Vol V / May 2015 Special Issue


Vol V / May 2015 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 31
Table of contents
Sr.No                         Name of The Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Immunological Assessment for Detection of Carcinogens in Liver….Page.No- 01-06
Petrit Gecaj, Qazim Lataj, Mirela Lika[Full Text PDF]
2 Prospect and Challenge of Bangladesh Frozen Food: A Way to Overcome….Page.No- 07-23
Syed Robayet Ferdous, Syed Delowar Hossain[Full Text PDF]
3 Study on Continuous Improvement to Support the Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) in Merchant Marine Polytechnic Semarang….Page.No- 24-41
Gatot Teguh R, Andy Wahyu H.[Full Text PDF]
4 Study of the larvicidal effect of Eupatorium cannabinum Linn (Family Asteraceae) leaf extract on Callosobruchus chinensis Linn (Family Bruchidae)….Page.No-42-50
Manisha Singh, Arti Saxena, Pankaj Kumar Neeraj[Full Text PDF]
5 Ecogenetic variations in pupation height in bipectinata species complex of genus- Drosophila….Page.No-51-57
Arun Kumar and Ajai kumar [Full Text PDF]
6 Socio-Economical Status of reservoir Fishermen in Tribal Area, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh….Page.No-58-64
N. Lalitha, Y .Dayakar[Full Text PDF]
7 Survey of Ethnomedicinal plants from Dhanagarwada (Chandoli),M.S. (India)….Page.No- 65-68
Kamble S.R., Deokar R.R , Mane S.R.[Full Text PDF]
8 A Novel Committee Model for Software Effort Estimation Based on Soft Computing Techniques….Page.No-69-76
Pawan Kumar[Full Text PDF]
9 To study The Apparel Retail Stores Atmospheric Cues: Impact on Consumer Buying Behavior ((An Exploratory Study of Apparel Stores in Uttar Pradesh State)….Page.No- 77-88
Arti Lata, Deepak Jain [Full Text PDF]
10 Entrepreneurship of Bamboo shoots among the tribes of Assam: Issues and Prospects….Page.No- 89-95
Kajen Basumatary, Asha Basumatary[Full Text PDF]
11 Getting Inside the Financial Loop….….Page.No- 96-98
Malini Sharma[Full Text PDF]
12 Study of Millennium Development Goals of Education in India from A Gender Perspective….Page.No-99-109
Vandana Saini[Full Text PDF]
13 Current Practices and Challenges of Instructional Supervision in Primary Schools.….Page.No- 110-120
Sushanta Kumar Roul[Full Text PDF]
14 Study of Adjustment Patterns of School Going Orphan Children in Relation to Anxiety….Page.No-121-128
Amandeep Chaulia [Full Text PDF]
15 A Study of Organizational Commitment of Teacher Educators in Relation To Their Perception of total Quality Management….Page.No-129-141
Asha. J. Patil, Noorjehan N. Ganihar[Full Text PDF]

16 Social Media Analysis (SNA) using Online Students Opinions on Academic Determination in Higher Education.….Page.No-142-154
Mamta Madan,Meenu Chopra[Full Text PDF]
17 Teacher Freezing Among Secondary School Teachers….Page.No-155-156
Indira Dhull, Poonam [Full Text PDF]
18 Various Approaches of Quality Education: A Conceptual Framework….Page.No- 157-164
Subhnakar Ghosh[Full Text PDF]
19 Peer Tutoring: Teoretical Foundation and Benefits….Page.No-165-185
Babita Dash, Sudarsan Baral, Sumati Jena[Full Text PDF]
20 Preparation of Teacher-Assisted Learning Package on Biodiversity Conservation for Secondary School Students….Page.No- 186-195
Anu. S [Full Text PDF]
21 Conflict in Career Decision Making among Adolescents: Gender Differences….Page.No- 196-201
Aneet Kumar, Rekha[Full Text PDF]
22 Mastery over Subject Matter and Pedagogical Knowledge of Teachers: Key Factors to Better Mathematics Learning….Page.No- 202-210
Sushil Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]
23 A Comparative Study of Pre-Competition Anxiety between Badminton and Tennis Players….Page.No-211-214
H.K. Yadav[Full Text PDF]

24 Local Colour in Srimanta Sankardeva’s Rukmini-Harana Kavya….Page.No- 215-219
Himakshi Kalita[Full Text PDF]
25 Gender Discrimination in Child Rearing Practices Adopted By Chhattisgarh Farm-Women….Page.No- 220-226
Jyoti Bhatt, Sandhya Verma, J. C. Ajawani[Full Text PDF]
26 Peasant’s Suicides in Punjab is a Scar on State and Civil Society….Page.No- 227-234
Kuldip Singh[Full Text PDF]
27 India’s National Interests in form of Security Concerns….Page.No-235-243
Kuldip Singh[Full Text PDF]
28 Islamic Ideology, Rise of Terror and State: A Perspective on Crisis in Middle East….Page.No-244-249
Iftekhar Ahmed Ansari[Full Text PDF]
29 Right To Information: An Aide of Justice ….Page.No-250-259
Jaspreet Kaur Majithia[Full Text PDF]
30 The Environment Friendly Right to Information….Page.No-260-269
Jaspreet Kaur Majithia[Full Text PDF]

31 Strategies and Techniques of Pressure Groups with special Reference to Bhartiya Kisan Union in Punjab….Page.No-270-282
Kuldip Singh [Full Text PDF]