Vol V / Issue IV / July-Aug 2015


Vol V / Issue IV / July-Aug 2015 / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 30
Table of contents
Sr.No           Name of The Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Effect of Royal Jelly on Epididymal Sperms Characters in Vasectomized Mice….Page.No- 01-12
Majeed H. Nawar, Saad S. Al-Dujaily, Sabah N. Alwachi, Mena W.Hatem[Full Text PDF]
2 Essential Oil Composition in Three Cultivars of Ocimum basilicum L. in Albania….Page.No- 13-17
Nefrus Çeliku, Nikoll Bardhi, Defrime Berisha, Qatip Doda, Gjoshe Stevkov, Vlash Lazri, Dilaman Nelaj[Full Text PDF]
3 Actualization of Character Education Grand Design In Learning Model of Pancasila and Civic Education to Improve Civic Skillin High Schools of Surakarta….Page.No- 18-27
Sutoyo, Anita Trisiana[Full Text PDF]
4 Minority Education and Integration, Democratic Value of the Albanian Society….Page.No-28-33
Spiridhulla Poçi [Full Text PDF]
5 Contemporary Education, Children Psychology and Literature….Page.No-34-36
Merita Gjokutaj-Shehu[Full Text PDF]
6 Legend of Salatiga City: Relevantion and Folklore in Ki Ageng Pandanaran’s Religious Trip
(Perspective, Historical, Social Cultural and Educational Value)….Page.No-37-44
Tri Widiarto, Herman J Waluyo, Sugiyanto, St.Y Slamet[Full Text PDF]
7 Minimal 5-Equitablility of C5nOK1….Page.No- 45-52
Manisha M. Acharya[Full Text PDF]
8 Picture Test for Career Inclination (PTCI): An Application of Rooted Tree….Page.No-53-59
Ganesh V. Joshi, Pramod D. Tohake[Full Text PDF]
9 Phytochemical Constituent and in Vitro Antioxidant Studies of Crude Extracts of Selected Medicinal Plants….Page.No- 60-66
N.S. Kadam, R.P. Mahashabde[Full Text PDF]
10 Finding Spam Zombies by Auditing out going Mails….Page.No- 67-74
R. Lokesh, R. China Appala Naidu [Full Text PDF]
11 Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity in Women in Urban Area of Raipur Chhattisgarh….Page.No- 75-80
Arpita Soni, Vasu Verma[Full Text PDF]
12 Shape Analysis of Administrative Areas in Punjab….Page.No-81-90
Harbans Singh[Full Text PDF]
13 Strategizing Corporate Social Responsibility – Concepts and Practices.….Page.No- 91-103
S. K. Nanda, IAS, [Full Text PDF]
14 Importance of Primary Education Infrastructure in India….Page.No-104-111
Anita Sanjay Hamand[Full Text PDF]
15 The Study and analysis of Organizations perspective of Dividend payment ….Page.No-112-119
Parag Saraf, Ranpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]

16 Role of Language in Economics Learning.….Page.No-120-129
Ritanjali Dash[Full Text PDF]
17 The Religious Research for Tribal Development with Multi-model Planning Structure Special Reference to Village Ratanpur, Tihu Town, District – Nalbari, State Assam (781371) India….Page.No-130-133
Kamal Talukdar[Full Text PDF]
18 A Study on Association Factors of BMI and Prevalence of Obesity in Punjabi University Patiala Research Scholars….Page.No- 134-137
Harish Chander[Full Text PDF]
19 Judicial Activism- Principles and Practice: (A Bird’s Eye View of Theory, Practice & Current Trends in Global/Indian Scenario)….Page.No-138-144
Krishnarao L Ukey[Full Text PDF]
20 Integrated Biometric Identification System and Quality Assurance in Higher Education System of India….Page.No- 145-150
Omji Gupta[Full Text PDF]
21 Research in Teacher Education: Issues and Priorities….Page.No- 151-153
Sumanta Kumar Panda[Full Text PDF]
22 Education for Transformation….Page.No- 154-156
Pragya Aggarwal[Full Text PDF]
23 Comparison between the Existing (Clinical) Norms and Developed Norms of Indian Retired Sportspersons….Page.No-157-161
Pawan Kumar and Dhananjow Shaw[Full Text PDF]

24 Modifications of Specific Physical fitness test for University Level Football players….Page.No- 162-166
Dalbir Singh Randhawa[Full Text PDF]
25 Emerging Forms of Governance in India: Issues and Challenges….Page.No- 167-176
Levinu Sakhrie,[Full Text PDF]
26 Social Conflict and Political Integration: An Overview….Page.No- 177-182
Shashikanta Mohapatra, [Full Text PDF]
27 Linguistic Distance, English language and International Trade….Page.No-183-189
Krishnaveer Abhishek Challa, Hari Venkatesh[Full Text PDF]
28 Employee Relationship Management: Key to Improve Efficiency of LIS Professionals….Page.No-190-198
Vishakha D. Chavan[Full Text PDF]
29 Pharmacogenomic and Pharmacovigilance in Clinical Practice….Page.No-199-201
Anand Shukla, Shambhavi Shukla, Madhu Shukla[Full Text PDF]
30 Recent Advances in Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidimiology….Page.No-202-204
Anand Shukla, Shambhavi Shukla, Madhu Shukla[Full Text PDF]