Volume-09 / Mar 2019 Special Issue (02)


Volume-09 / Mar 2019 Special Issue (02) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 50

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Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Significance, Production, Physiochmical Characterization, Mode of Action and Applications of Microbial Laccase….Page.No- 01-18

Tariq A.L[Full Text PDF]


Study of 12 Selected Chemical  Characteristics of Surface Water of Baraila Wetland, Vaishali, Bihar….Page.No- 19-25

Dheeraj Kumar Singh, Jessica Rene Hansdah, Arshi Naaj Afsana, Ajay Kumar Srivastava[Full Text PDF]


Hydroxylated Rendered Chicken Oil as Novel Processing Oil for Nitrile Rubber….Page.No- 26-39

Fexiba Philipose, George Mathew[Full Text PDF]


Macrophyte Biodiversity of Satara Bhosale and Satara Tukum Lakes of Pombhurna Tehsil of Chandrapur District….Page.No-40-45

Atul K. Pimpalshende, Shashikant R. Sitre[Full Text PDF]


Toxicity Evaluation of Wastewater Generated from Automobile Service Station through Micronucleus Test Using Freshwater Fishes….Page.No- 46-53

Pravin C. Singru, S. B. Zade, S.R. Sitre[Full Text PDF]


Horticulture Policy of Government Fostered Agritourism Development in Ratnagiri District M.S., India ….Page.No-54-60

Priya Rajesh Parkar[Full Text PDF]


Water Quality Assessment of Groundwater of Gadchandur Area in Terms of Water Quality Index….Page.No- 61-71

Pidurkar R. S, Lanjewar R. B[Full Text PDF]


To Study the Effect of Quadriceps Strengthening Versus Hamstring Strengthening in Patients with Osteoarthritis of Knee….Page.No-72-77

Shrushti P Jachak, Tamanna Nurai, Subrat Samal, Ashish W. Bele, Shiril Nagarkar[Full Text PDF]


Perception of Stress in Physiotherapy and Nursing Students of DMIMS during Exam Period….Page.No- 78-89

Yukta Budhwani, Sapna Dhote, Ashish W. Bele, Mohd. Irshad Qureshi, Subrat Samal, Shiril Nagarkar[Full Text PDF]

10 Prevalence of Mechanical Low Back Pain in Housewives….Page.No-90-93

Anjali Bais, Swapna Kamble, Ashish W. Bele, Mohd. Irshad Qureshi[Full Text PDF]


Balance Evaluation in Elderly Population….Page.No-94-99

Simran A.Mishra, Mohd. Irshad Qureshi, Ashish W. Bele, Atharuddin Kazi, Swapna Kamble[Full Text PDF]

12 A study on the Performance of Cashew Workers in Kollam District….Page.No- 100-106

Niyas. A[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Grievance Redressal Mechanism on Customer Satisfaction at Sham Rao Vital Co-Operative Bank, Bengaluru.….Page.No-107-119

Krashika M.A[Full Text PDF]


In India: Why is Petrol Price So High, When that of Imported Crude Oil is Low….Page.No-120-125

B. D. Patil[Full Text PDF]


Layman’s Attitude towards Mutual Fund Investments, A Study with Special Reference to Kerala….Page.No-126-128

Arun Mathew[Full Text PDF]


Situating Telangana in 17th and 18th Centuries – An Economic Perspective.….Page.No-129-133

B Lavanya[Full Text PDF]

17 Women Empowerment through Self-Help Group ….Page.No-134-140

G. Chokkalingam[Full Text PDF]


Women Entrepreneurship – Growth and Performance in India: A Brief Review….Page.No- 141-147

K. Adinarayana Reddya[Full Text PDF]

19 The Psychology of Criminal Mind….Page.No-148-152

Akanksha Dubey[Full Text PDF]


Legal Protection of the Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers and their Contribution in Eco-Tourism in India – An Overview….Page.No- 153-160

Makori Felix Asande[Full Text PDF]


A Study of the International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law: Common Concerns and Basic Differences….Page.No- 161-169

Chauhan Sunita Ramkunwarsingh[Full Text PDF]

22 Supreme Court: Enforcing the Law or Upholding Dharma?….Page.No- 170-177

Erika Kasba, Nikhil Kumar[Full Text PDF]

23 The Evolution of ‘Dharma’ Under Indian Legal System….Page.No- 178-183

Tanvir Dhaliwal, Charu Jindal[Full Text PDF]

24 Terrorism and the Role of United Nations….Page.No- 184-194

Sanchita Sontakke[Full Text PDF]


Talaq-Ul-Biddat- ‘The Irregular’ Force of Islamisation and its Confrontations with Feminism….Page.No- 195-208

Meher dhingra[Full Text PDF]

26 Revolution in the Islamic World: Triple Talaq….Page.No- 209-221

Harika Tejvanth, Aritra Sarkar [Full Text PDF]


Muslim Women and Triple Talaq: A Historical and Contemporary Study of Changing Trends….Page.No- 222-231

Aditya Yadav, Jyotsna Punshi[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Problems Faced by School Administration during Internship of Two Year B.Ed. Program….Page.No- 232-236

Sanjay J.Nimbalkar[Full Text PDF]


In 21st Century’s Teacher Education Curriculum in Context of Information & Communication Technology (ICT)….Page.No- 237-241

Priyanki Das[Full Text PDF]

30 Study of Social Competence of 10th Class Students….Page.No- 242-244

Surekha Devi[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Teaching Style and Teaching Strategies of Social Studies Teachers at Secondary Level….Page.No- 245-252

Surekha [Full Text PDF]

32 The Application of CLIL Methodology in ESL Classroom….Page.No- 253-255

Theporal, Mark Abraham[Full Text PDF]


Relaxation Techniques on Meta-Cognition among Higher Secondary Students ….Page.No- 256-267

R. Ravi[Full Text PDF]


A Survey of Recruitment and Retention of Female Judo Coaches in India….Page.No- 268-271

Deepak Singh Kushwah, Rajender Singh[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Treadmill with and Without Inclination on Selected Cardio-Respiratory Endurance….Page.No- 272-276

P.Mahendiran[Full Text PDF]


Adaptations of the Short story the Monkey’s Paw: Reviewing the Last Hundred Years….Page.No- 277-281

Manoj Dasharath Gujar[Full Text PDF]

37 Submerged Language Surfaced….Page.No- 282-286

B. Deva Shanthini[Full Text PDF]

38 Diasporic Elements in the Novels of Bharati Mukherjee….Page.No- 287-290

Deepa S. Kumar, Jyoti Thakur[Full Text PDF]

39 Silence in Shashi Deshpande’s that Long Silence….Page.No- 291-295

Harikrishnan. K[Full Text PDF]


Negritude: Reclaiming Native Culture and Identity in Aime Cesaire’s A Tempest….Page.No- 296-302

Munejah Khan, Misba Majeed[Full Text PDF]


Different Female Perspectives in Diaspora: A Comparative Study of Jasmine and the Namesake….Page.No- 303-308

Nidhi[Full Text PDF]


The Notion of Hegemonic Masculinity and Female Audacity in Anita Nair’s Ladies Coupe….Page.No- 309-314

Ramana Devika[Full Text PDF]


Terrorism and the Loss of Childhood: A Study of Paro Anand’s No Guns at My Son’s Funeral….Page.No- 315-322

Sapna Desai[Full Text PDF]


The Rise from the Lowland: Protest against the Normative Cannons in the Lowland….Page.No- 323-327

Shashikant R. Mhalunkar, Bhawana Purohit [Full Text PDF]


Space, Location, Migration and Memories in Meena Alexander’s Manhattan Music….Page.No- 328-334

Shashikant R. Mhalunkar[Full Text PDF]


Search For Roots: A Study of Bharati  Mukherjee’s  Desirable Daughters….Page.No- 335-339

Sushil A. Deshmukh[Full Text PDF]


The Impact of Brechtian Theory on the Production and Performance of 2006-18 by M Ganesh’s Janamanadata Heggodu….Page.No- 340-345

Venkateshwara K[Full Text PDF]


Dr.B.R. Ambedkar’s the Buddha and His Dhamma :  A Feminist Perspective ….Page.No- 346-349

Umesh B. Bansod[Full Text PDF]

49 Hindu Epics: Violation or Observance of Pativrata Ideology….Page.No- 350-357

Parul Mishra[Full Text PDF]


Visions and Missions of Foreign Visits: Exploring  Modi  Doctrine in USA….Page.No- 358-372

Jithesh Balakrishnan[Full Text PDF]