Volume-08 / Mar 2018 Special Issue


Volume-08 / Mar 2018 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 44

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Variability of Essential Oils in Thirteen Populations of Origanum vulgare subs. hirtum Collected in Albania….Page.No- 01-08

Najada Kadiasi, Rea Tako and Alban Ibraliu[Full Text PDF]


The role of Isolation Distance of Mating Disruption Pheromones against Grape Moth (Lobesia botrana. Schiff.)….Page.No- 09-13

Alban Isufi, Ejup Çota[Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Physic-Chemical Features of the Main Coastal Lagoons    of Narta and Karavasta, in Albania….Page.No- 14-26

Elvin Çomo, Albana Hasimi, Bledar Murtaj, Jakup Hoxhaj, Bashkim Lushaj[Full Text PDF]


Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of Methanol and Aqueous Extracts of Euphorbia Hirta L.  against Gram Positive Bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus ….Page.No-27-31

Indu Kumari [Full Text PDF]


Antibacterial Activity of Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Aqueous Extracts of Euphorbia Hirta L.  against Human Bacteria Escherichia Coli ….Page.No- 32-35

Indu Kumari[Full Text PDF]


Avifaunal Diversity of Ghodpeth Lake of Bhadrawati Tehsil in Chandrapur District, Ms, India….Page.No-36-41

Khaparde, P. I, Harney, N.V[Full Text PDF]


Aquatic Insect Diversity of Ghodpeth Lake near Bhadrawati of Chandrapur District (M.S.), India….Page.No- 42-46

Khaparde, P. I and Harney, N.V[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Time and Colchicine on the Mitotic Index of Zanthoxylumarmatumroxb….Page.No-47-53

Shalabh Gupta, Anil Kumar, Ajay Kumar Paliwal[Full Text PDF]


Mutagenic Studies of Male Meiosis in Chromium Treated Accessions of Vigna Angularis….Page.No- 54-60

Anil Kumar, Shalabh Gupta[Full Text PDF]


Planktonic Variations in Lotic Waters of River Saryu and Ganga at Saran District, Bihar, India….Page.No-61-72

Kumari Uma, Prashant Kumar, Ragini Mishra, Dhruv Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]


Ground Water Depletion And Its Impact On Socio Economic Settings, A Case Study From Nedumpana Panchayat Kollam District, Kerala….Page.No-73-77

Resna Reghu[Full Text PDF]

12 Water Table Fluctuation, A Case Study from Kollam District….Page.No-78-82

Resna Reghu[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Psychological Well Being of College Students in Relation to their Gender.….Page.No-83-90

Ruby Rani[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Marketable Surplus and Price Spread of Cucumber Crop under Protected Cultivation in Himachal Pradesh: A Case Study of Hamirpur District….Page.No-91-102

K. C. Sharma, Anjna Kumari[Full Text PDF]


Factor Effecting the Production and Resource Use Efficiency of Tomato Crop under Protected Cultivation: A Case Study of Hamirpur District….Page.No-103-113

Anjna Kumari[Full Text PDF]

16 Women Empowerment and Challenge: An over View.….Page.No-114-119

Sangappa V.Mamanshetty[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of the Promise and Reality of Community Radio in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab….Page.No-120-125

Mahender Singh [Full Text PDF]

18 Digital Printing ….3d Printing….the Path  Ahead…….Page.No- 126-131

Sulakshana V. Chavan, Ravindra B. Teli[Full Text PDF]


Postcolonial Reading of Ayi Kwei Armah’s The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born….Page.No-132-136

Madhuri Vishwanath Bite, Pradnya V. Ghorpade[Full Text PDF]

20 Rooting the Rootless in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies….Page.No- 137-142

Alyas Ahmed Wani [Full Text PDF]

21 Identity Crisis in Wife….Page.No- 143-147

Gharge Sunita Sunil[Full Text PDF]


The Ethos of Revival and Re-Awakening in the Select Plays of William Shakespeare….Page.No- 148-154

Harcharan Singh Arora[Full Text PDF]


Consciousness of Cultural Alienation Due to Linguistic Alienation in the Poetry of Meena Alexander….Page.No- 155-159

Ujwala Vijay Patil[Full Text PDF]


Blended Learning: an Advanced Instructional Strategy to Deal with the Problems of ADHD….Page.No- 160-166

Rajni Gupta[Full Text PDF]

25 Quality in Teacher Education Today….Page.No- 167-172

Piku Chowdhury[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study on Physical Fitness Components between Residential and Non Residential High School Boys of Channagiri Taluk Davanagere District….Page.No- 173-177

Pooja M, Satyanarayana L. H, Nagaraja y[Full Text PDF]


Teaching Competency of Pupil Teachers is Respect to their Emotional Intelligence….Page.No- 178-181

Avinash Pandey[Full Text PDF]


Voice Controlled Wheelchair for Improving Performance of Disabled Players….Page.No- 182-187

Amaljith B Nair, G. Nallavan[Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Maximal Aerobic Power of Tribal Adolescent of Bardwan Division of West Bengal….Page.No- 188-197

Badshah Ghosh, Sirsendu Maity[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Personality as A Socio-Psychological Differential among Team Sports Person in Some Selected Games….Page.No- 198-202

Jitender Thakur[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Socio-Economic Status among Kerala and Andhra Pradesh South Zone Inter University Volleyball Male Players….Page.No- 203-206

Prasad. M [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Socio-Economic Status among Kerala and Tamilnadu South Zone Inter University Volleyball Male Players….Page.No- 207-210

Prasad M [Full Text PDF]


Speed Endurance and Explosive Leg Strength with Physical Fitness: A Relationship Study….Page.No- 211-214

Sunita B. John, Ajay Kumar, Joseph Singh[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Selected Anthropometric Measurements and Physical Fitness with Playing Ability of Basketball Players….Page.No- 215-218

Satish S. Bhagwat[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Socio-Economic Status among Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu South Zone Inter University Volleyball Male Players….Page.No- 219-222

Prasad. M  [Full Text PDF]


A Study of health Related Physical Fitness between Rural and Urban School going Children of Maharashtra State….Page.No- 223-225

Naresh Ambadasji Bhoyer[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Self Esteem of  Physical Education Teachers and  Other  Subject Teachers….Page.No- 226-228

Dinesh Kumar Kimta[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Motor Fitness Components between Kabbadi and Badminton players of Nagpur Maharashtra….Page.No- 229-231

Yogesh Patil, Virandra K Jumde[Full Text PDF]


Information and Communication Technology for Women’s Empowerment….Page.No-232-238

C D Venkatesh[Full Text PDF]


Study to identify the Somatic and Affective Symptoms of Postmenopausal   Women in Raipur City….Page.No- 239-242

Kiran Raghuwanshi, Vasu Verma[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Demographic and Socio-economic Profile of Slum and Non-slum Dwellers in Amritsar City….Page.No- 243-251

Gurinder Kaur[Full Text PDF]

42 Military Leadership….Page.No- 252-262

Rajeev Bargoti, Shubham Tomar[Full Text PDF]


Sexual Harassment against Women Employees at Private Sector in Uttar Pradesh – an Empirical Analysis….Page.No- 263-267

Vandana Sharma, Ramesh Tripathi[Full Text PDF]


The Oil Balance in India and the Implications for the Arab Oil Exporting Countries….Page.No- 268-301

Zaid Ali Zaid Al-Atwi, Syeda Rukhsana Tabasum[Full Text PDF]