Volume-09 / Jan 2019 Special Issue (01)


Volume-09 / Jan 2019 Special Issue (01) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 19

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Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Experimental Study on Use of Deteriorated Pavement Aggregates in Bituminous Road Construction….Page.No- 01-10

Naveen Kumar A.B, Vivekananthan.V, Guhan Muthu Ram V[Full Text PDF]


Business Models : It’s Role and Relevance in Today’s Competitive Environment….Page.No- 11-17

G. Syamala, Snehal Patil[Full Text PDF]

3 Customer’s Perception towards Digital Payment System….Page.No- 18-21

Ezreth P[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Branding in Modern Marketing with Special Reference to Thiruvalla Taluka….Page.No-22-27

Monisha Devarajan[Full Text PDF]

5 Trends in Major Livestock Production in Kerala….Page.No- 28-31

Jinu Abraham [Full Text PDF]

6 Deviation of Affixation in Modern English….Page.No-32-41

PadmajaKilambi[Full Text PDF]


Gender Violence in Alice Walker’s the Third Life of Grange Copeland….Page.No- 42-48

S. P. Zanke[Full Text PDF]


Culinary to Narratives: A Study on Amulya Malladi’s Serving Crazy with Curry….Page.No-49-52

Amrutha V Nair[Full Text PDF]

9 Mumbai Police: A Psycho Social Investigation….Page.No- 53-56

Deepak Jose Vadakoot, T K Pius[Full Text PDF]

10 Interpretation of Elements of Magical Realism in Select Fairy Tales….Page.No-57-60

S. Rema Devi[Full Text PDF]


The Trajectory of Insolence and the Voices of the Sublime Rhetoric: A Reading of T. V. Reddy’s Selected Poems….Page.No-61-69

Charles Joseph[Full Text PDF]


Historical Treatment of Caribbean Women – A Presentation through Jamaica Kincaid’s Novels….Page.No-70-75

M. Vijila Thangamalar[Full Text PDF]

13 Youth Writing and Departure from Language Structures in Kerala.….Page.No-76-82

Raju Chakkanattu George, T.K. Pius[Full Text PDF]


From Goddess to God: A Study of Patriarchal Religion in Sheri S. Tepper’s the Fresco and Raising the Stones….Page.No-83-86

Shaliny. S[Full Text PDF]

15 Tracing The Echoes of the Bhagavad Gita in the World of Harry Potter….Page.No-87-94

Kamalpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]

16 The Study of Library Legislation in Indian States.….Page.No-95-100

Abhay Bhakte[Full Text PDF]

17 Challenges of Library Automation Software….Page.No-101-105

Abhay Bhakte[Full Text PDF]


The effect of sports Virtual Reality Training for improving Human Health….Page.No- 106-112

Pushkar Gaur[Full Text PDF]

19 Collective Memories: Justification of Slavery in America….Page.No-113-119

Lohith K.N[Full Text PDF]