Volume-VI, Jan 2016 Special Issue


Vol VI / Jan 2016 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 42

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GERD Symptom Relief under PPI Treatment Smoking, Alcohol and Physical Activity Impact in Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: Some Evidence in Albania….Page.No- 01-09

Ilir Bibolli, Jonida Uku, Bledar Kraja, Indrit Këlliçi, Marsela Sina, Redi Çapi[Full Text PDF]

2 Game Theory in Inventory Management….Page.No- 10-14

Lector. Brunela Trebicka, Lector. Altin Gjini,[Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Children with Visual Problems and Challenges that Hinder Them from Being Identified in Selected Primary Schools, Central Kenya….Page.No- 15-22

Mwangi Sarah, Joel Chomba, Margaret Murugami, Kinyua Peter[Full Text PDF]


Model Development of Teenage Group Counseling Based on Comprehensive Intelligence to Increase Student Character (Research and Development at Guidance and Counseling Program, Teacher Training and Education Faculty in Solo Area, 2014/2015 Academic Year)….Page.No-23-27

Hera Heru Sri Suryanti[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Selected Physical Fitness Variables between Konso New York and Gardula Male Football Clubs….Page.No-28-34

Gebrhana Gebino, Asim Khan and Samsun Wondirad[Full Text PDF]

6 Ecological Study of Shambavi Estuary, Karnataka….Page.No-35-40

N.C. Tharavathy[Full Text PDF]

7 A Study of Fungal Bioaerosols in Library Environment….Page.No- 41-47

Jayaa S. Pawaar, Umesh B. Kakde[Full Text PDF]


Electrophoretic studies of isoenzymes of Glutamate dehydrogenase (EC (GDH) in Arthocnemum indicum Moq….Page.No-48-53

Abdul Qaiyum M.I. Ansari[Full Text PDF]                                                              


Human Population and Environment: Effects of Population Growth, Climate Changes and Poverty Relationship….Page.No- 54-60

Pratibha. P. Jadhav, A. C. Ranveer[Full Text PDF]


Avian Diversity in and around Krishna Lake, Mangalwedha, Dist. Solapur, Maharashtra, India….Page.No- 61-66

D. S. Manmadkarand P. S. Salunkhe[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Progesterone on the Cervix of Albino Rat (Wistar strain): Histological Aspect….Page.No- 67-70

Suvarna Rawal [Full Text PDF]


Histological Studies of Progesterone Treated Vagina of Albino Rat (Wistar strain)….Page.No-71-74

Suvarna Rawal[Full Text PDF]


Avifaunal diversity of Mohabala lake near Bhadrawati, District – Chandrapur (MS), India.….Page.No- 75-83

Mahajan, V. S., Harney, N.V.[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Progesterone upon the Mammary Glands of Albino Rat (Wistar strain): Histological Aspect….Page.No-84-87

Suvarna Rawal [Full Text PDF]


Growth hormone replacement in Paediatric Insured population covered under ESI….Page.No-88-92

Anita Arora, Kanwaljeet Kaur Chopra[Full Text PDF]


Psychological wellbeing of students of Medical an Engineering Coaching Classes of Kota district.….Page.No-93-104

Aastha Srivastava,[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Yoga on Autonomic Nerous System on Middle Aged Men….Page.No-105-112

Kadu P .P[Full Text PDF]


Personality Patterns and Clinical Syndromes among Incarcerated Sex Offenders….Page.No- 113-127

Shraddha Kulkarni, G.S. Venumadhava[Full Text PDF]


Developing a Model to Correlate Employability of Engineering Graduate with Employ ability Skill Sets in Campus Placement for it Sector….Page.No-128-138

Vijay N. Kalbande, Chandrahas. C. Handa[Full Text PDF]


Growth and Financial Inclusion: An approach towards Sustainability ….Page.No- 139-143

Ganesh Tannu,[Full Text PDF]


Review and Contribution of Some of the Researcher towards Financial Inclusion ….Page.No- 144-148

Mahesh Abale, Pradnya.P.Meshram[Full Text PDF]


A study of relationship between competency and attitude of senior secondary school teachers towards teaching Profession….Page.No- 149-153

Poonam, Urmila Malikand Sunita[Full Text PDF]


“A Study of the Effect of Mental Health on the Teaching Effectiveness of B.Ed. Student-Teachers” ….Page.No-154-166

S.M. Gawande[Full Text PDF]


Environmental Education as an Academic Discipline- Ways and Means….Page.No- 167-169

Pragya Aggarwal[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Academic Achievement in English in Relation to Study Habits of High School Students….Page.No- 170-173

Urmila Malik, Sunita and Parveen[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Soft Skills on Critical Thinking and Self Confidence of Pre-Service Teacher Trainees ….Page.No- 174-184

Manminder Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Study of Modernization among College Students in relation to Locale….Page.No-185-188

Harpinder Kaur[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Achievement in English of High School Students….Page.No-189-193

Urmila Malik, Sunita and Parveen[Full Text PDF]

29 Study of Level of Scientific Attitude among Adolescents….Page.No-194-197

Gurpreet Kaur Parpagga[Full Text PDF]


AttitudeTowards Homework: A Comparative Studyof Highand Low Achievers….Page.No-198-202

Indu Rathee,[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Academic Management of Colleges of Education and Its Dimensions….Page.No-203-213

Khamarjahan Devadurga, V. V. Malagi [Full Text PDF]

32 Language Acquisition and Personality Grooming….Page.No-214-216

Bindu Bedi[Full Text PDF]


Social Maturity among Team and Individual Game Players in Relation to their Residential Background….Page.No-217-223

Harish Chander[Full Text PDF]


The Study of Effect of Sand Training on Jump Abilities of University Level Volleyball Players….Page.No-224-228

Nishan Singh, Nishan Singh Deol[Full Text PDF]


Comparative study of Energy Intake and Expenditure of Judokas and Long Distance Runners ….Page.No-229-234

Satish Kumar[Full Text PDF]


A Study of an Individual and Team Players of College Level with Their Persuade of Qualities and Self Perception on Performance….Page.No-235-239

Lakhwinder Singh[Full Text PDF]


Karnad’s use of Curse as an Unseen Character in Yayati, Hayavadana and Naga-Mandala….Page.No-240-243

Mrunal Bhatt[Full Text PDF]


Virmati: an Epitome of Struggling Woman in Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters….Page.No-244-246

Savita Kale[Full Text PDF]


Manju Kapur’s Custody: A Tale of Exasperation in Self attainment….Page.No-247-250

Savita Kale[Full Text PDF]

40 Judicial Activism in India….Page.No-251-258

Prativa Panda,[Full Text PDF]

41 A historical study about Ancient Punjab ….Page.No-259-270

Anuradha[Full Text PDF]


Theatre All The Way: Mulgi Jhali Ho ( A Girl Is Born) and Street Theatre….Page.No-271-278

Hemangi Bhagwat[Full Text PDF]


Vol VI / Issue I / Jan-Feb2016


Vol VI / Issue I / Jan-Feb2016 / ISSN 2249-9598
Total Research Papers: 61
Table of contents

Sr.No             Name of The Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Effect of Drip Irrigation Rate (DIR) on Grape Yield and Quality of Table-Grapevine Cultivar “Italia”….Page.No- 01-07
Elisabeta Susaj, Lush Susaj, Majlinda Belegu[Full Text PDF]
2 Exploring Some Regional Maize Hybrids under Agro-Ecological Conditions of Kosovo….Page.No- 08-12
Bakir Kelmendi, Defrime Berisha, Ismajl Cacaj[Full Text PDF]
3 The Impact of Climate Change on the Erosion Process in the Albanian Hydrographic River Network….Page.No- 13-20
Niko Pano, Alfred Frasheri, Bardhyl Avdyli, Bashkim Lushaj[Full Text PDF]
4 Chemical Protection of Potato Late Blight and Resistance of Varieties Toward Pathogen….Page.No-21-28
Ismajl Cacaj, Bakir Kelmendi, Nexhdet Shala, Defrime Berisha, Burim Rexhaj and Bekri Xhemali[Full Text PDF]
5 Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Safety of Fruit Juices Served in Bahir Dar City, Northwest Ethiopia….Page.No-29-35
Mekonen Tekliye, Tadele Andargie[Full Text PDF]
6 Uterine Implantations and Litter Size Alteration in Anti-inhibin and eCG-hCG Treated Virgin Pregnant Female Rats….Page.No-36-46
Jabbar A.A. Alsaadi, Baraa N. Al-Okaily, Hatim A.J. Al-Shwilly[Full Text PDF]
7 Legitimacy of Custom Leader: Study on Selamatan Suro inSamin Society….Page.No- 47-53
Sukisno[Full Text PDF]
8 Collaborating ‘Wayang’ and Traditional Game for Early Childhood Character Education….Page.No-54-63
Siti Supeni, Lydia Ersta Kusumaningtyas[Full Text PDF]
9 Altitudinal and Seasonal Effects on the Growth of Fifth Instar Larva of Antheraea mylitta Drury (Satrurniidae) Feeding on Different Food Plants….Page.No- 64-69
Amulya Kumar Dash, Laxmikanta Jena, Rajkumar Jena and Bhaskara Behera[Full Text PDF]
10 Diversity and distribution of spiders (Arachnids: Aranae) from Chandrapur District, Maharashtra, India….Page.No- 70-78
Arvind P. Sawane[Full Text PDF]
11 Study of Efficacy of Various Bio-Pesticides in Reducing the Pest Populations on Okra in Winter Season at Rewa (M.P.) India….Page.No- 79-87
Arti Saxena[Full Text PDF]
12 Phenotypic deviation (Colour variation) among scorpion species and species Hotanta tamulus from Malakoli region Nanded district (Maharashtra)….Page.No-88-90
Rathod G. B, D.V. Jamkar[Full Text PDF]
13 Vitiligo: NB UVB Treatment advantage .….Page.No- 91-94
A.B.Lad, U.R.Kathale[Full Text PDF]
14 Numerical analysis of marine litter at Chennai Marina beach, Tamilnadu….Page.No-95-98
D. Ruby [Full Text PDF]
15 “Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Land Use/Land Cover Change Detection of Niphad Tahsil in Nashik District”….Page.No-99-109
Sunil D. Thakare, Jyotiram. C. More[Full Text PDF]

16 Assessing the Activity of Daily Living of Elderly in Haryana – A Case Study of Rohtak District.….Page.No-110-115
Lubna Siddiqui[Full Text PDF]
17 Awareness and Practices in Hospital Waste Management….Page.No-116-124
Priti Thakkar [Full Text PDF]
18 Study of Employment Laws and its impact on Employee Satisfaction….Page.No- 125-133
Ankita Aggarwal[Full Text PDF]
19 Microfinance helps in the upliftment of the Economically Weaker Section (EWS)….Page.No-134-144
Revati P. Balutkar, C. M. Joshi[Full Text PDF]
20 Working Women in India: A Study of Select Aspects ….Page.No- 145-152
Sugandha Verma[Full Text PDF]
21 Comparative study of self Confidence of State level Volley ball players….Page.No- 153-155
Akhter Murtaza, Avantika Shirbhayye[Full Text PDF]
22 Response of Relaxation Techniques in Different Modes on Selected Physiological Variables for Female Students….Page.No- 156-166
P. Mangayarkarasi Arun[Full Text PDF]
23 Proper Training and Evaluation system of Maharashtra KridaPrabodhini….Page.No-167-170
Digraskar Pravin Prakashrao[Full Text PDF]

24 “Muscle Soreness: Causes & Prevention”….Page.No- 171-179
Pankaj Chaudhary [Full Text PDF]
25 Comparative study of Pre competitive anxiety of state level Volley ball players….Page.No- 180-182
Akhter Murtaza, Avantika Shirbhayye[Full Text PDF]
26 Physical health status of Primary School Teachers ….Page.No- 183-186
Tanuja S. Raut[Full Text PDF]
27 Achievement Goals and Belief about Success in Female Sprinters: a co-relational Study….Page.No-187-193
Priti Verma[Full Text PDF]
28 A Comparative Study of Self-Confidence between Sportsman and Nonsportsman ….Page.No-194-199
Tarakh Sudarshan Shrikrishan[Full Text PDF]
29 Effect of Core Training on Selected Physical Fitness Components….Page.No-200-203
Akhter Murtaza, Gomchale M S[Full Text PDF]
30 A Psychological Study of Aggression & Adjustment among Sportsman….Page.No-204-210
Tarakh Sudarshan Shrikrishan[Full Text PDF]
31 Comparison of Adjustment of School Teachers of Below 35 Years of Age with the Teachers of 35 Years of Age or Above….Page.No-211-217
Suraj Sharma [Full Text PDF]
32 Education Is A Right Not A Privilege- Don’t Let Education Pay for Crisis….Page.No-218-220
Pragya Aggarwal[Full Text PDF]
33 Awareness of Inclusive Education among Secondary School Teachers….Page.No-221-227
Rajwinder kaur[Full Text PDF]
34 Role of NPEGEL programme in improving girls education in Dehradun District ….Page.No-228-236
Pushpa Bhatt[Full Text PDF]
35 Learning in English Grammar among Secondary School Students in Relation to Learning Styles….Page.No-237-246
Naresh Kumar[Full Text PDF]
36 A Comparative Study of Secondary School Schedule Caste and General Category Girl Students’ Neuroticism in Relation to their Academic Achievement….Page.No-247-252
Nagendra Kumar[Full Text PDF]
37 Legal Awareness among Women against Sexual Harassment at Workplace….Page.No-253-256
Pragya Aggarwal[Full Text PDF]
38 National Character Building : Need of the Hour….Page.No-257-260
Jyotpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]
39 A Study of Educational Programmes for Scheduled Caste Students Implemented By Government….Page.No-261-269
Surendran Illathu Padikkal[Full Text PDF]
40 A critical analysis of studies on Sustainable Development….Page.No-270-289
Jubilee Padmanabhan[Full Text PDF]
41 Coping Styles among Teacher Trainees in Relation to Spiritual Intelligence….Page.No-290-302
Gurpreet Kaur Parpagga[Full Text PDF]
42 Educational Administration in India in the Twenty-first Century….Page.No-303-309
Jyotpreet Kaur, Jaspreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]
43 To Study Role of Other Life Skills in Improving Employability Skills among Pupil Teachers….Page.No-310-315
Amandeep Kaur[Full Text PDF]
44 Effect of Concept Mapping Strategy on Achievement in Chemistry among IX Grader Boys….Page.No-316-323
Jaya Chawla[Full Text PDF]
45 A Study of Academic Achievement in Science in Relation to Study Habits of Secondary School Students….Page.No-324-331
Naveen Devarbhavi[Full Text PDF]
46 Education for the World Peace-Need of the Hour….Page.No-332-337
Jyotpreet kaur[Full Text PDF]
47 An Investigation of the Impact of Parental Involvement on Primary School Students Achievement at Grade 7 Certificate Level in Monze District, Zambia….Page.No-338-348
Dorababu Tadepalli[Full Text PDF]
48 Sympathy for the Common Man:-Analysis of the poem Elegy written in a Country Churchyard by Thomas Gray….Page.No-349-356
Mohammed Khasim PK[Full Text PDF]
49 Intertexuality and Self-Reflexivity: A Study of George Bowering’s Burning Water….Page.No-357-361
Shivaji Digambar Bagal[Full Text PDF]
50 Designing of a Hypothesis ….Page.No-362-365
Shirish Limaye [Full Text PDF]
51 Socio-Economic Health Status of Elderly in Kerala….Page.No-366-373
Mukesh K[Full Text PDF]
52 Effects of Victimization….Page.No-374-379
Sajan G. Patil [Full Text PDF]
53 A Comparative Study of Depression and Anxiety of the Mothers of Disabled Children and Ways of Their Cognitive Emotion Regulation….Page.No-380-385
Debleena kumar[Full Text PDF]
54 Terrorism and Human Rights ….Page.No-386-393
Shriji Seth [Full Text PDF]
55 Islamic Education and Moral Education of Islam in the modern times….Page.No-394-398
Ismail Hussain[Full Text PDF]
56 Painless Life……The Way to Wellbeing….Page.No-399-402
B.M. alias Santosh Thakare[Full Text PDF]
57 Socio-cultural Determinants of Human Immune Virus among the Bridge Population: a case of unorganized Zari workers in Slums in Mumbai, Maharashtra….Page.No-403-410
Pravin S. Khandagale[Full Text PDF]
58 Zenith of Peasant Movement – Growth of Organisations and Agitations in Karnataka: 1980-1990….Page.No-411-417
H.M.Sunilkumar[Full Text PDF]
59 General Overview of the Transboundary Waters of Rivers, Lakes, Groundwater and Trend of them, in Albania….Page.No-418-446
Bashkim LUSHAJ, Fatos HOXHAJ, Miriam NDINI, Agim SELENICA, Arben PAMBUKU, Ira DAFA, Albana HASIMI, Klodian ZAIMI, Metodi MARKU, Elvin ÇOMO, Entela VAKO, Spahi ISUFAJ, Bledar MYRTAJ
[Full Text PDF]
60 Comparison between the Trends of Sports Injuries of Male and Female….Page.No-447-459
Rekha Sharma, Meera Sood[Full Text PDF]
61 A Demographical Study on the Distribution of Sports Injuries in Male….Page.No-460-467
Rekha Sharma, Meera Sood[Full Text PDF]