Volume-09 / Feb 2019 Special Issue (03) [International Conference on “Modern Trends in Accounting, Banking and Digital Marketing ]


Volume-09 / Feb 2019 Special Issue (03) / ISSN 2249-9598

International Conference on “Modern Trends in Accounting, Banking and Digital Marketing

Organized and Hosted by School of Commerce,

Erode Arts and Science College (Autonomous),

Rangampalayam, Erode – 638 009, Tamil Nadu, India

Date of Conference: 22nd Feb, 2019

Total Research Papers: 50

                                                                      Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Importance of Online Marketing for Recent Trends….Page.No- 01-04

Rishi. S. Krishnan, K Nagulan[Full Text PDF]

2 Role of Online Marketing on Integrated Marketing Communication….Page.No- 05-11

S.Kamesh, T.Sadaiyappan[Full Text PDF]


The Impact of Online Social Networking Sites among the College Students in Tirunelveli City Municipal Corporation….Page.No- 12-18

S.Mercy Sarah Rosan[Full Text PDF]


Digital Marketing and Consumer Behaviour: An Empirical Study in Accommodation Sector with Special Reference to Cottages in Ootacamund, the Nilgiris….Page.No-19-27

K. Mahindra[Full Text PDF]

5 Digital Marketing Tools and Channels….Page.No- 28-34

Sumina.K.S[Full Text PDF]


Digital India Programme and Impact of Digitalisation on Indian Economy….Page.No-35-40

S. Srikala[Full Text PDF]

7 The Recent Trends of Online Markets in India….Page.No- 41-43

M.Revathi, C.Karthikt[Full Text PDF]

8 A Study on Overview of the Digital Marketing….Page.No-44-49

Kavitha.K, R. Kavitha[Full Text PDF]

9 Impact of Social Networking Sites (SNS) on the Youth of India….Page.No- 50-54

V.Janani [Full Text PDF]

10 Online Social Networking….Page.No-55-58

R.Jayashree, P.Mekala[Full Text PDF]


Social Networking Technologies (Sits) in Digital Environment: Its Possible Implications on Libraries….Page.No-59-63

R.Thiruvarutselvi[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Usefulness of Online Advertising on Integrated Marketing Communication….Page.No-64-73

B.Karthikeyan, M. Mahalakshmi[Full Text PDF]

13 Digital Marketing – An Overview.….Page.No-74-81

C.Nithyakalyani[Full Text PDF]

14 Digital Assets Management….Page.No-82-89

V.Maheswari[Full Text PDF]

15 Digital Marketing – An Overview….Page.No-90-96

Y. Hemalatha[Full Text PDF]

16 Importance of Online Marketing for Recent Trends.….Page.No-97-103

Poornima.J[Full Text PDF]

17 Online Marketing: Emerging Trends and Issues….Page.No-104-109

T. Bhuvaneswari[Full Text PDF]


Transforming into A Digital Marketing – The New Reality in Digital Era….Page. No- 110-116

S. Beulah [Full Text PDF]

19 Digital Marketing-Overview….Page.No-117-119

S.Abila[Full Text PDF]

20 Digital Marketing Services….Page.No- 120-128

M.Sri Ranjani[Full Text PDF]


An Empirical Study on Customers’ Opinion towards Online Shopping With Reference To Bengaluru City….Page.No- 129-135

Saranya S, S.Poongodi[Full Text PDF]

22 A Study on Digital Marketing- Challenges and Opportunities….Page.No- 136-139

P.Kanchana Devi, T.S.Veena[Full Text PDF]

23 Online Social Networking….Page.No- 140-144

R. Rajasree[Full Text PDF]

24 Trending in Digital Marketing Ethics in India….Page.No- 145-150

Bharathi P[Full Text PDF]

25 Digital Marketing – An over View….Page.No- 151-156

A.Ramyashree[Full Text PDF]

26 Patient Centric Views on Private Healthcare with Special Reference to Tirunelveli City….Page.No- 157-165

Surya.A[Full Text PDF]

27 Digital Marketing in Indian Context….Page.No- 166-170

I.Arthijone, L.Sakthivel, N.Srihari[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Satisfaction of Consumers towards Amway Health Care Products….Page.No- 171-176

P.Senthilkumar, G.Gnanaraj[Full Text PDF]

29 E – Commerce in India – Issues and Challenges….Page.No- 177-181

K. Nithya, J. Nisha Mary[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Online Purchase Preference of Students in Arts and Science College in Eral Taluk in Thoothukudi District….Page.No- 182-191

E. Sheeba, T.Annakili[Full Text PDF]

31 Impact of Digital Marketing….Page.No- 192-199

S. Kalavathi , S.Rukshana Begum[Full Text PDF]

32 A Study on Effectiveness of Online Advertising with Reference to Coimbatore City….Page.No- 200-208

A.Latha, S. Archana[Full Text PDF]

33 Digital Marketing Services….Page.No- 209-212

T.Revathi[Full Text PDF]

34 Digital Marketing in India….Page.No- 213-217

R.Senthilkumar[Full Text PDF]


A Paradigm Shift towards Digital Recruitment and Selection Practices Adopted in Public Sector Banks ….Page.No- 218-226

M.Rathi Meena, G.Parimalarani[Full Text PDF]


Customer Behaviour towards Internet Banking Services – with Reference to Nagapattinam District….Page.No- 227-232

E.Jenmarakkini [Full Text PDF]

37 The Impact of Social Media with Positive and Negative Aspects….Page.No- 233-238

N.Latha, Viji. G[Full Text PDF]

38 Opinion of College Students on Online Social Networking Sites….Page.No- 239-244

S.Vishnuvarthani, P.Nandhini[Full Text PDF]

39 An Overview of Stress Management at Work Place….Page.No- 245-252

K.V.Shanmugavadivu, G .Kalaimani[Full Text PDF]


Employee Customer Relationship Management in Banking Sector with Special Reference to Coimbatore City….Page.No- 253-258

R.Francina Pracila Mary, A.Sulekha[Full Text PDF]

41 An Overview of Digital Marketing in Indian Context….Page.No- 259-262

V. Pradeepa[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Consumer Preference and Satisfaction towards Online Shopping in Selected Villages of Erode District….Page.No- 263-

S.Krishnan, S.Manikandan[Full Text PDF]


Digital Marketing Communication on Consumer Buying Decision Process….Page.No- 264-272

N. A. Krishnamurthy, T.Tamilselvi[Full Text PDF]

44 The Research Methodology of Digital Marketing Tools and Channels….Page.No- 273-281

V.Kanimozhi[Full Text PDF]

45 E-Commerce Marketing Entrepreneurship in India….Page.No- 282-288

M.Senthilkumar, A.Mohammedrishathb[Full Text PDF]

46 Online Social Networking….Page.No- 289-292

A.Kokila[Full Text PDF]

47 Recent Trends in Digital Marketing….Page.No- 293-297

V.Abirami, P.Dharmarajan[Full Text PDF]

48 Impact of Digitalization on Indian Economy….Page.No- 298-302

P.Nallasivam[Full Text PDF]

49 A Study on Impact of Digital Marketing in Customer Purchase Decision Process….Page.No- 303-307

M.Yuvarani[Full Text PDF]

50 Green Marketing in India – Challenges and Opportunities….Page.No- 308-312

M.Bharath[Full Text PDF]