Volume-07 / Issue-04 / July-Aug 2017

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Volume-07 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2017 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 22

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Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

The Effect of Personality and Knowledge about Ecosystem on Students’ Environmentally Sound Behavior….Page.No- 01-08

Agus Ramdani[Full Text PDF]


Improving Housewife’s Knowledge about Garbage Management by Developing an Instructional Package….Page.No- 09-19

Hari Nugroho[Full Text PDF]

3 Evaluation of Policy Implementation Related to  Policy about Fresh Food of Plant Origin (FFPO) Control & Secure for Consumer Protection….Page.No- 20-27

Djoko Rianto Budi Hartono[Full Text PDF]


Karyomorphological Study in Allium Sativum  Linn. Variety Agri found White and Yamuna Safed….Page.No-28-35

Sukeshini D. Deogade, Praveenkumar N. Nasare [Full Text PDF]

5 Role of Media on Physiological Health of Elderly….Page.No-36-40

Rajshree Chandrakar, A. Joglekar[Full Text PDF]


Preparation of Value Added Products from Dehydrated Drumstick Leaves….Page.No-41-48

Pallavi Joshi, Kanika Varma[Full Text PDF]

7 Order of Depolymerisation of Nylon-6,6 Waste by Acid Hydrolysis….Page.No- 49-62

S.V.Madhamshettiwar[Full Text PDF]


Virtual Screening of Pubchem Database for Novel Nucleoprotein Inhibitors Against Ebola Virus ….Page.No-63-69

Monika[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Component Based Search for Phonetic Matching on Indian Names….Page.No- 70-78

G. Christopher Jaisunder, Israr Ahmad, Rajesh Kumar Mishra[Full Text PDF]

10 Modelling and Analysis of Collapsible Core….Page.No-79-87

K.Roopa, S.Mahaboob Basha, B. Rama Krishna[Full Text PDF]

11 Rank Size Rule: an Experience Inmaharashtra and Nashik District….Page.No- 88-92

Anilkumar R. Pathare[Full Text PDF]


Response to Demonetization –a Study on Cardholders and Non-Cardholders in the Region of Hyderabad….Page.No-93-99

Nair Sreejasivankutty[Full Text PDF]

13 Corporate Social Responsibility of SMEs – An Indian perspective.….Page.No-100-105

Uma Rani Bade[Full Text PDF]


Impact of HRM Practices on Employees’ Development: a Study of Pharmaceutical Industry….Page.No-106-117

Neelam Kumari [Full Text PDF]


Study on Use of CERA and CAB Abstract by the Students of Indira   Gandhi Agriculture University, Raipur ….Page.No-118-122

D.S.Mahipal[Full Text PDF]

16 Value Education: Need in Changing Scenario.….Page.No-123-133

Ranjana Ruhela[Full Text PDF]


Parental Care and Self Esteem of Senior Secondary School Students….Page.No-134-139

K. Govindarajan [Full Text PDF]


Gender Barriers Faced by Women in Technology Sector with Special Reference to Women in it Sector in Chennai….Page.No- 140-144

N.Sivakami, Kanchana, P.Na[Full Text PDF]


Right to Dissent Vis a Vis Civil Disobedience in India : A Constitutional Justice Perspective….Page.No-145-149

Pramod Pandharinath Waghmare[Full Text PDF]


Role of Regional Political Parties in Formation of Governments in India….Page.No- 150-156

Mohammad Hussain Yatoo[Full Text PDF]


The Gorekhnath Temple of Jagatsinghpur District in Odisha: an Epitome of Religious Heritage….Page.No- 157-159

Rinky Behera, Prafulla Kumar Mohanty[Full Text PDF]

22 Feminist Literary Criticism: A Voice of Protest….Page.No- 160-166

Tasneem Anjum [Full Text PDF]