Volume-VI, Issue-V, Sept-Oct 2016

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Volume-VI, Issue-V, Sept-Oct 2016 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 32                                                                                

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Name of The Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Bromination of Diazahomoadamantane with liqiude bromine and Synthesis of New it,s Derivatives….Page.No- 01-10

Ansam. F .Noamane,  Noor .N.Saeed[Full Text PDF]


The Development of Textbook for Study of Writing PoetryBasedCharacter in Contextual Learning….Page.No- 11-22

Slamet, St.Ya, Winarni, Retno, Ismail, S.M[Full Text PDF]


Batik Write Design Development in East Java Based on Local Wisdom and Information Technology to Increase Competitiveness in the Global Market….Page.No- 23-33

Rahayu,S E., Yahya, M.M., Krisnadhi Hariyanto, S T., Wijaya Putra Surabaya[Full Text PDF]


Postcolonial and Artistic Appraisal of Social Relationships, Discriminations and Significance in Traditional African Thought….Page.No-34-46

Samson Shu Njimuwe[Full Text PDF]

5 Development of Inter-Island Shipping As a Bridge in Indonesian archipelago….Page.No-47-61

Effendi Wahyono, Yuda B. Tangkilisan, Djoko Marihandono[Full Text PDF]


The Representation of the Eastern Nation in the Novels byPramoedya Ananta Toer….Page.No-62-77

Sariban, Iib Marzuqi[Full Text PDF]


“Impact of Neck Pain on Daily Living Activities of Housewives in Community”….Page.No- 78-89

Ashish W. Bele, Nivedita C. Singh[Full Text PDF]


The comparative study of the Laplace Transform and New Integral Transform Elzaki Transform….Page.No-90-93

Kharde Uttam Dattu[Full Text PDF]


Seasonal Fluctuations of Zooplankton Population Correlated With Some Physico-Chemical Factors  in  Sangmeshwar Project of  Maharashtra, India….Page.No- 94-100

Khaire, B. S.[Full Text PDF]

10 Cooperative Learning and Peer Group Relations….Page.No- 101-109  

Indira Dhull, Mona Malhotra[Full Text PDF]

11 Prejudice and Discrimination: Barriers of Social Cohesion….Page.No- 110-115

Sheena Sabharwal, Taruna Malhotra,[Full Text PDF]

12 Rudiments of Essay Writing….Page.No-116-126

Tanuja Waghmare[Full Text PDF]


Effectiveness of Polya’s Heuristic Approach to Problem Solving In Acquisition of Mathematical Concepts among Secondary School Students .….Page.No- 127-135

Satinder Dhillon,[Full Text PDF]


Opinion of the Prospective Teachers and In-Service Teachers towards Teacher Eligibility Test….Page.No-136-154

Santosh Kumar Patra, Bandita Pattanaik[Full Text PDF]

15 Achievement Test….Page.No-155-166

Anjali Arora Soni, Jasdeep Kaur [Full Text PDF]


Early, Normal and Late Maturing Boys of Punjab School Boys Aged 12 To 15 Years.….Page.No-167-172

Ved Parkash Sharma [Full Text PDF]


Effects of Aerobic Exercises on Physiological Variables of College Students….Page.No-173-175

Pooja Danu, Jeetender Kumar Thakur[Full Text PDF]

18 “Study of low iron content in body and causes of Anemia”….Page.No- 176-188

Raj Kumar[Full Text PDF]

19 Issues of Heath in Ageing Population in India….Page.No-189-193

Ravindra M. Kadu[Full Text PDF]


Analysis of Anthropometric measurements of football players in relation to positional play….Page.No- 194-197

Pooja Danu, Jitendra Kumar Thakur[Full Text PDF]

21 Effects of Yogic Exercises on Stress….Page.No- 198-202

Sabzar Ahmad, Jeetender Kumar Thakur [Full Text PDF]


The Psychology of Home Advantage in Sports: Mystery yet to be Decoded….Page.No- 203-209

Mukul Pant[Full Text PDF]


A Case Study of Professional Career and Contributions to Indian Hockey of Arjun A Awardee Madhu Yadav….Page.No-210-214

Nidhi Rai, Vijay Francis Peter[Full Text PDF]


Effects of Yogic Exercises on Hypertension among Working Ladies in School Education Department….Page.No- 215-217

Sabzar Ahmad, Jeetender Kumar Thakur[Full Text PDF]

25 Rate the Ratings….Page.No- 218-223

Kaluvoya Anitha[Full Text PDF]


Knowledge begets Power and Power begets tragic flaw: Power and Knowledge in Shakespeare  ….Page.No- 224-227

Meenakshi Sharma    [Full Text PDF]


Status of Fisher Folk in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu – Pre and Post Tsunami Scenario….Page.No-228-234

D.Fatima baby,[Full Text PDF]


The Empirical Assessment of Organisational Culture in State Bank of India….Page.No-235-241

Sugandha Verma[Full Text PDF]

29 Islamic Socio-Ethics for a Just Society: An overview….Page.No-242-246

Nazim Qayoom Rather, Daniel M[Full Text PDF]


Monotheism in Islam with reference to Tawhid, Shirk and Kufr….Page.No-247-253

Zaheer Ali Khan Sharvani[Full Text PDF]

31 Community Crowd Funding- A Mean to Social Welfare….Page.No-254-258

Iftekhar Ahmed [Full Text PDF]

32 Child Labour: A Symptom of Disease….Page.No-259-264

Kumud Jain[Full Text PDF]