Volume-08 / Nov 2018 Special Issue (02)


Volume-08 /Nov 2018 Special Issue (02) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 50

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Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents & cover page [Full Text PDF]
1 Optimization of Exopolysaccride Production by Anabaena Species….Page.No- 01-08

Deepti Bhabhra, K.Roychoudhry[Full Text PDF]


Molecular Taxonomy and Phylogenetic Status of Metaleptea Brevicornis Orthoptera: Acrididae Using Cytochrome Oxidase Subunit I Gene….Page.No- 09-14

V. C. Muhammedali, V. P. Akhilesh, C. D. Sebastian[Full Text PDF]


Study on Sacred Groves of Dediyapada Taluka, Narmada District, Gujarat, India….Page.No- 15-26

Mehul Vasava, Lancelot D’Cruz, Hitesh Solanki,  Sandip Gamit[Full Text PDF]


“Water Quality Assessment of Waingangā River, Tumsar, Dist. Bhandara with respect to its Physiochemical Parameters”….Page.No-27-36

Sonali Pawar, Neelam Tripathi[Full Text PDF]


Ipomoea clarkei Hook.f. : A New Record to Nandurbar and Dhule District Flora of Maharashtra….Page.No- 37-40

M. B. Patil, T. A. Khan& P. A. Khan[Full Text PDF]


Awareness of Cashew Products Potential among Cashew Farmers in Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra, India: A Survey….Page.No-41-46

Harshala Ajay Shelar, D.G. Kulkarni[Full Text PDF]


Role of Spiritual Well Being in Depression Severity among Post-Operative Breast Cancer Women….Page.No- 47-55

Jyoti Srivastava, Sandhya Singh Kaushik, Mallika Tewari, Hari Shankar Shukla[Full Text PDF]


Use of Cartosat Stereo Data for Effective Study of Land Use Change Detection in Radhanagari Wild Life Sanctuary Region in Maharashtra….Page.No- 56-66

Raghoba Nagpure & A. C. Nayak[Full Text PDF]

9 Touch Screen Technology….Page.No- 67-72

Mohd Tariq Khan[Full Text PDF]


Identification of Groundwater Recharge and Discharge Zone in Four Watersheds of Rampurhat Subdivision, Birbhum District, West Bengal….Page.No-73-84

Amit Kumar Mandal, Sutapa Mukhopadhyay[Full Text PDF]


Customer Perception towards Online Marketing with Special Reference to Amazon and Flipkart….Page.No-85-89

Ezreth P[Full Text PDF]

12 A Study on the Financial Performance of Kerala Financial Corporation….Page.No-90-95

S Bhuvaneswari, Thasni S[Full Text PDF]

13 Benefits of Financial Inclusion Programmes.….Page.No- 96-100

Akhila A. Kumar, D.Mahila Vasanthi Thangam[Full Text PDF]


Intellectual Capital Drivers Affecting Business Profit Performance and Future Value Creation – A study W.R.T. Software and Pharmaceutical Companies IT, Bengaluru….Page.No-101-109

Davood Rismani, R. Jayaprakash Reddy[Full Text PDF]

15 “A Study of Social Aspects of Commerce Education in India”….Page.No-110-112

S. B. Mohitkar[Full Text PDF]

16 Reformation in Commerce Education: Need for Hour.….Page.No-113-118

S. B. Mohitkar[Full Text PDF]


Managing Occupational Stress among Employees of Information Technology through Raja Yoga Meditation….Page.No-119-124

Rekha B. Salunkhe[Full Text PDF]


Sources of Accretion to Foreign Exchange Reserves and Deployment Pattern of Foreign Currency Assets in India – an Empirical Analysis….Page.No-125-137

S. Narasimha Chary[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Knowledge on Intellectual Capital, Benefits and Challenges to be Faced at the Time of Managing Intellectual Capital – A Study W.R.T. Bengaluru….Page.No-138-147

Davood Rismani, R. Jayaprakash Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Application of Chow Test in Evaluating the Breaks and Performance of Pepper Export….Page.No-148-153

Ambili Sunil[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Impact of Celebrity Endorsement among Youth with Special Reference to Calicut City….Page.No-154-158

Mahesh Kumar, Tesin Sebastianb[Full Text PDF]

22 A  Study on Sustainable Trends of MSME in India….Page.No-159-168

D.Balamuniswamy[Full Text PDF]

23 Impact of GST on Agriculture: A Review….Page.No-169-173

S.B. Sreerama Naik[Full Text PDF]


Changing Paradigm of Socio-Economic Activities of Oraon Indigenous Tribal Group, Odisha- an Analysis during the Period 1961-2011….Page.No-174-181

Anwesha Chakraborty, Snigdharani Panda[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Concept Mapping on Interest in Science of Viiith Class Students….Page.No-182-189

Rita Arora, Anju Tyagi [Full Text PDF]

26 “Use of ICT in Education among Students of B.Ed Colleges”….Page.No-190-194

Madhusudhan TA MA, K.B. Praveena[Full Text PDF]

27 Use of Computer-Assisted Language Learning(CALL)….Page.No-195-200

Akshaya R[Full Text PDF]


Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Personality among Pupil Teachers of Jammu….Page.No-201-204

Malkeet Raj, Jaspal Singh[Full Text PDF]


Growth of School Education in Border and Backward Districts of Punjab….Page.No-205-214

Shminder Kaur, Tarlok Bandhu[Full Text PDF]


A study of scientific attitude and academic achievement subject of secondary school students….Page.No-215-220

Sisaket Rattana, K.B. Praveena[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Health Related Physical Fitness between Rural and Urban School Going Children of Punjab….Page.No-221-223

Sunandan Beri, Ramesh Chand Kanwer, Kuljeet Kaur M. Sharma (K.K.Gill)[Full Text PDF]


Emotional Profiling of University Level Female Volleyball Blockers of Kerala during Their Best Performance….Page.No-224-228

Bijitha Vincent[Full Text PDF]


Lingayts of Karnataka: a Twelfth Century Social and Religious Reforming Movement in Hinduism….Page.No-229-243

Thomas George, K. R Rajani[Full Text PDF]


Lotus’ A Symbol of Growth, Purity, Birth and Enlightenment :  A Perspective from Mythology to Spirituality….Page.No-244-249

Koyel Koley[Full Text PDF]


The Exposition of Patanjali Yoga Sutra with Special Reference to External and Internal Aids to Yoga Practices….Page.No-250-253

Jampala Srinivasarao, P.Chinnaiah [Full Text PDF]

36 The Values of Human Life: in Present Scenario….Page.No-254-257

Ramakrishna. G[Full Text PDF]

37 Theatre as a Tool of Social Change: A Study of Badal Sircar’s ‘Third Theatre’….Page.No-258-262

Ankita Paul, Dipankar Sukul [Full Text PDF]

38 Chinua  Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Post Colonialism….Page.No-263-268

Chaitali Koley Debnath[Full Text PDF]


Vindication of the Mortal Given: A Cursory Look at Dilipnaik’sa Gift of Smoke….Page.No-269-275

Bhima Charan Nayak[Full Text PDF]


Research Paper Titled: Tess; Transformation from A Milkmaid to a Murderer….Page.No-276-282

Shraddha Ashapure[Full Text PDF]


The Role of Japanese Women and Mother-Daughter Relationship in Kazuo Ishiguro’s A Pale View of Hills….Page.No-283-287

Indhu V.R., S. Nagammal[Full Text PDF]


Belated Peregrination across Africa, a Study of Paul Theroux’s “Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Cape Town 2002….Page.No-288-291

Neema Susan Mathews [Full Text PDF]

43 The Idea of Reality in Buddhism and Postmodernism….Page.No-292-297

Ravi Bhatt[Full Text PDF]

44 Cultural Fracas in Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s Esmond in India….Page.No-298-300

S.Sajitha[Full Text PDF]


Socio-Economic Problems in Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s the Householder….Page.No-301-303

S. Sajitha, S. Nagammal[Full Text PDF]

46 Secularism in India :  “Theory And Praxis”….Page.No-304-308

Veena Gopal Mishra[Full Text PDF]

47 Gender Justice: is Women’s Reservation Bill Becoming Dormant?….Page.No-309-314

Akila Shemim[Full Text PDF]


News Reading Habits of Women, Especially of the Political Beat: A Study on English Daily Newspapers….Page.No-315-326

Shreshtha Manbasi, Angela Nayak[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Web Enabled Services of Fashion and Apparel Institute Resource Centres in India….Page.No-327-335

M.S. Girish Rathod[Full Text PDF]


Muslim Women Education in India- A Voyage from Past to Present: A Review….Page.No-336-343

C. Baba Fakardhin[Full Text PDF]