Volume-07, July 2017 Special Issue


Volume-07, July 2017 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 39

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“Test-Retest Reliability of Numeric Pain Rating Scale And Visual Analogue Scale with Elderly Patients having Low Back Pain in Rural Areas”….Page.No- 01-08

Ashish W. Bele, Subrat N. Samal, Mohd. Irshad Qureshi, Ashvini Chinewar[Full Text PDF]

2 Studies on Development of Probioticated Coconut Water….Page.No- 09-17

Rachana Pachori, Disha Lahoti, Nikhilesh Kulkarni, Prithviraj Sadar[Full Text PDF]


Behavioral assessment of albino rats after oral ingestion of Catharanthus roseus aqueous leaf extract ….Page.No- 18-24

Baby Tabassum, Priya Bajajand Mohammad Hashim[Full Text PDF]


Hydro geochemistry and Water Quality Index to Assess Water Quality for Drinking Uses….Page.No-25-31

Vikas D. Umare[Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Nutrients of Soil Samples from Different Areas of Chandrapur (M.S.)….Page.No-32-36

V. D. Umare[Full Text PDF]

6 Climate and Water Quality….Page.No-37-45

Brilla Balsam.J[Full Text PDF]

7 A Study of Performance Evaluation of Mudra Bank in India….Page.No- 46-52

S. D. Talekar, Bharat Nayabrao Pimple [Full Text PDF]

8 “A Study of Decent Working Conditions of Women Domestic Workers”….Page.No-53-61

Prakash Yadao Khillare, Madhulika Ajay Sonawane,[Full Text PDF]


Challenges and Issues Faced by Entrepreneurs and Small Medium Enterprises in Uttarakhand, India….Page.No- 62-71

Shalini Choudhary, J. P. Singh, Tejvir Singh Tomar[Full Text PDF]


Make-In-India and Skill Development Programmes have Made India on Fast Treck….Page.No-72-78

S.K.S. Yadav[Full Text PDF]

11 Human Resource Development and Diversity to Manage….Page.No- 79-90

T.S. Tomar [Full Text PDF]

12 Marital Status and Investment Preferences….Page.No-91-98

Surekha Rana, Vibha[Full Text PDF]


Adhesive Capsulitis Management – Comparative Study between Manual Mobilization and Adhesive Exercises.….Page.No-99-130

Hanuman Sigh[Full Text PDF]

14 Effective Leadership Behaviour: Building Sustainability Competency….Page.No-131-137

Usha C.[Full Text PDF]


The Relationship between Teacher’s Leadership, Personality and Cultural Values with Motivation of Healthy Life (Correlational Study At students of Sman 1 East Labuhanhaji, South Aceh)….Page.No-138-147

Khausar,[Full Text PDF]


The Effect of Cosmopoliteness, Innovativeness and Individual Modernity Through the People Understanding about Public Policy at Jakarta.….Page.No-148-156

Rahmatulloh[Full Text PDF]


The Correlation between Cohesiveness, Social Justice and Innovativeness with Quality of Life A 2016 Correlational Study from Fishermen of Kelapa Dua Island, Kepulauan Seribu Utara….Page.No-157-166

Moh. Balya Ali Sya’ban[Full Text PDF]


Factors Related To The Conduct Of Personnel Hygiene Garbage Management In Sub Tps Kramat Pela Kebayoran Baru Jakarta….Page.No- 167-177

Ikhwan Rida Wilti[Full Text PDF]


“Attitude towards Teaching among High School Teachers in relation to type of school, gender and locality- A Comparative Study”….Page.No-178-189

Anjum Ara Ahmad[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Achievement Motivation of Secondary School Students in relation to Locality and Medium….Page.No-190-196

N.L.Kalli, A.V.Bamagond[Full Text PDF]

21 Educational Deprivation of Child Labours in India….Page.No- 197-202

Neeti bhola[Full Text PDF]


Role of Religious education and Different Religions in Conservation and Maintenance of Environment….Page.No- 203-208

Hadiya Habib[Full Text PDF]

23 E-Learning and Education ….Page.No-209-214

Kavita Pandey[Full Text PDF]


Awareness and Understanding of Yoga and its Effect on Upper Primary School Students ….Page.No- 215-222

Osama Qamarand Ahrar Husain[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Constructivist Approach on Achievement in Mathematics of Eighth Grade Students….Page.No- 223-230

Pooja Walia,[Full Text PDF]


Strategies for Value Education among Teachers Imparting Value Education need of the Hour….Page.No- 231-234

Shriji Seth[Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Mental Toughness among High and Low Achievers of Competitive Athletes: A Comparative Study….Page.No-235-240

Rojina Azim, Badshah Ghosh[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of the selected anthropometric variables among the students of the Indo- Gangetic plain, Coastal and the Himalayan regions….Page.No-241-248

Thomas K.M, [Full Text PDF]


Effect of different sleeping time on women basketball players in relation to shooting skill performance….Page.No-249-255

Rakesh Malik, Neeru Malik[Full Text PDF]

30 An Analytical Study on Energy and Mobility Domains of Diabetic Patients ….Page.No-256-259

Manroop Singh[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Six Week Circuit Training Protocol on Selected Physical Fitness Variables of Kabaddi Players….Page.No-260-262

Manroop Singh[Full Text PDF]


A study of Aerobic Endurance among Judo Players and Wrestlers of Akola City….Page.No-263-265

Rajesh D. Chandrawanshi[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Neuroticism on Basic Human Virtues: With Reference to Elite and Sub-Elite Sports persons….Page.No-266-269

Deo Narayan, C.D. Agashe, Vivek Mishra[Full Text PDF]

34 Personality Traits of Adolescents in Relation to Family Climate….Page.No-270-274

Yashpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]

35 Portrayal of Heroism in Films and its Influence on Adolescents….Page.No-275-287

Angela Nayak[Full Text PDF]


Women Rights: with Special Reference of Challenges Facing Women in Present Society….Page.No-288-300

Shikha Anand[Full Text PDF]


Unified Struggle of the Community in the Face of Disaster: A Study of Sense-Making of Disaster….Page.No-301-308

Sucharita Maji[Full Text PDF]

38 Ethiopianism Principles….Page.No-309-315

Teshome Abera[Full Text PDF]


Asserting Identity of Deities for Building Acounteridentity of Musahar-A Study on Deities of Musahar Community in Varanasi District….Page.No-316-322

Thomas. M. J[Full Text PDF]