Vol V / Sept 2015 Special Issue


Vol V / Sept 2015 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598 

Total Research Papers: 44

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Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Long Term Outcome of Patients Admitted to a Chest Pain Unit in an Internal Medicine Department: Significant Reduction of Mortality and of Acute Coronary Events….Page.No- 01-12

Shadi Hamoud, Riad Mahamid, Sobhi Abbadi, Waseem Shehadeh, Doron Aronson, Tony Hayek, Jonathan Lessick[Full Text PDF]


Study the role of Obesity and Pancreatic insufficiency as factors of type 2 diabetes….Page.No- 13-26

Edrees M. Ameen, Hassan Y. Muhammad[Full Text PDF]


Geochemical Interpretation of Albanian Crude Oils Based On the Engler Distillation Data….Page.No- 27-39

Irakli Prifti, Augent Xhaferaj and Ervin Minga[Full Text PDF]


The Development of Thematic Integrative Character-Education Based Children Poetry-Writing Textbook….Page.No-40-46

Retno Winarni, St. Y. Slamet[Full Text PDF]


Seroprevalence of Dengue Viral Infection in Patients Attending to a Tertiary Care Hospital in Western Maharashtra and Usefulness of NS1antigen Detection in Diagnosis….Page.No-47-51

Jayawant A.C, Chate S.S[Full Text PDF]


Analysis of Microbial Quality and Sensory characteristics of Probiotic drink powder containing Whey protein and Piper betle (Betel leaves) extract ….Page.No-52-59

Tasneem Yusuf Navagharwala1, Veena Yardi2, Madhura Ghayal[Full Text PDF]


Dynamics of Fish Production in Fresh Water Bodies – A Study in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh….Page.No- 60-68

Krishna Prasad, K.S, Narasimha Ramulu, K and G. Benarjee[Full Text PDF]


“Role of Home Science and Electronics in Sustaining the Community Health”….Page.No-69-71

Vandana Dubey, P. K. Dubey[Full Text PDF]                                                              


Computational Approaches to Competency Mapping: A review of literature….Page.No- 72-84

Sushri Samita Rout, Bijan Bihari Misra, Sasmita Samanta[Full Text PDF]


Bottleneck Analysis of Implementation of Safe Childbirth Checklist in Alwar district of Rajasthan….Page.No- 85-97

Aastha Srivastava, Akhil Agrawal, Tukaram Khandade[Full Text PDF]

11 Psychological wellbeing in Students of Kota District….….Page.No- 98-111

Aastha Srivastava, Tukaram Khandade, Akhil Agrawal[Full Text PDF]


Introducing Interface between Law and Aesthetics: Contributions of Nicholas K. Roerich to International Law through Roerich Pact….Page.No-112-126

K Parameswaran[Full Text PDF]


The Canons and Contours of Rule of Law and Due Process- (Overview of the Origin, Evolution, Theory and Practice and the Present Indian and Global Scenario).….Page.No- 127-138

Krishnarao L Ukey[Full Text PDF]


Stress Management Policies adopted by the IT Companies- An overview….Page.No-139-148

Ipseeta Satpathy, Bonita Mitra[Full Text PDF]


A Sneak Peek in to Financial Literacy and Investment: A Case Study of Working Women in Nagaland….Page.No-149-157

Tapashi Dasgupta[Full Text PDF]


Choice Based Credit System under Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan in Himachal Pradesh: A SWOT Analysis.….Page.No-158-162

Pyare Lal, Vinod Negi, Karan Gupta, Narender Singh Chauhan[Full Text PDF]


Consumer Attitude towards Packaged Drinking Water with Special Reference to Coimbatore District….Page.No-163-167

T.Snekalatha, K.Priya[Full Text PDF]


Factors Influencing the Reproductive Health of Adolescent Mothers: A study of Slums in Delhi….Page.No- 168-185

Gagandeep Kaur[Full Text PDF]


The Road Determining the Tragedy through the Novel- Cormac Mccarthy….Page.No-186-189

Shefali Naranje[Full Text PDF]


Impact and Utilization of Transport System on Institutional Deliveries in Delhi….Page.No- 190-203

Suresh Sharma, Shruti Pandey[Full Text PDF]

21 Illiteracy and Financial Problems of Muslim Women in India….Page.No- 204-209

S. H. Pathan[Full Text PDF]

22 Special Economic Zones in Maharashtra: A Critical Analysis….Page.No- 210-217

Monika Verma, [Full Text PDF]


An Analytical Study of Customer Service of SBI -With Special Reference to SBI Branch of Mysuru….Page.No-218-231

Prakasha.N[Full Text PDF]

24 “Gender Equality Still A Dream in India”….Page.No- 232-241

Bina Rai[Full Text PDF]

25 Challenges of Constitution Making: a case study of Nepal….Page.No- 242-250

Kalpana S. Agrahari[Full Text PDF]

26 Need of Strategic Planning For Development of Tourism in India….Page.No- 251-256

Nisha R. Deodhar, Ravindra H. Deodhar[Full Text PDF]


Game Theory and Its Application to John Osborne’s ‘Look Back In Anger’….Page.No-257-268

Ravindra D. Hajare [Full Text PDF]


Feminist Views in Simone De Beauvoir’s ‘The Second Sex’: A Critical Analysis….Page.No-269-275

Harshita Rathee [Full Text PDF]

29 A Study on an Autistic Children from three Cities of Gujarat State ….Page.No-276-286

Manisha J Parmar[Full Text PDF]


An Empirical Study to Analyze the Effectiveness of the Physical Education or Games Classes to Promote Physical Activity in the Girls’ School of West Bengal….Page.No-287-292

Mou Rani Das[Full Text PDF]


Academic Achievement of Socially Disadvantaged Secondary School Students in Relation to Achievement Motivation….Page.No-293-299

Sanjeev Kumar, Sunita Sagar[Full Text PDF]

32 Lesson Planning : A Boon Or A Curse….Page.No-300-304

Vini Sebastian[Full Text PDF]

33 Technology for Students with Learning Disabilities in Classrooms….Page.No-305-312

Asha Kaushik[Full Text PDF]

34 Stress of Prospective Teachers in Different Stream….Page.No-313-317

Ganesh Datt, Ramesh Chandra Singh[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Selected Psychomotor Component and Intelligence In Relation to Different Age Group….Page.No-318-323

Dubey Binayak Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Physical Fitness among Government, Semi Government and Public School Children….Page.No-324-329

Adeel Ahmad[Full Text PDF]


Human Development Index and achievement in Summer Olympics : A Critical Analysis….Page.No-330-333

Farhana Khatoon[Full Text PDF]

38 Levels of Obesity in Female: An Indian Context ….Page.No-334-337

Mamta Bajaj[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Mental Toughness, Aggression and Self Confidence among Male and Female Judo Player….Page.No-338-342

Deepak Bangari, Bindiya Rawat[Full Text PDF]


Relationship between Selected Physiological Variables and Performance of Taekwondo Players….Page.No-343-346

Kavita Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Six Months Specialized Sports Awareness and Training Programme on Sports Performance….Page.No-347-350

Kavita Sharma[Full Text PDF]


The Effect of Six Weeks of Brisk Walking on Respiratory Rate of Sedentary College Students….Page.No-351-357

Krishna Kant[Full Text PDF]


Pranayama Practice: Its effect on Haematological Variables of Male and Female Inter University Players….Page.No-358-363

Priti Verma [Full Text PDF]


Cardio-Vascular Profile of School going children with the application of Yogic Asanas and Breathing Techniques….Page.No-364-370

Priti Verma [Full Text PDF]


Vol V / Issue V / Sept-Oct 2015


Vol V / Issue V / Sept-Oct 2015 / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 62
Table of contents
Sr.No                         Name of The Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Botswana Ostrich Industry and Its Commercial Development….Page.No- 01-10
John Cassius Morêki, Boitumelo Kgakole and Freddy Manyeula[Full Text PDF]
2 Study Some of Potato Cultivars, Regarding to the Leafy Surface, Root and Stem (Solanum tuberosum L.)….Page.No- 11-15
Defrime Berisha, Nikollaq Bardhi, Bakir Kelmendi, Valmire Havolli , Bujar Neziraj[Full Text PDF]
3 Applications E – Business : Innovation Model of Small Medium Enterprises Development Batik Tulis in East Java to Face Global Market….Page.No- 16-29
Rahayu, Yahya, M. Nadjib Usman[Full Text PDF]
4 Financial Resource Management Practices by Provosts of Colleges of Agriculture in South-South and South-East Geopolitical Zones of Nigeria….Page.No-30-38
E. A. Onu Nje, M. Agbor, F. M. Onu and Yakubu Sunday[Full Text PDF]
5 Investigation of the radioactive elements Dispersion west of Bam (South-East Iran)….Page.No-39-46
Mohammad Gol Kahrazeh[Full Text PDF]
6 On two theorems of Katre-Rao-Sheth….Page.No-47-52
Selby Jose, BhatoaJoginder Singh[Full Text PDF]
7 “Studies on the effect of chloroform extract of Ocimum basilicum (Family Lamiaceae) on the III and V instar larvae of silkmoth Bombyx mori (Family Bombycidae)”….Page.No- 53-60
Vinay Kumar Singh and Arti Saxena[Full Text PDF]
8 Comparative Insilicoanalysis of Drug Likeness Score, Bioavailability, Molecular Docking Score and Toxicity Prediction of Anti-Malarial Drug and Its Derivatives….Page.No-61-69
Vijay Laxmi Saxena, Abheek Chaudhuri[Full Text PDF]
9 QSAR Analysis and Toxicity Prediction of Anti-Malarial Drug and Its Derivatives….Page.No- 70-82
Vijay Laxmi Saxena, Abheek Chaudhuri[Full Text PDF]
10 Poly (vinyl toluene) and Poly (arsenic acrylate) based interpenetrating Polymer Network : Synthesis and Characterization….Page.No- 83-96
Meet Kamal, Shweta Chand[Full Text PDF]
11 Lifestyle Disorder Management in Women….Page.No- 97-108
Sujata Yerra[Full Text PDF]
12 Adjunctive Orthodontic and Its Vital Role in Aesthetic Restorations: A Review….Page.No-109-115
Siddharth Sonwane, Shweta R. K, Heeralal, R G KShet[Full Text PDF]
13 Neuro Developmental Outcome at 6 Months in a Cohort of Term Asphyxiated Newborns with Low APGAR Scores.….Page.No- 116-123
Kanwaljeet Kaur Chopra, Jyoti bagla, J P Soni, B.D Gupta[Full Text PDF]
14 Hyderabadi Cuisine – The Flavour of Deccan….Page.No-124-132
Potukuchi Thryambakam[Full Text PDF]
15 Wetland and Tourism – A Case Study of Pulicat Lake, Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh….Page.No-133-141
Potukuchi Thryambakam[Full Text PDF]

16 Challenges in Finance and Accounting Outsourcing of Indian Manufacturing Industries –An Overview.….Page.No-142-146
B.C.M.Patnaik, Ipseeta Satpathy, Chandrabhanu Das[Full Text PDF]
17 Financial Analysis of Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank….Page.No-147-151
Arun H. Gaikwad [Full Text PDF]
18 Consumer buying Behavior and Attitude towards Organic Food Products: A Study of Jalgaon District….Page.No- 152-159
Pavitra D. Patil[Full Text PDF]
19 XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) – The Tool of Corporate Web Reporting : An Upcoming Concept….Page.No-160-166
Amit Kumar Jain[Full Text PDF]
20 Training Needs an Analysis….Page.No- 167-173
Sushama Rajeev Hasabnis[Full Text PDF]
21 “Origin, Problems and future of Urban Co-operative Banks”….Page.No- 174-181
B. D. Patil[Full Text PDF]
22 Clarion Call to the Youth to Bring About Communal Harmony….Page.No- 182-185
S K Nanda [Full Text PDF]
23 District-Wise Disparities in Human Development in Maharashtra State….Page.No-186-192
Umendra B. Sangolkar[Full Text PDF]

24 Achievement in Mathematics of Scheduled Caste in Relation to Creativity in Mathematics….Page.No- 193-200
Parmvir Singh[Full Text PDF]
25 Frustration As Co-Related to Family Relationship….Page.No- 201-226
Anjali Arora Soni, Jasdeep Kaur[Full Text PDF]
26 Skill Streaming to Teach Students Desirable Prosocial Skills….Page.No- 227-234
A Kamalaveni [Full Text PDF]
27 How Can Emotional Intelligence Make Teacher’s Life Better? ….Page.No-235-244
Ashish Mishra[Full Text PDF]
28 Study of Employee Perception towards Performance Appraisal System with Special Reference to Education Sector in Pune City….Page.No-245-252
Sunanda Navale[Full Text PDF]
29 Investigation of Relation between Learning Styles, Self-Actualisation….Page.No-253-260
P.Senthamizh Pavai, Alma Juliet Pamela[Full Text PDF]
30 Construction and Standardization of Teachers’ Awareness Questionnaire towards Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation ….Page.No-261-274
Sandeep Sawhney, Harpreet Kaur [Full Text PDF]
31 View of Community People about the Implementation of Environmental Education Programme in Himachal Pradesh: An Evaluative Study….Page.No-275-287
Surekha Devi [Full Text PDF]
32 A Study of Academic Achievement of +2 Students in Relation to their Intelligence, Emotional Maturity and Self-Concept….Page.No-288-296
Surinder Singh[Full Text PDF]
33 To Study the Relationship between Teaching Competency, Extroversion and Introversion of Secondary School Teachers….Page.No-297-300
Suresh Kaushal, Usha Devi[Full Text PDF]
34 To Study the Relationship between Teaching Competency and Anxiety of Secondary School Teachers….Page.No-301-303
Suresh Kaushal, Usha Devi[Full Text PDF]
35 Active learning and Project based Learning in Chemistry….Page.No-304-307
B. Saritha, VSV Laxmiramana and P. Annapurna[Full Text PDF]
36 Active Learning Strategies and Role of the Teacher….Page.No-308-317
Kananbala Nayak, Sudarsan Baral[Full Text PDF]
37 Scientific Attitude of Under Graduate Students in Relation to Gender and Stream of Study….Page.No-318-325
Smrutirekha Nayak[Full Text PDF]
38 “A study on Academic Achievement of Juvenile Delinquents in relation to Self concept and their variables”….Page.No-326-336
Hoovinbhavi B.L, Prakash[Full Text PDF]
39 “A Study on Academic Achievement of Juvenile Delinquents in Relation to Adjustment and their Variables”….Page.No-337-347
Hoovinbhavi B.L, Prakash[Full Text PDF]
40 Contribution of Divergent Thinking in Creativity by Solving Mathematical Problems….Page.No-348-353
S. Muthulakshmi[Full Text PDF]
41 “Sustainable Leadership for Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Developing Nation”….Page.No-354-360
Harshanand P.Khobragade[Full Text PDF]
42 A Study of Attitude of High and Higher Secondary School Teachers of District Baramulla….Page.No-361-367
Wazeer Mohamad Shah, Geeta Rani Sharma[Full Text PDF]
43 A Comprehensive Study on the Awareness and Interest among Higher Secondary Students about Games and Sports in District Kulgam Jammu & Kashmir ….Page.No-368-376
Unis Ahmad Wani, Showkat Hussain[Full Text PDF]
44 Level of Aspiration and Sports Performance of Athletes of University of Delhi….Page.No-377-380
Kavita Sharma[Full Text PDF]
45 An Overview of Professional Perception of Kendriya Vidalaya Physical Education Teacher towards their Profession….Page.No-381-384
Dhananjay Singh[Full Text PDF]
46 Comparative Study over Selected Physical and Physiological Variables among Tribal and Non Tribal Soccer Players ….Page.No-385-389
Biren Mahato, Krishnendu Dhar[Full Text PDF]
47 Risk Taking Behaviour of Adolescent Students – A Comparative Study….Page.No-390-396
Ajaz Ahmad Peer, Geeta Rani Sharma[Full Text PDF]
48 A Study and Comparison of the Effect of Team Sports and Individual Sports on Depression among Graduate Level Tribal Students….Page.No-397-405
Mou Rani Das[Full Text PDF]
49 A Study of Sports Facilities Available at Higher Secondary School Level of District Anantnag at Kashmir Valley….Page.No-406-444
Nisar Ahmad Parry, Showkat Hussain[Full Text PDF]
50 Personal and Social Adjustment of Potential Delinquents and Non-Delinquents of District – Baramulla….Page.No-445-453
Ghulam Mohammad wani, Geeta Rani Sharma[Full Text PDF]
51 Comparative Study of Motor Fitness Components between Handball and Basketball Players….Page.No-454-457
Sharmila Dogra[Full Text PDF]
52 Effect of Six Months Surya Namaskar and Selected Asanas on Body Composition Variables of Under Graduate Female Students of Jangalmahal….Page.No-458-464
Binod Chowdhary, Badshah Ghosh[Full Text PDF]
53 A Comparative Study of Agility among Football and Hand Ball Players of Kashmir University….Page.No-465-478
Showkat Hussain, Aamir Suhail Bhat[Full Text PDF]
54 Indian Science in the face of the challenge of the Western World….Page.No-479-484
Hemali Sanghavi[Full Text PDF]
55 Causes of War: Historical Construct and Its Future in Indian Sub-Continent….Page.No-485-491
Rajeev Bargoti[Full Text PDF]
56 Redefining Sovereignty in the Age of Globalisation….Page.No-492-498
Maneesha Tripathi[Full Text PDF]
57 An analytical Study of Amitabh Bachchan’s Stardom on Social Media….Page.No-499-508
Rajesh Lehakpure[Full Text PDF]
58 How to search for meaning within the limitations of life?….Page.No-509-513
Sindhu Shantha Nair[Full Text PDF]
59 Life Skills – skills to be taught or acquired….Page.No-514-523
Sindhu Shantha Nair [Full Text PDF]
60 Evaluating the Problems Faced in Communicative Competence by Second Level Students – With Specific Reference to Indian Context….Page.No-524-528
V.S.Shinu Asmy, P.Nagaraj[Full Text PDF]
61 Mãdhyamika Philosophy of Nãgãrjuna….Page.No-529-535
Mithlesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]
62 “Multi-hazard Approach for Multi-storied Buildings: A case study of Ahmedabad city”….Page.No-536-545
Nilesh Jha, R. K. Gajjar[Full Text PDF]