Vol VI / Issue II / Mar-Apr2016


Vol VI / Issue II/ Mar-Apr2016 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 43

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Induction with Propofol Lowers Emergent Agitation in Pediatric Patient Undergoing Strabismus Surgery….Page.No- 01-05

Agolli.L, Hoxha.M   [Full Text PDF]


Update on Antibiotic Activity on Bacterial Strains Isolated from Urine Samples at Butare University Teaching Hospital (Buth) Laboratory in Rwanda….Page.No- 06-16

Claude Bayingana, Egide Kayitare, Jérémie Nteziyaremye, AugustinSendegeya, Jules Ndoli,Albert Busumbigabo[Full Text PDF]


A Contribution to the Knowledge of the Plant Bugs (Miriidae) in the Habitats of Elbasani Region….Page.No- 17-24

Halimi Eltjon, Paparisto Anila[Full Text PDF]

4 Development of Walnuts in Abandoned Fields….Page.No-25-33

Nazmi Ajazi, Vath Tabaku, Kristo Qendro[Full Text PDF]


A Brain Computer Interface for Audio-Visual Entertainment in Emotional Regulation: Preliminary Evidence of its Effects….Page.No-34-46

Olimpia Pino,Francesco La Ragione[Full Text PDF]

6 Balkan Countries: the Path to Nominal (Economic) Convergence….Page.No-47-61

Merita (Boka) Toska, Godiva Rembeci[Full Text PDF]


Developing Learning Multimedia of Flood Disaster to Improve Students’ Spatial Ability in Disaster Mitigation….Page.No- 62-71

Setya Nugraha, Chatarina Muryani, Taufik Lilo AS, H. Soegiyanto[Full Text PDF]


“Fungicidal Effect of Various Extracts of Chlorophytum borivilianum (Sant. F.) on Different Aspergillus Species”….Page.No-72-80

Kure S. R., Tungenwar A. G., Ekambe P. S. and Surwase B. S.[Full Text PDF]  


Evaluation of Volatile Composition of Wine Grapes (Pre-Fermentative Aroma) Grown Under Indian Condition by HS-GC-MS….Page.No- 81-90
Narayan W. Kamble, Kaushik Banerjee[Full Text PDF]                                                    


Prevalence and Antimicrobial Resistance of Methicillin   Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in Cow Milk from Gangtok, East Sikkim….Page.No- 91-102

Aditi Rai, Hare Krishna Tiwari[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Progesterone Treatment on The Ovary of Albino Rat ( Wistar strain). Histo-Clinical Approach ….Page.No- 103-108

Suvarna Rawal [Full Text PDF]


Protozoan Diversity in Gawrala and Vinjasan Lake of Bhadrawati, District Chandrapur (M.S.), India….Page.No-109-112

N. M. Luharia, Harney, N.V.[Full Text PDF]


“Phytoplaktonic Diversity of Sangmeshwar Medium Project Ieet,   Dist. Osmanabad (M.S.)” India.….Page.No- 113-115

Khaire, B. S [Full Text PDF]


Pattern of Landholding Structure in Morigaon District of Assam: A case study of selected villages….Page.No-116-122

Chakradhar Deka[Full Text PDF]


Growth and Structure of Agriculture Implements in Satara District: A Geographical Study….Page.No-123-131

Barakade A. J[Full Text PDF]


Ecotourism –a strategy for conservation (with special reference to Uttarakhand).….Page.No-132-141

Jasmeet Kaur, M.C.Pande[Full Text PDF]


Spatio Temporal Study of Agricultural Productivity in Pune District….Page.No-142-145

Sudhir Tambe[Full Text PDF]

18 A Study on Vulnerabilities and Collateral in Cyber Physical System….Page.No- 146-155

Pradosh Chandra Patnaik, M V Ramana Murthy, S B Kishor[Full Text PDF]


Behavioural Influences on the Performance of Self Help Groups : A study in Rangareddy District of Andhra Pradesh….Page.No-156-167

M.Madhavi, N.Thirupalu[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Member’s Satisfaction Level with Special Reference to Milk Producers Co-Operative Society, Salem….Page.No- 168-171

T.R. Ganesan, C. Gayathri[Full Text PDF]

21 An overview of consumer rights in India ….Page.No- 172-175

Saguan Dogra [Full Text PDF]

22 Inclusion and Right to Education Act-2009(RtE Act-2009)….Page.No- 176-182

G. R. Angadi[Full Text PDF]


A Scale to Measure Student Teachers Satisfaction about Academic Management of Colleges of Education….Page.No-183-188

Khamarjahan Devadurga, V. V. Malagi[Full Text PDF]

24 Skype : An Innovative Pedagogical Approach….Page.No- 189-191

Jyotpreet Kaur, Jaspreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Enhancement of Quality Education and Vocations in Rural India ….Page.No- 192-196

P.S.Sreedevi[Full Text PDF]

26 Development in Teaching and Learning through EDUSAT….Page.No- 197-202

Neena Sidhu[Full Text PDF]


Adjustment Level of Adolescents in Relation to their Achievement Motivation….Page.No-203-208

Amrita Sahney[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Creativity among Students of Senior Secondary Schools….Page.No-209-212

Urmila Malik, Sunita and Tanuja[Full Text PDF]


A Comparison of Contemporary Dimensions of Education with that of the Dimensions of Man-making Education of Swami Vivekananda….Page.No-213-218

Usha   Mahadeorao Khadse, Sheojee Singh [Full Text PDF]


Study of Guidance Needs of Girls at Senior Secondary Level….Page.No-219-226

Shafeeqa bano[Full Text PDF]

31 Organizational Climate as a Determinant of Job Satisfaction….Page.No-227-231

Monika Kapoor, Jaya Chawla[Full Text PDF]


Teaching Aptitude and Adjustment of Senior Secondary School Teachers: A Correlational Study….Page.No-232-236

Mahipal, Balveer Singh[Full Text PDF]


Study of Cultural Values and Social Maturity among adolescents….Page.No-237-241

Jyotpreet Kaur, Jaspreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Values, Interests and Occupational Attitude of Male and Female Students of Higher Secondary Levels….Page.No-242-248

Shubhra Ojha[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Eight weeks of training Schedule on selected skills of Football among beginners Footballers for 2015….Page.No-249-253

Baljeet Singh[Full Text PDF]

36 Life style Changes of Indian Families & Its Impact on Health….Page.No-254-258

Mukesh G Patel[Full Text PDF]

37 The Effect of Individuality of Athletes on their Performance….Page.No-259-262

Lakhwinder Singh[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Short Term Training Programme on Agility Flexibility & Core Strength of Karate-Do Females….Page.No-263-267

Priti Verma[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Cloistered Gyms in Upkeep of Fitness Standards: A Case Study of Pune City….Page.No-268-272

Ravindra Baliram Khandare, Mangesh. B. Palwe[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Leg Explosive Strength with Speed of Volleyball Girls….Page.No-273-276

Neeraj Sheoran[Full Text PDF]


Rising above Her Search for Equality: A Critical Review of the Protagonists in Shashi Deshpande’s Selected Novels….Page.No-277-281

Mansoor Ahmed Yahya Alahdal, D.R. Mane[Full Text PDF]


Gender Discrimination in Kashmir Valley “A Case Study of District Bandipora”….Page.No-282-288

Quratulain, Sofiya Hassan Mir[Full Text PDF]


Inner peace: A Role in Indian Ethics with reference to Jainism and Buddhism….Page.No-289-297

Bandita Das[Full Text PDF]