Volume-07, Sept 2017 Special Issue (02)


Volume-07, Sept 2017 Special Issue (02) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 40

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Management of Elm Bark Beetle, Scolytus Kashmirensis Schedl Infesting Elm Trees(Ulmus Species) in Kashmir….Page.No- 01-13

Zareena Mohi Ud Din,  Nadlal Sharma,  Anil Viyas[Full Text PDF]

2 Role of Listening Skills in Enhancing Professional Communication….Page.No- 14-25

Vandita Sharma[Full Text PDF]

3 New Paradigms in Health Sciences Research….Page.No- 26-28

R.S Bharatwaj[Full Text PDF]


Geographic Perspective on Location of Headquarters of General Purpose Administrative Areas in Punjab….Page.No-29-40

Harbans Singh[Full Text PDF]

5 Trends of Population Growth in Nashik  District: A Spatial Analysis….Page.No-41-47

Bhamare Vinayak N.[Full Text PDF]

6 Development of Indian Home Loan Industry….Page.No-48-55

B.C.M.Patnaik, Ipseeta Satpathy, Nihar Ranjan Samal[Full Text PDF]


Satisfaction of the Employees towards the Attitude of the Management: A Study of the Pharmaceutical Industry.….Page.No- 56-64

Kulwant Singh Pathania, Neelam Kumarib[Full Text PDF]


Role of Regulated Markets in Agricultural Marketing Sector, Post the Enactment of Model Apmc Act in 2003: Special Reference to State of Maharashtra….Page.No-65-80

Nirmala Chavan[Full Text PDF]


Customers Attitude and Perception towards Tata Sky DTH a Study in Jalgaon City….Page.No- 81-86

Pavitra Patil[Full Text PDF]


Technology and E-Banking Payments in State Bank of India and Karnataka Bank Limited….Page.No-87-97

Veena K.P, Shilpa D.[Full Text PDF]


A Descriptive Study on Compensation Management in Unorganised Sector- Stone Crushing Industries in Hassan District….Page.No-98-117

Ramesha V[Full Text PDF]

12 GST: Is it Great Relief to Common Man?….Page.No-118-124

Sushama Rajeev Hasabnis[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Factors Affecting to Establish Rural Entrepreneurial Activities.….Page.No-125-133

Meera.H.N [Full Text PDF]

14 Small-Scale Industries in India: Causes of Sickness….Page.No-134-146

Sangappa V.Mamanshetty[Full Text PDF]


Attitudes of University Students towards Non-Native English Speaking International Teachers….Page.No-147-160

Longjam Premi[Full Text PDF]

16 Educational Robotics in Teaching Learning Process.….Page.No-161-168

Igona Gorakhnath, Jubilee Padmanabhan[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Hemispherical Preference of Adolescents on their History Performance….Page.No-169-174

Mukesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Attitude of Secondary Teachers towards Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation CCE….Page.No- 175-182

Jaya Dimri, Geeta Khanduri[Full Text PDF]

19 District wise Analysis of Agriculture Sector in Rajasthan, India….Page.No-183-191

Sapna Newar[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Emotional Intelligence of Teachers Working at Secondary Level….Page.No-192-209

G.Susmitha, G.Lokanadha Reddy[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Social Competence of Male and Female Pupils at Secondary Level in Malda District of West Bengal….Page.No-210-216

Md. Mohidur Rahaman[Full Text PDF]

22 Blended Learning: An Insight to the Challenges and their Solutions….Page.No-217-222

Asha Kaushik[Full Text PDF]


Well-Being of Government and Private School Students in Relation to Locus of Control and Gender….Page.No-223-231

Priya Jindal, Avninder Preet Singh[Full Text PDF]

24 Service Learning: An Experiment and Reflections….Page.No-232-236

S K Bawa, Sesadeba Pany, Richa Arora[Full Text PDF]


Learning Management System – Moodle: Impact on Teacher Educators….Page.No-237-244

Uttara Deolankar[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Time Management Skill and Decision Making Skill in Youth and Sport Offices of Mekelle and Central Zones in Tigrai Regional State….Page.No-245-255

Shishay Weldeslassie, S Shasrani,Anddr.Soumitra Mondal[Full Text PDF]


An Analytical Study of Parental Support towards Participation in Physical Education and Sports in India….Page.No-256-261

Arnab Ray[Full Text PDF]


Study of Body Composition Belonging to the Different Economic Status Schools….Page.No-262-273

Sajaz Ahmad Dar [Full Text PDF]


Study of Lifestyle Assessment of the Police Constables from Anantnag City….Page.No-274-278

Mukeem Manzoor[Full Text PDF]

30 Legal Protection to the Disabled in India….Page.No-279-289

Manpreet Kaur [Full Text PDF]

31 Motor Vehicle Act: Issues and Challenges in India….Page.No-290-301

Azad Singh [Full Text PDF]

32 Black Society as Discouraged Version of the White….Page.No-302-306

Kukatlapalli  Subbarayudu[Full Text PDF]

33 Galapagos: Is Human Accomplishment Worthwhile….Page.No-307-314

S.Suman Rajest, P. Suresh[Full Text PDF]

34 Vikram Seth’s Journey through the Golden Gate….Page.No-315-323

Shubha Mukherjee[Full Text PDF]


Postcolonial Indian Literature Word-War: A Reaction to the Imposed Western Aesthetics….Page.No-324-330

Sonu Lohat[Full Text PDF]


Democracy, Development and Its Challenges in India: An Overview….Page.No-331-337

Jayanta Kumar Dash, Ratnaprava Barik[Full Text PDF]


Functioning of Autonomous Administrative Areas of Northeast India: A Case Study of BTC Region of Assam….Page.No-338-347

Prakash Basumatary[Full Text PDF]

38 E-Resources and its Management in Libraries….Page.No-348-355

Hemlata S. Bonde[Full Text PDF]

39 Study of Sociology in India: Some Deliberative Challenges….Page.No-356-361

D. Rama Rao [Full Text PDF]


Use of Various Communication Media by Adolescents and Patterns of Communication….Page.No-362-364

Akash Deep[Full Text PDF]