Volume-VII / Issue- II / Mar-Apr 2017

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Volume-VII / Issue- II / Mar-Apr 2017 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 40

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Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

The Results of the First Year Study of Basil Subspecies (Ocimum Basilicum L.) for the Yield of Dry Mass by the Plants Organs and the Total Yield….Page.No- 01-06

Nefrus Ҫeliku, Nikollaq Bardhi, Zydi Teqja, Albert Kopali, Qatip Doda, Dilaman Nelaj[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Cooperative Learning Model, Individual Learning and Motivation to Student Results….Page.No- 07-13

Priyono, Sunda Ariana[Full Text PDF]


Bioremoval of Carpet dye from effluent by Aspergillus niger….Page.No- 14-20

Karuna Singh[Full Text PDF]


Kerl Pearson’s coefficients of correlation for Physico-chemical parameters of Drinking water quality in and around the Kada Village….Page.No-21-25

Jagtap Gaytri S.,  B. S. Khaire[Full Text PDF]


Seasonal Variations in the Physico-chemical Properties of Ecologically Fragile  Mandhal  Lake of  Nagpur District….Page.No-26-33

Pranita P. Belkhode, Shashikant R.Sitre[Full Text PDF]


Avian Diversity In And Around N.S.College Bhadrawati  in  Chandrapur District of Maharashtra  State….Page.No-34-39

Shashikant R.Sitre[Full Text PDF]


Antibiotic potential of Punica granatum extract against Listeria monocytogenes and standardization with some commercial antibiotics Augmentin (Au) and Ticarcillin(Ti)….Page.No- 40-46

Ahirrao S. D.[Full Text PDF]


A peep into the status of small medium enterprises in Uttarakhand, India….Page.No-47-53

Shalini Choudhary, J. P. Singh, Tejvir Singh Tomar[Full Text PDF]

9 Make in India Programme-Impact on manufacturing sector….Page.No- 54-61

G.Syamala,[Full Text PDF]


“Debt Management and Loan Recovery Mechanism of Women’s Co-operative Banks in the North Maharashtra” (2001-02 to 2010-11)….Page.No-62-69

B. D. Patil[Full Text PDF]

11 Removing Friction from the Customer Journey….Page.No- 70-77

Anushka R. Upadhyay, Shirish G. Limaye[Full Text PDF]


Perspective on the Two Year B.Ed.  Programme: Reflections of a Teacher Educator ….Page.No-78-83

Rohini Jain[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Cardio-Pulmonary Functional Capacity of Obese and Non-Obese Secondary School Students.….Page.No-84-87

Ruchi Sah[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Computer Mediated Teaching Practice on the Performance of Student Teachers for Education of Children with Hearing Impairment….Page.No-88-96

Santosh D Yadav[Full Text PDF]

15 “Conceptual Summary on Role of Education in Entrepreneurship”….Page.No-97-103

Meera.H.N.[Full Text PDF]


Reasoning Ability of Senior Secondary School Students in Relation to Gender, Social Category and Stream of Study.….Page.No-104-111

Kanchana Devi [Full Text PDF]

17 Education and the Ethic of Care….Page.No-112-118

Vishakha Kumar[Full Text PDF]


A Study of health Related Physical Fitness between Rural and Urban School going Children of Himachal Pradesh State….Page.No- 119-121

Ajay Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Organisational Climate, Occupational Stress and Work Motivation of Physical Education Teachers Working in Different Management of Schools in Uttar Pradesh….Page.No-122-130

Joseph Singh[Full Text PDF]


Study of Relationship between Mental Toughness and Achievement Motivation of Badminton Players….Page.No- 131-132

Bipin kumar Dubey[Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Minimum Muscular Strength of Cricketers: an Evaluation….Page.No- 133-138

Tarun Rawat[Full Text PDF]


Occupational Stress among Police Personnel in Amravati City, Maharashtra….Page.No- 139-143

Sangita Deshmukh[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Psychosocial and Physical Health on the Sports Talent and Performance of School Going Player of Vidarbha Participating in Individual and Team Games – An Analytical study….Page.No-144-152

Niraj R. Katakwar[Full Text PDF]


Comparison between the Effect of Plyometrics and Functional Exercise on Basketball Skills….Page.No- 153-157

Balasaheb D.Paul, Hambirrao Mohite[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Anxiety among the Team Individual and Physical Education Sports Person….Page.No- 158-162

D.Sakthignnavel [Full Text PDF]


Plyometric Training: A Boon for Physical Fitness of Handball Players….Page.No- 163-168
Gursharan Singh Gill, Nishan Singh Deol[Full Text PDF]


Attitude of BHU Varanasi Students towards participation in Games and Sports Activities….Page.No-169-171

Bipin Kumar Dubey[Full Text PDF]


Attitude of the Track And Field Athlet in Uiversity Level tournament ….Page.No-172-175

Pankaj R.Sharma, Yeshwant V.Patil[Full Text PDF]


The Effect of Twelve Week Aerobic Exercise Programme on Blood Lipids Profile in Obese Girls….Page.No-176-179

Sandeep M. Chawak, Yeshwant V. Patil [Full Text PDF]


Correlation of Reaction Time and Speed of Basketball Players….Page.No-180-184

Anil Deshmukh[Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Coaching Performance of Directors of Physical Education in Maharashtra….Page.No-185-189

Kailash Karale, Sanjay Choudhari[Full Text PDF]


Development and Standardization of a Test Battery for Selection of Kabaddi Players….Page.No-190-196

Vasistha A. Khodaskar[Full Text PDF]


Prediction of Playing Ability from Selected Motor Components and Breathe Holding Time….Page.No-197-201

Raghuveer Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Physical Fitness Variables of School Level Rural and Urban Football Players….Page.No-202-205

R. S. Ramteke[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Motor Fitness Components between Volleyball and Basket Ball Players….Page.No-206-209

Younus Mohammad, Sarfraz Ahmad[Full Text PDF]


ICMR Guidelines and Surrogacy Boom in India: A critical Evaluation….Page.No-210-215

Mariyah Gour-Ghori[Full Text PDF]

37 Shan Polity in Burma: A Historical Prospective….Page.No-216-220

Thongam Somola Devi[Full Text PDF]

38 Complex human relationship in Vijay Tendulkar’s plays….Page.No-221-224

Veena. M.K. [Full Text PDF]


Determinants of Women Employment at Micro Level in Andhra Pradesh….Page.No-225-235

Y Ravini[Full Text PDF]


Updated environmental and social considerations for sewerage system and sewage treatment plant for greater Tirana….Page.No-236-273

Arvjen Bashkim LUSHAJ, Arnisa Bashkim LUSHAJ, Shouko YAMADA, Senro IMAI[Full Text PDF]