Volume-08 / Jan 2018 Special Issue (02)

Volume-08 / Jan 2018 Special Issue (02) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 59

                                                                     Table of contents

Sr.No                                                       Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1    Some Considerations of Five Dimensional P- Space-Time….Page.No- 01-06
S. R. Gomkar, G. P. Urkude , J  K  Jumale[Full Text PDF]
2    Fuzzy Approach; Interval Transportation Problem….Page.No- 07-13
Bodkhe S. G[Full Text PDF]
3    Avifaunal Diversity of Nagrala Lake of Bhadrawati Tehsil in Chandrapur District, Maharashtra State, India….Page.No- 14-20
Bhute, K. B, Harney, N.V[Full Text PDF]
4    Effect of Leaf Extract of Morus Albaon Angiogenesis Bychorio Allontoic Membrane Assay Cam in Chick….Page.No-21-27
K.J.Kamble and R.S.Dubal[Full Text PDF]
5    FPGA Based DAFIR Equripple Filter for ECG Signal Filtering….Page.No- 28-33
Priyanka B. Patil[Full Text PDF]
6    Study of Anthropometric Measurement of Adult Male, Female of Schizophrenic Patients in Raipur Districts….Page.No-34-36
Anjuli Mishra  [Full Text PDF]
7    Assessment of Clinical Parameter of Eyes, Tongue, Teeth, Gums of Schizophrenic Patient of Raipur Districts….Page.No- 37-40
Anjuli Mishra [Full Text PDF]
8    Study of Anthropometric Measurement of Adolescents Girls, Boys of       Schizophrenic Patients in Raipur Districts ….Page.No-41-43
Anjuli Mishra[Full Text PDF]
9    Study the Carbohydrate Consumption of Adult Male Female And Adolescents’ Boys Girls Schizophrenic Patient In Raipur District ….Page.No- 44-46
Anjuli Mishra [Full Text PDF]
10    Spatio-Temporal Variation of Density of Population in Haveri District Karnataka a Geographical Analysis….Page.No-47-52
D.K.Kamble[Full Text PDF]
11    Spatial Analysis of Rainfall Pattern and Wells  Irrigation Density in Nashik District Maharashtra….Page.No-53-57
Dhanraj k. Ahire[Full Text PDF]
12    A Geographical Study of attractiveness and Efficiency of Market centres in Daund Taluka, Pune District, Maharashtra….Page.No-58-63
Durgade D.J [Full Text PDF]
13    A Case Study of Rice Crop in GIS Accordance Application of Geographical Information System of Trimbakeshwar Tehsil.….Page.No-64-71
Santosh Tukaram Jadhav[Full Text PDF]
14    Solar Energy Development in India: an Approach towards Sustainability….Page.No-72-79
Nibu Varghese[Full Text PDF]
15    Higher Education in Karnataka: Growth of Commerce Education….Page.No-80-85
Ravi C.S[Full Text PDF]
16    “A Revolutionary Approach: Green Marketing”.….Page.No-86-91
B. D. Patil[Full Text PDF]
17    Ethical Practices of Employees in BHEL, Haridwar….Page.No-92-100
T.S. Tomar [Full Text PDF]
18    Consumers Perception towards Online Buying of Electronic Goods….Page.No- 101-109
G. Syamala, Tejaswini Shevate[Full Text PDF]
19    A Study of Ethical Leadership Qualities and Responsibilities of the Leaders in the New Millennium….Page.No-110-115
Vaishali Nadkarni, Rajeshwary G[Full Text PDF]
20    An Empirical Analysis on Investment Management of Insurance Company: A Case Study of Life Insurance Corporation LIC….Page.No- 116-129
Liji Panda, Snigdharani Panda[Full Text PDF]
21    A Study of Consumers Attitude towards Organized Retail Stores….Page.No- 130-138
Vaishali Nadkarni,  Rajeshwary  G[Full Text PDF]
22    Effect of Public Distribution System on Financial Management of Households….Page.No- 139-153
Dhananjay S. Kamble[Full Text PDF]
23    An Empirical Study of Corporate Governance Practices in Selected Indian Industrial Sectors….Page.No- 154-166
Anu Jain, Hema Gupta[Full Text PDF]
24    Chandrapur District: Impact of the Industrial Development on Agriculture….Page.No- 167-170
Pramod M. Wasake[Full Text PDF]
25    Spiritual Intelligence and Negative Emotional Reactions among Adolescent Students….Page.No- 171-179
S. Malathi, Beulah Chrysolyte Snekha[Full Text PDF]
26    Relationship between the Organizational Climate and Leadership Behavior of Principals at the Level of Secondary Schools….Page.No- 180-182
Manju Mishra[Full Text PDF]
27    Educational Revolution through Open Educational Resources : A Study of   IGNOU….Page.No- 183-187
Prakash Annasaheb Deshmukh[Full Text PDF]
28    Perception of Resource Persons on in-Service Training Programmes in Himachal Pradesh….Page.No- 188-198
Madhu Bala, Prabha Jishtu[Full Text PDF]
29    A Study on the Academic Achievement and Home Climate of Tribal Students in Nilgiri District….Page.No- 199-204
T.Thamayanthi Rani, T.Kanagaraj[Full Text PDF]
30    Language Proficiency of Students in English at the Secondary Stage….Page.No- 205-216
Santosh Kumar Patra[Full Text PDF]
31    A Study on Problems of Reading Ability of Primary School Students in English….Page.No- 217-243
Santosh Kumar Patra[Full Text PDF]
32    Educational Status of Tribal Children in Ekalavya Model Residential Schools in English Language: Strengths, Concerns and Challenges of Implementation ….Page.No- 244-250
Neena Dash[Full Text PDF]
33    Women Improvement through Distance Education in India with Special  Reference to YCMOU….Page.No- 251-255
Prakash A. Deshmukh [Full Text PDF]
34    Comparative Study of Some Selected Anthropometric Measurement and Physical Fitness of Judo Kaas and Karate Kaas of Ludhiana District….Page.No- 256-264
Kuldeep Chand[Full Text PDF]
35    Effect of Om Chanting and Pranayama on Triglyceride Level of Obese Pre-Diabetic Male and Female….Page.No- 265-269
Pradeep Kumar Dubey[Full Text PDF]
36    Effect of Om Chanting and Pranayama on Cholesterol Level of Obese Prediabeteic Male and Female….Page.No- 270-275
Pradeep Kumar Dubey[Full Text PDF]
37    Knowledge of Narcotic and its use among Sports Persons in Maharashtra….Page.No- 276-284
Mayur M. Shinde, T. K. Bera[Full Text PDF]
38    A Comparative Study of Emotional Maturity among Football and Hockey Players….Page.No- 285-289
Mohmad Iqbal Para, Zahoor Ahmad Mir[Full Text PDF]
39    Selected Motor Variables and Anthropometric Characteristics as a Predictor of Hundred Meter Sprint Performance….Page.No- 290-297
Ramesh Chand Yadav, Sujay bisht[Full Text PDF]
40    Aggression in Kho-Kho Players and Kabaddi Players of Daulat Ram College: A Comparative Study….Page.No- 298-302
Kavita Sharma[Full Text PDF]
41    Impact of Tabata Training on Selected Motor Fitness Variables of  Handball Players….Page.No- 303-307
Sandeep Kumar P.S,  K. Jothi[Full Text PDF]
42    Effect of Quickness Training on Mental Toughness and Arousal of Sprinters….Page.No- 308-312
Balaji Pandurangan, Jothi[Full Text PDF]
43    A Comparative Study of Speed between Athletes and Non-Athletes of Himachal Pradesh State….Page.No- 313-314
Jyoti Prakash, Ramesh Chand Kanwer[Full Text PDF]
44    A Comparative of Depression between Sports Players and Non Sports Players of Nagpur….Page.No- 315-317
Janardan Roy Pramanik,  Sukhdev Biswas[Full Text PDF]
45    Scientific Content Analysis of Anonymous Letters received by Mumbai Police: A Research Study….Page.No- 318-323
Meenal Makhija, S. S. Nathawat and S.L. Vaya[Full Text PDF]
46    A Study on Acid Victim Women in Karnataka….Page.No- 324-331
Ravikumara E, C.D.Venkatesh[Full Text PDF]
47    A Morphometric Approach in Prioritization of Sub-Watersheds of the Kuttiadi River Basin, Kerala….Page.No- 332-338
Sumesh.K, P.K.Vijayan[Full Text PDF]
48    Afghanistan’s Role in Regional Stability a Game Changer….Page.No- 339-351
Santhosh Mathew[Full Text PDF]
49    An Insight into Rabindranth Tagore’s Works, with Special References to his Contemporary Political, Social and Economic Issues….Page.No- 352-357
Ajay Thakan[Full Text PDF]
50    Mother – Daughter Relationships in Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters….Page.No- 358-361
A.Sasikala[Full Text PDF]
51    Reflection of Ethics and Human Values in William Goldings Lord of the Flies….Page.No- 362-365
Arun Murlidhar Jadhav[Full Text PDF]
52    The Mark of Vishnu: A Critical Study….Page.No- 366-368
Mariya Aslam[Full Text PDF]
53    Relations between the Mughals and the Safavid Dynasty….Page.No- 369-374
Alima  Naqvi[Full Text PDF]
54    Liberation of Women Religion Historical Study Age of Buddhism….Page.No- 375-379
M.Satyanarayana[Full Text PDF]
55    Museums as a Tourist Places in Hyderabad A Special Study….Page.No- 380-386
Jayaram Gollapudi[Full Text PDF]
56    Experiences of women freedom fighters in Dist. Kolhapur in Maharashtra….Page.No- 387-389
Jadhav M. A.[Full Text PDF]
57    Gender Stratification : A Sociological Analysis….Page.No- 390-395
Suchitra Sharma, Amarnath Sharma[Full Text PDF]
58    Bonjour! The Post Truth Politics….Page.No- 396-404
Iftekhar Ahmed Ansari[Full Text PDF]
59    Comparative study of emotional intelligence between male sports person and non sports person….Page.No- 405-407
Hilala Ahmad Malla[Full Text PDF]