Volume-07, May 2017 Special Issue [First International Conference On Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology, 22-23 December 2016]

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Volume-07, May 2017 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

First International Conference On Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology, 22-23 December 2016.

Organized and Hosted by Aurora’s Scientific Technology and Research Academy, Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Total Research Papers: 57



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Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Construct A Secure Cloud Framework For Mobile Computing In MobiCloud Application….Page.No- 01-12

Ch. Ravi  Shankar, JKR Sastry[Full Text PDF]

2 Internet of Things (IOT): to Deliver Smart Living Services….Page.No- 13-18

Jayashree S,Abhaykumar Inchal,Farzana. N Nadaf[Full Text PDF]


Ensuring Multi Factor Authentication Services for Smart Card in the Network….Page.No- 19-25

G.Rajeshwari, Radhika Thalla Swapna Motupally,[Full Text PDF]


An Agile Development Model with Enhanced Security for Change Oriented Software Process….Page.No-26-35

D. Hema Latha , D. Rama Krishna Reddy, Azmath Mubeen[Full Text PDF]

5 Protecting data in the cloud – A Customer Approach….Page.No-36-42

M A Mujeeb, S.Shalini[Full Text PDF]


Recommendation Engine Using Apache Mahaout and MongoDB….Page.No-43-48

Abhishek Girme, Akshay Ashtekar, Aishwarya Dhamale, Devayani Deshmukh, Mayura Kulkarni[Full Text PDF]


Object Discovery and Identification by Using Extended Robust Feature….Page.No- 49-57

ANK Prasannanjaneyulu, Ravi Prakash Achanta[Full Text PDF]

8 A Challenge Over Migrating Data in Cloud Computing….Page.No-58-61

Ashish D. Musale , Pradeep G. Khot[Full Text PDF]

9 Concept and Various Types of Video Segmentation….Page.No- 62-66

AslamYakubSuriya, S. B. Kishor[Full Text PDF]


Implementation of Destination Sequence Distance Vector (DSDV) Routing Protocol in Vehicular Adhoc Network ….Page.No-67-74

Avinash Jadhao,  D.N.Chaudhari [Full Text PDF]

11 An  Approach To Big Data Analytics And Its Significance….Page.No- 75-83

Ayesha Mariyam, Sk. Altaf Hussain Basha[Full Text PDF]

12 Software Reliability Using Growth Models….Page.No-84-89

B.IndiraV Aruna[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Resource Innovation in Grid Computing using Fuzzy Logic.….Page.No-90-97

M.Bhavani[Full Text PDF]

14 Fragmentation Issues in Distributed Database ….Page.No-98-103

D.S.Hiremath, S.B.Kishor[Full Text PDF]


An Approach for Faults Recover occur due to Mobility in Distributed Computing System….Page.No-104-110

N Ramesh Babu[Full Text PDF]


Secure distribution of secret key to group nodes using SPSS model for Threshold Cryptography in MANETs .….Page.No-111-118

P.Swetha, P.Premchand [Full Text PDF]


High Reliability of Data Presentation in Network Using NDS Approach….Page.No-119-128

M Vijayapal Reddy, K Satyanna[Full Text PDF]


Implementation of Data Mining Techniques in Network System for Detecting Intrusion….Page.No- 129-134

Mettu Jhansi Rani, Kaveti Gowtham , K.Prashanth[Full Text PDF]


An Approach to protect the Cluster Attacks in Ad-hoc Network Security….Page.No-135-143

Pradosh Chandra Patnaik, M V Ramana Muthy, S B Kishor[Full Text PDF]


An Ideal Detection Strategy to Identify Malicious Nodes in NETS….Page.No-144-148

Raghavender.K.V, Dr.P.Premchand [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Various Machine Learning Techniques for Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer….Page.No- 149-156

Keerti Yeulkar,  Rahila Sheikh[Full Text PDF]


Empirical Study of Key Authentication Scheme in Public Key Cryptography….Page.No- 157-168

P.Kumaraswamy,C.V.Guru Rao,V.Janaki [Full Text PDF]


Route-Saver: Leveraging Route APIs for Accurate and Efficient Query Processing At Location-Based Service….Page.No-169-177

Pallela Archana, Pradosh Chandra Patnaik[Full Text PDF]

24 A Novel Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme over Bilinear Groups ….Page.No- 178-184

Asha Jyothi Ch,  G Narsimha,  J Prathap[Full Text PDF]

25 Splines on Wheel Graphs Over ℤ mod pkℤ….Page.No- 185-195

Radha Madhavi Duggaraju, Lipika Mazumdar[Full Text PDF]

26 GRM for Data Transfer in AdHoc Networks….Page.No- 196-204

A. Nagender,Shaik Imran Pasha,Ramakanth.K[Full Text PDF]


Empowering Innovations of the Recent Technology through Convergence of IoT Big Data and Cloud….Page.No-205-216

Syeda Imrana Fatima, A.Bakiyalakshmi,Sayeedakhanum Pathan[Full Text PDF]


Correlation Analysis of Aodv and B-AODV AD HOC Routing Protocols….Page.No-217-225

S.Shalini,K.Naresh,Imran Pasha Shaik [Full Text PDF]


A Secure Anti-Collusion Data Sharing Scheme for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud….Page.No-226-233

M. Mamatha, K. Ramakanth [Full Text PDF]

30 An Efficient Data Mining Technique on Cloud Storage ….Page.No-234-242

B.Chithra, Ch.Srivalli, S Archana[Full Text PDF]


Strategic Based Encryption for Protecting Storage Data in Cloud Service Provider….Page.No-243-249

G.Sudhakar, M. Swapna [Full Text PDF]

32 Analytics of Big Data – Study on Supply Chain Metamorphosis….Page.No-250-260

T.Malathi, K.Venkatesh, Neelam Sriram Kumar [Full Text PDF]


Implementation of GSM Technology and Cloud Computing Concepts on Various Organisations….Page.No-261-270

Venugopal S. Narsingoju, S.B. Kishor, Bhavana V. Narsingoju[Full Text PDF]


JK TOOLS for Detection and Correction Erroneous Data from Database….Page.No-271-277

Jay Kumar M.Purohit, S.B.Kishor, Ajay S. Kushwaha[Full Text PDF]




35 Novel Preservation Path for Internet of Things….Page.No-278-288

Aleti Ravichandra,Shekar Chiluveru,Kumar Keshamoni[Full Text PDF]

36 Maculopathy Detection and Grading in Digital Retinal Images….Page.No-289-300

B.Anupama,Ramakrishna Seemakurti[Full Text PDF]

37 Automatic and Improved Method for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection….Page.No-301-307

Kovoori Arinika, Swetha[Full Text PDF]


Design Of Novel High Speed and Low Area 15:4 Compressors Using Xilinx Tool ….Page.No-308-318

Sharea Takreem,M.Manasa, Ch.Veeranjaneyulu[Full Text PDF]


Segmenting and Detecting the Area of A True Retina and Diagnosing Its Retinal Disease Using SLO….Page.No-319-327

Ch.Shravan Kumar, L.Nandini[Full Text PDF]


A Novel Assistive Navigation Framework for the Visually Impaired Utilizing Visible Light Communications under Indoor MIMO….Page.No-328-349

Dasari Subbarao, N.S.Murti Sarma[Full Text PDF]


Face and Facial Expression Detection using viola-jones and PCA algorithm….Page.No-350-357

Drakshayani Desai, Ramakrishna Seemakurti[Full Text PDF]


Random Number Generation for High Security using 3 Level DWT Steganography and ECC Encryption – A Survey….Page.No-358-366

Inusha M M, Y Manjula,  M Z Kurian[Full Text PDF]


Single Image Super Reslution Using Fixed Budget- Kernel Recursive Least Square ….Page.No-367-370

 Jesna Anver,   Abdulla P[Full Text PDF]


Higher Order Radix Algorithm Based VLSI Architecture for Parallel MAC ….Page.No-371-381

K.Sandeep Kumar,R.Sravanthi, Abdul Raheem[Full Text PDF]


A New Technique of Hiding Data Using Genetic and Integer Wavelet Algorithms with OPAP Process….Page.No-382-393

M. A. Khader Khan, Sadia Najmus Saher, Syed Abdul Sattar, [Full Text PDF]


Energy Saving Scheme of Optimized by Green Communication Technology Based on Multicarrier Base Stations Using OFDMA ….Page.No-394-401

P.Veena[Full Text PDF]


Survey on Decimal Floating Point Multiplier Accumulator Unit Using FMA  ….Page.No-402-406

Pallavi C M,  Divya Prabha,  M Z Kurian [Full Text PDF]


High performance matrix multiplication using exact systolic array with Wallace multiplier-A Survey….Page.No-407-413

Praphulla T R,Vinutha C B,M Z Kurian [Full Text PDF]


A Comprehensive Survey on Various Reversible Data Hiding Methods ….Page.No-414-421

Shruthi N,  Savitha C,  M Z Kurian [Full Text PDF]


Energy Efficient Automation System for Smart Task Scheduling….Page.No-422-428

K Priyanaka,   K V Sai Ashik,   Subha Sri Thiruveedhi[Full Text PDF]


Advance Security Preservation System with Entry Level Image Monitoring ….Page.No-429-435

Itharaju Jyothi,Kumar Keshamoni,Mohammed Imaduddin[Full Text PDF]


Human Body Extraction and Activities Observation from Still images for High Security systems….Page.No-436-447

Y.B.T Sundari, D.Veena, K.V.Mohan[Full Text PDF]

53 FPGA Implementation on A Self Organizing Map….Page.No-448-453

M.Pratussha ,  Aman kumar,  K.Satish Babu[Full Text PDF]


Enhancement of Videos Captured Under Low Light Conditions through ICD Approach Using Savitzky-Golay Filter ….Page.No-454-462

R.Priyakanth, Mahesh Babu Katta,Abburi Radha[Full Text PDF]


­­Synthesis And Realization of Linear Feedback Shift Register Using Reversible Logic….Page.No-463-473

S Rahul Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Interference Suppression in Cognitive Relay Network Using Compressive Sensing ….Page.No-474-483

Rajkumar Samikkannu, Chinnam Mahesh, P.Santhosh[Full Text PDF]


Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture Associate on Ahb Arbiteration and APB Bridge….Page.No-484-492

Anendhar, C.Srilatha [Full Text PDF]


Volume-07 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2017

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Volume-07 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2017 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 24

                                                                         Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Validating Quality of Education Based on Teachers’ Perception….Page.No- 01-09

I Made Putrawan [Full Text PDF]


Forecasting of  BODand COD from Wastewater CPO Mill Using Neural Networks As a Basis for Forming Strategic Planning to Increase the River of Water Quality….Page.No- 10-22

Adida, I Made Putrawan[Full Text PDF]


Environmental Leadership and profit hotel Related to Green Hotel….Page.No- 23-28

Heny Dwi Retno Mayawati, I Made Putrawan[Full Text PDF]


The Effect of Environmental Personality And Locus of Controlon Employee’s Pro Environmental Behavior….Page.No-29-38

Hakim, I Made Putrawan[Full Text PDF]


Relationship between Corporate Culture, Leader Behavior and Personality with Employees’ Environmental Performance….Page.No-39-48

Endah Setyaningrum, I Made Putrawan[Full Text PDF]


The “Visibility” of Learning Difficulty under the ADHD Diagnosis: Pathologization and Medicalization in Child Education….Page.No-49-60

Talita Suelen Zanetti de CARVALHO, Dionéia Motta MONTE-SERRAT[Full Text PDF]


Rural-Urban Differentials in CSR in Himachal Pradesh: A Spatial Perspective….Page.No- 61-71

Deepika Sankhyan[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Khaperkheda and Koradi Thermal power stations on Water Quality ….Page.No-72-79

Sadhana S. Deshpande, Sumati S. Somwanshi[Full Text PDF]

9 Management of Stress: A life’s Precious Guide  ….Page.No- 80-82

Dipti Magan[Full Text PDF]

10 The Need of Skill Development for the Growth of Indian Economy….Page.No-83-87

Prashant M. Puranik[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Adjustment, Self-Confidence between Day Scholars and Residential Students Studying in 8th Standard….Page.No- 88-95

B.B. Policepatil[Full Text PDF]


Higher Education among Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes in Maharashtra….Page.No-96-103

Pramod P. Waghmare [Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Emotional Intelligence, Adjustment and Academic Achievements between Government and Private Senior Secondary School Students of Delhi.….Page.No-104-107

Payal and Madhu Mathur[Full Text PDF]


A Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Adjustment in Senior Secondary School Students of Delhi….Page.No-108-111

Payal and Madhu Mathur[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Constructivist Approach on Students’ Achievement in Mathematics at Secondary Level….Page.No-112-125

Tulu Chandra Nayak[Full Text PDF]


Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi’s Peace Education in the Modern Epoch .….Page.No-126-132

Reema Pahuja[Full Text PDF]


Infrastructure and its Impact on Digitalization Process- A review….Page.No-133-146

Srikanta Charana Das, Nitesh  Kumar Panch[Full Text PDF]


Effect of 8-Weeks Plyometric Training and Combination of Core and Plyometric Training on Soccer Kicking Performance for Distance….Page.No- 147-155

Anindita Das, Ravi Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Investigation of Talent Development Environment of International and National Badminton Players….Page.No-156-160

Babita Rawat, Tarun Rawat[Full Text PDF]

20 Legal Analysis of Surrogacy Contract in India….Page.No- 161-164

Kalpana V. Jawale[Full Text PDF]


Assisted conception and Embryo Research with reference to the tenets of Catholic Christianity ….Page.No- 165-173

Piyali Mitra [Full Text PDF]


Social, Political and Economical Condition of India on the Eve of Turkish Invasion….Page.No- 174-179

Zaffar Iqbal Khan[Full Text PDF]


A Page Unexplained in Literary History: Saraswatibai Rajawade….Page.No-180-184

Nayana K. S.[Full Text PDF]

24 Women in India through Different Eras….Page.No- 185-192

Manveet Kaur Saggoo,[Full Text PDF]