Volume-07, Sept 2017 Special Issue (01) [GLOBAL SCIENCE CONGRESS ON : Emerging Trends in Basic and Applied Sciences May 17 to 20, 2017]

Volume-07, Sept 2017 Special Issue (01)  / ISSN 2249-9598

GLOBAL SCIENCE CONGRESS ON : Emerging Trends in Basic and Applied Sciences May 17 to 20, 2017

Organized and Hosted by Global Society for Basic and Applied Sciences, India

Total Research Papers: 20

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Name of The Research Paper

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Editor Board / Advisory Board for GLOBAL SCIENCE CONGRESS ON Emerging Trends in Basic and Applied Sciences May 17 to 20, 2017[Full Text PDF]

Global Society for Basic and Applied Science (GSBAS)[Full Text PDF]

Energy Efficiency of Internet of Things for Indoor Illumination systems….Page.No- 01-05

Jayashri A. Bangali[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis of 1-Phenyl-3-Substituted-2,6-Dithio-4-Amino-[(2-Phenyl- Thiocarbamido)-1,3-Benzothiazolo]-1,3,5-Triazine And Their Effects on Germination Pattern of Sorghum vulgare….Page.No- 06-09

K.S.Panpaliya, D.T.Tayade, R.S.Shaikh, A.N.Thakare[Full Text PDF]


Ph-Metric Measurements of Picolinic Acid with Transition Metal Ions At 0.1 M Ionic Strength….Page.No- 10-12

Faozia Mansoor, Maqdoom Farooqui [Full Text PDF]


Novel Synthesis of 2-[2-Hydroxy-5-(2-Substitutedimino-4-Ethyl- Imino-1,3,5-Dithiazin-6-Yl)]Aminophenylindoles….Page.No-13-16

D.T.Tayade, R.D.Isankar[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis of Natural Dye Nano particles and its Analysis….Page.No-17-21

Rucha R. Khadke, Kanad. A. Ghaisas, Siddesh. B. Thorat, A. S. Goswami-Giri[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Air Pollution Tolerance & Performance Index of Some Plants Growing in an Industrial Area….Page.No-22-31

Aasawari A.Tak, Umesh B.Kakde[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis and Characterisation of Polythiophene and (Manganese) Mn Doped Polythiophene Thin Films by Chemical Bath Deposition.….Page.No- 32-35

R.S.Futane [Full Text PDF]


Enzymatic Activities of Aerobic Bacteria Isolated from Gastrointestinal Tract of Toad, Bufo bufo (L)….Page.No-36-41

Shrihari Ashok Pingle, Suyog Annasaheb Rahane[Full Text PDF]


Influence of NaCl Salinity on the Photosynthetic Pigments of Crotalaria L. Species….Page.No- 42-46

Pratima S. Kadam[Full Text PDF]

10 Biological Indices to Depict the Water Quality Status….Page.No-47-53

Minakshi N. Gurav, Madhuri K. Pejaver[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Endosulfan on Glycogen and Protein Content of Gastropod Laevicaulis Alte….Page.No-54-64

D.B. Goswami[Full Text PDF]


Dust Mite Fauna from Poultry Farm, Culture Medium (Fungus) and Wheat Flour….Page.No-65-68

Vaishali M. Bansod, Sunita N. Borde[Full Text PDF]

13 Nutrition Intervention for Women Living with HIV.….Page.No-69-79

Yardi Veena.Mandalika S [Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Fresh Water Sponges Lacustris as Pollution Indicator ….Page.No-80-83

D.N.Shinde [Full Text PDF]

15 Heavy Metal Toxicity and Human Health: A Review….Page.No-84-87

C.L.Patil, D.N.Shindeand R.P.Chavan[Full Text PDF]

16 Behaviour Study of Aegle Marmelos Phytochemicals.….Page.No-88-93

Jagdish Kudav, Milind Pawar, Anita S. Goswami-Giri[Full Text PDF]


Butterfly Biodiversity of Ismail Yusuf Campus….Page.No-94-100

Manisha N. Kulkarni , Aparna Ashok Ghadi, Saimamurtuza Khan[Full Text PDF]


Study of Impacts of Consumer Reviews and Star Rating on Buyer’s Decision Process….Page.No- 101-108

Malkar Vinod Ramchandra, Linta Susan Daniel[Full Text PDF]


Efficacy of Fungi Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana against the Larval Growth of the Aedes aegypti….Page.No-109-112

 Ravindra V. Kshirsagar[Full Text PDF]


Studies on Evaluation of Bivoltine Hybrid of Bombyx Mori L. For Cocoon Productivity in Nontraditional Region of Pune Division, Maharashtra State….Page.No-113-116

Ramprakash, Ravindrav.Kshirsagar and V. Shivprasad[Full Text PDF]


Volume-07 / Issue- 05 / Sept-Oct 2017


Volume-07 / Issue- 05 / Sept-Oct 2017 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 32

                                                                       Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Visual Field Changes with Coloured Cosmetic (Semi –Opaque) Soft Contact Lenses: A Pilot Study….Page.No- 01-12

Kamal Pant[Full Text PDF]


Solid Waste Management in Ranchi: The Junk then2000 and now 2016….Page.No- 13-18

Ajay Kumar Srivastava[Full Text PDF]

3 Geographical, Climatic and Vegetation Diversity in the Himalayas….Page.No- 19-22

Renu Joshi [Full Text PDF]

4 Role of Mass Media in Climate Change Awareness Program….Page.No-23-28

Ahirrao S.D and Kirtane R.V[Full Text PDF]


Long term analysis of Temperature Extremes over Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, India (1951-2013)….Page.No- 29-40

Manu Raj Sharma[Full Text PDF]


E-Governance In Banking Sector – A Revolution In  Commercial Transactions….Page.No-41-49

S. Kandasamy[Full Text PDF]


Banking Habits of Account Holders Under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) -A Review of Literature….Page.No- 50-58

Manoranjan Bhuyan, Jitendra Mohanty[Full Text PDF]


Problem Face by the Corporate Women Leaders with Special Reference to “Queen Bee Syndrome”….Page.No-59-65

Sushama rajeev Hasabnis[Full Text PDF]


Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study of Jayam and Bejon Desai foundation….Page.No- 66-74

Sushama rajeev Hasabnis[Full Text PDF]


Academic and Administrative Audit: Need of Quality in Higher Education System….Page.No-75-79

Divya Raj[Full Text PDF]


Study of Depression of Adolescents in Relation to their Emotional Intelligence….Page.No-80-86

Mukesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Educational Adjustment of Adolescents in Relation to their Parental Encouragement….Page.No-87-93

Sarvjeet Kaur[Full Text PDF]


A Study Of Internship In Teaching/SEP/Practice Teaching/Field-Based Experience Of Four Year Integrated B.Ed. Programme.….Page.No-94-98

Siddharth Shukla [Full Text PDF]


The Problems of Secondary School Teachers towards Teaching Mathematics….Page.No-99-103

T.J.M.S. Raju[Full Text PDF]


Academic Performance and their differential Income Status An Associational Study among School Children….Page.No-104-112

V.Venkateswarlu, Ch. Srivani[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Using Word Games in Teaching English Language Vocabulary among Upper Primary Students.….Page.No-113-117

K.S.Haritha, N. Kalai Arasai[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Specific Training Programme on Triceps Thickness among University Hockey Players….Page.No-118-122

Baljit Singh Sekhon[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Slow Continuous Run Speed Continuous Run and Extensive Interval Run Training on 1500 Meters Performance of Post Adolescence Boys….Page.No- 123-128

D.Sakthignanavel[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Adjustment Level among the Sports Person of Different Content Games….Page.No-129-133

Mahesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Aggressive among the Sports Person of Different Non- Content Games….Page.No- 134-139

Mahesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Grip Strength and Co-Ordination between Cricket and Handball Players….Page.No- 140-142

Manroop Singh[Full Text PDF]

22 Holistic Health and Psychological Wellness through Meditation….Page.No- 143-146

Geeta Sharma[Full Text PDF]

23 Impact of Selected Yogic Asanas on the Flexibility of Male Judokas….Page.No- 147-149

Chetan Sharma[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study Of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Of Female Science Students From Sports And Non-Sports Background….Page.No- 150-158

Pawan Kumar, Anil Bali, Lalit Kapur[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Exercise and Sports with the Relation of Level of Adjustment and Self-Concept among Players….Page.No- 159-168

Mrmohammad Imran Zahoor Hasan[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Six Week Specific Training on Jump Shot Performance of Female Basketball Players….Page.No- 169-172

Neha Kureel, Birendra Jhajharia[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Speed and Agility among the three different levels of School Athletes….Page.No- 173-176

Uday N. Manjre[Full Text PDF]

28 A Study of Population Structure of Nandurbar District, M.S., India….Page.No- 177-181

Nitinkumar M. Patil[Full Text PDF]

29 Legal Analysis of Uniform Civil Code in India….Page.No- 182-190

Kalpana V. Jawale[Full Text PDF]


Democracy and Women Participation in Politics – Issues and Challenges….Page.No- 191-204

S. Kandasamy[Full Text PDF]


Enhanced Listening Comprehension through Computer Assisted Language Learning….Page.No- 205-217

N.Surya Raghavendra[Full Text PDF]

32 A Case Study on Flood Erosion and Displacement in Majuli….Page.No- 218-229

Rajib Das[Full Text PDF]