Volume-09 / Jan 2019 Special Issue (04)


Volume-09 / Jan 2019 Special Issue (04) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 51

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Sr.No Name of The Research Paper
Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Study of the Impact of Long-Term Ex Situ Conservation on Autochthonous Maize Populations and Factors Affecting Them….Page.No- 01-10

Artan Sota; Fetah Elezi; Isuf  Shehi; Adem Salillari[Full Text PDF]


Detection of Internalized Salmonella typhimurium Cells Transformed with GFP Bearing Plasmid Vector….Page.No- 11-16

Rasika Pawar, Nafisa Balasinor, Reshma Gaonkar, Pranjali Dhawal, Siddhivinayak BarveAnd Bela Nabar[Full Text PDF]

3 Coliform Detection in Foods Using Paper-Based Culture Device….Page.No- 17-23

Anushree Lokur[Full Text PDF]


Status of Heavy Metal Concentration in Adan River of Washim District, Maharashtra, India….Page.No-24-28

Patil J. G, P. R. Solanki[Full Text PDF]

5 Microbial pollution assessment in major tourist beaches of Kerala….Page.No- 29-34

Sreedevi N. Kutty, Sebastian C. D[Full Text PDF]

6 Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change and their Management….Page.No-35-44

Mohd Tariq Khan[Full Text PDF]


Understanding the Impact of IT Enabled SCM on the Operational Performance of the Suppliers in Automobiles Sector….Page.No- 45-65

Smita Chavan, Rajita Y. Dixit[Full Text PDF]

8 Forest Resource….Page.No-66-68

Kailas V. Nikhade[Full Text PDF]


The Impact of Tourism in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh, India: A Qualitative Assessment….Page.No- 69-78

Nemai sahani[Full Text PDF]


Direct Tax Revenue during Pre-BJP and Post-BJP Government Period in India – A Short Term Analysis….Page.No-79-84

Vijay Maruti Kumbhar[Full Text PDF]

11 Marketing of Banking Services: An Empirical Study….Page.No-85-96Mohit Prakash[Full Text PDF]
12 Money Laundering in India: An Overview….Page.No-97-103

Veena K.P, Pragathi K.M[Full Text PDF]

13 A Study of Relationship between the Bank and its Depositor.….Page.No-104-107

Yuvaraj Manohar Waghere[Full Text PDF]

14 The Masculinity of A Brand….Page.No-108-113

Priya A Sarda[Full Text PDF]

15 Factors Affecting Green Consumer’s Buying Behaviour….Page.No-114-116

V. M. Kokila, M. Sudhahar[Full Text PDF]


Good Governance in Transforming Haryana with Special Reference to Hygiene and ODF.….Page.No-117-122

Sunita Devi, Satvir Singh[Full Text PDF]

17 A Brief Discussion on the Women Empowerment in North East India….Page.No-123-128

Anindita Mukherjee[Full Text PDF]


Meta Physical Notion of Universal Oneness in Pythagorean Philosophy: A Perennial Mysticism….Page.No- 129-131

Ferosh M. Basheer[Full Text PDF]


Mahars and Christianity In Maharashtra : A Study On A Socio-Religious Perspective….Page.No-132-143

Vishwas Sheshrao Padole, K R Rajani[Full Text PDF]

20 An Ethical Review on Global Environmental Issues….Page.No- 144-150

Moumita Banerjee, Anindita Mukherjee[Full Text PDF]

21 Globalization and Its Ethical Limitations….Page.No- 151-156

Nupurkant Nayak[Full Text PDF]


A Study on ‘Multiple Learning Contexts’ in Quality Assurance of Higher Education….Page.No- 157-162

Antara Dey[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Web Based Instruction on Achievement in Mathematics in Relation to Problem Solving Ability….Page.No- 163-169

Harleen Kaur, Navdeep Kaur[Full Text PDF]

24 Quality Education: A Challenge….Page.No- 170-173

Alpa Nagar[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study on Will to Win among Male Football and Badminton Players at University Level….Page.No- 174-177

Kapil Misra[Full Text PDF]


Anthropometric Characteristics of Upper and Lower Extremities as Functions of Different Playing Positions in Basketball: A Winning Edge….Page.No- 178-183

Maman Paul[Full Text PDF]


Kinematic Analysis between Squash Forehand Straight and Forehand Volley Strokes….Page.No- 184-189

Y. S. Rajpoot, Hemantajit Gogoi[Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Balance Ability among Different Phases of Menstrual Cycle in National Level Female Players….Page.No- 190-193

Samiksha Nayak, Deepak Mehta[Full Text PDF]

29 Detoxification through Shatkarma: An Exploration….Page.No- 194-199

Satpal Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Father’s Attitude Transmit the Values for Their Daughter’s Liberation in Sports….Page.No- 200-208

Satpal Kaur Kalsi[Full Text PDF]

31 Suicidal Tendency among Wives of Alcoholics A Comparative Study….Page.No- 209-216

Acharya Pratik I[Full Text PDF]

32 Settlement _ Under The Industrial Disputes Act 1947….Page.No- 217-222

Vinaya Bhosale, Shrikant Malegaonkar[Full Text PDF]

33 Software Patentability in India….Page.No- 223-233

Ashwini B. Hiremath[Full Text PDF]

34 Democracy and C.B.I : A  critical insight….Page.No- 234-238

Veena Gopal Mishra[Full Text PDF]

35 Is the Title ‘Mudrārākṣasa’ appropriate….Page.No- 239-243

Suvajit Samanta[Full Text PDF]


Motherhood in Foreign Land: A Study of Evolution of Ashima in Jhumpa Lahiri’s the Namesake….Page.No- 244-248

Anukriti, Sujata Rana[Full Text PDF]


Entrenched Patriarchy: Women Subdue Women In Dalip Kaur Tiwana’s and Such is Her Fate….Page.No- 249-252

Harmanjot Kaur Bhatti[Full Text PDF]


‘Perils of Enclosures’: Problems and Prospects of Multi-Culturalism in Lakshadweep Islands….Page.No- 253-257

Moncy Mathew[Full Text PDF]

39 Tradition and Gender in Anita Desai’s Fasting, Feasting….Page.No- 258-261

Firdusa Begum[Full Text PDF]


Challenges Faced by Diasporic Women as Depicted in the Novels of Bharati Mukherjee….Page.No- 262-264

Deepa.S. Kumar, Jyoti Thakur[Full Text PDF]


A Scientific Study on the Attitude towards English Communication Skills of Secondary Level Student Teachers of Tamil Nadu….Page.No- 265-270

K. Ezhilrajan, T. Ramakrishnan[Full Text PDF]


Select Dalit Autobiographies in Indian English Writings: A Pragmatic Approach….Page.No- 271-278

Beesupogu Vemaiah[Full Text PDF]


Flouting of Co-Operative Principles in Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” Act – I….Page.No- 279-283

Sachin L. Patki[Full Text PDF]

44 Depiction of Customs in R.K. Narayan’s Select Novels….Page.No- 284-287

Kore Shrishail M[Full Text PDF]


Destruction of the Blooming Lotus: An Analysis of Toni Morrison’s the Bluest Eye….Page.No- 288-298

Smita Bangal, Vanisree Ramanathan[Full Text PDF]

46 Unreliable Narrative in Akutagawa’s Short Stories….Page.No- 299-304

Vijay P Prince[Full Text PDF]


Colonial Consciousness: A Postcolonial Reading of E. M. Forster’s A Passage to India….Page.No- 305-312

Rajanir Moti[Full Text PDF]


Problem and Prospects of Crafts Women: A Study on the Handicrafts of Bolpur Shantiniketan….Page.No- 313-323

Arpita Chaudhury [Full Text PDF]


Strengthening of Women in Slum Through Shgs: A Case Study of Bangalore Urban Slums….Page.No- 324-329

Kavitha.G.N[Full Text PDF]


Bibliometric Analysis of Pearl: Journal of Library and Information Science….Page.No- 330-336

Shaveta[Full Text PDF]

51 Demonetization: Its Effects on Cashless Economy….Page.No- 337-342

Ananda S. Bachate[Full Text PDF]