Vol VI / Dec 2016 Special Issue [Fourth Annual National Conference 2015, Symbiosis Law School, Pune]

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Vol VI / Dec 2016 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Special Issue: Fourth Annual National Conference 2015, Symbiosis Law School, Pune, Symbiosis International University

Total Research Papers: 21

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  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Fourth Annual National Conference 2015, Symbiosis Law School, Pune, Symbiosis International University

Concluding remarks by Dr. Shashikala Gurpur during the Plenary Session….Page.No-01-03 [Full Text PDF]

2 ISIS and Its Child Soldiers: When Victims Become Perpetrators….Page.No-04-12

Aditi Rao [Full Text PDF]


Third World, Imperialism and Exigency of International Law Reform: An Evaluation of Twail Activity….Page.No-13-25

Aesha Patel [Full Text PDF]

4 Challenges of Urban Commons to Human Rights in the World Environmental Forum….Page.No-26-39

Nimrat Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Striking the Right Balance: Reinterpreting the Assessor’s Powers in Sri Lanka in Light of Administrative Law Principles: A Comparative Analysis with India….Page.No-40-50

Chathurika Sisimali Gunasekera [Full Text PDF]                                                                

6 Black Money Act, 2015: Why India Needs This?….Page.No-51-59

Adit Kesarwani[Full Text PDF]

7 The Accused Right of Self Incrimination and Narco Analysis….Page.No-60-67

Reena Bharadwaj [Full Text PDF]


Amendment to Labour Laws: An Embryonic Threat to Indian Social-Security….Page.No-68-81

Shayamvar Deb, Efaf Ali[Full Text PDF]


Validity of the Haryana Sikh Gurdwaras (Management) Act, 2014: A Constitutional Analysis….Page.No-82-88

Shourya Bari[Full Text PDF]

10 Deconstructing Article 371-A: The Naga Exceptionalism….Page.No-89-95

Subhojit Das [Full Text PDF]


Leprosy and the Status of Persons Affected By Leprosy in India: Need for a Change….Page.No-96-109

Sonali Abhang[Full Text PDF]


Viability and Effect of Securitisation on Banking Sector: A Comparative Analysis between India and USA….Page.No-110-122

Mandobi Chowdhury, Yuvraj Patil, Anu Solanki[Full Text PDF]


Crowd Funding- Start-Ups from Crawl to Run (From Idea to Enterprise)….Page.No-123-134

Pavithra R [Full Text PDF]

14 A Democratic Energy-Policy Perspective from India….Page.No-135-144

Pratyush Biswal[Full Text PDF]

15 Fund Raising Initiatives in India: It’s Start-Up Time!!….Page.No-145-158

Sanjana Buch[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Analysis of Mergers & Acquisitions in Banking Sector: A Scrutiny from the Competition Law Perspective….Page.No-159-173

Shayan Ghosh, Swapnil Bangali, Chaitra R Beerannavar[Full Text PDF]

17 Competition Law in India….Page.No-174-188

Prathamesh M Joshi [Full Text PDF]


The Interface between Right to Education and Copyright Law: Does Copyright Law Inhibit the Right to Education?….Page.No-189-207

Akanksha Jumde[Full Text PDF]


Intellectual Property Rights in Outer Space: A Comparison between India and the World….Page.No-208-221

Ankita Puri, Namrata Bhagia[Full Text PDF]


Assignment and Licensing of Rights In Respect of a Cinematograph Film….Page.No-222-230

Raghuveer Singh Meena[Full Text PDF]


Challenges Relating to Adjudication of Contraventions under Section 43 of the Information Technology Act, 2000….Page.No-231-242

Swapnil Bangali, Shashikala Gurpur[Full Text PDF]