Volume-07, June 2017 Special Issue (02) [First International Conference On Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology, 22-23 December 2016]

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Volume-07, June 2017 Special Issue (02)  / ISSN 2249-9598

First International Conference On Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology, 22-23 December 2016.

Organized and Hosted by Aurora’s Scientific Technology and Research Academy, Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India


Total Research Papers: 70

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Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]



Calculation and comparison of time response in Multi Area Power System by ANFIS Approach….Page.No- 01-09

B.Ramesh, Waseem Sultana, Sowjanya.A[Full Text PDF]


Active Power Filter for PV Systems Supplying Power to Non Linear Load and Control Utility Current Using Fuzzy….Page.No- 10-24

Ch.Naresh,G.Laxminarayana,  M Narendar Reddy[Full Text PDF]


A Novel Method of Thyristor Controlled Full Bridge Converter forBattery Charging- Discharging….Page.No- 25-33

Ch.Shashidhar, P.Prabhakara Sharma, P.Ramesh[Full Text PDF]

4 A Fuzzy Based High-Frequency Ac-Link PV Inverter….Page.No-34-47

R.Chaitanya,  M.Narender Reddy,  T.Mariyababu[Full Text PDF]


Design of Radio Frequency Coil for Wireless Power Transmission….Page.No-48-53

Chinmayi.K, Lenin.N.C.[Full Text PDF]


Power Quality Improvement by Combination of Super Conducting Magnetic Energy Storage System and Unified Power Quality Conditioner….Page.No-54-62

K.Suresh, Ausn Prasad, S.Laxmi Prasanna[Full Text PDF]

7 Fell H-Bridge Multi level Inverter for Grid-Connected Applications….Page.No- 63-76

M. Chandra Sekhar, Y.Vijaya Kumar, P.Lakshmanan[Full Text PDF]


Spectral Analysis of Output Voltage in Inverter with Different PWM Techniques….Page.No-77-89

M.Ramanjaneyulu Chowdary,K.Rama Krishna,Y.B.T.Sundari[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Analysis of 31 And 49 Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multi Level Inverter with Various Dc-Voltage Sources….Page.No- 90-98

M.V. Vinod Kumar,Abdul Kalam Shaik,SK Jakeer[Full Text PDF]

10 Power Quality Improvement by Dynamic Voltage Restorer with BESS….Page.No-99-108

P. Sravan Kumar,K Amarnath,B.Santosh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Tellegen Theorem based Load Flow Solution of Radial Distribution Network with Voltage dependent Load models….Page.No-109-115

G.Pranava, Ravindranath Gurram, K.Ramesh Reddy[Full Text PDF]


PID and Fuzzy Logic Control of Compensated Self-Excited Induction Generator ….Page.No-116-124

R.Hothri, Sk.Johny Begum, Kesana Gopikrishna[Full Text PDF]


Optimal capacitor size selection in Distribution Networks using ant colony optimization.….Page.No-125-138

P Ravi Babu, Sai Sushma P, AVN Amrusha, Samhitha T[Full Text PDF]


Electricity Distribution Planning for an Eco-Village with Distributed Renewable Generation….Page.No-139-147

Gurusthal Reven Sidda,Biswarup Mukherjee, Muhammad Salman Shahid[Full Text PDF]


Anaerobic Digestion- Reduce, Recycle and Regeneration-A Future Energy Revolution….Page.No-148-155

Mohammad Saleem, Manoj Nethala, M.Vanisri[Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Power Balancing Control for Ac/Dc Micro grid Connected to  Wind-Wave Power Generation System.….Page.No-156-170

V.Surekha, M.V.Narasimha Murthy, J.Sunil Babu[Full Text PDF]


Advancement In Power Quality For Micro Grid With  Non-Conventional Energy And Conventional Energy Sources ….Page.No-171-180

Syed Abdul Razzaq,N Santhosh Singh B,  Neelam Ram Babu[Full Text PDF]




An Experimental Study on Subgrade with Admixture of Lime and Rice Husk Ash….Page.No- 181-186

Ashwanth Konkathi, Ushadri Gaddam[Full Text PDF]


Behavior of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beamsin Pure Torsion, Combined Bending and Torsion….Page.No-187-199

C.Arvind Kumar,Muzamil Rafiqui, A.A. Masoodi[Full Text PDF]

20 A Study an Road Accident Prediction Modeling for Hyderabad Area….Page.No-200-209

Chetlapally Anukesh, Korra Ravi Kiran, R.Bhavana, M.Kumar[Full Text PDF]

21 An Outlook of Brt (Bus Rapid Transit) System in Telangana….Page.No- 210-214

D. Bhaskar,  M. Srujan Kumar,  R. Srinivasa Kumar[Full Text PDF]


A Laboratory Study on Strength Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete Using Recycled Aggregate….Page.No- 215-223

D. Mallika, G. Anusha, Y V S Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Compressive Strength and Durability Properties of Geopolymer Concrete….Page.No-224-232

Dharani Kolluri,Y. Naveen Kumar,B.Dean Kumar[Full Text PDF]

24 Papercrete-a Modernization towards a New Revolution….Page.No- 233-237

Gayatri Upadhyay, kruthika Mehar,  Sri Lakshmi Bhavani[Full Text PDF]


Application on Climatic Morpho-Genesis, Ground Water Assessment, Development and Management of Lower Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh….Page.No- 238-242

K.V.R.Satya Sai,   A. Manjunath, S.Krishnaiah, S.Ramanarayan[Full Text PDF]


Determination of Peculiarity of Waste Water Effluents and Design of Sewage Treatment Plant….Page.No- 243-250

Korapati Manga, Revathi Moogala, Mohammed Ikramullah Siddiqui[Full Text PDF]

27 Consequece of Speed Calming Machine on Vehicle Mileage….Page.No-251-262

Korra Ravi Kiran,Chetlapally Anukesh,M.Kumar[Full Text PDF]


An Experimental Study on Behaviour of Concrete with Replacement of Bagasse Ash in Cement and Steel Slag in Coarse Aggregate….Page.No-263-270

M.Vijayalakshmi,S.Shameem Banu[Full Text PDF]

29 Sequence of Strutural Behavior Due to Vehicle Impact….Page.No-271-278

Mohammed Mujeebz, Venkata Dilip Kumar P,Mohammed Ahmed Hussain[Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Industrial Wastes as a Road Construction Material: A Review….Page.No-279-291

N. Gangadhara Reddy, Sarath Chandra, B. Hanumantha Rao[Full Text PDF]

31 Effect of Infill Walls on the Seismic Execution of the Ms Buildings….Page.No-292-302

N.Jayaramappa, Rajesh.M, [Full Text PDF]

32 Road Safety Measures and its Scenarios in India….Page.No-303-308

Onkar Dattatraya Adsul, Sandip Virnarayan[Full Text PDF]


Coagulation-Flocculation Technology: a Novel Way to Treat Water and Waste Water….Page.No-309-311

Phanimadhavi.T[Full Text PDF]


Laboratory Study on The Durability of Concrete Using Natural Fiber (Jute)….Page.No-312-321

Resmi R [Full Text PDF]


A Web Tool to Simulate Crowd Behavior and Calculate the Evacuation Time from a Structure or Public Spaces….Page.No-322-332

Ramaguru Guru Prakash, Venkatadilip Kumar P [Full Text PDF]

36 A Laboratory study on Cement Mortar for Durability and Strength….Page.No-333-342

S. Sahoo, P. K. Parhi, B. C. Panda [Full Text PDF]


Environmental Impact of Concrete and Feasible Building Construction….Page.No-343-352

S.Uttamraj, Mohd Rafeeq,G.Venkata Ratnam [Full Text PDF]


Calculation of Loads on Existing Structures Due to Installation of Billboards during High Winds….Page.No-353-361

Sairam Neridu, Venkata Dilip Kumar P, Archanaa Dongre [Full Text PDF]

39 Anticipation Methods for Forecasting Pavement Condition Index….Page.No-362-368

Soma Prashanth Kumar,Mane S R Rohith,R. Srinivasa Kumar [Full Text PDF]

40 Interact Frictional Characteristics of Reinforced Rock-Flour….Page.No-369-373

Sudheer Kumar Yamsani,  Vutla Sravanthi, Narayan Reddy Sg[Full Text PDF]


Seismic Behavior of High Rise Structure With and Without Shearwall….Page.No-374-382

Syed Eashan Adil[Full Text PDF]


Analysis on Non Linear Static Analysis of High Rise Structure Using Indian Earthquake Data….Page.No-383-391

Syed Fazilhussaini, S.Uttam Raj, U.Mahesh[Full Text PDF]


Consequence of Water Content and Stress Level on Resilient Modules of Sub Grade Soil ….Page.No-392-397

Venkatesh Noolu,Rakesh.J.Pillai, D.Bharathnaik, M.Heeralal[Full Text PDF]


Seismic Analysis and Design of Vertically Designless Rc Building Frames….Page.No-398-413

Vutla Sravanthi,M Satyanarayana Reddy [Full Text PDF]


Ideal Transport Planning In India Post Using Gps Technology (Hyderabad)….Page.No-414-424

Y.V.Ravindranath, Mohammed Ibrahim, R. Srinivasa Kumar [Full Text PDF]




A Review on Recent Innovations in Electrical Discharge Machining Process….Page.No-425-440

Sanjay Kumar, Sandeep Grover, R S Walia  [Full Text PDF]


A Review on the Use of Multi-Attribute Decision Making (Madm) in Healthcare Sector….Page.No-441-444

Soumil Arora,  Mohit Singh[Full Text PDF]

48 Analysis of Pin Fin by Simulation Technique….Page.No-445-455

T. Veeraiah,Y. Pratapa Reddy,P W D S Milton, P V Surendra Kumar[Full Text PDF]

49 Automatic Irrigation System Using DTMF….Page.No-456-462

Mrunal Swaroop Peravali, Ajay Vasanth[Full Text PDF]


Conversion of Furnace Oil Fired Boiler to Briquette Fired External Furnace Boiler ….Page.No-463-477

M.Nirish, Bayya SrinivasS, A.Srihar [Full Text PDF]

51 Design and Testing of an Auto-Tilting Car….Page.No-478-487

P.Madhavi, P.Sridevi, N.Sunitha[Full Text PDF]


Design of Multiple Worm and Worm Wheel Mechanism for Lifting Heavy Loads….Page.No-488-504

Chandrashekar Goud V,  R.Srinivasa Rao, Vasava Datta D D[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Aluminum Alloy 2011 on Sliding Distance and Wear Rate Subjected to Titanium Nitride Coating of Various Thickness ….Page.No-505-513

S.Vigneshwaran, R.Ranjith Kumar, P.Jeyavel and A.M. Vinoth Kumar[Full Text PDF]

54 Effect of Tool Geometry on Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welding of Al Alloys – A Review….Page.No-514-521

P. Radha Krishna Prasad.,P.Ravinder Reddy, K. Eshwar Prasad, O.Mahesh Kumar, B. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Effects of EDM Process parameters on Material Removal Rate, Electrode Wear Rate and Surface Roughness in Incoloy-800 ….Page.No-522-536

M.Jagadeeswara Rao,K.Buschaiah,M Chandhra Sekhar Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Experimental Analysis and Validation of Catalytic Converter in IC Engine….Page.No-537-550

M.Vinayagamani, D.Thangaganesh, R.Prabhakar[Full Text PDF]


Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of 2r Flexible Manipulator….Page.No-551-564

E. Madhusudan Raju, L. Siva Rama Krishna, Devarakonda Mounika,S. Sunil Srivatsav[Full Text PDF]


Measurement of Dynamic Stress of Centrifugal Compressor Impeller by Using Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis….Page.No-565-576

Billakanti Laxmi Narasimha, Mahantesh Katagi, D.Praveen, G.V.L.N.Srihari [Full Text PDF]


Mechanical Characterization of Palm Fruit (Hybrid) Fiber Reinforced Composites….Page.No-577-586

R.Thamilarasan, K.Purshothaman[Full Text PDF]


Non–Chemical Water Treatment By Hydro–Dynamic Vortex Pricipitation Mechanisium….Page.No-587-594

K.Naveena Latha, P.Ram Reddy, D.V.Ravi Shankar[Full Text PDF]


Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine Fuelled With Diesel/Rice-Bran Oil Blend….Page.No-595-604

Deepesh Sonar’s, S.L. Soni, Dilip Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Performance and Emission Analysis of Diesel-Acetylene Fuelled Single Cylinder C. I.  Engine….Page.No-605-617

Anmesh Kumar Srivastava,S.L. Soni,  Dilip Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Parameters Performance of Direct Contact Membrane Distillation Process for Desalination of Saline Streams: Screening the Effects of Operating….Page.No-618-627

Akram M. Nahri,Mohammed Albeirutty,Omar A. Bamaga, Adnan A. Siddique[Full Text PDF]


Performance Studies on a Vapour Compression Refrigeration System Using Lubricating Oil….Page.No-628-637

P.Rathnakumar, S.Mohamed Iqbal, & S.Karthi[Full Text PDF]


Peristaltic Pumping of a Jeffrey Fluid in an Inclined Channel with Heat Transfer under Velocity Slip Condition….Page.No-638-651

D Raju, D Saroj Vernekar,  S V H N Krishna Kumari.P[Full Text PDF]

66 Saura – The Hybrid Car….Page.No-652-662

M.Nirish, A.Pramod Kumar, K.Srikanth[Full Text PDF]


Structural Analysis of a Submarine Radome by Changing Different Design Parameters….Page.No-663-673

A.M.Vinoth Kumar,Puligilla Sushma, Gurustal Somnath Swamy[Full Text PDF]


Study on Mechanical Properties and Forming Behaviour of Tailor Welded Blanks….Page.No-674-682

K.Baba Saheb,R.Uday Kumar,P.M.V. Rao[Full Text PDF]


Thermal Desorption Technique Applied In Treatment of Oil Drill Cutting….Page.No-683-688

Syed Akber, Mohammed Inamullah Khan, Syed Mohiuddin Hussain[Full Text PDF]


Towards Micro-Manufacturing: a Brief Review and its Applications….Page.No-689-696

Sounak Kumar Choudhury, Vijay Kumar Pal[Full Text PDF]




Volume-07, June 2017 Special Issue (01)

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Volume-07, June 2017 Special Issue (01)  / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 31


Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Managing Drug Supply in the Public Sector in Republic of Kosovo….Page.No- 01-09

Arbenita Pajaziti, Melisa Troshani[Full Text PDF]


Relationship Between  People’ Knowledge  About Ecosystem, Locus of Control and Naturalistic Intelligence with  People Environmental Behavior  ….Page.No- 10-16

Denny Ramdany[Full Text PDF]


Fractional Hybrid Functional Integral Equations and a Coupled Fixed Point Theorem….Page.No- 17-28

S.S.Yachawad,  B.D.Karande[Full Text PDF]

4 “Study of Tribal Population Density in Nashik District”….Page.No-29-36

N. R. Kapdadnis, Rajendra S. Pawar[Full Text PDF]


Mobile Commerce – Sustained Efforts towards the Development of Indian Economy….Page.No-37-43

Prashant M. Puranik[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Infrastructural Facilities Available in the Secondary Schools….Page.No-44-52

Shafique Ahmed H. Mirji[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Relationship of Emotional Competency, Work Motivation and Life Satisfaction in Government and Private School Teachers….Page.No- 53-64

Vijender Bhartiya[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Self Concept of Senior Secondary School Student In Relation to Academic Achievement….Page.No-65-72

Narender Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Effect of ICT Programme on Technological, Pedagogical & Content Knowledge (TPACK) among Pre-service Teacher Educators….Page.No- 73-79

Leena Sharma [Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Attitude towards Gender Equality among Graduate Students….Page.No-80-83

Preeti Sharma [Full Text PDF]

11 Work Motivation among Teacher Educators….Page.No-84-89

Indu Rathee[Full Text PDF]


Academic Resilience among Government Schools Students In Relation to Self Efficacy and Peer Pressure….Page.No-90-98

Amandeep Kaur Benipal, Gurmit Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Personal Values of High School Students in GES HAL High School, Nashik  .….Page.No-99-102

Atul Trivedi, Chandrakant Borase[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Types of School, Discipline and Teaching Experience on Pupil Control Ideology of Secondary School Teachers….Page.No-103-108

Indu Rathee[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Effective Facility Management in Secondary Schools of Bagalkot District of Karnataka State….Page.No-109-116

Shafique Ahmed H. Mirji[Full Text PDF]

16 Relevance of Idealism in Education in the Emerging Indian Society.….Page.No-117-122

Chaman Lal Banga[Full Text PDF]


Academic Anxiety: Study of Hostellers and Day Scholars In Relation to Gender and Academic Achievement….Page.No-123-128

Indu Rathee[Full Text PDF]

18 Study of Female Teachers Team Effectiveness….Page.No- 129-133

Indu Rathee[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative study of Aggression variables between state level and national level athletes….Page.No-134-139

Monika Ruhil [Full Text PDF]


Personality in Physically Challenged and Normal School Going Children in Districts Anantnag and Srinagar….Page.No-140-150

Shafia Nazir, Nilofer Kha, N. A. Nadeem[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative study of personality variables between state level and national level athletes….Page.No- 151-156

Monika Ruhil[Full Text PDF]

22 Public Investment in Agriculture versus Input Subsidy….Page.No- 157-171

Amit Kumar, Gagan Swamy[Full Text PDF]

23 Traffic Demand Forecast and Its Impact on Air Pollution in Delhi….Page.No-172-182

Amit Kumar, Gagan Swamy[Full Text PDF]


Current constraints and emerging issues for developing countries in the period of Globalisation….Page.No- 183-191

Gagan Swamy,  Amit Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Motivation Orientation and Level of Anxiety of Correctional Home Inmates….Page.No- 192-197

Sabnam Basu, Shabana Bano[Full Text PDF]

26 Indian Foreign Policy: Emerging Re-Calibrations….Page.No- 198-201

Iftekhar Ahmed Ansari[Full Text PDF]

27 Look East Policy of India: The Historical Genesis….Page.No-202-207

Suparna Roy[Full Text PDF]

28 Hermeneutics as an Understanding Dalit World….Page.No-208-215

Velmurugan K[Full Text PDF]

29 Face-to-face teaching vs online teaching: A discussion….Page.No-216-218

Asha Kaushik [Full Text PDF]


Conflicts in Secondary Schools in Kenya, A Perspective of the Students’ Leaders….Page.No-219-223

Ibadan Syiem, Jedidah Kimathi[Full Text PDF]


A  Study on Occupational Stress of Employees Working in It Sector with Special Reference to Ernakulam District….Page.No-224-242

Resmi R [Full Text PDF]