Vol VI / Nov2016 Albania Conference Special Issue (1)

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Vol VI / Nov 2016 Special Issue (1) / ISSN 2249-9598
Special Issue:1st International Scientific Conference on Professional Sciences, 25-26 November 2016, Durres, Albania
Organized and Hosted by Aleksander Moisiu University

In Collaboration with: 1. Polis University, Tirana, Albania 2. Univeristy Ismail Qemali, Vlora, Albania
Total Research Papers: 34
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                                        Name of The Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Pulmonary Rehabilitation among Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Patients at Pulmonary Hospital Tirana ….Page.No-01-07

Ledi Neçaj, Ervin Marku, Zamir Damani [Full Text PDF]

2 Use of Misoprostol to Terminate Midtremester Pregnancy….Page.No-08-16

Saimir Cenameri, Genci Hyska, Anisa Lapi [Full Text PDF]

3 Quality of Life in Patients with Coxarthrosis After Artroplastikes….Page.No-17-21

Irena Kola; Sandër Kola; Erinda Kola; Luljeta Stanaj [Full Text PDF]


The Treatment of Fusiarium Keratitis, A Case Report Of A 32 Years Old Man….Page.No-22-26

Ardeida Xhamuca[Full Text PDF]


Measurement of 5α-Reductase Activity Using Testosteron Total/Dehydrotestosteron Ratio….Page.No-27-32

Emirvina Koliçi, Niketa Koliçi, Rajmonda Kolpepaj [Full Text PDF]                                                                


The Prevalence of Cleft Lip and Palate Abnormalies, in Motherteresa Hospital….Page.No-33-36

Andis Qendro [Full Text PDF]


The Prevalence of Temporal-Mandibular Injury in the Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery Department of Qsut….Page.No-37-40

Jakup Vrioni, M.Sako, Renato Isufi, Ramazan Isufi[Full Text PDF]


The Effects of Manual Therapy in Three Clinical Cases with Low Back Pain Combined with Lumbar Disc Herniation ….Page.No-41-49

Selda Veizaj; Enkeleda Sinaj, Aida Lako [Full Text PDF]


Does the Patients Undergoing Cataract Surgery under Local Anesthesia Need Medical Testing before Operations?….Page.No-50-55

Lindita Agolli, Arber Gjermeni [Full Text PDF]


How can traditional methods of treatment affect the results of the distal radius fractures? ….Page.No-56-61

Neritan Myderrizi [Full Text PDF]


A Case Report of Maxillary Carcinoma with Infiltrate Orbital Floor….Page.No-62-65

Orion Mucaj, Elton Mance, Marsida Krasniqi[Full Text PDF]


Socio-demographic aspects of distribution of some infectious diseases with particular importance for Public Health of Durres….Page.No-66-70

Brela Xhaferraj, Mite Okshtuni, Ledina Tepshi, Sabri Hoxha, Irida Kecaj [Full Text PDF]


Seismically Induced Delayed-Landslide in Synej-Bagoje (Albania), March 2009….Page.No-71-78

Dushi Edmond, Koçi Rrexhep, Begu Enkela, Dushi Irena [Full Text PDF]


Estimation of Standby Power Consumption for Typical Office Appliances….Page.No-79-84

Marijon Pano, Blerina Çeliku [Full Text PDF]

15 Dynamics of Celestial Bodies….Page.No-85-91

Azem Hysa, Marsida Klemo, Idriz Xhomara [Full Text PDF]


Devising A Methodology for the Economic Value Assessment of Forests in Albania….Page.No-92-101

Flora Krasniqi, Elona Karafili[Full Text PDF]


Preliminary Data on Biogas Production from Waste Sludge of Wastewater Treatment Plant of Durrës….Page.No-102-106

Stela Sefa, Tania Floqi, Joli Liço[Full Text PDF]


Application of High Strength Steel Dowels in Steel –To- Timber Double Shear  Joints with A Central Steel Plate….PAGE.NO-107-117

L Islamaj [Full Text PDF]


The Determination of Mercury (Hg) in the Soils Collected in the Bay of Vlora….Page.No-118-124

Astrit Denaj, Dritan Spahiu, Flora Qarri[Full Text PDF]

20 Economic Concepts on Mineral Resources and Mining Planning….Page.No-125-132

Skënder Lipo, Arben Bakiu[Full Text PDF]

21 Typological Analysis of the Bektashi Tekke in Albania….Page.No-133-144

Joana Dhiamandi, SaimirKristo[Full Text PDF]

22 Urban Catalyst as the Tool for Public Space Transformation….Page.No-145-155

Saimir Kristo, Joana Dhiamandi[Full Text PDF]


The Adaptation of the Traditional Cities to Contemporary UseInterventions in Historical Areas: The Case Study of Gjirokastra….Page.No-156-169

Llazar Kumaraku, Dorina Papa, Etleva Dobjani[Full Text PDF]

24 Seafarer Labour Market and Professional Training Albanian Case….Page.No-170-179

Osman Metalla, Eli Vyshka[Full Text PDF]


Foreign Direct Investments as a Growth Factor for Stimulation of Economic Development and Albanian Position towards Balkan Region’s FDI….Page.No-180-190

Godiva Rembeci [Full Text PDF]


Sustainable Tourism as A Smart Alternative to Boost Economic Development in Shkodra Region….Page.No-191-204

Godiva Rembeci, Elizabeta Susaj[Full Text PDF]

27 Financial assistance of EU in Albania….Page.No-205-211

Halit Xhafa,  Rejsi Kotollaku[Full Text PDF]


Logistics as A Factor for Integration of the Durres Port in Multimodal Transport Network….Page.No-212-222

Eli Vyshka, Osman Metalla[Full Text PDF]

29 The Influence of Road Infrastructure in Road Safety ….Page.No-223-231

Luiza Lluri[Full Text PDF]

30 Road Safety Problems in Tiranë-Vorë-Durrës Axis….Page.No-232-243

Drakuli Lumi, Ilir Lumi[Full Text PDF]


The Management of Cultural Heritage in Albania: Towards A European Model?….Page.No-244-249

Ols Lafe[Full Text PDF]


The Investigation of Technical Conditions for Structural Damages in Several Public School Buildings in Tirana….Page.No-250-257

Merita Guri, Diana Lluka[Full Text PDF]


Anatomical variations of the circle of Willis and subarachnoid hemorrhage correlation….Page.No-258-264

Edlira Harizi (Shemsi), Arben Rroji, Elton Cekaj[Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Histopathological and Clinical Diagnosis of Chalazion in Albania….Page.No-265-269

Marsida Krasniqi, Enver Roshi, Aurora Pecaku, Teona Bushati, Katerina Tangu, Ardeida Xhamuca, Irida Hoxha (Ikonomi) [Full Text PDF]