Sanjay Vishnu [Full Text PDF]
14 Phytochemical Screening of Medicinal Plants from Lonar Lake….Page.No-111-117
Barkha K. Tiwari[Full Text PDF]
15 Parental Influence on the Children’s Eating Behavior and Physical Activity Pattern: A Determinant for Obesity….Page.No-118-126
Leena Raje[Full Text PDF]

16 Mid Day Meal Programme Implementation in Mishrik Seetapur.….Page.No-127-131
Shubha Maheshwari [Full Text PDF]
17 Impact of Mid-Day Meal Program on Cognitive Ability of School Going Children: with Reference to Kabirdham District of Chhattisgarh….Page.No-132-138
A. Joglekar, S. Verma, B. Shrivastava [Full Text PDF]
18 Influence Of Storage Condition and Duration on Oil Content of Pongamia pinnata L.Pierre. Seeds….Page.No- 139-144
Sandeep Rout and Saswat Nayak[Full Text PDF]
19 Customers’ perception about e-Banking….Page.No-145-151

S. Jothi, P. Sathya, S. Ancy, V. Iniya, S.Anita [Full Text PDF]
20 Numerical Investigation on Modeling of Flue gas Condensation by using Multiphase and Multispecies Approach in CFD….Page.No- 152-159
Ugraram Raghavendra [Full Text PDF]
21 Changing Pattern of Occupational Structure in Morigaon District of Assam….Page.No- 160-166
Chakradhar Deka[Full Text PDF]
22 A Study on Resilience Capacity in Relation to Work-Life Balance of Executives in the Pharmaceutical Industry….Page.No- 167-180
Patiraj Kumari, Vijayashree Sangwan[Full Text PDF]
23 Foreign Exchange Reserves in India….Page.No-181-189
Shikha Singh[Full Text PDF]

24 Income Generation through Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Uttarakhand: A Case Study of District Dehradun….Page.No- 190-197
Priti Atrey[Full Text PDF]
25 Improving the Maize Crops Productivity in Wakurde Village by Using Spent Wash….Page.No- 198-204
A.B. Patil , A.D. Patil [Full Text PDF]
26 India’s Trade before and after the WTO….Page.No- 205-208
Suhas Avhad[Full Text PDF]
27 Study on the effect of Socio – Economic Parameters on Health Status of the Gond, Bhill, Korku Tribes of Amravati Division in Maharashtra….Page.No-209-216
Balkrushna Pundlikrao Adhau [Full Text PDF]
28 Consumer Justice in Educational Service: Fair or Unfair?….Page.No-217-223
Vivek V. Jawale[Full Text PDF]
29 Psychosocial Issues of Tobacco Use: An Experiences of Mizo Women….Page.No-224-233
H.Elizabeth[Full Text PDF]
30 Redefining the Role of LIS Professionals in Digital Environment….Page.No-234-238
Madansing D. Golwal, Madhukar D. Garad[Full Text PDF]
31 Effect of Yogic Practices Performed on Deviants Aggression, Anxiety and Impulsiveness in Prisoners ….Page.No-239-242
Vasistha A Khodaskar, Arun N Khodaskar[Full Text PDF]
32 Mental Toughness among Squash Players at Different Age Groups….Page.No-243-248
Vishal Thakur [Full Text PDF]
33 Effects of Diurnal Variation on Explosive Strength of Active Male and Female Students ….Page.No-249-254
Madhab Chandra Ghosh[Full Text PDF]
34 Combined Effect of PNF Stretching and Plyometric Exercises on Explosive Power and Flexibility among Football Players….Page.No-255-260
K. Jothi, Gigi Jose[Full Text PDF]
35 Analysis of Biology Text-Book Prescribed By NCERT for Eleventh Class….Page.No-261-278
Agnese Dhillon[Full Text PDF]
36 Impact of Education on Women’s Cognitive and Psychological Dimensions of Women’s Empowerment: A Case Study of Ghaziabad District of Uttar Pradesh ….Page.No- 279-291
Geeta Chaudhary [Full Text PDF]
37 Social Adjustment of Orphans in Relation to their Level of Aspiration….Page.No-292-308
Tina, Teena Thomas [Full Text PDF]
38 The Politics of the Label Ethinic Writing: A Critique on American Ethinic Literature….Page.No-309-312
P Sidhique [Full Text PDF]
39 Rewriting History and Making of A Nation: An Odyssey into the Historical Times of India in Kamleshwar’s Partitions….Page.No-313-325
Ajay Sahebrao Deshmukh[Full Text PDF]

Vol V / Issue II / Mar-Apr 2015


Vol V / Issue II / Mar-Apr 2015 / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 44
Table of contents
Sr.No                                                      Name of The Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 The Importance of Local Weight Adjusted Biomarkers of First-Trimester Pregnancy Screening Test for Trisomy 13 and 18 on Detection Rate….Page.No- 01-10
Emil G. Xhuvani, Anila K. Mitre, KejdaR. Kristo[Full Text PDF]
2 A Comparison Study on First and Second Trimester down’sSyndrome Screening Results in Pregnant Albanian Women….Page.No- 11-19
Emil G. Xhuvani, Aleksander P. Xhuvani, Anila K.Mitre[Full Text PDF]
3 Herbicide propanil degradation in aqueous solutions by Fenton’s reagent and photo-Fenton system….Page.No- 20-29
Khulood A.S. AL-Saade, Shtha F. Al- Saidi, Hamdia H. Juad [Full Text PDF]
4 Sedimentological Study of the Quaternary Deposits of Saranda Area, Albania….Page.No-30-41
Lavdie Moisiu, Çerçiz Durmishi[Full Text PDF]
5 The Effectiveness of Democratic System’s Embodiment in A Direct Regional Election in Aceh.(Case Study: Governor and Vice Governor Election in Aceh Period 2012-2017)….Page.No-42-50
Effendi Hasan, Mursyidin Zakaria, Fadhil Ilhamsyah [Full Text PDF]
6 National Identity in the Cultivated MusicThrough Its Relationship with Our Folklore….Page.No-51-55
Kreshnik DUQI [Full Text PDF]
7 -Type and -Type Exact Plane Wave Solutions of Einstein Maxwell Field Equations in Four Dimensional Space-Time….Page.No- 56-65
S. R. Gomkar, J K Jumale [Full Text PDF]
8 Role of Bone Marrow Trephine Biopsy in Diagnosing Hematological Disorders Which Shows Bone Marrow Aspiration Failure-Two Year Observational Study of 58 Cases….Page.No-66-75
PoonamT.Dambhare,V. D. Tote, P. N. Wasnik, D. T. Kumbhalkar[Full Text PDF]
9 Cryptococcus neoformans Causing Thoracic Wall Abscess in HIV Negative Patient- A Case Report….Page.No- 76-77
Anjali C. Jayawant, Aruna S. Khare [Full Text PDF]
10 Lifestyle Disorders & There Management in Ayurveda….Page.No- 78-82
Swapnil Patil, Smita Lokhande, Vishal Patil, Avinash Chougule[Full Text PDF]
11 Assessment of Knowledge & Practices Regarding Use of Iodised Salt among Housewives of Osmanabad District….Page.No- 83-88
Meena N. Sakhalkar, Nuzhat Sultana M.B.[Full Text PDF]
12 Counter Measures in Organophosphorus Poisonings – A Review….Page.No-89-100
Rakesh Bhragava, Ram Singh Chauhan, Lokendra Singh [Full Text PDF]
13 Physiological Impact of Heeled Footwear .….Page.No- 101-106
Nidhi Dattani, Bishnupriya Dasgupta[Full Text PDF]
14 Design & Analysis of Mono shock absorbers in two wheelers….Page.No-107-115
M.Shobha [Full Text PDF]
15 Quality of Work Life of Employees Working in Public and Private Sector Banks of Uttarakhand….Page.No-116-120
T.S. Tomar [Full Text PDF]

16 SWOT Analysis of Retail Practices in Indian Banking Sector: Challenges and Future Growth.….Page.No-121-130
Gagandeep Chadha [Full Text PDF]
17 U.S.-China Engagement: In the Midst of Technology Transfers….Page.No-131-144
Temjenmeren Ao [Full Text PDF]
18 Developing Agritourism in Ratnagiri District of Konkan (Maharashtra) : Issues and Challenges….Page.No- 145-152
Priya Parkar [Full Text PDF]
19 Women Empowerment: An Objective Analysis across Indian States….Page.No-153-158
Sneh Choithani [Full Text PDF]
20 Optimism-Pessimism among Adolescents In Relation To Their Socioeconomic Status….Page.No- 159-164
Neelam Kumari [Full Text PDF]
21 Analysis of Psychometric Properties of Business Studies Junior Secondary Certificate Examination in Plateau State, Nigeria….Page.No- 165-171
Christiana Amaechi Ugodulunwa, Lohnan Barko [Full Text PDF]
22 Methods of Antibiotic Resistance: The A Comparative Study, Challenges and Need of World Wide Solutions….Page.No- 172-177
Minakshi [Full Text PDF]
23 Changing Patterns of Behaviour among Adolescents: An Analysis….Page.No-178-189
Preeti Singh, Garima Choudhary[Full Text PDF]

24 A Study of relationship between Occupational Stress and Mental Health among Primary School Teachers….Page.No- 190-199
Sarabjeet Kaur [Full Text PDF]
25 A Study of Role of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas of Uttar Pradesh for Developing Skills among the Students….Page.No- 200-207
Sushma Pandey [Full Text PDF]
26 Higher Education and Sustainable Development….Page.No- 208-215
Urmila Goel [Full Text PDF]
27 The Traveller’s ‘Uncanny’ Feeling and the Phantom Listeners: Explaining the Traveller’s Uncanny Feeling in Walter De La Mare’s the Listeners in Terms of Freud’s ‘Uncanny’….Page.No-216-218
Suchismita Sarkar,[Full Text PDF]
28 Social Intelligence of Prospective Teachers in Relation to their Gender, Stream and Social Category….Page.No-219-227
Monika Gupta [Full Text PDF]
29 Effect of Core Training and Plyometric Training on Selected Performance Variables for Shooting and Dribbling among men Football….Page.No-228-236
Devika Prabhu [Full Text PDF]
30 A Study of Peak Flow Rate and BMI among Male Physical Education and Non-Physical Education Students….Page.No-237-240
Th. Nandalal Singh [Full Text PDF]
31 Analysis of Angular Kinematic Variables at Knee Joint of Volleyball Players in Serve….Page.No-241-246
Anita Pharswan [Full Text PDF]
32 Interrelationship between Leadership Behaviour and Team Cohesion with Performance in Basketball….Page.No-247-252
Sukhdev Singh, G.D. Ghai [Full Text PDF]
33 A Comparative Study of Physical Fitness between forward and Defender Football Players ….Page.No-253-257
Priyanka Singh [Full Text PDF]
34 Endurance training….Page.No-258-264

Pankaj Chaudhary [Full Text PDF]
35 Disciplinary Strategies in Physical Education….Page.No-265-268
Ashwani Bali [Full Text PDF]
36 Physiological Parameters of Female Players during Different Days of Menstrual Phase….Page.No- 269-273
Priti Verma [Full Text PDF]
37 “S.L.Peeran: His Poetry and Spiritual writings.”….Page.No-274-278
Mashrique Jahan [Full Text PDF]
38 Poetics of T.S. Eliot ….Page.No-279-285
Navdeep Sharma [Full Text PDF]
39 The World of County Derry: Metaphors in Seamus Heaney’s Human Chain….Page.No-286-294
Rajshree Trivedi [Full Text PDF]
40 Gender Hostility in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ And ‘Sense and Sensibility’- A Comparative Study….Page.No-295-297
Anukriti,[Full Text PDF]
41 E-Publishing: Impact on Libraries….Page.No- 298-302
Rajendra D. Kolhe [Full Text PDF]
42 Youth’s Attitude towards Declining Sex Ratio: A Case Study of Shirur Tahsil, District Pune, Maharashtra….Page.No- 303-310
Ratnaprabha S. Jadhav,[Full Text PDF]
43 Case Study of Business Process Reengineering as a Value Engineering….Page.No- 311-325
Shyam K Fardale [Full Text PDF]
44 Customer’s Perceptions towards Service Quality and Influence of their Referrals for a Reputed Catering Company in Chennai….Page.No- 326-334
V.Mahalakshmi [Full Text PDF]