Volume-08 / Issue- 06 / Nov-Dec 2018


Volume-08 / Issue- 06 / Nov-Dec 2018 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 55

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Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 M/M/1 Model with K-Phase of Service under N-Policy….Page.No- 01-14

Nidhi Agarwal[Full Text PDF]


Taxonomy and Distributional Range Extension for Helleropenaeopsis Hardwickii Miers, 1878 in Indian Water….Page.No- 15-20

Angsuman Chanda[Full Text PDF]


Isolation of AM Fungal Spores from Rhizospheric and Non-Rhizospheric Soil :Lablab Purpurens (L)….Page.No- 21-25

V.S.Chavan[Full Text PDF]


Speciation, Saturation Indices and Inverse Modeling Studies in the Metasedimentary Crystalline Limestone Terrain Pandalgudi, Aquifer Region, Viruthunagar District, Tamilnadu, India….Page.No-26-38

Kaliammal M, Udayanapilai A. V[Full Text PDF]


A Survey of Marketing Challenges Faced by Cashew Nut Farmers in Konkan Region of Maharashtra, India….Page.No- 39-44

Harshala Ajay Shelar, D.G. Kulkarni[Full Text PDF]


Breakfast Consumption and Physical Activity of College Going Students 17 To 21 Yrs, in Selected Areas of Mumbai City….Page.No-45-57

Roshni Jayant Dange[Full Text PDF]


Empirical Study on BigQuery Machine Learning Budge towards Google BigQuery….Page.No- 58-64

T.Logeswari[Full Text PDF]

8 Cyber Crime as a Technical Issue….Page.No-65-75

Mohd Tariq Khan[Full Text PDF]

9 The Changing Scenario of Kathakali on Modern Stage….Page.No- 76-81

Praveen. K. R[Full Text PDF]


Access and Availability of Water for Sustainable Agritourism Development in Konkan Region, M.S, India….Page.No-82-88

Priya R. Parkar, Savitsmita V. Chawan[Full Text PDF]


Concentration of Cotton Crop in Chalisgaon Tehsil of Jalgaon District (MS)….Page.No-89-94

Kailas. S. Nile[Full Text PDF]


Rural Development @ Digital Innovation: Digital Setu to Digital India Programme….Page.No-95-105

M. Venkat Ram Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Analysis of Attitude of Youth towards Entrepreneurship – A Study of Select Colleges in Mysore District.….Page.No-106-117

Rashmi Urs M S[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Consumption Patterns of Rural India with Special Reference to FMCGS….Page.No-118-137

Ashutosh A. Sandhe[Full Text PDF]

15 Study of M-Commerce in India….Page.No-138-142

Shreya Vinay Patil[Full Text PDF]


An Assessment of Ethical Involvement in Eco –Tourism:Thenmala Eco -Tourism.….Page.No-143-147

Sheeba Chandy, Biju T[Full Text PDF]

17 Eminence of Food Processing Industry in India….Page.No-148-155

Rajeev R.R, T Rajesh[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Globalization on Higher Education in India: An Overview.….Page.No- 156-163

Shanu N Nazar[Full Text PDF]


Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan: Universalisation of Secondary Education….Page.No-164-171

Anju Bala[Full Text PDF]


Educational Status of Tribal Children in Ekalavya Model Residential Schools in Odia Language: Strengths, Concerns and Consolidated Frame Work for Advanced Implementation….Page.No- 172-190

Santosh Kumar Patra[Full Text PDF]


Self Directed Learning Attitude towards Mathematics and Cognitive Strategy of High School Students….Page.No- 191-197

R.Selvamathi Sugirtha[Full Text PDF]


The Effect of Yogic Practice Enhances Mindful Attention among IX Standard Students….Page.No- 198-202

S. Velvizhi[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Motor Fitness Components of Hockey and Football Players ….Page.No- 203-206

Yogesh Madanrao Patil, Virendra K. Jumde[Full Text PDF]


Awareness and Use of Web 2.0 Tools among Academic Librarians Affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad….Page.No-207-215

Salve R. V, Mukhyadal B. G, Subhash P. Chavan[Full Text PDF]

25 Stressed Assets- A Study of the Socio-Economic Impact….Page.No- 216-228

Shilpa M. Linge [Full Text PDF]

26 Human Rights: Conceptual and Theoretical Outline….Page.No- 229-246

Sijo K. Manuel [Full Text PDF]


Health and Social Conditions of the Scavenging women in Bangalore Slum: an Analysis….Page.No- 247-251

Kavita G.N[Full Text PDF]

28 Pilak Terracotta Plaques: The Ancient Art of Tripura….Page.No- 252-257

Subrata Dey[Full Text PDF]

29 Anthropomorphic Forms In Pilak Terracotta Plaques of Tripura….Page.No- 258-265

Subrata Dey[Full Text PDF]

30 Khadi Work in Eastern Khandesh….Page.No- 266-268

Balkrishna Tryambak Patil[Full Text PDF]

31 Features of Post-Colonial in English Literature….Page.No- 269-277

Aprana Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Kurtz–the Highly Gifted or an Evil Genius all Europe Contributed to the Making of Kurtz….Page.No- 278-283

Mamta Sharma Vyas, Kripa K. Gautam[Full Text PDF]

33 Race as A Personality Construct: Toni Morrison’s the Bluest Eye….Page.No- 284-289

Nidhi Singh[Full Text PDF]


Nawal El Saadawi’s ‘God Dies by the Nile’ and Female Genital Mutilation: A Patriarchal Symbol of Chastity ….Page.No- 290-298

Sumaiyya Samsher Nadaf, A. D. Joshi[Full Text PDF]


James Joyce and Aesthetic Experiences of Epiphany-A study of Dubliners….Page.No- 299-303

Paramjeet Sandha[Full Text PDF]

36 Bigotry in Khaled Hosseini the Kite Runner….Page.No- 304-309

Rathika E[Full Text PDF]


The Voice of the Marginals : A Postcolonial Study of Amitav Ghosh’s Ibis Trilogy….Page.No- 310-317

Ambarish Sen[Full Text PDF]


Kasturi: An Archetype of Patriarchal Oppression in Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters….Page.No- 318-319

Savita T. Kale[Full Text PDF]


True Tests in Real Life for Vikas Swarup’s, Kafkaesque Characters-Cum-Narrators….Page.No-320-324

Sonu Lohat[Full Text PDF]

40 Literature of Trauma: A Cathartic Apparatus….Page.No- 325-328

Sidhique P,  Abdul Mohammed Ali Jinnah[Full Text PDF]

41 The Trope of Violence and Pride in Frank Norris’s McTeague….Page.No- 329-333

A.Velmurugan, R.Bharathi[Full Text PDF]


Ozick’s The Cannibal Galaxy: A Realistic Picture of American Jewish Immigrants ….Page.No- 334-337

A Mary Cisin Shemanayaki,[Full Text PDF]

43 Realism in Kishwar Desai’s Novel Witness the Night….Page.No- 338-341

C.Limcy, Mayil Raj[Full Text PDF]

44 Social Vision in Wharton’s the House of Mirth….Page.No- 342-354

Deepshikha Sharma[Full Text PDF]

45 Denying Motherhood in Walker’s Meridian….Page.No- 355-358

Rieona Lawrance, R. Margaret Joy Priscilla[Full Text PDF]


Callous Neglect towards Manual Scavengers: A Study through Basha Singh’s Unseen: The Truth about India’s Manual Scavenges….Page.No- 359-363

Fahim.Kk[Full Text PDF]


Matriarchy versus Patriarchy: Redefining Womanhood in Wole Soyinka’s The Lion and the Jewel….Page.No- 364-369

Shubhra  Jamwal[Full Text PDF]


Incitement to Ethnic Aggravations : Interpreting Shyam Selvadurai’s Funny Boy….Page.No- 370-374

S. D. Sudhan King Samuel Dhas,A. Linda Primlyn[Full Text PDF]


Juxtaposing Religion, Tradition and Stereotype with Women Self; Mapping ‘Women Quandaries’ In Middle East Countries with the Reference of Arab Women Fictions….Page.No- 375-380

Faiz Abdulla. K[Full Text PDF]

50 In Search of their Own Identity in Gloria Naylor’s Bailey’s Cafe….Page.No- 381-385

M.Mahesh,[Full Text PDF]


Dilemma of Developmental Modernity: Review of K. Panoor’s Keralathile Africa(the Africa of Kerala)….Page.No- 386-390

Narayanan M S[Full Text PDF]


Recollecting the Predicaments of Early Kerala Diaspora in Gulf ‘Masara’: A Review on Benyamin’s Novel Goat Days….Page.No- 391-396

Noufal Muneer. Ek[Full Text PDF]


Inexplicable Suffering and Intersecting Women Stigma in Women at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi….Page.No- 397-399

Nusrat Chowdhary[Full Text PDF]

54 Psychological Approachand Longings for Homeland….Page.No- 400-404

Tharahai Cuthbert[Full Text PDF]


The Representation of Cultural Identity in the Select Novels of Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie….Page.No- 405-407

S.Arunraj, R.Sankari[Full Text PDF]