Volume-08 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2018


Volume-08 / Issue- 04 / July-Aug 2018 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 53

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Name of The Research Paper

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1 Quantity & Quality of Essential Oils in Albanian Ecotypes of Sage….Page.No- 01-06

Mato Arqilea, Mero Gjergji, Bardhi Nikoll[Full Text PDF]


Preservation of Sage Natural Resources and the Opportunity for Its Cultivation….Page.No- 07-14

Mato Arqilea, Mero Gjergji, Bardhi Nikoll[Full Text PDF]


Discrete Heat Equation for Thin Plate And Medium by Second Order Fibonacci Difference Operator….Page.No- 15-21

G. Britto Antony Xavier, S.John Borg, S.Jaraldpushparaj[Full Text PDF]

4 Detection of Staphylococcus aureus using Lab-On-Chip Devices….Page.No-22-29

Anushree Lokur[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis and antimicrobial screening of novel 2-(5-{4-[1-aza-2-(4-chlorophenyl)vinyl]phenyl}(1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-ylthio))-N-arylacetamides derivatives….Page.No- 30-42

Yogesh M Rupala, N C Desai[Full Text PDF]


RP-UPLC Method Development and Validation for the Quantitative Determination of Lurasidone Hydrochloride….Page.No-43-55

Santosh T. Khadangale, Vitthal M. Dhalape, and Rahul V. Pinjari[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Heavy Metal Zinc on the Biochemical Changes in Freshwater Fish Gonoproktopterus kolus (Sykes)….Page.No- 56-70

Karanjkar D. M. and V. Y. Deshpande[Full Text PDF]


Study on the Source of Some Wild Threatened Ethno-Medicinal Plant Species as Therapy of Diverse Human Diseases in Simaiya Province of Mandla District(M.P.)….Page.No-71-82

M. K. Thakur, K. P. Sahu and Satish Kumar Jhariya[Full Text PDF]

9 Study on Estrogen Hormone in Postmenopausal Women….Page.No- 83-85

Kiran Raghuwanshi, Vasu Verma [Full Text PDF]

10 A Study of Attitude of Nursing Staff towards BMW Practices….Page.No-86-92

Pooja Rani[Full Text PDF]


Awareness on Biomedical Waste Management among Nursing Staff: A Pilot Study of Government Hospitals of city Patiala….Page.No-93-98

Pooja Rani [Full Text PDF]

12 Digital Code Lock Using Arduino….Page.No-99-106

Sarthak Mehta[Full Text PDF]


Fabric Surface Smoothness Measurement via Newly Developed Smoothness Tester.….Page.No-107-114

M.S.Parmar, Nidhi Sisodia and Maheshwar Singh[Full Text PDF]


Comparative study of Kautily’s Arthshastra and Indian Economy in 21st century….Page.No-115-122

Sushama Rajeev Hasabnis[Full Text PDF]


Perception of Risk Management in Commercial Banks at Bengaluru Urban – A study….Page.No-123-133

M. Muniraju, R. Sarvamangala [Full Text PDF]


“Impact of Modern Technology on Operational Efficiency of Banks in India”.….Page.No-134-140

Kulwant Singh Pathania, Sheetal Grover[Full Text PDF]

17 Empirical Analysis of Indian and Chinese Economy….Page.No-141-148

Noaman khatib [Full Text PDF]


Analysis of Production and Productivity of Saffron Cultivation in Jammu and Kashmir….Page.No- 149-155

Tariq Ahmad Bhat, Nighat Mukhtar, Towseef Mohi ud din[Full Text PDF]


Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Response of Customers: An analysis….Page.No-156-166

Suchitra A, P.V.Basheer Ahammed[Full Text PDF]


Analysing Online Shopping Behaviour of Consumers in Himachal Pradesh….Page.No- 167-176

Patiyal Tanvi and Verma O.P[Full Text PDF]


The concept of ‘Quality’ and the role of IQAC in Higher Education in India: A Case study of Bankura District, W.B….Page.No- 177-184

Nikhilesh Dhar[Full Text PDF]


Stereotyping and Othering: A Postcolonial reading in J. M. Coetzee’s Select Novels….Page.No- 185-192

B. Bexel[Full Text PDF]


Systematic Dehumanization of Women: Cultural Psychology in Bapsi Sidhwa’s The Crow Eaters….Page.No- 193-196

V. Sumitha,[Full Text PDF]


Modern Drama: The Existential Dilemma of Modern Man Philosophical Beliefs of Existentialism and Its influence on Absurd Theatre….Page.No- 197-204

Yogeswari Menda[Full Text PDF]


Self- agony of Women Characters  in That Long Silence by Shashi Deshpande….Page.No- 205-208

Nilam Lakhavani, Monali Chatterjee [Full Text PDF]


India as a Cultural Mosaic: A Study of William Dalrymple’s Travel Works ….Page.No- 209-214

Harshita Rathee,[Full Text PDF]


Women, Cage and Freedom: A Thematic Study of Maya Angelou’s Selected Poems….Page.No- 215-221

Lovleen Kaur Baidwan[Full Text PDF]

28 Prospective Teaching/Learning Modalities in Higher Education….Page.No- 222-225

Tibi Thomas R.Sand D.Radharamanan Pillai[Full Text PDF]


Educational Importance of Indian Home and Street Games and Toys….Page.No- 226-235

Neerja Dhankar[Full Text PDF]


Expectations from Academia: The Modern Indian Perspective What India Expects from University?….Page.No- 236-250

Rashmi Soni[Full Text PDF]


Interpersonal Relationship between Secondary School Teachers and Their Students on the Academic Achievement….Page.No- 251-255

Chandrakant Borase[Full Text PDF]

32 Programmed Learning : An overview ….Page.No- 256-263

Sanjay K.Shinde[Full Text PDF]

33 Research in Teacher Education in 21st century….Page.No- 264-272

Sanjay K. Shinde[Full Text PDF]

34 New Trends for Developing Skills in Higher Education….Page.No- 273-278

Sunil Kumar Joshi, Deeplata Mishra[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Level of Achievement among Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh South Zone Inter University Volleyball Male Players….Page.No- 279-281

Prasad. M[Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Psychomotor variables of Tribal’s of Alirajpur and Jhabua Secondary School Boys….Page.No- 282-289

Raghav Jaiswal and M.I.Quraishi[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Mental Imagery Training on the Selected Psycho- Motor Abilities and Counter Attack Performance of Female Taekwondo Players….Page.No- 290-294

Tarun Routhan[Full Text PDF]

38 Mechanical Analysis on Side Kick of State Level Wushu Players….Page.No- 295-298

Sarma Siddhartha, Dhar Krishnendu[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Level of Achievement among Karnataka and Kerala South Zone Inter University Volleyball Male Players….Page.No-299-301

Prasad. M[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Physical Fitness and Physiological variables of Tribal’s of Alirajpur and Jhabua Secondary School Boys….Page.No- 302-313

Raghav Jaiswal and M.I.Quraishi[Full Text PDF]


Efficacy of Selected Yogic Practice on Flexibility and Balance among Adolescents with Intellectual Disability and Down syndrome….Page.No- 314-321

Sangeetha.P, Dhinu Mr[Full Text PDF]


Identifying the Factors Influencing the Motor Fitness Performance among State Level Athletes of Siliguri….Page.No- 322-325

Ghosh Bibekananda, Dhar Krishnendu[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Level of Achievement among Karnataka and Tamil Nadu South Zone Inter University Volleyball Male Players….Page.No- 326-328

Prasad. M[Full Text PDF]

44 Vivekananda, Sufism and Vedanta….Page.No- 329-336

Jharna Bhattacharyya[Full Text PDF]

45 Abortion and the fetal pain….Page.No- 337-343

Koyel Koley[Full Text PDF]

46 Freedom of Will in Vedāntic Ethics….Page.No- 344-348

Safin Pramanik[Full Text PDF]

47 Cyber Crime: A Women’s Nightmare….Page.No- 349-357

Yashprada Joglekar [Full Text PDF]


An Analysis of Socio Economic Background of Organic Farmers: A Study with Special References to Mandya District….Page.No- 358-368

Uma .K, Rechanna[Full Text PDF]


Tourism Industry with Special Reference to Bodoland Territorial Area Districts ….Page.No- 369-371

Hirimba Boro[Full Text PDF]


Developing an E-Publication Reader Software and Application (ERSA) for Academic Libraries….Page.No- 372-377

Ajay M. Kamble[Full Text PDF]


Methodological Concerns in Studies of Women and Crime: how qualitative are qualitative methods?….Page.No- 378-386

Rajeev Kumaramkandath[Full Text PDF]


A Dependent City in Independent India in Hugli District: Its Evolution, Expansion and Related Issues….Page.No- 387-398

Subhendu Ghosh and Giyasuddin Siddique[Full Text PDF]


The need for Strong ‘Ethiopian Peoples Progressive Party’(EPPP) and Two-Party system to avoid  Ethnic Conflict in Ethiopia: Intermediate solution in Ethiopian divide and rule politics….Page.No- 399-406

Teshome Abera[Full Text PDF]