Vol V / July 2015 Special Issue

Vol V / July 2015 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598 / Impact Factor 3.113

Total Research Papers: 64

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Phytochemical Estimation of Some Active Molecules and Plant Insulin (Glucokinin) From the Bauhinia variegata Linn….Page.No- 01-13

Essam F. Al-Jumaily and SajaMatheel Fakhri [Full Text PDF]


In vivo study of polyphenol (3,5,– trihydroxy stilbene) and its Derivative on Serum Urea Concentration on alloxan diabetic rabbits….Page.No- 14-21

EssamF.Al-Jumaily, Jameelah K.T. Al-Isawi[Full Text PDF]


Sequential Liver Gss and sod1 Genes Expression Levels in Silymarin Treated Male Rats….Page.No- 22-29

Jabbar A.A.Al-Sa’aidi, Hussein J. Shoabith[Full Text PDF]


Infertility-related stress among women undergoing assisted reproductive technology in a predominantly Muslim population….Page.No-30-44

Fatlinda B. Tahiri, Elida Gjata, Daniela Kalaja, Marinela Sota[Full Text PDF]


The Frequency of Deformities of Kyphosis and Flat Feet in Preschool Children of Raska Region in respect to their Place of Residence….Page.No-45-56

Admira Koničanin, Danilo Aćimović, Omer Špirtović, Kimeta Hamidović[Full Text PDF]


Clinical Study and Histopathological Analysis of Malignant Eyelid Tumors in Albania….Page.No-57-60

Amarildo Belshi, Marsida Krasniqi[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis And Characterisation of Benzo(h)chromen-2-one3-methyl carboxylate using Potassium dihydrogen phosphate as an effective catalyst….Page.No- 61-64

Anna R. Anthony [Full Text PDF]


Correlation Analysis and Quality Assessment of Underground Drinking Water in Korba and Its Surrounding Industrial Areas….Page.No-65-78

Renu Nayar[Full Text PDF]                                                              


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Techniques for Management of Depression, Anxiety and Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review….Page.No- 79-92

Jyoti Srivastava, Hari Shankar Shukla, Sandhya Singh Kaushik, Mallika Tewari [Full Text PDF]

10 BRAVING POLIO – A Sociological Study of Polio Victims in Jaipur….Page.No- 93-101

Raagini Eshwar[Full Text PDF]


A New and Novel Related Substances Method Developed for Fenspiride which includes Validation and Degradation Study of Drug Profile….….Page.No- 102-112

Vitthal M Dhalape, Santosh T Khadangale, Neelakandan K[Full Text PDF]


A New and Novel Assaymethod Validation, Development and Degradation Study of Fenspiride HCI….Page.No-113-122

Vitthal M Dhalape, Santosh T Khadangale, Neelakandan K[Full Text PDF]

13 Assessment of water quality of Kalamb beach, Nallasopara .….Page.No- 123-127

Surekha M.Gupta[Full Text PDF]


Loktak Multipurpose Project and its Environmental Implications in Manipur….Page.No-128-139

M. Damudor Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Geographical Study of Sex Ratio in Shirur Taluka, Pune District, Maharashtra State….Page.No-140-147

Nilesh Ashok Kale, Aher A. B.[Full Text PDF]


A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Crop Diversification in Bankura District, West Bengal.….Page.No-148-155

Amborish Das[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Success Factors of Total Quality Management in Manufacturing VS Service Industry….Page.No-156-164

Anubhuti saxena [Full Text PDF]


Sustainable Development, Environmental Degradation and Poverty: Exploring the Linkages….Page.No- 165-177

Dinesh Das[Full Text PDF]


“A Study on Agrarian Problems With Reference to Tribal Cultivators in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra”….Page.No-178-183

Atul N. Barekar, Anil P. Dongre[Full Text PDF]

20 India’s Gilt-edged Market….Page.No- 184-188

Siddharth R. Kamble[Full Text PDF]


“A Study of Various ICT Services and Its Impact on Banks Performance and Customer Satisfaction”….Page.No- 189-192

Joshi Mugdha Mukund, Nille Nikita Suresh, Petare Purushottam Arvind[Full Text PDF]


Changes in Occupational Structure: A Study on Birnagar Municipality, Nadia, West Bengal, India….Page.No- 193-198

Balai Chandra Das and Bilash Halder[Full Text PDF]


Performance Appraisal System in the Selected Outsourcing Companies in Pune….Page.No-199-205

Abhay V. Patil[Full Text PDF]

24 Assessment of Lighting in an Institutional Canteen: A Case Study….Page.No- 206-211

Hemani Malhotra[Full Text PDF]


Awareness of Teachers in Special Schools and Parents on Schemes, Facilities and Concessions for Persons with Hearing Impairment….Page.No- 212-223

Priyanka srivastava, Varun kumar bhaskar [Full Text PDF]


Academic Achievement among Adolescents in Relation to Social Competency and Emotional Intelligence ….Page.No- 224-232

Parmvir singh, Jasdeep kaur[Full Text PDF]


Construction and Standardization of Teachers’ Perception Scale towards Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation….Page.No-233-240

Harpreet Kaur [Full Text PDF]

28 Research in Mathematics Education….Page.No-241-253

L. P. Lalduhawma and L.Thangmawia[Full Text PDF]


Job Satisfaction of Senior Secondary School Teachers in Relation to Organizational Climate ….Page.No-254-259

Ranjan Bala [Full Text PDF]


Empowerment among Students: A Gender Based Comparative Study….Page.No-260-265

Aneet Kumar [Full Text PDF]

31 Aspiration of Domestic Girl Child Laborer….Page.No-266-271

Aneet Kumar [Full Text PDF]


Development and Standardization of Creativity Scale in Mathematics….Page.No-272-277

Ruchi Manchanda [Full Text PDF]


To Study the Relationship of Intelligence of Adolescents with Different Dimension of Personality….Page.No-278-282

Meena Devi, Archna Loona[Full Text PDF]

34 Awareness of Right to Education Act among Secondary School Teachers….Page.No-283-288

Rajwinder Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Teacher’s Absenteeism and Strategy to insure their Presence….Page.No-289-294

Surabhi Mishra[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Senior Secondary School Urban and Rural Students In Relation to their Academic Achievements, Intelligence and Anxiety Level….Page.No-295-299

Surinder Singh[Full Text PDF]

37 Teacher: The Character Builder….Page.No-300-303

Shailaja B Sonawane, Madhulika A.Sonawane[Full Text PDF]

38 Occupational Self-Efficacy among Secondary School Teachers….Page.No-304-309

Indu Rathee [Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study on Aggression between Athletes and Non-Athletes of Male….Page.No-310-311

Sumanta Das[Full Text PDF]

40 Impact of Golden Ball Exercise in Chakra Alignment….Page.No-312-317

Indu Bora [Full Text PDF]

41 ‘Animal Farm’ : A Fable of Relevance in 21st Century….Page.No-318-322

Indu Bora[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Motives for Choosing Physical Education as a Profession among Students of Different Courses….Page.No-323-327

Mahesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Weight Training on Maximum and Relative Strength of Kabaddi Players….Page.No-328-332

Varender S. Patial[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Selected Physical Fitness Variables among Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Odissi Indian Classical Dancer ….Page.No-333-338

Tanuja S. Raut [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Conditioning on Selected Motor Fitness Components and Playing Ability of Soccer Players….Page.No-339-342

Quazi Bushra Ahmed [Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Health Status between Active and Non Active Girls Student of Panjab University Chandigarh….Page.No-343-347

Baljinder Singh [Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Anthropometric Variables of Various Playing Positions in Football ….Page.No-348-358

Gurupreet Singh[Full Text PDF]


Effects of Plyometrics Training Programme on Jumping Ability of Junior Men Basketball Players….Page.No-359-364

Amarpreet Singh, Navdeep Singh[Full Text PDF]

49 Research –in layman’s perspective….Page.No-365-387

Sindhu Shantha Nair,[Full Text PDF]

50 Role of Media in National Integration in India….Page.No-388-392

Sundeep Kumar Shrivas, Monika Gupta [Full Text PDF]


Indexing of Corporate Social Reporting

(In Selected Private Sector Enterprises of Manufacturing Industry)….Page.No-393-405

Shivani Verma, Anand Sarup Talwar, Jayender Verma[Full Text PDF]

52 Constructive Approach in Teaching Commerce….Page.No-406-410

Surbhi Aggarwal[Full Text PDF]


Comparison between Wilfred Owen’s and Siegfried Sassoon’s Poetry….Page.No-411-415

Harshita Rathee[Full Text PDF]

54 Representation of War in Wilfred Owen’s Poetry….Page.No-416-419

Harshita Rathee[Full Text PDF]


Developing Writing Skills in the Context of Teaching English as a Second Language for the Professional Course Students….Page.No-420-424

D.Indira Priyadarshini [Full Text PDF]


The Theme of Marriage and Migration in Sidhwa’s an American Brat….Page.No-425-430

Talluri Mathew Bhaskar[Full Text PDF]

57 Cross Section of Ethnic Culture in Lakshadweep: A Study….Page.No-431-434

Abdul Samad Parambadan[Full Text PDF]

58 Society and Status of Women: Historical Perspective….Page.No-435-440

Ajay Kumar Srivastava, Sony Srivastava, Ashutosh Kumar Pandey[Full Text PDF]

59 Purshartha in 21st Century….Page.No-441-448

Alka Mohan Kadam[Full Text PDF]


“Health & Development Programmes and Policies of Govt. for Women in India”….Page.No-449-460

Bina Rai[Full Text PDF]


Technology Enhances the Employability of the Visually Impaired Persons….Page.No-461-465

Manjulata Panda[Full Text PDF]

62 Non-possessiveness and Business Ethics….Page.No-466-474

B.R. Dugar[Full Text PDF]

63 Legal Framework to Combat Corruption in India….Page.No-475-500

Archana Priyadarshini [Full Text PDF]


“Integrated Effect of Sulphur Nutrition and Mulching on the Response of Rain Fed Green Gram (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek)” ….Page.No-501-506

Umakant Sharma and Triyugi Nath [Full Text PDF]