Vol V / Nov 2015 Special Issue


Vol V / Nov 2015 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598 

Total Research Papers: 50

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Lung function assessment in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis sequelae in Rwanda, East Africa….Page.No- 01-07

Musafiri S, Dusabejambo V, Munganyinka B.C, Manzi O, Kalisa L, Rutayisire P.C[Full Text PDF]


The Effect of Some Earthworm Casts Species Collected in Algeria on the Plant Growth….Page.No- 08-15

K. Bazri, G. Ouahrani[Full Text PDF]

3 Climate Monitoring and Evaluation in “Onufri” Museum….Page.No- 16-25

Etleva Bushati[Full Text PDF]


Preservation of Archaeological Heritage, One of the Present Greatest Challenges to the Future….Page.No-26-31

Entela DACI[Full Text PDF]

5 The Adriatic Coastal Lagoons Seen in the Context of Climate Change….Page.No-32-37

Mirela Tase[Full Text PDF]


Enhancing adoption of S &T Based Integrated Crop Management (ICM) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for Banana Production in Cagayan Valley….Page.No-38-50

Biley E. Temanel, Florenda B. Temanel and Jocelyn E. Eusebio[Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of the curriculum of the Wood Industry Department in view of the Wood Processing Engineers who perform this activity….Page.No- 51-60

Ramadan Topuzi, Arben bejtja, Leonidha Peri[Full Text PDF]

8 How to Overcome Math and Speaking Anxiety in Math English Course….Page.No-61-73

Ahmad, Wanda Nugroho Yanuarto[Full Text PDF]                                                              


Breakthrough in Teaching Compliment for Speaking Class Focusing on Students’ Engagement….Page.No- 74-82

Aulia Nisa Khusnia,S.S, M.A [Full Text PDF]


Albanian Students’ Performance in Program for International Student Assessment : A Case Study….Page.No- 83-89

Mema Besara[Full Text PDF]


Assessment on Challenges Teachers Faced in Managing Learners with Selected Behavior Disorders in Primary Schools in Thika Sub-County, Kiambu County, Kenya….….Page.No- 90-104

Gathua Joseph, Jessica Muthee, Margaret Murugami, Tesfu Tekle[Full Text PDF]


Effects of Learning Model on Improving the Students’ Short Story Appreciation Ability Seen From the Achievement Motivation

(Experimental Study in Senior High Schools in Surakarta, Indonesia)….Page.No-105-113

Edy Ngatmanto, Herman J. Waluyo, Retno Winarni, Nugraheni Eko Wardani[Full Text PDF]


Community Participation in Decision-Making as an Opportunity to Reinforce Democracy : The case of natural resources management in Albania.….Page.No- 114-123

Zoica Zharkalli (Kokaveshi)[Full Text PDF]


Larval Energy Loss and Gain Balance Sheet of Antheraea mylitta D. Living in the Host Plant Terminalia alata inautumn ….Page.No-124-134

Amulya Kumar Dash [Full Text PDF]

15 Survey and study of water birds in Hygam and Wular-Wetlands of Jammu and Kashmir (India)….Page.No-135-144

Shabnam Gulzar, Ravi Kant[Full Text PDF]


Diversity or Dragonflies in District Baramulla and Bandipora of Kashmir Valley- Jammu and Kashmir.….Page.No-145-153

Butool Maqbool, Ravi kant[Full Text PDF]


Diversity of Dragonflies (Anisoptera) in District Baramulla and Bandipora of Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Kashmir….Page.No-154-161

Butool Maqbool, Ravi Kant[Full Text PDF]


Impact of habitat variability on morphoproductive characters of Hypericum perforatum L.….Page.No- 162-165

Nighat Salam, Rvi Kant[Full Text PDF]


Fungal Diversity in Fruits and their Impact on Human Health and Businessman with Reference to Losses ….Page.No-166-172

Archana Junghare, P. N .Nasare, Mousmi Bhowl[Full Text PDF]


Palynological features of some species of Indian Rhododendrons….Page.No- 173-182

Vishal Kaushik[Full Text PDF]

21 Study of EEG in Autism….Page.No- 183-186

Prafullata S Bhakare, Aruna Vinchurkar[Full Text PDF]


The role of Banking and Financial Services industry in economic recovery….Page.No- 187-193

Parmvir Singh[Full Text PDF]


Construction and Standardization of Self -Empowerment Scale for Women….Page.No-194-197

Peerzada Mudassir Ahmad, Geeta Rani Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Occupational Risks Associated With Female Storekeepers in Retail Garment Shops….Page.No- 198-204

Roopa Rao [Full Text PDF]


Effect of 8 Weeks Plyometric Training on the Sports Performance of the Male Jumpers….Page.No- 205-209

RajinderNath, Pradeep Kumar[Full Text PDF]

26 Effect of 21 Days Aerobics Training on Stress Level in Common Life among Female Undergraduate Students of University of Delhi….Page.No- 210-212Kavita Sharma [Full Text PDF]

“Comparative Study of Stress Level among Professional students of various departments of Kashmir University and Mewar University (Rajasthan)”….Page.No-213-219

Showkat Hussain, Sheikh Ishfaq, Sabzar Ahmad[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Plyometric Exercises on Vertical Jump of Physical Education Students….Page.No-220-224

Rupinder Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Self-Confidence of the All India Intervarsity, National and State Level Long Distance Runner Comparative Study….Page.No-225-229

Mohammad Muqarrram[Full Text PDF]


Relationship between Selected Physiological Variables and the Performance of Hockey Players….Page.No-230-233

Devender Singh Jaggi, Pradeep Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Effect of 21 Days Aerobics Training on Physical Self Concept among Female Undergraduate Students of University of Delhi….Page.No-234-236

Kavita Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Plyometric Training on Explosive Strength Outputs among Collegiate Boys….Page.No-237-240

Kulbeer Singh[Full Text PDF]


Effect of 8 Weeks Plyometric Training on Selected Motor Abilities of the Male Jumpers….Page.No-241-246

RajinderNath, Pradeep Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Selected Physiological Variables (Cardio-Respiratory Fitness, Vo2 Max) Of U-21 Volleyball and Basketball Players of Bhiwani….Page.No-247-253

Neeraj Sheoran[Full Text PDF]


M.Ed. Students Attitude towards Research in Relation to Stream ….Page.No-254-258

Gurmit Singh[Full Text PDF]


Family Environment as Correlate of Socio Economic Status of Prospective Teachers….Page.No-259-268

Amandeep Chaulia[Full Text PDF]

37 Prospective Teachers as Creative Problem Solver….Page.No-269-274

Pernita Kumari Gurdel[Full Text PDF]

38 Use of ICT in Class Room ….Page.No-275-278

Parmvir Singh[Full Text PDF]


Mental health of secondary school students in relation to school climate….Page.No-279-283

Amrita Sahney[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Adjustment of Adolescents Belonging to Joint and Nuclear Families….Page.No-284-289

Pushkrit Gupta [Full Text PDF]


Effect of Mastery Learning Strategies (MLS) on Pupil Achievement in Mathematics….Page.No-290-299

Shuchi Goyal, Pragya Aggarwal[Full Text PDF]


Guidance Needs and Mental Health of Adolescents: A Correlational Study….Page.No-300-303

Jasraj Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Need of Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation in Education ….Page.No-304-308

P. K. Pandia[Full Text PDF]

44 Modern Approaches in Classroom Teaching….Page.No-309-312

Nand Kishor[Full Text PDF]


Does Coercive Diplomacy Work Against Developing/Developed Nuclear Weapons States?   A Case Study Analysis of the Effectiveness of Coercive Diplomacy against Developing/Developed Nuclear WeaponsStates….Page.No-313-326

Niyaz Barzani, ,Barzan Salih Mustafa[Full Text PDF]


Challenges and Problems for Women Journalists in News Media with Reference to Raipur city….Page.No-327-337

Avinash Kumar Parate[Full Text PDF]

47 Fighting Corruption in India with the Institution of Lokpal….Page.No-338-346

Kuldip Singh[Full Text PDF]


“Role of Regional Political Parties in Creating Co-operative Federalism in India in an Era of Coalition Politics”….Page.No-347-355

Kuldip Singh[Full Text PDF]


The Role of Depressed Communities in the Services of Ranganatha Temple of Srirangapatna….Page.No-356-359

Rashmi.R.N[Full Text PDF]


“Social Responsibility”– A Charity with A Hook or an Attitude of Giving….Page.No-360-364

Sindhu Shantha Nair[Full Text PDF]