Volume-VII / Apr 2017 Special Issue

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Volume-VII, Apr 2017 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 27

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Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Engineering calculation of Penstock in HPP Radove, Albania….Page.No- 01-12

Lamce BEGAJ [Full Text PDF]


Improving the working conditions of circular welded pipe under pressure through the reinforcing ribs….Page.No- 13-21

Lamce BEGAJ[Full Text PDF]


The constructive calculations of flat and radial gates inhydropowers of Slabinj and Koman, Albania….Page.No- 22-33

Lamce BEGAJ[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Antioxidant Activity of Fruit, Peel and Pulp of Six Albanian Fresh Fig (Ficus carica) Varieties….Page.No-34-42

Luziana Hoxha, Renata Kongoli[Full Text PDF]


The Implementation of Local Wisdom Values of Maren Culture in Kei Community as Resource of History Learning….Page.No-43-53

Ufie, Agustinus, Agus Mulyana, Samuel Patra Ritiauw[Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of invitro antimicrobial potential and phytochemical composition of some medicinal plants against pathogenic microbes in Kashmir….Page.No-54-75

Tahmeena Hassan, Ravi Kanth2, Showkat  Ahmad Ganai, Sheikh Davood habib[Full Text PDF]


Impression Techniques in Implant Dentistry: A Review….Page.No- 76-83

Geeta Arya, Narendra Kumar, Kunwarjeet Singh, Nandini Singhal, Shambhavi Shukla[Full Text PDF]


Kinetic measurements of oxidation of Amino acids in acidic, Neutral & alkaline medium….Page.No-84-97

Maryappa Chudappa Sonawale, V. R. Patil[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Social Problems of Urbanization Hyderabad Karnataka Region -Differential Statistics Study….Page.No- 98-103

H.M. Mujawar, N.V.Gudaganavar[Full Text PDF]


Problems and Prospects of Horticulture Industry in Himachal Pradesh:  A Special Reference to Apple Production….Page.No-104-116

Kulbhushan Chandel, Kiran Chanda[Full Text PDF]


Role of Behavioral Biases in Investor Decision Making….Page.No- 117-126

Bhavna Yadav[Full Text PDF]

12 Index of Financial Inclusion in Ahmednagar District (M.S.)….Page.No-127-132

Karir M. A [Full Text PDF]


Trends of Crop Intensity in Tribal Regions of Himachal Pradesh.….Page.No-133-145

Devender Sharma, Heera Bhagti[Full Text PDF]

14 Role of NABARD in Rural Development….Page.No-146-151

Santosh V. Yadav[Full Text PDF]

15 Electronic Waste and Its Management….Page.No-152-155

Vidya P. Channe[Full Text PDF]


Impact of ‘Demonetisation’ on Indian economy- Small and Medium Enterprises.….Page.No-156-170

Ram Asrey[Full Text PDF]

17 Impact of Emotional Intelligence the Quality of work life….Page.No-171-180

Chandra Shekhar Joshi[Full Text PDF]

18 Impact of the “Make in India” : A Study….Page.No- 181-185

Kishor M. Dhumne[Full Text PDF]


ICT-Pedagogy Integration at B.Ed. Level : Classroom Practices ….Page.No-186-192

Jyotsna A. Amin [Full Text PDF]


A Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Maintenance of Personal Hygiene among the School Going Children….Page.No-193-196

Pravin Ramesh Gholap [Full Text PDF]


A Study of Job Satisfaction of Kannada Teachers of Secondary Schools in Relation to their Gender….Page.No- 197-204

Nuzhat Najam Fatima[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Teachers Attitude towards Teaching Profession on Academic Achievement of Students ….Page.No- 205-210

Bushra Begum[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Attitude of Kannada Teachers of Secondary Schools in Relation to Teaching Experience….Page.No-211-217

Nuzhat Najam Fatima [Full Text PDF]


A Study of Teachers Participation in School Administration and Academic Achievement of Students….Page.No- 218-223

Bushra Begum [Full Text PDF]

25 A Study of Personal Effectiveness of Primary School Teachers….Page.No- 224-230

Shamiullha Bisillah[Full Text PDF]

26 A Study of Work Motivation of Primary School Teachers….Page.No- 231-238

Shamiullha Bisillah[Full Text PDF]


Correlative Study of Teaching Effectiveness and Job Satisfaction of Higher Secondary School Teachers….Page.No-239-245

Jayant Anandrao Wankhede, [Full Text PDF]