Volume-08 / Aug 2018 Special Issue


Volume-08 / Aug 2018 Special Issue / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 36

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Operative and Short-Term Postoperative Advantages of Non-Anatomical Liver Resection for Hepatocellular Carcinoma over Anatomical Liver Resection in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis: Egyptian Experience….Page.No- 01-11

Ashraf Elkhouly, Amr Abdelraouf, Shawkat S. Gerges, Bahaa Elwakeel, Mohamed Mogahed, Sherif T. Boraii, Ahmed Hamdy, Zeinab Mostafa[Full Text PDF]

2 Pharmacological Values of Selected Medicinal Plant Cassia tora L….Page.No- 12-15

Indu Kumari  [Full Text PDF]


The Relationship of Electromyographic Activation to Isokinetic Muscular Contraction at Different Velocities….Page.No- 16-21

Amar Kumar [Full Text PDF]


Wearable Technology for Healthcare Provision and Medical Education Google Glass….Page.No-22-27

M. T. Khan[Full Text PDF]


Deglobalization – will it Address the Relationship between Globalization and Inequality….Page.No- 28-32

Reena Shyam[Full Text PDF]


Emotional Appeals and Children Appeals in TV Commercials: A Study of new trends in Advertisement world….Page.No-33-38

Sushama Rajeev Hasabnis[Full Text PDF]

7 Fostering Reflective Thinking; Pathways to Self Development….Page.No- 39-49

Vinita Desai, Karuna Gupta[Full Text PDF]

8 Problems Faced by the Salaried Tax Payers: A Study….Page.No-50-56

K.K.Gomathi[Full Text PDF]

9 Is Status of Widow in India Miserable?….Page.No- 57-62

Sushama Rajeev Hasabnis[Full Text PDF]

10 South African Children’s Literature – A Brief Survey….Page.No-63-67

Manjushree. R[Full Text PDF]


Motherhood and its Speculations  in Tagore’s Chokher Bali and Chaturanga….Page.No-68-70

Sreelekha V.G, Deepa Prasad L[Full Text PDF]


Feminism and Gender Issues in Some Fictional Works of Munshi Premchand….Page.No-71-75

Farooq Ahmed[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Brechtian Theory on Chandrashekhara Kambar an Analysis of Jokumarswamy.….Page.No-76-79

Venkateshwara K[Full Text PDF]


Integration of Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence in Teacher Education.….Page.No-80-86

Tajinder Kour, Jaspal Singh[Full Text PDF]


Teacher Educators’ Perception on Emotional Intelligence in Manipur….Page.No-87-94

Huidrom Debala Devi [Full Text PDF]


Towards a Compassionate Society: Understanding and Nurturing of Prosocial Behaviours in Early Childhood.….Page.No-95-100

Rekha Bhaskar[Full Text PDF]


Gender Differences in Achievement Motivation and Academic Self Concept of SSC Board Students….Page.No-101-112

Mary Devakumar[Full Text PDF]


Study of More Teaching Experience and Low Teaching Experience Group of ODL Mode B.Ed. Learners Decision Making in Operation of the Teacher Education Programme…….Page.No- 113-122

Chandan Prasad [Full Text PDF]


Impact of Constructivistic ICT Module of VIII Standard Students in Learning Science….Page.No-123-127

R.Sangeetha [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Motivational Function and Cognitive Function among Kerala and Andhra Pradesh South Zone Inter University Level Male Volleyball Players….Page.No- 128-131

Prasad. M [Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Anxiety between Male Medalist and Non-Medalist University Tennis Players….Page.No- 132-137

Madan Singh Rathore[Full Text PDF]


Risk of Cancer between Male and Female Sports Person Workers of Kumaun University, Nainital: An Analytical Study….Page.No- 138-140

Amit Chandra[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Motivational Function and Cognitive Function among Kerala and Tamil Nadu South Zone Inter University Level Male Volleyball Players….Page.No- 141-143

Prasad. M [Full Text PDF]

24 Physical Exercise Effect on Ageing….Page.No- 144-147

Jaswinder Singh[Full Text PDF]


Biomechanical Analysis of Hop in Triple Jump for Indian Elite Triple Jumpers….Page.No- 148-151

Nitya Gopal Das, Krishnendu Dhar[Full Text PDF]

26 Study of Psychosocial Characteristic of Volleyball Players….Page.No- 152-158

Nishan Singha, Gurpreet Singh Kang[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Imagery on Self Confidence among Junior Soccer Players….Page.No- 159-162

Sanjay E.S, Dhinu M.R[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Motivational Function and Cognitive Function among Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh South Zone Inter University Level Male Volleyball  Players….Page.No- 163-166

Prasad. M[Full Text PDF]


Discovering the Power of Thoughts in Light of Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya’s Literature….Page.No- 167-176

Tanushree, Indrani Trivedi[Full Text PDF]


Social Network Sites and Its Application in the Library Services….Page.No- 177-182

Pavankuamr,  M. Dhanamjaya, P S Kattimani[Full Text PDF]

31 Public Accounts Committee: “How to be more Effective”….Page.No- 183-187

Digvijai Nath Pandey[Full Text PDF]


State and the Armed Ethnic Insurgencies in Manipur: an Internal Security Question….Page.No- 188-198

Rino Mathew, Benny Joseph[Full Text PDF]


Economic Empowerment and the Role of Muslim Women Professors in Colonial Bengal 1920-1947….Page.No- 199-208

Saika Hossain[Full Text PDF]


Socio-Economic and Cultural Development in Plantations and its Impact on Idukki District of Kerala….Page.No- 209-214

Sony Alias, James John[Full Text PDF]


Ebb and Flow of Status among Urban Centers of Vidarbha Maharashtra, India 1901-2011….Page.No- 215-232

Sangita R. Chandrakar[Full Text PDF]


“Binodini” the Rebel and Quintessential “Other” of Bengali Theater….Page.No- 233-242

Sudeshna Mukherjee[Full Text PDF]