Vol VI / Nov 2016 Special Issue (2)

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Vol VI / Nov 2016 Special Issue (2) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 20

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Name of The Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Principal’s Management and Leadership in Superior Schools….Page.No-01-12

Sugeng Utomo[Full Text PDF]


Developing PlayWriting Technique Textbook Based on Character Education in Contextual Learning….Page.No-13-20

Retno Winarni, Karsono, Muh. Ismal S[Full Text PDF]


Applications of Industrially important Cold Active Enzymes: a Mini Review….Page.No-21-33

Aditi Rai,Arindam Bhattacharjee[Full Text PDF]


Women Education in the Princely State of Cooch Behar with special reference to Maharani Sunity Devi….Page.No-34-40

Anil Kumar Sarkar[Full Text PDF]

5 Progress of Higher Education in India….Page.No-41-52

Gaurav Sachar, Vandana Aggarwal[Full Text PDF]                                                                

6 Self – Instructional Materials (SIMs) : Design and Development….Page.No-53-57

Anita Singh[Full Text PDF]

7 Test Construction and Evaluation of Student’s Achievement ….Page.No-58-61

B.T. Lahane[Full Text PDF]

8 Dimensions of Culture in Something Barely Remembered ….Page.No-62-64

Camilla Diana B. H[Full Text PDF]


Crisis of Psychosocial Exploration: A Brief Overview of Erikson and Identity Theories ….Page.No-65-75

K. S. Ghodake[Full Text PDF]

10 Impact of Brand Awareness on Consumer Loyalty of Soap….Page.No-76-81

Sanchita Datta,[Full Text PDF]

11 Should you be emotionally intelligent in the Workplace?….Page.No-82-87

Nupur Gosain, Chavi Bhargava Sharma, N. K Chadha[Full Text PDF]

12 Stress Management….Page.No-88-93

Seema Bajaj[Full Text PDF]

13 Studies in Medicine at Śrī Nālandā Mahāvihāra: An Introduction….Page.No-94-101

Pintu Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Motor Fitness and Playing Ability of State Level Thangatha Players of Jammu and Kashmiir….Page.No-102-103

Manoj  Kumar  Bhagat[Full Text PDF]

15 “Effect of hill training on speed, agility and endurance”….Page.No-104-108

Mudasir Ahmad[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Eight Weeks Physical Activity Programme on Selected Physical Fitness Variable of B.P.Ed Students….Page.No-109-115

Asif Gull[Full Text PDF]


Effect of six weeks training of aerobic exercises on selected    physiological variables….Page.No-116-118

Subzar Ahmad[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Physical Education Teacher’s Qualification on Student’s Attitude towards Physical Education….Page.No-119-125

Qurat tul Aeen[Full Text PDF]


Relationship between Motor Fitness Components and Body Mass Index of Kargill Boys….Page.No-126-130

Mohit Gupta[Full Text PDF]


A Critical Study of Ekalavya Model Residential Schools of Odisha: An Analysis….Page.No-131-159

Santosh Kumar Patra [Full Text PDF]