Volume VII / Jan 2017 Special Issue

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Volume-VII, Jan 2017 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 29

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Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Geology, Geomorphology and Hydrogeology of El Ga`ab Depression West of the Nile, North Sudan and their Implications to Early Population Settlements in the Area….Page.No- 01-11

Insaf S. Babiker, Mohamed Abugaib A. Mohamed[Full Text PDF]


Politics and the Environment: A Discursive Analysis to Develop A Potential Contribution to Sustainable Development….Page.No- 12-25

Dionéia Motta Monte-Serrat, Bashkim Mal Lushaj[Full Text PDF]


Total Physical Response: How Kinesthetic Movement Contribute to Learn in English Foreign Language Classroom ….Page.No- 26-37

Aulia Nisa Khusnia[Full Text PDF]

4 Flipped Classroom: From Practice to Technologies….Page.No-38-46

Wanda Nugroho Yanuarto[Full Text PDF]


Biosynthesis and characterization of Silver Nanoparticles using Trigonella foenum-graecum leaf extract….Page.No-47-51

Prathika Gopalakrishnan, Sindhu S Nair[Full Text PDF]


Determination of levels of LDH and its isoforms in estimating the risk for the development of hypertension and associated conditions….Page.No-52-60

Padma Gunda, Deepak Pandharpurkar, Ram Bhupal Reddy Nagireedy, Padma  Tirunilai[Full Text PDF]


Drinking Water in Rural Haryana with Special Reference to Tap Drinking Water….Page.No- 61-77

Kuldeep Singh[Full Text PDF]


Work Life Balance: A Comparative Study on Employees of HRTC and Private Transporters in Shimla….Page.No-78-82

Sanjay Kumar[Full Text PDF]

9 “A Study of Various Schemes under PradhanMantri Jan DhanYojana”….Page.No- 83-86

Shreya Vinay Patil[Full Text PDF]


Mental Health of Secondary School Students in Relation to their Gender….Page.No-87-93

Kamlesh Dhull, Manju jain[Full Text PDF]


A study of understanding of trainees about carrying out action research in classroom situation during School Experience Program (SEP)….Page.No- 94-98

Sanjay Kumar, Hansraj[Full Text PDF]


Internet Usage among University Students: An Exploratory Study….Page.No-99-107

Ashok Kumar, Ahakesh Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Identification of Learning Gaps in Bengali among the Students of Primary Level and Evolving a Strategy for Effective Transaction of Curriculum.….Page.No-108-113

Sharmistha Das, Shyamsundar Bairagya[Full Text PDF]

14 Learning At the Speed of Thought….Page.No-114-124

Manju Jain, Pooja Pasrija[Full Text PDF]


Attitude and Perception of Pupil Teachers towards the Implementation of Semester System in B.Ed Programme….Page.No-125-131

Letha Ram Moha[Full Text PDF]


Under Graduate Education Program in GIS Integrated Military History.….Page.No-132-138

Rajeev Bargoti, Vinay Bhardwaj[Full Text PDF]


Study of Contact Game Sports Person in Context to Aggressive Tendency….Page.No-139-142

Mahesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Yogic Life Style on Physiological Variables of Urban Background Sports Person….Page.No- 143-146

Daljeet Singh[Full Text PDF]

19 Hypertension: A Psychological Cause of Modern Life Style….Page.No-147-152

Shiv Kumar[Full Text PDF]

20 Anthropometric Study of Tribal and Non Tribal Hockey Players….Page.No-153-155

Vijay Kumar Chaurasiya [Full Text PDF]


Influence of Menstrual Cycle Phases on Muscular Strength of Sportswomen….Page.No- 156-160

K. Jothi, Santhakumari[Full Text PDF]


Study of Intelligence among Sport Persons in Context to Contact, Semi-Contact and Non-Contact Games….Page.No- 161-164

Mahesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Location Wise Injuries Prevalence in Aged Group Football Players….Page.No-165-170

Vandana Singh[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Six Week Training Programme of Physical Fitness of Basketball Players….Page.No- 171-173

Ajaz Hussian Hurra[Full Text PDF]

25 Rising Regionalism in International Political Economy ….Page.No- 174-189

Shameem.C.C[Full Text PDF]

26 Comparative Perspective on Dualism: Descartes and Samkhaya….Page.No- 190-195

Richa Sharma[Full Text PDF]

27 Major Challenges to Sustainable Development in India….Page.No-196-201

Sarbjit Kaur[Full Text PDF]

28 Portrayal of women in Telugu soap operas….Page.No-202-216

Divakar Ruikar[Full Text PDF]


Analysis of Development Needs of Learning Evaluation Teaching Material in Elementary Teacher Education Program Using Contextual Approach….Page.No-217-228

Jenny Indrastoeti SP, Siti Istiyati[Full Text PDF]

Volume-VII, Issue- I, Jan-Feb 2017

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Volume-VII, Issue- I, Jan-Feb 2017 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 37

                                                                               Table of contents


Name of The Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Story Telling Learning Model Based on Suggestopedia and Traditional Play Songs for Grade 5 Elementary School Students in Salatiga….Page.No- 01-15

Sunardi,  Herman J. Waluyo, E.Astini Suudi, Rr.Nugraheni Eko Wardani[Full Text PDF]


Exact Solution of perfect fluid massive string cosmology in Five- dimensional Bianchi Type III space-time with decaying vacuum energy density ….Page.No- 16-30

R. K. Jumale,  I. S. Mohurley,D. H. Gahane& Jyotsna Jumale[Full Text PDF]


In vitro immunomodulatory effects of some commonly used herbs and cow urine on human blood phagocytosis….Page.No- 31-36

Madhura Mukadam[Full Text PDF]


Developing Biosensor for rapid detection of Tuberculosis….Page.No-37-47

Meena Verma[Full Text PDF]


Formulation and Evaluation of Mucoadhesive Microspheres of Carvedilol for Nasal Delivery….Page.No-48-64

Shinkar D. M, AherraoV. R., Saudagar R. B.[Full Text PDF]


Role of Women in Health Care Sector of Rural India: A Case Study of National Rural Health Mission, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh ….Page.No-65-74

Neha Singh[Full Text PDF]

7 Study of Branding: Positioning & Repositioning….Page.No- 75-81

Bharat M. Pithadia[Full Text PDF]

8 Risk Management in Banks….Page.No-82-87

Mayank Raj[Full Text PDF]

9 Yoga for Children on the Autism Spectrum….Page.No- 88-99

Akash Ranjan[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Implementation of RTE Act-2009 in the Schools of Vijayapur City….Page.No-100-102

V. D. Aiholli[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Professional Commitment of Teacher Educator of Panjab University Affiliated College on the basis of Caste Category….Page.No- 103-107

Sumeer Sharma[Full Text PDF]

12 “Relationship between Mental Health and Adjustment”….Page.No-108-113

Girdhar Lal Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Mental Toughness between Theists, Atheist & Deist Belief Sportsperson.….Page.No-114-116

Bipin kumar Dubey[Full Text PDF]


Variation in Height and performance in 8 Foot up and Go Test in the Elderly Male Population….Page.No-117-120

Monika Ruhil[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Physical Fitness Variables Speed and Endurance between Basketball and Athltics Players of Inter College Level Players….Page.No-121-124

Raj Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Variations in Complete Blood Counts during Different Phases of Menstrual Cycle in Female Players.….Page.No-125-133

Priti Verma[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Aerobic Exercises on the Physiological Variables of Cold Dessert Region Sportsmen….Page.No-134-137

Azad Ahmad[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Job Stress in Male physical education teachers and female   physical education Teachers in the Schools of the Ganderbal District at J&K….Page.No- 138-140

Aadil Hussain[Full Text PDF]


Participation in Sport As An Assessment of Women Empowerment….Page.No-141-148

Bipin kumar Dubey[Full Text PDF]


Relationship between Anxiety and Psychomotor abilities of college going Girls students….Page.No- 149-153

Raj Kumar[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Motor Fitness between Basketball and Volleyball players of School participants of Srinagar City….Page.No- 154-156

Masrat Wani[Full Text PDF]


Comparative study of Motor Fitness components of Kho Kho and Kabbadi players….Page.No- 157-159

Muneer Hussain Malla[Full Text PDF]


An Anatalic Study of Motor Fitness Components of Kho Kho and  Kabbadi Players ….Page.No-160-162

Sabzar Ahmad Lone [Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Selected Motor Abilities among Sr. Sec School Level Volleyball and Basketball Female Players….Page.No- 163-168

Raj Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of selected volleyball skills between the players of C.B.S.E and state board schools of Nagpur city….Page.No- 169-173

Mudasir Ahmad Dar, Aafid Gulam[Full Text PDF]


Management of Cervical Spondylosis through Exercises and Asanas….Page.No- 174-183

Ruchi Srivastava, Rajendra Prasad[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Sports Competitive Anxiety of state level Male and Female Football Players….Page.No-184-187

Nusrat Wani[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Yogic Practices and Swimming Programme on Diabetic Patients….Page.No-188-190

Divakar Ruikar[Full Text PDF]


The Impacts of Pranayama and Reflection on Respiratory Parameters in Healthy Adults….Page.No-191-197

Umesh Rathi[Full Text PDF]

30 Extent of Awareness about HIV/AIDS among Rural Youth….Page.No-198-214

Raj Kumar[Full Text PDF]

31 Social Media and Public Interest Issues….Page.No-215-224

Moiz Mannan Haque[Full Text PDF]

32 Perspectives of Social Problems….Page.No-225-231

Aneet Kumar[Full Text PDF]

33 Sexuality and Persons with Intellectual Disability….Page.No-232-239

Jayanti Pujari [Full Text PDF]


Human despotism over Nature: Concern for Cruelty against Animals in the novels of Margaret Atwood….Page.No-240-244

Arvind N. Barde [Full Text PDF]

35 Irrigation System in Patiala State….Page.No-245-250

R.S. Gurna[Full Text PDF]

36 The Contemporaries : Guru Gobind Singh and Bahadur Shah….Page.No-251-257

R.S. Gurna[Full Text PDF]

37 Evolution of Punjabi Suba….Page.No-258-266

R.S. Gurna[Full Text PDF]