Volume-08 / Jan 2018 Special Issue (01) [Conference : India and Indian Ocean: Past, Present and Future]

Volume-08 / Jan 2018 Special Issue (01) / ISSN 2249-9598

Conference : India and Indian Ocean: Past, Present and Future

Two Days ICSSR Sponsored

Organized and Hosted by Tolani College of Commerce in Association with Department of Geography, University of Mumbai and Society for Indian Ocean Studies (Mumbai Chapter)

Sponsored By: ICSSR

Date of Conference : Friday, the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd, September 2017

Total Research Papers: 13

                                                                         Table of contents

Sr.No                  Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

01] India and the Indian ocean Past, Present and Future with Reference to Maritime Trade ….Page.No- 01-08

J. Hemanth Kumar[Full Text PDF]

02] Vizhinjum India’s first Transshipment Port….Page.No- 09-15

Leena Nair [Full Text PDF]

03] Green Port Initiatives in India….Page.No- 16-22

Sachin. S. Pendse [Full Text PDF]

04] Indian Ports: Issues, Challenges, Measures….Page.No-23-30

Padmaja Ganpatye [Full Text PDF]

05] A Study on Ancient Ports and Submerged Sites along the Coast of Southern Tamilnadu….Page.No- 31-38

Sadhana Venkatesh [Full Text PDF]

06] Dutch East India Company….Page.No-39-44

Jayalakshmi Singh [Full Text PDF]

07] India’s Ocean – The Case for a Declared Monroe Doctrine….Page.No- 45-53

Varada Trivedi [Full Text PDF]

08] A Conceptual Study on the Role of Technology in Maritime Logistics in India….Page.No-54-60

Deepali Kamle [Full Text PDF]

09] Green Port the Way forward for Indian Ports….Page.No-61-66

Chandani Bhattacharjee [Full Text PDF]

10] Port Towns of Arikamedu and Pattanam: A Glimpse into the Ancient Maritime History of India….Page.No-67-74

Sukriti Singh & Swati Gosavi [Full Text PDF]

11] Change Detection Study of Western Coast of Mumbai….Page.No-75-80

Moushumi Datta [Full Text PDF]

12] Rise and Fall of Vengurla in 17th Century….Page.No-81-85
Dipesh Karmarkar[Full Text PDF]
13] Coastal Security in Mumbai Applicable Solutions Using GPS.….Page.No-86-90
Amrita Agrawal[Full Text PDF]


Volume-08 / Issue- 01 / Jan-Feb 2018

Volume-08 / Issue- 01 / Jan-Feb 2018 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 40                                                                      

                                                                 Table of contents

Sr.No                                    Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Braille Literacy in Kenya: Teachers’ Perceptions in Special Primary Schools for Learners with Visual Impairment….Page.No- 01-10

Chomba M. Wa Munyi, Margaret Murugami, Stephen Nzoka[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Buddhism Based Ethno-Ecological Environmentalism in Sikkim ….Page.No- 11-19

Lhanjey P. Bhutia[Full Text PDF]


Mixed Fibre Reinforced Concrete – Study of Strength and Behaviour….Page.No- 20-27

S. Vijaya Kumar, B. L. P Swami[Full Text PDF]

4 Application of Fuzzy Logic….Page.No-28-31

Surekha Thorat, shivaji Pansare[Full Text PDF]

5 On Integrodifferential Inequalities and Applications….Page.No- 32-37

S. G. Latpate[Full Text PDF]


Inversion of Forest Scenario in Santiniketan and Its Surroundings: A Study in the Discipline of Geography….Page.No-38-47

Jagannath Mondal[Full Text PDF]

7 “Problems faced by MSME’s in India”….Page.No- 48-54

Santosh Singh Bias, Ambresh Devargudi[Full Text PDF]


Identifying the Need for Pre-hospital in the Developing Cities : A Case Study in Chennai….Page.No-55-64

R. Seenivasan[Full Text PDF]


Facility distribution of Primary Healthcare Support in Jalpaiguri District: A Need Based Comparative Analysis….Page.No- 65-78

Subhasis Bhattacharya[Full Text PDF]

10 Funds Transfer: Pros and Cons….Page.No-79-82

B. M. Munde [Full Text PDF]

11 A Study of the Demonetization of India 2016….Page.No-83-88

Eknath Shankarrao Mundhe[Full Text PDF]


Migration for Better Health Support: A Study in Western Dooars of Jalpaiguri District….Page.No-89-109

Subhasis Bhattacharya[Full Text PDF]


Historical Development: Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act in India.….Page.No-110-117

B. D. Patil[Full Text PDF]


Analysis of Perception Successful Learners on Student Support Services: Indian Experience….Page.No-118-132

Anil K Dimri[Full Text PDF]

15 Co-operative Learning: Effective Strategy for Classroom Teaching….Page.No-133-137

Chandrakant Borase [Full Text PDF]


Impact of Family Environment, School Environment and Socio-Economic Status on Development of Life Skills among Adolescents.….Page.No-138-148

Mandeep Kaur, Aneet Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Peer Pressure and Global Adjustment of Secondary School Students- A Study on Gender Differences….Page.No-149-154

Debleena Kumar, Fuljhuri Basu[Full Text PDF]


Problems and Challenges of Inclusive Education for Students with Special Needs….Page.No- 155-162

Neena Dash [Full Text PDF]


Study on Reaction to Frustration among Teacher Trainees in Relation to Their Emotional Maturity….Page.No-163-176

Gaganjit Kaur [Full Text PDF]


A Study of Academic Achievement of Sr. Sec. School Students in Facebook Usage….Page.No- 177-181

Umender Malik, Rakesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Infrastructural Facilities at Anganwadi Centres under Integrated Child Development Services Scheme: Case study of Urban ICDS blocks of Amritsar District….Page.No- 182-192

Manisha Sharma, Navdeep Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Awareness of Parents of Typical Children towards Educational Inclusion in Elementary Schools….Page.No- 193-199

Neena Dash[Full Text PDF]

23 Effect of Home Language on Spelling in Odia….Page.No- 200-212

Santosh Kumar Patra [Full Text PDF]


Influence of Celebrity Endorsement on the consumer’s purchase decision among students….Page.No- 213-227

H.S. Anitha, Narendra.K,[Full Text PDF]


The Present Position of Teaching Mother Tongue (Odia) in Secondary Schools of Odisha : An Analysis….Page.No- 228-242

Santosh Kumar Patra[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Cognitive State Anxiety with Sprinters Performance….Page.No- 243-246

Ajit Singh Charag[Full Text PDF]


To Assess Personality Differences between Tribal and Non-tribal Soccer Players of Tripura ….Page.No- 247-253

Mukesh Mitra[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Varied Frequency Specific Training on Service Skill among Inter Zonal Volleyball Players….Page.No- 254-260

K. Tanigaikoumarane, R. Ram Mohan Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Elite Baseball Male Players on Anxiety and Self-Esteem….Page.No- 261-265

Prashant Kumar[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Elite Softball Male Players on Anxiety and Self-Esteem….Page.No- 266-270

Prashant Kumar[Full Text PDF]


An Analytical Study of Anxiety between school players and non-players of Ashram Shala Digras….Page.No- 271-274

Kadam R.M.[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Attitude of Senior Secondary School Students towards Physical Education….Page.No- 275-279

Neeraj Sheoran[Full Text PDF]


Selected Anthropometric Measurements and Motor Fitness Profiles of Inter-University Cricketers….Page.No- 280-285

Hilal Ahmad Malla[Full Text PDF]

34 Sexual Harassment Act: How far Effective?….Page.No- 286-297

Archana S. Gadekar[Full Text PDF]


An Analysis of Socio- Religious beliefs and practices as evident in Buddhist Jataka tales….Page.No- 298-302

Ravikumar. D[Full Text PDF]


The Dance of Shiva & Negotiating with the Dead: An Analysis of Indo-Canadian Art….Page.No- 303-307

V.Chanthiramathi, M.Mohanakannan[Full Text PDF]


Transformation of Culture and Identity in Chitra Banerjee  Divakaruni’s Sister of My Heart….Page.No- 308-312

Radhika V, Payel Dutta Chowdhury[Full Text PDF]

38 Ghosts of untouchability….Page.No- 313-317

Mahima Singh[Full Text PDF]

39 Stereotyping the Dalits in visual media ….Page.No- 318-323

Mahima Singh[Full Text PDF]


Arts and Science of Music Therapy with special emphasis to Classical Music….Page.No- 324-328

Praveen.K.R[Full Text PDF]