Vol VI / Sept 2016 Special Issue

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Vol VI / Sept 2016 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 20

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Recognition, Dedication and Management of the Protected Areas, as and Understanding and Enhancing of the Ecotourism are Great Opportunities Given through Education, a Request of Time in Albania ….Page.No- 01-26

Bashkim LUSHAJ, Vera MALSIA-LUSHAJ, Arnisa LUSHAJ, Arvjen LUSHAJ[Full Text PDF]


Effects of Fruitlets Thinning on Yield and Crop Load of the “Jonagored” Apple Cultivar….Page.No- 27-34

Gjokë DUHANAJ, Lush SUSAJ, Elisabeta SUSAJ[Full Text PDF]


Bioclimatic principles in design for built environment of “Lura” touristic village, a contribution towards sustainable development of Lalzi Bay, Durres County, Albania….Page.No- 35-56

Bashkim Mal LUSHAJ, Vera MALSIA-LUSHAJ, Fatos HOXHAJ, Arnisa LUSHAJ, Arvjen LUSHAJ[Full Text PDF]


“Specifics in Defining the Objectives of the Lessons of Natural Sciences Subject (Primary Education- AMU)”….Page.No-57-64

Lavdi Hasani[Full Text PDF]


Partial Fistulectomy, Primary Closure and Ksharasutra Application in the Management of Bhagandara- A Three Dimensional Approach in Single Case….Page.No-65-69

Durgesh Nandini, Tukaram S. Dudhamal[Full Text PDF]


Ecological Studies of the Bhandham Cheruvu with reference to its Physico–chemical Parameters….Page.No-70-81

Pavan.M, Gowri.P and Benarjee. G[Full Text PDF]

7 Changing Dimensions of H.R.D. in Globalized Era….Page.No- 82-89

T.S. Tomar [Full Text PDF]


Credit and Non-Credit Cooperatives – A Stimulant for Earning Activities in Rural Areas….Page.No-90-100

Saroj Kumari Sharma [Full Text PDF]                                                            

9 Financial Crisis in Himachal Road Transport Corporation….Page.No-101-109

Des Raj [Full Text PDF]                                                                                              


Water Management in India :Towards evolving a relevant approach….Page.No- 110-114

Richa Prasad Ranade   [Full Text PDF]


Educational Values in the Light of the Philosophy of Aristotle and Plato and their Relevance in Contemporary Times….Page.No- 115-120

Puja Ahuja[Full Text PDF]


Will To Win Between Jumpers and Throwers in Relation to their Physical Fitness….Page.No-121-124

Atinder Bikramjeet Singh Mal, Amarpreet Singh[Full Text PDF]

13 Sports Competition Anxiety Level among the Selected Ballgame Players:A Comparative Study.….Page.No- 125-129

Chamkaur singh, Amarpreet singh[Full Text PDF]


Library User Study of Medical, Dental and Ayurvedic College of Rajasthan….Page.No-130-134

Rajpal Singh Rajpurohit[Full Text PDF]


The similarities in the early literary works of European, American, and Indian feminist writers….Page.No-135-144

Asha Kaushik[Full Text PDF]

16 A study at the digital gadget addiction of youth in south India….Page.No-145-152

Sandeep TK,[Full Text PDF]

17 Do We Require Adult Literacy? ….Page.No-153-164

Thoudam Sumon Singh[Full Text PDF]


Common Spices used in North Indian Kitchens and Their Medicinal Importance….Page.No-165-175

Sanjive kumar, Manish K Srivastav[Full Text PDF]

19 E-commerce : Types and Benefits….Page.No-176-178

Ashok D.Adhav [Full Text PDF]

20 Management: – Functions and Importance….Page.No-179-181

Ashok D. Adhav[Full Text PDF]