Volume-08 / Dec 2018 Special Issue (02) [Two Days International Conference on Recent Multidisciplinary Research, 23-24 Nov, 2018]


Volume-08 / Dec 2018 Special Issue (02) / ISSN 2249-9598

Two Days International Conference on Recent Multidisciplinary Research

Organized and Hosted by Foundation of Innovative Research at conference centre, AIT, Thailand

Date of Conference : 23-24 Nov, 2018

Total Research Papers: 49

                                                                             Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents & cover page [Full Text PDF]

Evaluation of Anticancer Activity of Chlorella Vulgaris against Human Breast Adenocarcinoma Cell Line (MCF7)….Page.No- 01-04

Prakash B, Yashicka JV, Perumal P, Sureshkumar BT,Jegatheeshkumar P [Full Text PDF]


Production and Purication of Antifungal Compound from Weisselaparamesenteroides….Page.No- 05-13

S. J. Sathe[Full Text PDF]


Invitro, and Invivo Studies on Biomedical Applications of Foliose Lichens Stictaweigelii, Dermatocarponvellereum and Heterodermiaboryi against Clinical Debilities….Page.No- 14-32

Balasubramanian Murugesan[Full Text PDF]


Endoscopy Assisted Resection of Huge Esophageal Hamartoma- Mimicking Second Tongue….Page.No-33-37

Gaurav Wadhawan, K.C.Vyas, Deepak Bhojwani[Full Text PDF]


Development and Evaluation of Preservative Free Natural Onion Powder….Page.No- 38-43

Mansi Chitkara, Didar Singh, Rakesh K. Sindhud, Rohit Kumare, I S Sandhu[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis and Characterization of Thermally Annealed Sno2 Thin Film Using Thermal Evaporation Technique….Page.No-44-47

S. B. Kakade, S. H. Supekar, R.D. Kale, A. E. Kalange[Full Text PDF]

7 Decision Tree Induction Strategies….Page.No- 48-54

Avinash S. Jagtap[Full Text PDF]

8 A Fuzzy Controlled Zeta DC-DC Converter for PV Based Applications….Page.No- 55-64

T.Arunkumari, V.Indragandhi, R.Raja Singh[Full Text PDF]

9 Virtual Bidding Strategy Using Game Theory for Power Supply Market….Page.No- 65-79

Saurabh Kumar, Bharti Dwivedi[Full Text PDF]


E Slot Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna Using PIN Diode for Wireless Application….Page.No-80-88

R.Jothi Chitra [Full Text PDF]

11 Comparative Analysis of Passive Filters to Mitigate Harmonics….Page.No-89-97

Shraddha Maurya, Dhananjai Singh, Abhinav Kumar Gautam[Full Text PDF]

12 Investigation of probe waveforms for Wiener spiking de-convolution….Page.No-98-103

Vaibhav Bhushan Tyagi, Kapil Dev Tyagi, Hemant Purohit[Full Text PDF]

13 Simulation and Implementation of Efficient Binary Multiplier Circuits.….Page.No- 104-111

Aniket Kumar, R.P. Agarwal[Full Text PDF]


Design and Implementation of Modified Multilevel Sepic Converter for PV Applications….Page.No-112-120

T.Arunkumari, V. Indragandhi, R.Rajasingh[Full Text PDF]


Integration of Solar Photovoltaic with Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Based Generator for Power Quality Conditioning Using DVR….Page.No-121-129

Ravi Dharavath, I. Jacob Raglend[Full Text PDF]

16 Social Networking Cloud – Resource Sharing Model in OPNET.….Page.No-130-140

Emilin Shyni C, Roopa V[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Various Schemes for Detection and Prevention of ARP Based Attacks….Page.No-141-151

D Francis Xavier Christopher, C. Divya[Full Text PDF]


Outlier Detection and Removal with Spatial Algorithm in Agriculture Data for Davangere Region….Page.No-152-159

Arun Kumar G H, Nirmala C R[Full Text PDF]


Efficient Bandwidth Allocation for on-Demand Multimedia Advertisements Using Mobile Agents….Page.No-160-170

Roopa G M, Nirmala C R[Full Text PDF]


Hyper Spectral Image Vegetation Classification using Back Propagation Neural Network with Optimization Algorithm….Page.No-171-180

  S.Manju, Helenprabha K.[Full Text PDF]

21 Static Way of Effective Feature Extraction and Malware Classification….Page.No-181-193

Mahendra Deore, U.V. Kulkarni [Full Text PDF]


Developing and Implementing a Tool ‘PH.WUQT: ACADEMIC’ to Measure ‘Quality in Use’ for  Websites Developed in Punjabi and Hindi of Academic Domain….Page.No-194-203

 Rupinder Paul Kaur,Vishal Goyal[Full Text PDF]

23 A Study on Awareness and Utilisation of E- Payment Models of Customers….Page.No-204-213

G.Thamaraiselvi, T.Rajeswari[Full Text PDF]

24 Security tool for IOT and IMAGE compression techniques ….Page.No-214-223

S.Ramana, M Pavan Kumar, N Bhaskar, S. China Ramu, G.R. Ramadevi[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Machine Learning Techniques and Effect of an Optimization Algorithm on Stock Market Prediction….Page.No-224-234

Rekha KS, Sabu MK[Full Text PDF]

26 Modeling of Reservoir Operation for Power Optimization….Page.No-235-238

Vidya Shankar M.H[Full Text PDF]


Electricity Monitoring System Using Internet of Things (IoT)….Page.No-239-245

Pratyush Mahapatra,Amiyabhusan Bagjadab,Dheerajkumar Bhanja,Soumyak Kumar Bhoi, Suvendu Bastia[Full Text PDF]


State-of-the-Art: Feature Extraction and Feature Selection in Latent Fingerprint Segmentation….Page.No-246-253

Megha Chhabra,MK. Shukla, K. Ravulakollu[Full Text PDF]


Design of A Machine Learning Model for Automatic Generation of Domain-Specific Ontologies….Page.No-254-278

Sivarama Krishnan, R Guruvayur, R.Suchithra[Full Text PDF]


Trends and Techniques of Handling Torrents of Big Health Data towards Enhancing Healthy LifeSpan….Page.No-279-286

M V Bramhananda Reddy [Full Text PDF]


Memory Management Through A Process of Virtual Data Hiding in an Carrier Object ….Page.No-287-295

  Sachin More, Dayanand Ingle [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Approaches to Mobile Agents Security from Malicious Hosts in Mobile Adhoc Networks….Page.No-296-302

 Chethan B K,  M Siddappa, H S Jayanna[Full Text PDF]

33 Big Graph Data Management and Analytics….Page.No-303-307

R.Venkateswara Gandhi, Ayesha Naureen, M.Seshiah, Manjunath[Full Text PDF]


Pavement Performance Modeling Using Markov Chain with and Without Application of Maintenance….Page.No-308-319

Sanjeev Kumar Suman, Rajnish Kumar [Full Text PDF]


A Laboratory Study on the Influence of Lime on Silica Fume Treated Marine Clay Subgrade Flexible Pavements under Cyclic Pressures….Page.No-320-337

 B. Satyanarayana, D. Koteswara Rao, N. S. Pramod Kumar[Full Text PDF]


A Laboratory Study on the Cyclic Pressures of Untreated and Treated Marine Clay Subgrade Flexible Pavements….Page.No-338-352

B. Satyanarayana, D Koteswara Rao, Durga Malleswara Rao Kakula[Full Text PDF]


A Laboratory Investigation on the Influence of Calcium Chloride on Silica Fume Treated Marine Clay as Sub-Grade for Flexible Pavements under Cyclic Pressures….Page.No-353-368

 D. Koteswara Rao, B. Satyanarayana, B.Rudrayya Chowdary[Full Text PDF]

38 Performance of Laterite Block with Age….Page.No-369-372

Biju Mathew, C. Freeda Christy, Benny Joseph[Full Text PDF]


Enhancement of Corrosion Resistance Using GGBFS in Concrete with M Sand as Fine Aggregate….Page.No-373-377

 M.Devi[Full Text PDF]


Significance of Ethanolamines in Enhancing Corrosion Resistance of Fly Ash Blended Concrete….Page.No-378-384

 V.Rajkumar[Full Text PDF]


Determination of Glycemic Load of QPM Incorporated Extruded Nutri -Rich Snack Product for Diabetes….Page.No-385-390

Nikita Wadhawan, L.K.Murdia, Garimapurohit, N.K. Jain[Full Text PDF]


Re-Used Pph3 Induced Chemoselective C-C Bond Formation for Synthesis of Novel Indolyl  Quinoline Derivatives and their Alkylation Studies by TBAB….Page.No-391-395

M. Venkatanarayana, V. Laxmi Prasanna[Full Text PDF]


Molecular Modeling and  Biological  Activity Studies of Schiff’s Base Ligands and their Metal Complexes….Page.No-396-404

S. Ammanni, P. Jhansi Lakshmi, CH. Jyothi[Full Text PDF]


Improvement of Traditional Local Rice Varieties through Induced Mutations Using Gamma Radiations….Page.No-405-412

Ashish Kumar Tiwari, Deepak Sharma, B. K. Das, Vikas Kumar, Parmeshwar Sahu, Samrath Baghel, Satypal Singh[Full Text PDF]

45 Tourism in India: Challenges and Opportunity….Page.No-413-416

Gita G. Pandya[Full Text PDF]

46 Imparting Values through Teacher Education….Page.No-417-420

Girdharlal Sharma[Full Text PDF]


Nature, Humanity and Religion: Exploring the Canons of Select Religious Texts….Page.No-421-429

Kulwant Singh[Full Text PDF]

48 Disparities in Health Infrastructure in India: Kerala Vs Punjab….Page.No-430-439

Harinder Kaur[Full Text PDF]

49 Skilling India….Page.No-440-452

Harsh Gandhar [Full Text PDF]

Volume-08 / Dec 2018 Special Issue (01)


Volume-08 / Dec 2018 Special Issue (01) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 30

                                                                         Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents & cover page [Full Text PDF]

Trends of Yellow Gentian (Gentianalutea L) Distribution in Albania and Characteristics of its Cultivation….Page.No- 01-08

Dilaman NELAJ, Nikoll BARDHI, Zydi TEQJA, Ramazan LIKA[Full Text PDF]


The climatic and terrestrial characterization and the evaluation of morphologic indicators of the extruded organs of (Gentianalutea L) in Albania….Page.No- 09-15

Dilaman Nelaj, Nikoll Bardhi, Ramazan Lika[Full Text PDF]


Land Use/Land Cover Mapping Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques….Page.No- 16-24

Raghoba Nagpure & A. C. Nayak[Full Text PDF]


Anti-inflammatory Activity of Curcuma Amada Roxb (Rhizome) Extract on Albino Mice….Page.No-25-31

Valasange A. B and Vinchurkar A. S[Full Text PDF]


“Effect of Electrical Muscle stimulation and Facial Massage Techniques in Rural Bell’s Palsy Patient: A Case Study”….Page.No- 32-37

Ashish W. Bele, Mohd. Irshad Qureshi[Full Text PDF]


“A Pilot Case Study On The Recommendations For The Use Of BOTULINUM TOXIN TYPE A In Gait Habilitation & Functional Improvement In A 6 Year Female Diplegic Cerebral Palsy child”….Page.No-38-41

Mohd. Irshad Qureshi, Ashish W. Bele[Full Text PDF]


Finding Scientific Learning Approaches in School Mathematics Class….Page.No- 42-49

Ashim Bora [Full Text PDF]

8 Challenges of motherhood in the twenty-first century….Page.No- 50-57

Asha Kaushik[Full Text PDF]


Awareness of Garbh Sanskar to Pregnant Women in Rural Areas – A study (Related to Bramhapuri Taluka, Maharashtra)….Page.No- 58-63

Madhuri N. Kokode[Full Text PDF]


An Evaluation of Rural Development Programmes’ Monitoring System: A Study in Himachal Pradesh….Page.No-64-71

Tek Chand[Full Text PDF]

11 The Use of ICT in Teaching of Social Science: A Study….Page.No-72-78

Kusum[Full Text PDF]


A study based on Mahatma Gandhi’s life philosophy and educational philosophy….Page.No-79-84

Vijay Chander[Full Text PDF]

13 NAAC Based Best Practices in the College Library.….Page.No- 85-89

Shraddha Anilkumar[Full Text PDF]


Declining Child Sex Ratio: An Analysis with Special Reference to Karnataka State….Page.No-90-96

Rajendra. N [Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Analysis of Mutual Interaction of Technology and poetry from the Miltonic Age to the Contemporary Poetic World….Page.No-97-101

Sasan Bazgir[Full Text PDF]


Post-structural Feminist Reading of the Select Plays of Poile Sengupta.….Page.No-102-104

Radhakrishnan K S, G M Joseph Dunston[Full Text PDF]


Fantasy as a Tool for an Allegory of Censorship in Salman Rushdie’s Haroun and the Sea of Stories….Page.No-105-112

Sumaiyah Naaz[Full Text PDF]

18 Hayavadana: Archetypes and Myths Revisited ….Page.No-113-116

Divya Rajeev[Full Text PDF]

19 Kafkaesque Style in Ismail Kadare ….Page.No-117-124

Gayathri M V[Full Text PDF]


The Elements of Indianness in Kamala Markandaya’s Novel,‘ Nectar In A Seive’….Page.No-125-131

J.Felcia Gnana Theebam, M.Maheswari[Full Text PDF]


Vertex and Adjacent Vertex Sum Polynomial of Some Standard Graphs….Page.No-132-137

A. M. Anto,[Full Text PDF]

22 Marital Relationship in Select Novelso Shashi Deshpande….Page.No-138-142

C.Kanaga Sudha, M.Maheswari[Full Text PDF]


Teaching English as A Second Language For Learners In Rural Areas….Page.No-143-147

Linsheya .M. Meflin[Full Text PDF]

24 Lack of Human Dignity in Zadie Smith’s White Teeth….Page.No-148-150

J. R. Sajana [Full Text PDF]

25 Rise of Ability in Disability in Sharon Draper’s Out of My Mind….Page.No-151-154

K. Ajesha[Full Text PDF]


Effectiveness of Team Teaching in Teaching Tamil Prose at Secondary Level….Page.No-155-161

M. Malathy [Full Text PDF]


Jewish Identity: A Study of Fantasy VS Reality in Joanne Greenberg’s I Never Promised You a Rose Garden ….Page.No-162-164

C. Subashini [Full Text PDF]


Misconception towards the tribal society: Mamang Dai’s The Legends of Pensam….Page.No-165-169

A.Nilofer[Full Text PDF]


Perception of Dystopian Elements in Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games Trilogy….Page.No-170-172

P.R. Princelin[Full Text PDF]

30 Noise as a Haunting Element in Don Delillo’s White Noise….Page.No-173-177

Sangeeth S P[Full Text PDF]