Volume-08 / Apr 2018 Special Issue [“Advances in Operations Research and Mathematical Sciences (AORMS-2018)”]


Volume-08 / Apr 2018 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Two Days National Conference “Advances in Operations Research and Mathematical Sciences  (AORMS-2018)” Organized and Hosted by Vardhaman College, Bijnor (U.P.) India in Association with Operational Research Society of India (Meerut Chapter)

Date of Conference : 24-25 Feb, 2018

Total Research Papers: 15

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Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Secure Data Communication Using Quantum Cryptography….Page.No- 01-05

Yogendra Kumar, Madan Pal[Full Text PDF]


Machine Repair Problem with Additional Repairman and Mixed Standbys….Page.No- 06-11

Naresh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


An Inventory Model for Decaying Items with Ramp Type Demand and Backlogging Under Inflation….Page.No- 12-25

Anubha Goyal [Full Text PDF]


The Role of Fuzzy Expert System in the Medical Field: A Fuzzy Approach….Page.No-26-32

 Dipa Sharma, Preetpal singh[Full Text PDF]


Measuring the Impact of Supply Chain Management on Financial Performance of Apollo Tyres Ltd….Page.No- 33-45

 K.R. Jain[Full Text PDF]

6 A Study of Bulk Queues under Poisson Process….Page.No-46-53

Mohd. Nazim, G.R. Naunyal, Naresh Kumar, Mukesh Chandra[Full Text PDF]


Derivation of Newton’s law of motion from Kepler’s law’s of planetary motion….Page.No- 54-58

Rajni[Full Text PDF]


An Eoq Model with Ramp Type Demand Rate, Two Parameter Weibull Distribution Deterioration and Shortages with Partial Backlogging and Credit Period….Page.No-59-78

Pankaj Aggrawal, Tarun Jeet Singh[Full Text PDF]

9 Studies on Minimization Procedures Using Derivatives….Page.No- 79-82

Shivom Sharma, Arif Nadeem[Full Text PDF]

10 Bayes factor: A calculus of Evidence….Page.No-83-89

Akshika Rastogi, Vineeta Verma[Full Text PDF]

11 Various Vedic Mathematic Techniques for Calculations….Page.No-90-97

Yogita[Full Text PDF]


Two-Warehouse Inventory Model with Time Dependent Demand and Partial Backlogging….Page.No-98-108

Kamal Kumar, Neeraj Kumar and Sanjey Kumar[Full Text PDF]


An Inventory Model for Decaying Items with Multivariate Demand in Inflationary Environment.….Page.No-109-119

S K Shon, Megha Sharma[Full Text PDF]


A  Supply Chain Production Inventory Model for Deteriorating Products with Stock Dependent Demand and Partial Backlogging….Page.No-120-133

S K Shon, Vinesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]

15 Quasi xG- Normal Spaces and x-Closed Sets….Page.No-134-142

Hamant kumar[Full Text PDF]