Volume-08 / Nov 2018 Special Issue (01)


Volume-08 /Nov 2018 Special Issue (01) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 17

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Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents & cover page [Full Text PDF]

Changes in Land-use, Land-cover and The Urban Sprawl in Gurage Zone, Ethiopia – A GIS and Remote Sensing Approach….Page.No- 01-12

F. Anto Sanjay, P. Sivasubramanian[Full Text PDF]


Partial Characterization of Exopolysaccride Produced by Anabaena Species….Page.No- 13-21

Deepti Bhabhra, K.Roychoudhry[Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Physico-Chemical parameters of Wainganga River at Ambhora, Bhandara District. (MS), India….Page.No- 22-31

Sonali Pawar, Neelam Tripathi[Full Text PDF]


Study of Dietary Management on Severe Acute Malnutrition in Children Admitted in Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre at Durg District Hospital….Page.No-32-37

A. Tamrakar and A. Joglekar[Full Text PDF]


Green marketing dynamics by retailers towards the influence on consumers, purchase of green products and purchase of high pieced green products….Page.No- 38-49

MBS Sravanthi, Amruth Prasad Reddy, A[Full Text PDF]

6 Kerala Geographical Indication Products: A Glimpse….Page.No-50-57

Jacob Sam[Full Text PDF]

7 Causes of Deterioration in Quality of Teacher Education….Page.No- 58-61

Gurmit Singh[Full Text PDF]

8 Attitude towards Primary School Teaching Profession in Kerala….Page.No- 62-65

Mohammed Shafeer K P[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Multi-Sensory Strategies and Its Implication on Mathematics Learning Ability….Page.No- 66-71

N.Rajkumar, K.Nachimuthu[Full Text PDF]


Interest and Attitude towards Involvement in Sports among Youth in Kerala….Page.No-72-81

Jasmine Joseph, Anil Ramachandran[Full Text PDF]

11 Health, Hygiene and Nutrition of Women….Page.No-82-87

Alka Tomer[Full Text PDF]

12 The Seventy Fourth Constitutional Amendment Act- An Analysis….Page.No-88-95

N. Bijen Meetei, Smriti Paul[Full Text PDF]

13 Caste and Gender: Dalit Women’s Narratives.….Page.No- 96-100

Prachi Bhatt[Full Text PDF]

14 The Emerging Significance of Feminist Research and Methodology….Page.No-101-106

Swati Rajan, Swati Kalbhor[Full Text PDF]

15 Quest for identity in the poetry of Eunice De Souza….Page.No-107-112

Chaitali koley[Full Text PDF]

16 Tradition and Modernity in the select novels of Shashi Deshpande.….Page.No-113-116

M. Velusamy[Full Text PDF]

17 Heidegger’s Phenomenological Inquiry of the Being….Page.No-117-122

Surbhi Uniyal[Full Text PDF]