Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (05)


Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (05) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 53

                                                                         Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Standardized outcome Measures in Stroke Rehabilitation: A Study on Indian Subcontinent Physical Therapists’ Perception and Adoption….Page.No- 01-10

Amjad Annethattil, P.C. Bhattacharyya, Manash Pratim Kashyap[Full Text PDF]

2 Effect of Different Mulching on Growth, Yield and Quality of Bottle Gourd….Page.No- 11-17

Sukhpal  Kaur[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Urbanization on Elevation and Waterbodies in Mysore Srirangapatana Region, Karnataka, India….Page.No- 18-43

Indu.T. K, Asima Nusrath[Full Text PDF]


Changes in the Growth Rate of Scheduled Caste Population in Punjab : 1971-2001….Page.No-44-60

Harpreet Kaur, Jarnail Singh[Full Text PDF]

5 Corporate Governance Disclosure Descriptive Analysis Approach: Evidence from Jordan….Page.No- 61-70

Ahmad Hamed Awwad Almanasir, B. Shivaraj[Full Text PDF]


Analytical Study of Teachers’ Perception of Factors Affecting Performance of B- Schools Located in Navi Mumbai Region of Thane District Maharashtra….Page.No-71-78

Smita R Temgire[Full Text PDF]


The US-India Defense Technology Transfer: Challenges and Prospects.….Page.No- 79-91

Alok Kumar[Full Text PDF]

8 Village Life Experience (VLE) as A Tourism Product- An Analytical Study on Village Tourism at Kumbalangi, Kerala….Page.No-92-98

Thansiya N, K. Pradeep Kumar[Full Text PDF]

9 Inner Correlation between Work Life Balance Dimensions and Specific Demographic Factors- A Study Related to Women Police Personnel in Kerala….Page.No- 99-105

Hazeena P. E, E. Sulaiman[Full Text PDF]


Marketing of Bank Products with Special Reference to Higher Education Loan….Page.No-106-110

Renny A. George, Tharsis Joseph[Full Text PDF]


A Conceptual Framework on Corporate Social Responsibility….Page.No-111-117

Sreeju V.V[Full Text PDF]

12 Analysis of Studies on Social Media Marketing….Page.No-118-136

Palak Saxena, Manish Verma[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Customers’ Opinion on Issues Related to Implementation of E-Crm in Banks in Erode District.….Page.No-137-145

N.Sakthivel, K.Punitha[Full Text PDF]


Micro Enterprise Development and Rural Women Entrepreneurship- A Critical View….Page.No-146-153

K. Adinarayana Reddy[Full Text PDF]

15 Need of Woman Participation in Entrepreneurship: Specifics and Challenges- an Outlook….Page.No-154-159

M. Gurumohan Reddy[Full Text PDF]

16 Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Creation of Shared Value….Page.No-160-165

Jyotika Bahl[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Student Attitude towards Entrepreneurship….Page.No-166-172

Arya K. R[Full Text PDF]


The Status of School Learning Environment in Public Secondary Schools of Iluababor and Buno Bedele Administrative Zones in Ethiopia….Page. No- 173-189

Tekalign Minalu Tirfe, K.Victor Babu[Full Text PDF]

19 The Status of Community Skill Training Centres in Selected Districts of Iluababor Zone of Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia….Page.No-190-212

Tekalign Minalu Tirfe, K.Victor Babu [Full Text PDF]


Violence against Women: Forms, Causes and Effects….Page.No- 213-220

Bechan Singh[Full Text PDF]


Challenges Faced by the HEI to Upgrade to Standards of NAAC….Page.No- 221-224

Vijaya Reddy[Full Text PDF]

22 A Study of Leadership Effectiveness of Principals of Secondary School….Page.No- 225-230

Mohammad Zahid[Full Text PDF]

23 A Study of Organizational Climate of Secondary School Teachers in Terms of Area and Type of Administration….Page.No- 231-235

A.K Trivedi, Rakesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Assessment of Occupational Stress, Job Satisfaction and Mental Health Among Physical Education Teachers Working in Kendriya Vidyalaya and Public Schools of Madhya Pradesh….Page.No- 236-241

Lokendra Singh Narvariya[Full Text PDF]


An analytical Study of effects of six weeks tug of war training on physical fitness of school judo players….Page.No- 242-247

Kadam R.M[Full Text PDF]

26 Making of an Indian English Novel: A Study of the Romantics: A Novel….Page.No- 248-255

Asok A R[Full Text PDF]

27 Subjectivity and Trajectory of Indian English Novels….Page.No- 256-262

Asok A R[Full Text PDF]

28 Potter and Christ: Who Is Who?….Page.No- 263-271

Devki Gandhi, Steffi Mac[Full Text PDF]

29 Intricacies of Identity, Space and Relationship in Ameena Hussein’s The Moon in the Water….Page.No- 272-277

Shashikant Mhalunkar, Deepak G. Nair[Full Text PDF]


Lapses in History: Appropriating the Past from the Select Works of Amitav Ghosh….Page.No- 278-281

M.Dinakaran[Full Text PDF]


Narrativizing History: The Revival of Conspiracy Discourse in Umberto Eco’s The Prague Cemetery….Page.No- 282-285

Divya S[Full Text PDF]

32 Nature of Oriental Spiritual Practices in the Novels, Fasting, Feasting and the Romantics: A Novel….Page.No- 286-290

Asok A R[Full Text PDF]

33 Ecocriticism and Indian English literature in the Post Colonial Era….Page.No- 291-298

Kumari Shikha[Full Text PDF]


Human Relationships in the Select Novels of Shashi Deshpande : A Bird’s Eye View….Page.No- 299-305

V. Sudhakara Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Tara’s Reconstruction of Self in Bharathi Mukerjee’s The Tiger’s Daughter….Page.No- 306-308

K. Muthamil Selvi[Full Text PDF]

36 Death of the ‘Criminal’ Bat: Subversion of the Self as Cure in Frank Miller’sThe Dark Knight Returns….Page.No- 309-319

Justin J. Thomas[Full Text PDF]

37 Barriers of Language, Mores and Manners in the Inscrutable Americans….Page.No- 320-327

Asok A R[Full Text PDF]

38 The Plight of Woman in Manju Kapur’s a Married Woman….Page.No- 328-332

S.S.Geetha, T.Ramakrishnan[Full Text PDF]


Disposition of Human Psyche, the Interdependence of Thought and Action in N. Scott Momaday’s The Ancient Child….Page.No- 333-338

G. Karthikeyan, S. Vanitha[Full Text PDF]


Need for Remedial Teaching among the Secondary School Students of Rural Kerala….Page.No- 339-343

Mohammed Shafeer .K.P[Full Text PDF]

41 Violence, the Leitmotif in Bharati Mukherjee’s Novel Desirable Daughters….Page.No- 344-347

G.Anne Nithiya[Full Text PDF]

42 Environmental Justice an Ecocritical Element in Mahasweta Devi’s Two Short Stories ‘Little Ones’ and ‘Salt’….Page.No- 348-357

Ritu Sharma, Kumar Gautam Anand[Full Text PDF]


Divide in the Conglomerations of the Corporate World in Chains by G.B. Prabhat….Page.No- 358-365

Asok A R[Full Text PDF]


Social Organisation & Institution of Marriage Among Jagdalpur Murias: A Socio-Cultural Study….Page.No- 366-378

Ankita Andhare, Goldy M George, Hemlata Borkar[Full Text PDF]

45 Dalit Goes Online: The Construction of Identity and Social Space….Page.No- 379-391

Dhyan Singh[Full Text PDF]

46 Emotional Problem and its Coping among Menopausal Indian Women: A Review….Page.No- 392-398

Komal Verma, Shweta Shah[Full Text PDF]

47 Scheduled Caste’s Women in Higher Education….Page.No- 399-403

Renuka Sonavane[Full Text PDF]


Mindfulness and Practice in Various Buddhist Traditions….Page.No- 404-410

Ven. Sajjana, Kumar, Gautam Anand, Arvind Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]


Theravāda and Monk’s Duties in Contemporary Theravādain Countries….Page.No- 411-419

Khemacara, Kumar Gautam Anand, Gurmetdorjey[Full Text PDF]

50 Initiatives, Opportunities, Challenges and Barriers: Pros and Cons of Digital India Programme….Page.No- 420-425

Prakash B. Gambhir[Full Text PDF]

51 The Concept of Altruism in the Eco-Phenomenology of Edmund Husserl….Page.No- 426-435

Mohanan P[Full Text PDF]

52 Setting Free….Page.No- 436-439

Urmi Ray [Full Text PDF]


Women Political Participation and Representation:  Theoretical Perspective….Page.No- 440-450

Jomol George[Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (04) [Multidisciplinary International Conference, Avant-Garde 2019]


Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (04) / ISSN 2249-9598

Multidisciplinary International Conference, Avant-Garde 2019

Organized and Hosted by Seshadripuram First Grade College, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560064, India

Organizing Secretary: Asst Prof. Shashidhar Yadav J

Conference Chairman : Dr. S. N. Venkatesh

Date of Conference: 18th May 2019

Total Research Papers: 73

                                                                         Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Selected Plant Samples and Polyherbal Formulation….Page.No- 01-11

Zeenath Sabah, Sarina.P.Khabade[Full Text PDF]


Isolation, Cloning and Over Expression of Ecori R-M System from Ecory13….Page.No- 12-18

Srikanth L, Hajira Bee M, Gowreesh Gowda B.A, Nagamani T.S.[Full Text PDF]


Isolation and Characterization of Airborne Microorganisms in Bengaluru City….Page.No- 19-31

S Smanjunath, Banu Salma, Das Santanu, N R Nethravathi, C Punith, Kumar Santhosh, C Megha[Full Text PDF]


Screening, Isolation and Optimization of Culture Conditions for Production of Amylase by Bacillus Flexus Strain XJU-1….Page.No-32-39

Vidya A.S[Full Text PDF]


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Assisted LTE-Advanced Heterogeneous Networks for Public Safety Communications….Page.No- 40-43

Mohana H. K, Nethr H. S, Rajashri Padaki[Full Text PDF]


Computers will be Surely Compatible with the Human form in form of Digital Jewellery….Page.No-44-49

Rekha Raichal[Full Text PDF]


Survey on Awareness and Early Diagnosis for Genetic Diseases: A Population Study.….Page.No- 50-54

Banu Salma, C Megha, Nethravathi, Wajiha, Banu Mubasheera Syeda[Full Text PDF]


Organic Food Quality: A Framework for Concept, Definition and Assessment from the Indian Perspective….Page.No-55-67

Urmila Itam,Swaroop.R, Nandini S[Full Text PDF]

9 Study on the Customer Relationship Management of Amazon….Page.No- 68-73

Eti Khatri, Bhavya B. N,  Bhavya davuluri[Full Text PDF]


An Emerging Trends in Human Resource Management with Reference to HRMS….Page.No-74-78

Anusha[Full Text PDF]

11 A Survey on Various Crypto Systems….Page.No-79-86

Jyothsna A.N, Archana .M[Full Text PDF]

12 Are Women Entrepreneurs Stuck?  – A Survey ….Page.No-87-99

Priyanka B, Sindhu U Jadhav[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Students Perception towards Effect of Demonetization on Bank Performance.….Page.No-100-105

Chandra Mohan P, Ramachandra N, Sandip J[Full Text PDF]

14 Highlights of Major Changes in the Consumer Protection Bill, 2018….Page.No-106-109

Shrimant F. Tangade[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Job Satisfaction among Employees with Special Reference to IT Industry….Page.No-110-121

Akash R. Pawar, Bhargav B V, Eti Khatri[Full Text PDF]

16 A Study on Contemporary Issues in Accounts.….Page.No-122-126

Kavyashree S[Full Text PDF]


Crypto Currency’s Challenges and Opportunities in Indian Financial System….Page.No-127-138

Rajkumar Chavan, Swetha M.P[Full Text PDF]


Cutting-Edge Technology in Banking: Challenges to Non-Tech Savvy Customers….Page. No- 139-149

Vidya Shivannavar, Vinija C, Spandana V R[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Security and Emerging Trends on Latest Technologies in India….Page.No-150-158

Avinash. C, Narayan Gowda, Sushmitha C S[Full Text PDF]

20 Corporate Governance – A Study on Recent Developments….Page.No- 159-169

Supriya.M, Ashwini.G, Lakshmi P[Full Text PDF]


Green Strategies: Challenges and Opportunities in Retail Business in India….Page.No- 170-180

N. Priyadarshini, Akhila.R.Udupa[Full Text PDF]

22 Significance of Culture in Language Learning….Page.No- 181-187

Reshma N.A[Full Text PDF]


Work Life Balance – An Emerging Trend in Human Resource Management ….Page.No- 188-191

Sheelwanti M. Gajare, Rekha Patil[Full Text PDF]

24 Managing Employees Using HRIS – A Strategic Dimension….Page.No- 192-200

Mohd Irfanuddin, Badiuddin Ahmed[Full Text PDF]

25 Green Human Resource Management….Page.No- 201-211

Shilpa S Hiregoudar, Rekha N Patil[Full Text PDF]


Best CRM Practices in Banking Sector- An Opportunity for Broadening Customer Base….Page.No- 212-219

Ajatashatru Samal, N. Sandhya, C. N Anil[Full Text PDF]


Study on the Customer Satisfaction towards Internet Banking Services….Page.No- 220-224

Eti Khatri, Bhanu.B.N, Likhit C. R[Full Text PDF]

28 Impact of Technology on E- Banking….Page.No- 225-234

Nagesh N, Namratha B M, Saroja Vishwanath[Full Text PDF]

29 Concept of Green Banking….Page.No- 235-243

Valliamma, Reshma.M.Gowda, Shobha.U[Full Text PDF]


Understanding Global Financial Market Trends from the Strategic Perspectives….Page.No- 244-250

Chaya.R[Full Text PDF]

31 Emerging Trends in Marketing and Human Resource….Page.No- 251-255

Rukmini.K[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Motor Ability Variables among Residential School Girls of Kabaddi Kho-Kho and Athletes….Page.No- 256-260

Lingaraju V.N[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Flexibility among the Students of Dairy Science College, Bengaluru….Page.No- 261-267

Chandra Chooda. M, K Sekar Babu[Full Text PDF]

34 Physiological aspect of Asanas and Pranayama….Page.No- 268-271

Aparna V Bandekar, Mahesh Devarmani[Full Text PDF]

35 India’s Performance of Olympics: with Special Focus on Sports….Page.No- 272-277

Veereshakumar B[Full Text PDF]


Analysis on Sports Specific Personality among inter Collegiate Sports Participants….Page.No- 278-281

Karthika K S, Ashok Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Effects of Drug Abuse and Addiction for Engineering Colleges in Karnataka State….Page.No- 282-285

Nithin, Gerald Santhosh D’souza[Full Text PDF]

38 Physical Education Fitness and Health….Page.No- 286-288

H.Rudresha[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Circuit Training on Selected Physical Variables among School Football Players….Page.No- 289-301

S Muniraju, Santhosha C[Full Text PDF]

40 Role of Information Technology in Enhancing Sports Performance….Page.No- 302-310

Shivashankar H S[Full Text PDF]


Influence of Barbell Training on Selected Hematological Variables among Engineering College Kabaddi Players….Page.No- 311-315

Tamilmani, S.Gladykirubakar[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Yogic Practices with Special Reference to Physical Education and Sports….Page.No- 316-321

Raparthi Vasantha[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Various Plyometric Training Program on Agility, Explosive Power and Peak Torque Ratio of Football Players….Page.No- 322-329

R. Rajesh William, S. Glady Kirubakar[Full Text PDF]


Random Comparative Study on Motor Ability between Male Siddi Students and other Male Students….Page.No- 330-335

Sunil Ankolekar, Sandeepa[Full Text PDF]

45 Suryanamaskar for Human Wellness….Page.No- 336-343

Raghavendra R, Umesh K S[Full Text PDF]

46 Developing Life Skills among Students through Physical Education….Page.No- 344-348

Vijaya S Agadi, Umme Kulsum[Full Text PDF]

47 Open Access E-Resources in Commerce and Management….Page.No- 349-352

K C Gangadhar, Niranjan R[Full Text PDF]

48 Hymns of Peace in the Vedas and the  Upanishads….Page.No- 353-358

Samatha . P, Sridhar M K[Full Text PDF]


An Overview of Tragic Flaws in the Protagonists of Selected Plays by Girish Karnad….Page.No- 359-362

B C Rajakumar, Jayachandra Shekara Y[Full Text PDF]

50 Folktales and Local Beliefs of Kodavas….Page.No- 363-367

Pavithrakumari B.P[Full Text PDF]


Potrayal of Mothrs in The writings of R. K Narayan, Raja Rao and Mulk Raj Anand….Page.No- 368-372

Amogh A. M[Full Text PDF]


T.S. Eliot’s Views on Religion, Culture and Redemption of Time and Possibility of Spiritual Rebirth….Page.No- 373-378

Rajashekara M N, S Venkateswaran[Full Text PDF]

53 Language Skills for Effective Communication….Page.No- 379-382

Reena Rani Justin[Full Text PDF]


The Emerging Trends, Techniques and Methods in English Language Teaching and Learn in….Page.No- 383-386

M. S. Bhagyashree[Full Text PDF]


From Marginalization to Self-Assertion of Female Identity: A Study of Vaidehi’s Story Akku….Page.No- 387-390

Girish Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Isolation, Partial Purification of Lectin and Genetic Variance of Different Phaseolus Vulgaris (Rajma) Seeds….Page.No- 391-396

Harisha N, Lakshminarayan D V, Pavithra  L, Sarina P Khabade[Full Text PDF]


Application of Bradford’s Law of Scattering to the Dental Science Literature in India During 1999-2018….Page.No- 397-407

Ramakrishna, M. Dhanamjaya, V.G. Talawar[Full Text PDF]


Market Research Databases : Comprehensiveness of Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Dataguru and Emerging Market Information Services – A Comparative Study….Page.No- 408-412

D. Ashok, M. Dhanamjaya and V. G. Talawar[Full Text PDF]

59 Review of Literature on Twin Balance Sheet….Page.No- 413-432

S. N. Venkatesh, Subramanyam Mutyala, Shashidhar Yadav J[Full Text PDF]


General Awareness and Perceptions towards Usage of Cryptocurrency….Page.No- 433-439

Mukund.V.Koushik, Nida Muskan, Vasanth Kumar.K.V[Full Text PDF]


A Study of the Effectiveness of Climate Change Instructional Package (CCIP) on Awareness about Climate Change Education among B.Ed. Student-Teachers….Page.No- 440-447

A. Srinivasacharlu[Full Text PDF]


“Interaction Effect of Activity Based Teaching on Academic Achievement of IX Standard Students in Social Science”….Page.No- 448-456

Mallika.K.H.M, U.K.Kulkarni[Full Text PDF]


Influence of worry on Sports Participation of College Women in Coastal Karnataka….Page.No- 457-463

Jayabharathi .A[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Plyometric Training, Mobility Exercises Training and Combined Training on Selected Physical Fitness Variables and Playing Ability among Football Players….Page.No- 464-472

R. Rajesh William, S. Glady Kirubakar[Full Text PDF]


“A Study on Anxiety among Inter-Collegiate Women Volleyball Players”….Page.No- 473-476

Sandeep and Keshava Murthy N.T[Full Text PDF]

66 Effects of Integral Yoga on Lumbar Region Muscular Spasm….Page.No- 477-482

Sunita Sunil Wadhawan[Full Text PDF]

67 Relevance of Vaisna- Dharmasastra in Modern Times….Page.No- 483-493

Vithal D.Potdar[Full Text PDF]

68 Contribution of Sanskrit to Indological Studies….Page.No- 494-499

Nagalakshmi.S[Full Text PDF]

69 Contribution of Sanskrit to Science….Page.No- 500-507

Shantha Shaivalini[Full Text PDF]


Moral Ethics of East and the West: A Comparative Study of Panchatantra and Aesop’s Fables….Page.No- 508-517

Nandana N.G[Full Text PDF]

71 Travelogues of Tapas Chakravarthy….Page.No- 518-522

C. Kameswari[Full Text PDF]


A Brief Study on Analysing the Various Types of Trauma and Traumatic Experiences….Page.No- 523-530

Priyanga Gandhi, Anil Premraj[Full Text PDF]


Folklore in African literature – with reference to Things Fall Apart and No Longer at Ease….Page.No- 531-534

S.Varalakshmi [Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (03) [Multidisciplinary International Conference, Avant-Garde 2019]


Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (03) / ISSN 2249-9598

Multidisciplinary International Conference, Avant-Garde 2019

Organized and Hosted by Seshadripuram First Grade College, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560064, India

Organizing Secretary: Asst Prof. Shashidhar Yadav J

Conference Chairman : Dr. S. N. Venkatesh

Date of Conference: 18th May 2019

Total Research Papers: 50

                                                                        Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

Identification of Fresh Water Planaria Found in Shivanahalli by Molecular Phylogenetics….Page.No- 01-07

Charitha K. Jayashankar, Bhagya Lakshmi, Abhilash. H. M, Manohar.G.M, Rama Thyloor[Full Text PDF]

2 Atpase Assay of Muscle Myosin from Oryctolaguscuniculus….Page.No- 08-11

Jagan S, Sanjay N, Suman S, Nagamani T S[Full Text PDF]


Antimicrobial Activity of Bromelain Extracts from Ananas Comosus [Linn.(Merr.)]….Page.No- 12-15

Madhu Sudan S, Hamsaveni B G, Vanaja B, Sharu Raj K M[Full Text PDF]


Green Synthesis of Silver Nano Particle from the Extract Jackfruit Seed and its Role on Thrombotic Disorder….Page.No-16-26

Jayannakengaiah, Devaraja sannaningaiah[Full Text PDF]


Awareness and Early Diagnosis A Holistic Approach for Genetic Diseases ….Page.No- 27-30

Jayashree M Wodeyar[Full Text PDF]

6 Impact of GST on Business….Page.No-31-35

Smitha.L, Umesha[Full Text PDF]

7 Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Company’s Act, 2013.….Page.No- 36-41

G.V.Sreenivasamurthy[Full Text PDF]

8 “EI at Workplace with Reference to Employees of NGO’s”….Page.No-42-51

B.G.Suma, Amar H A [Full Text PDF]


The Politics of Adultery in Literature: A Comparative Reading of Flaubert and Joyce….Page.No- 52-58

Ajeesh A K, R Pranesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]

10 Language Skills for Effective Communication….Page.No-59-63

Alliya Naaz[Full Text PDF]


Contemporary Challenges and Innovative Practices of Classroom Teaching of English….Page.No-64-69

Bhuvaneshwari .R.S, Bharath. P N[Full Text PDF]

12 Protection in Cloud Computing Using Hashing Algorithm….Page.No-70-75

Namitha K .Y[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Security and Emerging Trends on Latest Technologies in India.….Page.No-76-84

Avinash. C, Narayan Gowda, Sushmitha C S[Full Text PDF]


Impact and Analysis of Ecotourism- An Economy Based Mechanism to Environmental Protection, Conservation and Sustainability in Karnataka….Page.No-85-90

Annapurna Kishore Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Aspects of Postcolonialism in the Fiction of Apartheid and Post Apartheid Context ….Page.No-91-95

Ganesha.S[Full Text PDF]

16 Historicising Dalit Writing in Kannada Literature.….Page.No-96-101

Jyothi[Full Text PDF]


Cultural Troves in Tribal Literature: A Study of Kocharethi by Narayan ….Page.No-102-108

Sruthi. P, R Pranesh Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Role of ICT and Digital Media in the Emerging Trends of English Language Teaching….Page. No- 109-111

Neha Girish Kaushik[Full Text PDF]

19 Quest for Identity in Bama’s Karruku….Page.No-112-116

Nayana K[Full Text PDF]


A Re-Visitation of the History of Indian Writing in English: Its Past and Present….Page.No- 117-124

Prachi Nath[Full Text PDF]


Indian Independence and Division of People – Revisiting Kushwant Singh….Page.No- 125-128

V. Murali Mohan[Full Text PDF]

22 The Veneer of Values Validating the Verboten as Virtue….Page.No- 129-133

Priya Uthaiah[Full Text PDF]

23 Realism in Ibsen’s Plays – A Critical Insight on Women in His Plays….Page.No- 134-138

Kiran M[Full Text PDF]

24 Woman Clothed With the Sun….Page.No- 139-144

Lyola Thomas [Full Text PDF]

25 Integration of Technology in English Language Teaching….Page.No- 145-149

V.Lakshmi[Full Text PDF]

26 Effective Skills for Effective Communication….Page.No- 150-153

Sudharani Hulmani[Full Text PDF]

27 Folk Literature….Page.No- 154-157

Anupama D[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Anxiety in English of Male and Female, Rural and Urban Secondary School Students….Page.No- 158-162

Parvati..K.M, U.K.Kulkarni[Full Text PDF]

29 Teaching English to the “Millennial Kids” – Rewards and Challenges….Page.No- 163-168

Chitra V[Full Text PDF]

30 Women in New Incarnation in the Novels of Shashi Deshpande….Page.No- 169-174

Vasundhara, Sarika Tyagi[Full Text PDF]

31 Language Skills for Effective Communication….Page.No- 175-179

Sreehari. S.V[Full Text PDF]

32 Vivid Values of Shakespeare‘s Female Characters….Page.No- 180-183

Divyashree.N[Full Text PDF]

33 Sexuality, Morality and Modernity in the Plays of Tennessee Williams….Page.No- 184-187

Sampathkumar.Y.G.[Full Text PDF]


A Study of Theme ‘Slavery’ in Buchi Emecheta’s Novel: “The Slave Girl”….Page.No- 188-192

Savita F Nagannavar[Full Text PDF]


Revival of Indian Mythology in the Form of Modern Fiction in English Literature….Page.No- 193-198

M. Anila[Full Text PDF]

36 Debunking the Progressive Men in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane….Page.No- 199-205

Latha. S[Full Text PDF]

37 Working Class Woman Rebellion in Alan Sillitoe’s ‘The Good Women’….Page.No- 206-210

Mohammed Wayez[Full Text PDF]

38 Need and Use of Pranayama….Page.No- 211-216

Mallikarjun M.Laxmish[Full Text PDF]


“Interaction Effect of Activity Based Teaching on Academic Achievement of Ix Standard Students in Social Science”….Page.No- 217-224

Mallika.K.H.M, U.K.Kulkarni[Full Text PDF]

40 L2 Teaching Priority at the Initial Stages: Speaking or Reading….Page.No- 225-227

Mathew Varghese[Full Text PDF]


Outcome of Asana Training on Flexibility among Teacher’s Training Students….Page.No- 228-230

Chandrashekara. H N[Full Text PDF]


Under Water Breathe Holding Capacity among the Children: An Experimental Study….Page.No- 231-234

Manjunath.R[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Strength Training Programs on Explosive Power of Secondary School Athletes….Page.No- 235-239

Muninarayana Swamy C, R. Srinivasa[Full Text PDF]

44 Importance of Yoga in Physical Education : A Study….Page.No- 240-244

M. Chaithanya Bhagath[Full Text PDF]


Recreative Way of Playing Sports: Reassessing Effectiveness on Self-Confidence of Physically Constraint High School Boys….Page.No- 245-249

Manjunatha. N. V, P.C.Krishnaswamy[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Great Indian Cricketer Babaji Palwankar Baloo and His Overall Performances in Each Innings with Comparison of Performance Played in India….Page.No- 250-256

Pradeep Kumar U [Full Text PDF]


Comparative Study of Physical Fitness Components between the Mud Wrestlers and Mat Wrestlers….Page.No- 257-260

Santosh Somannavar, Basanangouda Laxmeshwar[Full Text PDF]

48 Technology and Sports….Page.No- 261-264

Sathyamurthy.G[Full Text PDF]

49 Meditation : A Way of Life….Page.No- 265-269

Shashidhara, Sukshant S Patil, P C Krishnaswamy[Full Text PDF]

50 Smartness of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Sector….Page.No- 270-272

Khalidakhanum A, Nagaraja S[Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (02)


Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (02) / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 45

                                                                   Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

The Importance of Advanced Technology in Biomass Energy Production : Case Study, the Burning of Biomass Benefited after Distillation of the Sage in Albania….Page.No- 01-14

Adi Shamku, Andonaq Londo Lamani[Full Text PDF]


A Novel Potentiometric Sensor for the Determination of Iron Based on N,N’-Bis (2,4dimethoxybenzilidene) Ethylenediamine….Page.No- 15-26

Narendra Kumar, Jitendra, Mohsin Ali[Full Text PDF]

3 Defluoridation of Water Using Low Cost Adsorbents….Page.No- 27-33

Anuja K.S, B.Indrani[Full Text PDF]


Adjacent Vertex Sum Polynomial on Perfect Factographs….Page.No-34-41

A. M. Anto, P. Paul Hawkins[Full Text PDF]


Association between Factors Affecting Buying Behaviour of CSD Customers and Different Product Categories….Page.No- 42-45

Anand Sarup Talwar, Pushpinder Singh Gill[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Corporate Governance on Corporate Social Responsibility – A Study with Reference to Software and Manufacturing Companies at Bengaluru….Page.No-46-56

N R Raja Mohan, S. Ramesh[Full Text PDF]

7 Innovation: – Sharing the Pie with New Family Member.….Page.No- 57-63

Anurag Singh, Saurabh Singh[Full Text PDF]

8 Compensation Management….Page.No-64-69

Rajiv M. Jadhav[Full Text PDF]


Role of Self-Help Groups in Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship: A Study….Page.No- 70-75

K. Adinarayana Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Urban Expansion and Loss of Agriculture Land : A Case Study of Patiala City in District Patiala, Punjab 2001-2011….Page.No-76-88

Jarnail Singh, Harpreet Kaur[Full Text PDF]

11 Agriculture Land use Pattern in Banka District, Bihar….Page.No-89-97

Sangam Suman, Tanvi Singh[Full Text PDF]

12 Crime Pattern Analysis in Mysore City, Karnataka State….Page.No-98-104

Smitha Rajesh, B.Chandrashekar[Full Text PDF]


The American Realism and its Mirroring in Indian Judicial System.….Page.No-105-108

Urvi Shrivastava, Sunishtha Moghe[Full Text PDF]

14 German Constitutional Case:  A Philosophical Outlook….Page.No-109-113

Varun Sharma, Urvi Shrivastava[Full Text PDF]


Ambiguity in the Definition of Control: An Analysis through Jet Etihad Deal….Page.No-114-125

Kritika Singh[Full Text PDF]


Mixed Member Proportional System: An Alternative Electoral System to Indian Democracy….Page.No-126-134

Jomol George[Full Text PDF]

17 Effects of Yogic Practices (Meditation) in Shooting….Page.No-135-141

Akhilesh Singh, Madan Singh Rathore[Full Text PDF]


Biomechanical Comparison of Open and Closed Stance Backhand Strokes among University Tennis Players ….Page. No- 142-148

Amit Kumar, Madan Singh Rathore[Full Text PDF]


A Comparison of Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) among Players of Different Sports….Page.No-149-156

Shivangi Bidua, Anindita Das[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Impulsive and Aggressive Behavior with Motor Ability, Motor Educability and Kinesthetic Perception among Players of Team Sports….Page.No- 157-161

Bindiya Rawat, Deepak Bangari[Full Text PDF]


Relationship of Selected Kinematic Variables with Performance of Service and Accuracy of Service in Tennis….Page.No- 162-166

Pawan Bisht, Amar Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Effect of the Squat Variations Exercises on the Electromyography Activity of the Hamstring Group of Muscles….Page.No- 167-175

Rakesh Kumar,  Amar Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Caffeine on the Body Composition of the Male Players of LNIPE….Page.No- 176-178

Arun Pandey[Full Text PDF]

24 Social Adjustment, Parenting Styles of Adolescents in Relation to Sex….Page.No- 179-188

A. Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Teachers Attitude towards Medium of Instruction at Primary Level….Page.No- 189-196

Sunkesula Mahamad Ali[Full Text PDF]

26 A Study of the Use of Audio- Visual Aids in Teaching Life Science ….Page.No- 197-201

Usha Singh[Full Text PDF]

27 Social Intelligence of Inclusive Education Resource Teachers….Page.No- 202-206

Karanam Mahaboobvali[Full Text PDF]


When Birth Determines Destiny: an Appraisal of Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai’s Thottiyude Makan….Page.No- 207-212

Aparna Ajith[Full Text PDF]

29 Women in S L Bhyrappa’s Novel ‘Dharmashree’….Page.No- 213-217

Lavanya H.M [Full Text PDF]


Changing Narration and Orientation of Characters in Amitav Ghosh’s The circle of Reason….Page.No- 218-222

N. Bharath, K. Mohan[Full Text PDF]

31 Existential Search for Identity in Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse….Page.No- 223-230

L. V. Padmarani Rao[Full Text PDF]


Patriarchy’s Notion of Beauty and Desire Reflected in Andrew Marvell’s ‘To His Coy Mistress’….Page.No- 231-233

Pramod C. Chaudhari[Full Text PDF]

33 The Trial of Ulysses….Page.No- 234-241

Kiran Yadav[Full Text PDF]


Woman, Gender and Identity in Indian Women Writing in English- A Consideration….Page.No- 242-249

V. Sudhakara Reddy[Full Text PDF]

35 Art of Characterization in the Buddha and His Dhamma….Page.No- 250-254

Umesh B. Bansod[Full Text PDF]

36 Portrayal of Dalit Women in Bama’s Sangati….Page.No- 255-259

S.Balasundari[Full Text PDF]

37 A Critical Study of Bama’s Vanmam….Page.No- 260-265

S.Balasundari[Full Text PDF]


Reconstruction of White Lies and National Identity in Peter Carey’s Illywhacker….Page.No- 266-271

Reni.Y.G[Full Text PDF]


The Art and Architecture of Kodandaramaswami Temple, Vontimitta of Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh….Page.No- 272-282

Kota Mrutyunjaya Rao[Full Text PDF]

40 A Study on the Social Life of the Ahom Priestly Class….Page.No- 283-288

Dipankar Mohan[Full Text PDF]

41 Scheduled Caste Policy in India: History, Problems, Outlook….Page.No- 289-295

Ravi Hebsur[Full Text PDF]

42 Sports as an Agency of Socialization: A Theoretical Perspective….Page.No- 296-307

Namarta Vadhera[Full Text PDF]


Tourism and Medical Anthropological Relationship in Social Science; A Review….Page.No- 308-321

Mallikarjungouda M. C, V. Jagadeesh[Full Text PDF]

44 Role of Renewable Energy for Sustainable Urban Development….Page.No- 322-325

Raghuvendra Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Parthivapuram Salai – An Ancient University in Kanyakumari District….Page.No- 326-328

D. Lekha[Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (01) [Multidisciplinary International Conference, Avant-Garde 2019]


Volume-09 / May 2019 Special Issue (01) / ISSN 2249-9598

Multidisciplinary International Conference, Avant-Garde 2019

Organized and Hosted by Seshadripuram First Grade College, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560064, India

Organizing Secretary: Asst Prof. Shashidhar Yadav J

Conference Chairman : Dr. S. N. Venkatesh

Date of Conference: 18th May 2019

Total Research Papers: 50

                                                                     Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

A Study on the Impact of Social Networking Sites (SNS) on the Academic Performance among College Students….Page.No- 01-12

R.Reshmi[Full Text PDF]


Buying Behaviour of Consumers towards Green Products in Tumkur District….Page.No- 13-20

Lakshmipathaiah M.G, C .Natarajan[Full Text PDF]


4 Perception and Usage of Digital Media among Travelers in Bangalore….Page.No-48-54

T. Aswathanarayana, Saritha B[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Impact of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Service Sector in India ….Page.No- 55-62

Naziya Patvegar, Sridevi Hiremath[Full Text PDF]

6 Theories and Determinants of Voluntary Disclosure….Page.No-63-78

Shashidhar Yadav J,  Subramanyam Mutyala[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Role and Challenges of Social Entrepreneurship in the Sustainable Development of Indian Economy: An Overview.….Page.No- 79-89

Pooja M[Full Text PDF]

8 A Study on Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Commitment….Page.No-90-95

Ashwini G, Urmila[Full Text PDF]

9 A Study on Risk Perception of Retail Investors While Investing….Page.No- 96-103

Jayaram, Harshini M[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Blockchain Innovation in Transforming Insurance Industry….Page.No-104-108

Lakshmi M R[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Psychological Capital as A Predictor of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour….Page.No-109-114

Rajendra Kumar V.R, Anni Arnav[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Consumer Shopping Delight atRMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka with Well Established Organised Retail Shops in Bengaluru North….Page.No-115-124

Kusuma Mangala.D.V[Full Text PDF]

13 Emerging Trends in HRM and Its Impact on Employee Performance.….Page.No-125-131

Mohammad Yusuf, Lakshmi Devi T[Full Text PDF]

14  A Study on Entrepreneurship Development Transforming India….Page.No-132-137

Arathi Sathyanarayana, Avinash Raj David[Full Text PDF]

15 An Analysis of Ephemeral Marketing on Consumer Buying Behavior….Page.No-138-143

Swathi P K,Drreenu Mohan[Full Text PDF]

16 Emerging Trends in Human Resource.….Page.No-144-148

Dakshayini E[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Perception of the Consumers on Social Media Marketing and Brand Image with Respect to Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore….Page.No-149-156

Kamatchi Preethi V[Full Text PDF]

18 Financial Resources of Rural Entrepreneurs – A Study….Page. No- 157-166

Meera. H.N[Full Text PDF]

19 Emerging Trends in Human Resource Management….Page.No-167-172

Arathi Sathyanarayana, Avinash Raj David[Full Text PDF]


An Investigation on the Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development and its Implications….Page.No- 173-182

Sangeetha Kulala K[Full Text PDF]

21 Reward Management; As A Tool of Motivation in Organizations….Page.No- 183-190

Deepak G[Full Text PDF]



Micro Finance – an Instrument for Improvement of Poverty Level with Special Reference to SKDRDP in Bantwal Taluk….Page.No- 218-223

Ashwitha[Full Text PDF]

24 Currency Variability and Measurement….Page.No- 224-234

Venu Gopalrao Chowdary[Full Text PDF]

25 Innovations and Challenges in Finance, Banking and Insurance….Page.No- 235-241

Kavitha Mahesh Ponarkara, Padma.C[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Retail Banking Opportunities and Challenges in India….Page.No- 242-246

B.S. Sudharshan[Full Text PDF]

27 Green Banking: An Initiative for Sustainable Development….Page.No- 247-253

Pavana B.S[Full Text PDF]

28 Language matters….Page.No- 254-258

Mallika Krishnaswami[Full Text PDF]


A Study On The Eco Bank A New Type of Innovative Banking – with Special Reference to Jose Adolfo Quisocola’s Bartselana Student Bank….Page.No- 259-262

Thirumala M[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Global Banking Innovations and Practices in Banking Sector in India….Page.No- 263-270

Kalidas K, Geetha V[Full Text PDF]


A Study on the Impact of Marketing Strategies on the Performance of Selected Kerala based Old Private Sector Banks Functioning in Bangalore City….Page.No- 271-278

Harshini C S, Umesh. U[Full Text PDF]

32 Lean Accounting: An Emerging Trend in Accounting….Page.No- 279-288

Ravi Kiran D[Full Text PDF]

33 The Role of Entrepreneurs in the Economies of Nations….Page.No- 289-295

Poornam Kuwar[Full Text PDF]

34 A Study on Migration, Remittances and Human Capital….Page.No- 296-303

Nagendraiah, Ravindra Kumar B[Full Text PDF]


Sustainable Development and Knowledge Management in Higher Education: Indian Context….Page.No- 304-311

Archana.H[Full Text PDF]

36 Managing Stress through Yoga….Page.No- 312-315

Afeefa Thaqib[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Circuit Training on Selected Physical Fitness Components among College Women Students….Page.No- 316-319

Abida Begum[Full Text PDF]

38 Development of Kabaddi Skill Test Battery for High School Boys….Page.No- 320-326

Basanagouda Laxmeshwar, K. K Amarnath[Full Text PDF]


An Investigation on Cardiovascular Efficiency among Veterinary College Students of Hassan District, Karnataka ….Page.No- 327-336

Subraya Prabhu S, Sekar Babu, Yeshwanth Kumar[Full Text PDF]


Study on Morphological Characteristics of Junior College State Level Volleyball Players….Page.No- 337-341

Krishna. R. Yadav, Sudhir. V. Bhainaik[Full Text PDF]

41 Managing Electronic Resources in the Modern Libraries: An Overview….Page.No- 342-349

Venkatesh S Kattimani[Full Text PDF]


An Assessment of Human Resource Management in the Academic Libraries….Page.No- 350-356

Krishna Murthy B N, Jayadurga.S, Azharuddin[Full Text PDF]

43 E-Resource Consortia Boon to Academic Libraries….Page.No- 357-363

Girisha G, Madesh Gowda T M[Full Text PDF]


An Analysis of Open Access Publication Productivity of Science and Technology in DOAJ: An Overview….Page.No- 364-368

Manjunatha G, Mamatha V, Kumara B[Full Text PDF]


Use of Services of Nadakacheri by Citizens and Role of Public Library: A Study of Sedam Taluk of Kalaburagi District, Karnataka State, India….Page.No- 369-376

Shoukat Ali[Full Text PDF]


Awareness and Use of Web 3.0 Applications among the Library Professionals of Karnataka….Page.No- 377-383

Nirmala[Full Text PDF]


Challenges Faced by LIS Professionals to Make Use of Social Networking Sites (SNS) in Library….Page.No- 384-392

Pavan Kumar, M. Dhanamjaya, P S Kattimani[Full Text PDF]


Role of Social Networking Sites in Academic Work of Pg Students and Research Scholars of Science Faculty in Bangalore University….Page.No- 393-408

M Raghunandana, Sridhara R N[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Web 3.0 among Social Networking in Academic Work of PG Students and Research Scholars of Health Science, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science….Page.No- 409-419

Sridhara R N, M Raghunandana[Full Text PDF]


Opinions of the Users on Electronic Information Resources and Services in Engineering College Libraries of Bangalore City….Page.No- 420-427

Yekanath Ningappa[Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2019


Volume-09 / Issue- 03 / May-June 2019 / ISSN 2249-9598

Total Research Papers: 50

                                                                          Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

Table of contents [Full Text PDF]

The Influence of the Removal of Flower Floors on the Seeds of Sanza (Gentianalutea L)….Page.No- 01-07

Dilaman NELA, Nikoll BARDHI, Bardhyl LIMANI, Zydi TEQJA, Qatip DODA, Vlash LAZRI[Full Text PDF]


The Possibility of Using Biomass As A Source of Energy, Case Study, Biomass Benefited After Distillation of the Sage….Page.No- 08-19

Adi Shamku, Andonaq Londo Lamani[Full Text PDF]


Study on controlling the action of Plant extracts of Terminalia bellirica, Aegle marmelos and Adhatodavasica against selected uropathogens….Page.No- 20-35

Vinita Turkar, Arun Kumar, Prabhakar Bhandari[Full Text PDF]


Synthesis Characterisation and Antimicrobial Studies of Zr (IV) Metal Complexes of New Schiff’s Base derived from 2-aminophenol….Page.No-36-43

Apeksha W. Walke and  Niren E. Kathale[Full Text PDF]

5 A Comparative Study of Lung Functions of College Boys and Girls….Page.No- 44-49

Anil Bali, Pawan Kumarand Lalit Kapur[Full Text PDF]

6 Molecular Docking Based Screening of BRAF for Improved Inhibitors….Page.No-50-58

Rekha Kandula, B.V.Sandeep[Full Text PDF]


Effect of Bijamrita and other organic liquid treatments on seed germination and seedling growth of legume crops….Page.No- 59-68

Naikwade Pratap Vyankatrao[Full Text PDF]

8 Weather Forecasting Using Fuzzy Logic….Page.No-69-76

Shamsudheen P V[Full Text PDF]


Impact of Operational Efficiency in Selected Private Sector Banks in India….Page.No- 77-86

Abdolhamid Bidokht, Kavitha Desai[Full Text PDF]


Spatial Analysis of Occupational Structure in Palakkad District with Special Reference to Main Workers….Page.No-87-95

M. Dhanusree[Full Text PDF]

11 Strategic Planning and Non-financial Performance….Page.No-96-107

Mehrdad Nazari, Kavitha Desai[Full Text PDF]

12 Impact of GST on Hotel Industry….Page.No-108-111

Namiya C V[Full Text PDF]

13 “An Analytical Study of the Impact of GST on Startups”.….Page.No-112-120

Anjali Parag Kalkar[Full Text PDF]

14 Story Based E-Learning….Page.No-121-127

S.Sundararajan, D.Nivetha[Full Text PDF]


“A study of work-life balance among women executives in MNCs with specific reference to Bangalore”….Page.No-128-137

Anupama.K.Malagi[Full Text PDF]


The Effectiveness of package Based on Constructivism on Achievement of Mathematics.….Page.No-138-145

Amer.Y.F.A Ldaboubi, Ningamma C. Betsur[Full Text PDF]


The Effectiveness of package Based on Constructivism on Critical Thinking….Page.No-146-154

Amer.Y.F.A Ldaboubi, Ningamma C. Betsur[Full Text PDF]


Self-Concept among Higher Secondary School Students In Relation to their Gender, Type of School and Academic Stream….Page.No- 155-162

Nishta Rana, Poonam Soni[Full Text PDF]


School Environment and Perceptual Speed in Relation to Achievement in Mathematics of Class IX Students….Page.No-163-169

S.Krishnamurthy, R.Yasoda[Full Text PDF]


Role of ICT and Digital Communication for Skill Development in Rural and Urban Areas in the Changing Scenario….Page.No- 170-173

K.S.Ramakrishnan[Full Text PDF]


An Analytical Study of Information Behaviour of Literature Students in Thiruvananthapuram City….Page.No- 174-184

Aparna Lakshmi[Full Text PDF]


A Review of Gender Differences in Experience and Expressions of Anger….Page.No- 185-191

Piku Chowdhury[Full Text PDF]

23 ICT a Boon to Education System….Page.No- 192-200

Seema Singh, Hemant Khandai[Full Text PDF]

24 Flipped Classroom : An Effective Teaching….Page.No- 201-207

Seema Sadiq[Full Text PDF]


Developing a computerized study programme in Environment Education of Class IX and study its effectiveness – An Experimental Study….Page.No- 208-212

 Ramesh Dhore[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study on Physical Variables of Girls Volleyball Players of Residential and Non Residential School of Madhya Pradesh….Page.No- 213-219

Vandana Singh, Jitendra Kumar Sharma, Madan Singh Rathore[Full Text PDF]


A Study on Infrastructural Facilities in Selected Non-Professional Colleges of Yogi Vemana University: An Outlook….Page.No- 220-223

N. Raghunadha Reddy, S. Gopal Reddy[Full Text PDF]


Comparative study of Motor Fitness components of Kabbadi and Badminton players of Haryana….Page.No- 224-226

Jai Bhagwaan, Amit Ramesh Kanwar[Full Text PDF]


Comparison of Gaze Behavior between Advance and Beginner Badminton Players….Page.No- 227-233

Mayanglambam Surchand Singh, Jayashree Acharya[Full Text PDF]


Sequential Changes in Somatic and Cognitive Anxiety among Indian Swimmers….Page.No- 234-239

Yajuvendra Singh Rajpoot[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Selected Kinematic Variables among Different Heights in Basketball….Page.No- 240-243

Pankaj Arya, Y.S. Rajpoot[Full Text PDF]

32 Active Life Style: A Review Study….Page.No- 244-254

Kavita Sharma[Full Text PDF]


A Comparative Study of Psychological and Physiological Variables of Girls Volleyball Players of Residential and Non Residential School of Madhya Pradesh….Page.No- 255-263

Vandana Singh, Madan Singh Rathore, Jitendra Kumar Sharma[Full Text PDF]

34 Essayist Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and His Contemporaries….Page.No- 264-271

Umesh B. Bansod[Full Text PDF]

35 Idealism and Realism in Girish Karnad’s Play ‘Tughlaq’ At Variance….Page.No- 272-274

Smita B. Bhatt[Full Text PDF]


Challenging Literary, Religious and Social Authority: A Study of Emily Dickinson’s Selected Poems….Page.No- 275-277

Rohmingmawii Pachuau[Full Text PDF]


Extrication of “Dasein” from “They”: An Existentialist Reading of Hanif Kureishi’s “Straight”….Page.No- 278-282

Roshan Treasa Paul[Full Text PDF]


Demystifying the Idea of Femme and Nature: An Ecofeminist Reading of The Quiet of the Birds….Page.No- 283-290

Sana Sikander[Full Text PDF]

39 Feminist Perspective in “That Long Silence” By Shashi Deshpande….Page.No- 291-293

Anna N[Full Text PDF]

40 Secularism as an essence of Indian Culture….Page.No- 294-299

Asha Kaushik[Full Text PDF]


Projection of Women Characters in A Matter of Time by Shashi Deshpande….Page.No- 300-303

Nilam Lakhavani, Monali Chatterjee[Full Text PDF]


Politics of Representation and Resistance: A Reading of Aeschylus’s The Persians and Achebe’s Things Fall Apart ….Page.No- 304-309

Anupam Roy[Full Text PDF]

43 Pessimism in Desai’s cry, the peacock….Page.No- 310-312

Ashish Janardan Bhagat[Full Text PDF]


The Existential Framework in Na̅ga̅rjuna̅’s Su̅nyava̅da: A Way of Living an Authentic Life….Page.No- 313-316

Surbhi Uniyal[Full Text PDF]

45 “Integral Yoga” – The Unique Vision of Sri Aurobindo….Page.No- 317-325

Uma Dhar[Full Text PDF]


Conceptualisation of Women – Environment Relationship in Ecofeminism: An Analysis….Page.No- 326-344

Reena Joseph[Full Text PDF]


Vicarious Liability of Hospitals for Medical Negligence of Medical Professionals ….Page.No- 345-355

Sidharth Chamarty[Full Text PDF]

48 Mughal Invasion in Ladakh (17th Century)….Page.No- 356-363

Sanjeev Kumar Gautam[Full Text PDF]

49 Art and Architecture of Mauryan Period….Page.No- 364-372

Anand kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]


A Sociological study of Technological advancement and Modernization in heavy industries (with special reference to Bhilai Steel Plant)….Page.No- 373-378

Sonal Suryawanshi, Suchitra Sharma[Full Text PDF]

Volume-09 / Apr 2019 Special Issue (04) (Two Days National Level Seminar on Green Perceptions: Ecology and Literature)


Volume-09 / Apr 2019 Special Issue (04) / ISSN 2249-9598

ICSSR IMPRESS New Delhi Sponsored

Two Days National Level Seminar on Green Perceptions: Ecology and Literature

Organized and Hosted by Department of English, Annai Fathima College of Arts and Science Thirumangalam, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Date of Seminar : 27th & 28th Mar, 2019

Dr.K.Ravi, Assistant Professor of English and Seminar Convener, Department of English, Annai Fathima College of Arts and Science, Thirumangalam, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Total Research Papers: 15

                                                                          Table of contents


Name of The Research Paper

  Table of contents [Full Text PDF]
1 Ecology Saviour: Primitive Reverntial Worship of Physical Environment….Page.No- 01-04

D.Rajakumari[Full Text PDF]

2 Eco-Critical Approaches in the Poem of Ted Hughes….Page.No- 05-09

U.Pushpalatha[Full Text PDF]


Implication of Eco-Centered Literature in the Poems by the Select Romantic Poets….Page.No- 10-14

Z. Justin, D. Jaisankar[Full Text PDF]


The Protrusion of ‘Natural Elements and Marginalised Human Life’ as Echoed in Mulkraj Anand’s Two Leaves and a Bud and The Old Woman and the Cow….Page.No-15-18

R. Abirami[Full Text PDF]


Continuing Columbian Exchange: A Study on Amitav Ghosh’s Ibis Trilogy….Page.No- 19-22

S. Aarthi [Full Text PDF]

6 Naturalism in Jack London’s “To Build a Fire”….Page.No-23-25

K.Ravi, M.Gayathri, R.Gowtham[Full Text PDF]

7 Survival of Men in Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat”….Page.No- 26-27

K.Ravi, K. Divya, P. Kasirajan[Full Text PDF]


Ecology and the Cult of Urbanization: An Eco sensitive Reading of Select Recent Indian Works….Page.No-28-31

N. Kavidha, M. Marimuthu[Full Text PDF]


Gender and Myth in Githa Hariharan’s the Thousand Faces of Night….Page.No- 32-35

Deepshikha K[Full Text PDF]

10 Naturalism in American Literature….Page.No-36-38

Kumari V. R Saritha[Full Text PDF]

11 Ecological Instigations of Trinidad in V.S Naipaul’s Select   Novels….Page.No- 39-43

M.Archana[Full Text PDF]

12 Eco Feminism in A. Revathi’s Truth about Me: A Hijra Life Story….Page.No-44-46

D.Soundarapandi, G.Prema[Full Text PDF]


Literature in the Anthropocene:(Re)Reading Mahesh Dattani’s the Tale of A Mother Feeding Her Child.….Page.No- 47-51

Bhaskar Kumar Das[Full Text PDF]

14 Inhuman treatment of women in Rabindranath Tagore’s the Renuciation….Page.No- 52-54

K.Ravi[Full Text PDF]


Significance of Food and Culinary Practices in relation to Diasporic survival in the Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel “The Namesake”….Page.No- 55-57

M. Shanmugapriya[Full Text PDF]